Westin Heavenly Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 12 minLast updated March 1, 2021

Westin Heavenly Mattress Review

Nothing beats the comfort of those luxurious hotel beds, right?

Wouldn’t that be great to have the same level of comfort at home?

Well, I can help you here.

Today, I will review the Westin Heavenly mattress, the one used in the Westin hotel chain. This model is claimed to be one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world, so let’s see if it deserves this title.


87-95 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

2-8 business days







Trial Period

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year


Now, the Westin Heavenly is a hybrid mattress. It has a core coil layer and a layer of foam above it. 

The coils are individually wrapped, so you can expect a more targeted contouring and less pronounced motion response compared to mattresses with a solid spring unit. Plus, the foam layer will additionally block some of the motion to ensure a peaceful sleep for you.

According to my testing experience, the foam layer is made of dense memory foam. It doesn’t spring back too quickly and has a good hug without sinking too much.

Also, the manufacturer states that the foam has a convoluted design. This means that it can ensure better airflow inside the mattress and prevent you from sleeping hot.

The model I tested measures 13 inches high, so you can easily pair it with a sturdy low-profile box spring or another type of mattress support to create a perfect bed.



The next part of my Westin Heavenly mattress review will be about the cover because it has a couple of remarkable features.

First, the cover comes with a quilted pillow-top design. It comes generously stuffed, which is good because it means it won’t go flat too soon.

The pillow-top feels soft and pleasant to the touch and adds luxurious cushioning to the mattress.

However, if you want your Westin Heavenly bed a bit firmer, you can unzip the pillow-top and use the mattress without it. