Winkbed vs Dreamcloud Comparison

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 12 minLast updated on October 19, 2022

Out of two top luxury brands, both the Winkbed and Dreamcloud are known for being luxurious, durable and comfortable mattresses. But it is hard to tell which is better when compared side-by-side. That’s why we’ve made this in-depth article on which is better: Winkbed vs Dreamcloud. We compare their top similarities, differences, and how they feel based on specific sleepers’ needs.

Let’s dive into it.

Quick Overview

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Top Similarities and Top Differences of Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

Winkbed Top Differences

The top similarities between Winkbed and Dreamcloud are their Lifetime Warranty, similar foam and coil hybrid design, their durability, their excellent cooling qualities, and their similar edge support.

On top of having a similar Lifetime Warranty, both mattresses are made up of cozy covers, conforming memory foam, and individually wrapped coils in a responsive hybrid design. Due to the addition of high-quality coils, both mattresses will last your household for years. Both the Winkbed and Dreamcloud have cooling qualities, of the Winkbed we’ve tested in person. And both have great edge support with reinforced steel coils.

The top differences between Winkbed and Dreamcloud are their trial lengths, mattress heights, firmness options, and $500 price difference.

Winkbed has a 120-night trial while Dreamcloud has a 365-night trial, giving sleepers more time to test out the Dreamcloud. Winkbed is 13.5” high while Dreamcloud is 14” high, so there is some difference in height.

For sleepers who want firmness options, Winkbed comes in four firmness levels while Dreamcloud only comes in one firmness. Winkbed’s Soft option comes with an extra inch of cushioning in its quilted top, making it softer than all the other options. Winkbeds Luxury firm is likely the best for responsiveness and bounciness, based on our review. I also noticed Winkbeds durability to be well-crafted, with sturdy coils and dense foam, meaning it will last a long time.

And regarding price, Dreamcloud is less expensive than Winkbed by about $500.

Side-by-Side Comparison



Construction & Design5 layers of foam and coils7 layers of foam and coils
FirmnessAvailable in Soft, Luxury Firm, and FirmMedium-firm
Edge SupportStrong, resilient edge support based on our reviewStrong edge support
Motion TransferNoticeable, but from our review it is too minimal for a partner to wake upSlightly noticeable, you may notice
big movements from a partner
FeelSoft is pliant and body-hugging;
Luxury Firm is cushioning from our review;
Firm is supportive while also cushioning
Soft yet supportive, which I think
those who need back support will like;
firmer than Winkbed’s Luxury Firm, similar to Winkbed’s Firm.
MaterialTencel Cover with gel memory foam and wrapped coilsCashmere cover with gel
memory foam and wrapped coils
Warranty and TrialLifetime warranty and
120-night trial
Lifetime warranty and
365-night trial
Price (Queen)$1499$999

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Construction & Design Between Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

The construction and design between Winkbed and Dreamcloud are written out below.


  • Tencel Cover - A Eucalyptus-derived cover for that cool-to-the-touch feel.
  • Euro-pillow top with gel memory foam - Soft foam for easing muscle tension.
  • Stabilizing gel foam for comfort - Extra layers of comfort.
  • Wrapped coils - Coils have Zoned Support for targeted pressure relief.
  • Edge Support - Sleep without sag, even at the edge of the bed.


  • Cashmere cover - Soft cover for a comfortable sleep.
  • Contouring soft foam - Slow response to pressure for tension relief.
  • Gel memory foam - Absorbs heat for a cooler sleep.
  • Dynamic transition foam - Adds support to the mattress so the body eases into the coils.
  • Wrapped coils with Edge Support - Coils designed to maximize airflow for extra breathability.
  • Base support - Provides a base for the coils for additional support.
  • Base cover with handles - The addition of handles helps for moving the mattress easily.

Although their make-up is similar, we tested Winkbed and enjoyed the amount of support its coils and foam layers gave in its Luxury Firm option. Dreamcloud, I think, is ideal for those who want a bit more of a cooler sleep with its breathable design and cool top.

