Zoma Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 16 minLast updated on October 8, 2022

Zoma Mattress Review

This all-foam mattress by Zoma may seem similar to many popular models.

However, it does have a somewhat unconventional design.

In today’s Zoma mattress review, we will discover what makes this model stand out from the crowd and whether it’s worth investing in. We will also find out how this mattress sleeps and who it can be best for. I’m excited to share what we’ve learned about the Zoma mattress, so let’s dive right in!

weightWeight (Queen Size)

75 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box


3-7 business days


Memory Foam





Trial Period

100 Nights

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year


The first aspect this Zoma mattress review will focus on is the cover, as this part of the mattress is extra-close to the sleeper’s body. Such close contact means you should be aware of the fabric’s properties and how they may affect you.

The first great thing about the Zoma’s cover is its color. The fabric is dark, which means stains will be less visible on this mattress. You won’t have to wash the cover very often, and, consequently, the fabric will be more durable. 

Just like many famous mattresses (the Nectar, for example), the Zoma uses polyester for the cover.

Zoma Mattress Cover

However, what sets this model apart is adding a bit of spandex to the fabric. This makes the Zoma’s cover more adaptive. When the pressure is applied, the cover fabric stretches and springs back to its shape fast when the sleeper gets up. As a result, I did not notice any body impressions when testing this mattress.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Zoma’s cover has an aerated design. In other words, there are tiny air holes all over the fabric. Such a design is meant to help with thermoregulation and wicking moisture. So, it’s worth mentioning that the Zoma mattress didn’t cause me to overheat, and the cover had a lot to do with that. I think that the air channels somewhat counteracted the polyester fabric (which isn’t very breathable itself). 

You should also know that the Zoma’s cover is removable. However, once you take the cover off, the mattress layers will be protected only by a thin layer of fabric. This means the mattress materials will be exposed. That’s why it’s better to keep the Zoma mattress out of kids’ or pets’ reach while the cover is being washed.

On the bright side, a removable cover means that it’s easier for allergy-prone sleepers to maintain a clean environment. You can easily get rid of dust, pet fur, pollen, and other allergens by removing the cover and throwing it in a washing machine.

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Construction of Zoma mattress

The next section of our Zoma mattress review will be dedicated to the construction of this model.

The Zoma uses three foam layers, each of which has unique properties:


  • Zoned comfort layer. This layer uses gel-infused memory foam. It has the traditional hugging feel memory foam is famous for, which helps with pressure redistribution. The gel particles do their job well, as I didn’t experience night sweats even when lying on one side and sinking a bit deeper into the mattress. However, what sets the Zoma apart from most memory foam models is its zoned design. The top layer has three sections that respond differently to applied pressure. The middle area is slightly firmer, offering more support for the body’s midsection. It helped my hips align properly with the rest of the spine, resulting in zero back tension (even after a long day of slouching at my desk). 
  • Transition Reactiv™ layer. The transition layer feels more like latex than memory foam, in my opinion. It responds to applied pressure quite fast and nicely balances out the slow-moving top layer. The transition foam also makes shifting in bed much easier. Memory foam mattresses tend to feel somewhat restricting (especially softer models like the Puffy), which can be an issue for combination sleepers. However, I did not have such an issue with the Zoma mattress. Moving and changing positions was effortless, thanks to the resilient transition layer.
  • Support layer. The support base of the Zoma mattress uses extra-dense foam to deliver reliable performance. This thick layer gives extra stability to the whole mattress. I also noticed that it helped absorb shock from motion, making the Zoma mattress suited for couples.
  • Inner cover. All of the Zoma’s layers are wrapped in thin, see-through fabric (which reminded me of gauze). This inner cover sits under the main outer cover, adding a light layer of protection when the out cover is being washed.

I would also like to add that the Zoma mattress turned out to be considerably lighter than many memory foam competitors I’ve tested. This model also took significantly less time to expand. While most memory foam mattresses take around 12-24 hours to expand fully, the Zoma was ready for use in about an hour.


Another important part of this Zoma mattressZoma Mattress Firmness review is the level of firmness that it offers. Now, firmness is subjective and often depends on the sleeper’s weight. Nonetheless, this aspect is crucial, as it may affect both the comfort and support the mattress provides.

