Wyoming King Bed: Buyer's Guide and Where to Buy One Online

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 23 minLast updated on December 22, 2022

A Wyoming King bed is a real find for those who want more sleeping space but don’t wish to make their bedroom look overcrowded with bulky furniture.   

But since Wyoming King is not an extremely popular size, it’s not that common. And finding the best mattress or bed frame in this size can be challenging.

To make shopping a little easier, today’s review is going to cover the main aspects shoppers need to consider when searching for a good Wyoming King bed. Plus, there will be a few recommendations and a list of places that sell Wyoming King beds.

Key Takeaways

  • Wyoming King bed is a custom oversized bed measuring 84 inches wide and 84 inches long.
  • The Big Mattress Classic offers sleepers with more than enough space and stability for the best sleeping experience.
  • Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame is an upholstered bed frame that can house any Wyoming king bed comfortably without any creaking noises.
  • A Wyoming king bed can comfortably accommodate two adults and a child.

A Quick Preview

2 Best Wyoming King Mattresses

Big Mattress Classic by Big Mattress Co.
Best Overall - Editor’s Pick

Big Mattress Classic by Big Mattress Co.
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Wyoming King Bed by Mattress Insider
Best for All Sleeping Styles

Wyoming King Bed by Mattress Insider
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2 Best Wyoming King Bed Frames

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame by Mattress Insider
Best Overall – Editor’s Choice

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame by Mattress Insider
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Kingship Comfort Bed Frame by Rest Right Mattress
Best Upholstered Wyoming King Bed Frame

Kingship Comfort Bed Frame by Rest Right Mattress
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What Is a Wyoming King Bed?

Wyoming King bed size is one of the custom oversized mattresses and bed frames. It’s relatively rare on the modern market compared with standard mattress sizes. Wyoming King bed size measures 84 by 84 inches.

Wyoming King mattresses are larger than the biggest standard sizes – King and California King. However, it’s not the most impressive type of oversized beds (as Alaskan King, for example, is even bigger).

A Wyoming King bed can fit 2 adults with a child (and a pet, for example). This size is ideal for families who like co-sleeping or couples who require much more sleeping space.

What Is a Wyoming King Bed

How Much Does a Wyoming King Bed Cost?

Generally, the Wyoming King bed prices fall between $2,000 and $7,000. Since this size isn’t that common, Wyoming King mattresses and bed frames need to be custom-made. Hence, a much higher price point.

Of course, the price of a Wyoming King bed would depend on several factors. They include the material type, adjustability (as some mattresses feature adjustable firmness), the company’s reputation, and more.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the price of a Wyoming King bed would also include the cost of the frame, bed sheets, blankets, and other accessories shoppers might need. And because the Wyoming King bed size is not that widely available, the accessories often cost more. This should be taken into account, as shopping for a new bed doesn’t end with the mattress.

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Where to Buy a Wyoming King Bed?

Here are the main marketplace options when it comes to Wyoming King mattresses:

Here are the best companies that sell Wyoming King bed frames:

Rest Right Mattress -

What to Consider When Shopping for a Wyoming King Mattress?

Finding a good Wyoming King bed requires research. This size is relatively rare, and that’s why it’s not that easy to come by a good Wyoming King mattress. However, with enough research, it is possible to distinguish a great Wyoming King on the modern market. 

When shopping for wyoming king mattress

So, here are the main factors shoppers might want to consider: 

  • Price. Wyoming King mattresses and bed frames are among the most expensive beds due to their impressive size. And since the prices can go really high, it’s better to set a spending limit. It would help shoppers avoid overspending. After all, because Wyoming King beds are custom-made on order, most of them are not returnable. So, the least shoppers can do in this scenario is make sure they don’t spend more money than they can afford. Because they won’t be likely to get that money back if anything goes wrong.
  • Room size. Naturally, such a large bed size has special requirements when it comes to the bedroom size. Generally, the recommended bare minimum for a Wyoming King bed is 12 by 12 feet. However, users typically feel more comfortable when the room is at least 13 by 13 feet. Wyoming King size also works perfectly well in master bedrooms that typically measure 14 by 16 feet.
  • Warranty coverage. A Wyoming King is a big investment. Naturally, good warranty coverage would mean improved protection of this investment. And while many shoppers think that reading about the warranty conditions takes too much time, this step is necessary, especially when dealing with a not-so-standard Wyoming King size.
  • Shipping and setup. Wyoming King beds are bulkier than standard sizes, so they are more challenging to set up as well. For those users who don’t want to strain their back carrying a mattress into the bedroom, it might be a good idea to pick companies that offer White Glove delivery. Usually, the service includes carrying the mattress into the bedroom, unpacking it, and often – disposing of the packaging.
  • Accessories. Again, a non-standard mattress size would require non-standard accessories. Wyoming King bedsheets, for example, aren’t that widely available and cost more. Therefore, users need to be prepared to have fewer options and pay more for the bedroom accessories when getting a new Wyoming King mattress.

How to Choose the Best Wyoming King Mattress Type?

Now, size isn’t everything. 

Even though Wyoming King might be perfectly big for some users, they also need to account for the mattress type. The thing is, depending on the material used, mattresses have different properties. And some of those properties might not work for everyone.

So, here are the most common types available among Wyoming King mattresses:

  • Innerspring. Spring models are more common and also belong to a cheaper price category. Such mattresses have a lot of strong suits, including breathability, reliable edges, and sturdy support. Spring mattresses are responsive and do not restrict movement. However, one thing they can’t offer is generous cradling. That’s why side sleepers are not recommended to use spring mattresses. Additionally, because innerspring beds are bouncy, they don’t often work for partnered sleep. Even on a larger Wyoming King mattress, one of the sleepers may feel the movement when the other one shifts in bed.
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses use material combinations to achieve a more balanced feel. Usually, hybrids have a coil support system and either foam or latex comfort layers (sometimes both). What’s great about hybrid mattresses is that they usually offer the best characteristics from different materials. Thus, sturdy coils deliver reliable support, and cradling foam (or latex) serves to aid pressure alleviation. On the downside, hybrid mattresses can be quite expensive. And for a Wyoming King bed, prices can often be overwhelming. Additionally, hybrid models tend to be taller than the rest of mattress types. This makes them heavier and harder to move.
  • Foam. Finding an all-foam Wyoming King mattress can be challenging, but there are some optionі available nonetheless. Foam mattresses comprise the most popular segment on the market these days (among standard sizes, at least). They are famous for their slow-moving feel and adaptive properties. Foam adjusts to the shape of the sleeper’s body. It allows the heavier body parts to sink in and fills in the curves. This leads to improved weight redistribution and aids tension alleviation. At the same time, foam mattresses are notoriously hot unless they use gel infusion or have an open-cell structure. Additionally, to some users, a foam mattress may seem restricting. 

As for latex mattresses, they are much, much harder to find among Wyoming King beds. Plus, latex is probably the most expensive mattress material (1). Buying it in a Wyoming King size could put a lot of strain on one’s budget. 

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Our Reviews of the 2 Best Wyoming King Mattresses and Where to Buy Them

Best Overall - Editor’s Pick — Big Mattress Classic by Big Mattress Co.

Big Mattress Classic Co
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  • cushioning feel to prevent sharp pressure points;
  • slowly-moving foam for enhanced motion absorption;
  • replaceable components to guarantee long-lasting performance.

What makes this model one of the best Wyoming King mattresses is its luxuriously comfortable feel. The Big Classic possesses all the best features of memory foam without the drawbacks (such as a somewhat limited lifespan). It offers a deep hug for the protruding body parts, delivers adaptive support, and helps the pressure spread evenly. As a result, all sleepers (and this mattress can accommodate many) are likely to feel tension-free.

I also appreciate that this all-foam mattress uses replaceable components. So, when the time comes, you won’t have to buy a new expensive mattress. Instead, you can replace the old parts and enjoy sleeping on the Big Classic for years to come. Additionally, this mattress feels very sturdy. Therefore, I don’t believe you will have to buy new parts soon.

Best for All Sleeping Styles — Wyoming King Bed by Mattress Insider

Wyoming King Bed

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  • gel foam and cooling latex comfort layer to combat overheating during sleep;
  • adjustable firmness for more comfort variations;
  • zipper system for a secure fit and to prevent shifting of the layers during the night.

The first thing you should know about this Wyoming King mattress by Mattress Insider is that it can satisfy a wide range of sleepers. The thing is, this model is adjustable. You can flip the base layer to make it feel softer or firmer. Plus, the top comfort section is flippable too, with resilient latex on one side and soft foam on the other. And the best part is – the base layers are adjustable for each side of the bed. My wife and I appreciate this feature a lot, as we have different comfort preferences.

Another thing that impressed me about this Wyoming King mattress is how easy it was to set up. It comes in separate pieces that you need to assemble. There’s a convenient zipper system, so everything stays in place no matter how much sleepers shift and turn. I mean, the layers didn’t move even after my wife and I had been crawling on this mattress for 15 minutes trying to put a fitted sheet on it. 

You can buy the Mattress Insider Wyoming King mattress on the company’s official website.

How to Shop for a Good Wyoming King Bed Frame?

One of the essentials when it comes to shopping for a Wyoming King bed frame is shipping (and assembly, naturally). The thing is, this bed frame size can be quite challenging to handle. Wyoming King bed frames are heavy and bulky, especially the ones with a headboard. Therefore, for most shoppers, it might be a better idea to order from companies that offer the White Glove delivery service.

It’s also crucial to pay attention to the frame material. Wood is considered one of the sturdiest options. For metal, the frame bars and other components have to be thick. This way, such a frame will be likelier to support a Wyoming King mattress properly. Additionally, central support beams are essential in this case for both wooden and metal bed frames.

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Our Reviews of the 2 Best Wyoming King Bed Frames and Where to Buy Them

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame by Mattress Insider

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame by Mattress Insider

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  • solid wood construction to ensure reliable and durable performance;
  • safe, plant-based finishes for a chemical-free sleeping environment;
  • optimal slat spacing to achieve proper support.

A great Wyoming King bed frame has to be sturdy and reliable. And that’s exactly what this model by Mattress Insider can offer. Using solid wood and wooden slats, the Skye Ridge can provide the needed foundation for a Wyoming King mattress for years to come. There are also extra legs and additional support beams to make sure the construction is stable. And I could really feel it, as I was testing the Wyoming King for quite some time, having guests of different body types sleep on it. The bed frame did not squeak even once.

I also appreciate the sleek design of the Skye Ridge. Despite its impressive size, this model doesn’t look that bulky. Plus, there’s enough space underneath the bed, where I kept boxes with extra blankets and sheets.

The Skye Ridge Wyoming King bed frame is available on the Mattress Insider’s website. The company offers free FedEx shipping.

Best Upholstered Wyoming King Bed Frame — Kingship Comfort Bed Frame by Rest Right Mattress

Kingship Comfort Bed Frame by Rest Right Mattress

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  • includes a mattress box foundation and a headboard, offers good value for money; 
  • four color options to give users more style variations to pick from;
  • tufted headboard for comfy lounging in bed.

The next Wyoming King bed frame I would like to share with you is the Kingship Comfort by Rest Right Mattress. This upholstered bed frame can easily make the bedroom look cozier and warmer. Plus, the upholstery simply looks stylish. And since there are 4 colors to choose from, there’s an ideal option for pretty much any interior style. I was testing the Black frame, for example, and it incorporated seamlessly into my bedroom.

Another cool thing about the Kingship Comfort is its big, comfy, tufted headboard. Thanks to it, my wife and I enjoyed lounging in bed a lot. Often, we didn’t even want to leave. So, the Kingship Comfort could be a perfect solution for those who love reading, watching TV, and simply lounging in bed. 

You can buy the Kingship Comfort on the Rest Right Mattress website. The company offers free Regular Delivery.


What is a Wyoming King bed?

Wyoming King is the smallest option among oversized mattresses. It measures 84 by 84 inches.

How much is a Wyoming King Bed?

Wyoming King mattress prices usually fall somewhere between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on the construction and the manufacturer.

How many people can sleep on a Wyoming King bed?

A Wyoming King bed can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and a child. This mattress size is also popular among partnered sleepers who share their bed with larger pets.

Is Wyoming King the biggest mattress size?

No. The biggest mattress size available on the market is Alaskan King.

Where can I buy a Wyoming King bed?

Since this is a relatively rare mattress size, you can buy Wyoming King from a select few manufacturers. The most popular among them are Mattress Insider and Rest Right Mattress (both sell online).


Finding the best Wyoming King bed is no easy task. But it’s not impossible either.

There are plenty of models available, but to choose the best one, shoppers need to pay attention to the materials used. After all, each mattress material has its unique feel that may or may not work for some users. Additionally, good shipping conditions are a must in this case. And reading about the warranty coverage wouldn’t hurt either. After all, a Wyoming King bed is a serious investment, so it should be protected.

And if you are open to suggestions, I would love to share my favorite model - Big Mattress Classic by Big Mattress Co. This all-foam mattress would be ideal for anyone looking for fast pressure alleviation and instant relaxation. It’s also very well-made and uses replaceable components. Needless to say, this investment will be a long-lasting one.

So, why is Wyoming King your dream mattress size? Do you prefer more space or practice co-sleeping? Let us know in the comments!



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