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The Firmness Between Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

The firmness between Winkbed and Dreamcloud is a bit different: Winkbed comes in three firmness options, Soft, Luxury Firm, or Firm all for the same price. Dreamcloud has one firmness option, and its medium-firm feel is supportive as well as pressure-relieving.

Winkbed Firmness

Winkbed’s Soft is the most ‘in-the-bed’ feel, while Luxury firm is a mix between Soft and Firm. Luxury firm, based on my Winkbed mattress review, feels sinking while still being supportive, applying relief to pressure point areas for an ‘on the top’ of the bed feel, while still conforming to the body. Firm is more of an ‘on-the-top’ feel. 

Dreamcloud’s medium-firm feel, I think, is a great option for those who want a little extra back support.

Edge Support Between Dreamcloud versus Winkbed

The edge support between Dreamcloud and Winkbed is considerably good. Both have adequate edge support due to the reinforced steel coils along the edge, supporting sleepers even if they’re lying on the edge

Winkbed Soft may have the weakest edge support out of these options as it is the softest mattress. When we were testing Winkbed Luxury firm, we found it has very strong edge support if you’re sitting on the edge, and may even boost you up when standing.

Motion Transfer Comparison of Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

The motion transfer comparison of Winkbed and Dreamcloud are almost the same, and I think both have good motion isolation properties due to their gel memory foam layers.

Winkbed feel difference

Winkbed Luxury firm is the most isolating due to its perfect balance of absorption and bounce. From my tests, I found that although it may not fully isolate, you won’t notice if your partner gets up in the middle of the night.

Dreamcloud is a bit more supportive, so although it can muffle motion, you may notice it more than the Winkbed Luxury firm.

The Feel Difference Between Dreamcloud versus Winkbed

The feel difference between Dreamcloud and Winkbed is a bit different. Dreamcloud supports, while Winkbed offers different feels based on what a sleeper needs.

Dreamcloud is supportive while also being cushioning, encouraging proper spinal alignment and pain relief which I think is helpful for those with sensitive and sore bodies.

Winkbed’s various firmness help the body in different ways: Soft is slow-adapting and body-hugging for deep penetrating pressure relief. Luxury firm is a mix of conforming and supportive, and we’ve tested it to be great for giving sleepers that cradled feeling without sinking too deep in. Firm is supportive while still cushioning the body, with more of an ‘on-the-top’ feel.

Winkbed vs Dreamcloud: Material 

The most striking material differences between Winkbed and Dreamcloud are Winkbed’s Tencel cover, and Dreamcloud’s gel memory foam and breathable innerspring coil system.

Winkbed Material

The Tencel cover is unique as it’s one of the few fabrics on the market derived from eucalyptus. It is naturally cooling and a handy feature that I think sleepers interested in natural cooling remedies will like. Dreamcloud comes at coolness in a different way with the addition of airflow and breathability in their coil system.

Price Between Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

The price difference between Winkbed and Dreamcloud is about $500, with Winkbed’s market price valued at $1499, while Dreamcloud is $999. If sleepers are on a budget, I feel Dreamcloud is a viable, cost-effective option.

Sleeping positions Between Winkbed vs Dreamcloud

The sleeping positions between Winkbed and Dreamcloud are a bit varied. Dreamcloud, due to its supportive layers, I think it may work best for back sleepers.

Winkbed sleeping positions

Winkbed Soft, on the other hand, may work best for side sleepers due to its soft, super cushioning relief. Luxury firm may work best for combination sleepers; however, we’ve tested this for petite stomach sleepers, who may not feel comfortable with this firmness level. Winkbed Firm, similar to Dreamcloud, may also work best for back sleepers.


Although both mattresses are similar, they do offer sleepers a variety of different features and firmness options. Most admittedly, Winkbed’s firmness options, I think, are great for sleepers who need a range of firmness options to choose from, and from what we’ve tried, we can confirm the Luxury Firm is a well-rounded choice that suits most sleepers. Of course, those on a budget or who want to take advantage of breathable coils, I would recommend Dreamcloud for them.


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