What Mattress Does Marriot Use

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on May 30, 2022

Hotel beds usually seem heavenly comfortable, but Marriott beds are on a whole different level.

But what’s their secret? What makes Marriott beds stand out?

Today, readers will learn what mattresses Marriott uses and why they feel so incredibly comfortable.

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What Mattress Type Does Marriott Use?

People who have stayed at Marriott often wonder, “What mattresses does Marriott use?”

After all, this hotel’s beds are surprisingly comfortable regardless of the location

Interestingly enough, the hotel chain does not use only one mattress type. Marriott mattresses may vary depending on the area. Some locations use the company’s mattress called the Marriott Bed, and others go with mattresses made by Serta.

The construction of these beds may vary, too. The Marriott Bed, for example, is an innerspring mattress. It uses a system of independent (wrapped) coils to achieve sturdy support, decent pressure alleviation, and reduced motion transfer. These mattresses also have firm edges, offering enhanced perimeter support and extra sleeping space.

The hotel chain also has a foam Marriott mattress. This model uses soy-based foam that’s safer than traditional memory foam. It also sleeps cooler. This foam mattress has a cradling feel and offers adaptive support. In other words, it adjusts to the sleeper’s body and makes tension dissipate.

Other mattresses Marriott uses are manufactured by Serta. The most common mattress types travelers can find in Marriott hotels are hybrid and foam models.

Hybrid models use a combination of wrapped coils and foam. Coils guarantee reliable support while foam layers work to deliver optimal pressure alleviation and fast relaxation. Such mattresses aren’t very bouncy but don’t limit movement either.

As for the Serta’s foam mattresses Marriott uses, they combine plushy foam (for comfort) with dense support cores (for increased durability and reliable support). These foam mattresses have a noticeable hugging effect that helps with pressure redistribution. Many of them have an open-cell structure to prevent overheating. 

And if you don’t want to spend your time looking for Marriott mattresses, you can find plenty of comfy beds in this article.

Why Are Marriott Beds So Comfortable?

Despite the fact that Marriott may use different mattresses in different locations, they are always comfortable. 

But here’s the deal: mattress type is just one component. There are other things that make a bed comfortable, and guys at Marriott know everything about them.

So, here are the main reasons why Marriott mattresses can give travelers potentially the best sleep in their lives:

  • Optimal firmness level. Mattresses used in Marriott hotels usually have a medium or medium-firm feel. This firmness level is considered universally comfortable. It can accommodate different types of users and sleeping styles. Medium firmness offers the right balance between support and cradling, making Marriott mattresses incredibly comfortable. Of course, this firmness level might not work for some overweight sleepers. If that’s the case, they can check out this selection of mattresses designed for 400-pound people and those who require more support.
  • Effective pressure relief. All beds in Marriott excel at tension alleviation. These mattresses adapt to the sleeper’s body, offering optimal support levels for each area. This aids relaxation and prevents pressure build-up. Naturally, zero pressure means ultimate comfort.
  • Temperature regulation. Mattresses used in Marriott hotels typically implement cooling components to prevent overheating and keep sleepers perfectly comfortable throughout the night. For example, hybrid and innerspring models are breathable, which helps with heat dissipation. Foam mattresses in Marriott have an open-cell design that offers enhanced breathability, too. 
  • Bedding. Bedding is just as important as the mattress, and guys at Marriott are aware of that. That’s why this hotel chain uses only top-quality bedsheets and sleep accessories. The sheets usually feel silky smooth and contribute to the overall comfort. They also use top-notch fabrics that are gentle on the skin and don’t cause overheating. 

A quick note: if you are planning to buy one of Marriott mattresses, keep in mind that not all of them work with adjustable bed frames. Alternatively, you can check out this selection of the best-rated mattresses for adjustable beds.

Is It Possible to Buy a Marriott Bed?

Yes, Marriott mattresses are available for purchase through the company’s official website. Shoppers can pick between a foam mattress and an innerspring model. Customers can also find Serta mattresses that the company typically sells to luxurious hotels. 

That being said, shoppers should remember that mattresses used in Marriott are pretty pricey. 

If Marriott mattresses are not suited for your budget, you can check out some amazing Queen-sized options for a much more reasonable price.


How firm are Marriott mattresses?

Marriott mattresses typically range from medium to medium-firm.

Where can I buy a Marriott bed?

Marriott mattresses are available on the company’s official website ( and through Serta.

Wrapping Up

Now when readers know what mattresses Marriott hotels use, they can enjoy luxurious comfort at home. However, it’s crucial to remember that bedding and sheets play a huge role, too. And of course, readers should keep in mind that there are many mattress alternatives that are cheaper than Marriott models but can offer the same comfort levels.

Have you ever stayed at Marriott? And how well did you sleep in a hotel bed? Let us know in the comments!

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