As an average sleeper, I would rate the Zoma mattress 6.5-7 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the stiffest). The top layer delivers soft cradling, while the bouncy transition and sturdy base layers offer reasonable support. Such a construction makes the Zoma a medium-firm mattress. 

To me, an average sleeper, the Zoma mattress seemed very balanced. I would say it can offer an optimal firmness level and a very comfortable sleeping surface. However, this model may seem a tad too soft for heavier sleepers or those who prefer stiffer mattresses.

Edge Support

Edge support is something many usersZoma Mattress Edge Support underestimate. However, stronger edges can offer more sleeping space and a little boost when getting out of bed.

Now, most memory foam mattresses lack edge support. That’s why I didn’t expect much from the Zoma mattress.

To my surprise, this model showed decent results. Yes, the foam compressed significantly when sitting on the edge, but I didn’t feel like I was going to fall or slide forward. Additionally, when sleeping near the edge, I received adequate support and didn’t feel like I was about to roll off. This means the Zoma can offer more sleeping space, which is especially handy for couples. 

At the same time, I think heavier sleepers might not get enough support when lying near the edge, so they should be careful and not get too close to prevent rolling off the bed.

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Motion Transfer of Zoma mattress

The next crucial characteristic of any mattress is motion transfer. Excellent motion isolation is especially important for couples. After all, no one wants to wake up every time their partner moves in a bed.

Now, I was happy to discover that the Zoma mattress managed to absorb shock from motion very well. Even though the transition layer is pretty responsive, the soft comfort layer and the extra-sturdy support base allow the Zoma to prevent motion transfer. 

I tested the Zoma mattress with my wife, who is smaller than me and usually wakes up when I move in bed. The Zoma allowed me to shift as much as I wanted without disturbing her, which says a lot about this mattress’s motion-absorbing properties.

How Zoma mattress Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

The next aspect I want to discuss is how the Zoma mattress performs for people with different sleep position preferences. The thing is, many people don’t realize that one mattress cannot work for all sleeping styles. And even if a mattress is considered perfectly comfy, it might not work for some people.

Now, here’s how the Zoma mattress works for different types of sleepers:

  • Back sleepers. This mattress felt veryBack Sleeping balanced when I was lying on my back. The center zone of the comfort layer is slightly firmer, so it didn’t allow the hips to sink in too deep and, thus, kept my spine relatively straight. I didn’t experience any tension build-up and felt perfectly comfortable overall. Therefore, I believe the Zoma would be an excellent choice for back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers. The ZomaSide Sleeping offers a great deal of a hug when lying on one side. It adjusts to the body’s curves and helps the pressure to spread out evenly. I also appreciate how gently the top layer cradled my shoulders. I didn’t feel any sharp pressure points and slept like a baby on one side.
  • Stomach sleepers. Because the middle section of the Zoma’s comfort layer is firmer, it made me feel supported enough when lying on the stomach.Stomach Sleeping It might seem a bit soft for heavier individuals, but overall, the Zoma can deliver decent support in this sleep position. So, it’s really a matter of preference, whether you want a firm sleeping surface or don’t mind something plushier.
  • Combination sleepers. Despite the hugging top layer, the Zoma doesn’t feel restricting and allows combination sleepers to switch positions without much effort.

Other Important Information

Now, I would also like to mention a couple of technical details in this Zoma mattress review. After all, they all can affect one’s shopping experience.

First of all, it’s worth noting that the Zoma mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Such coverage is relatively standard on the market, but it’s not the best warranty duration. Just to compare, the Nectar (which is also an all-foam mattress) comes with a lifetime warranty and an extended sleep trial (365 days compared to Zoma’s 100 days).

At the same time, shoppers should remember that the Zoma mattress is more affordable than many similar competitors. This model costs only $799 for a Queen, which is $100 cheaper than the Nolah and $150 cheaper than the all-foam Puffy mattress.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Zoma is made using CertiPUR-US certified foams. That’s probably why this model had only minimal off-gassing upon arrival. As a matter of fact, I noticed it only when moving my nose close to the mattress’s surface. Otherwise, I couldn’t detect the off-gassing.


The Zoma mattress isn’t perfect, and it has its drawbacks. Nonetheless, this model has a lot to offer, including adaptive support, effective pressure relief, and durable construction. Additionally, it’s a medium-soft model that will work for a wide variety of sleepers and different styles.


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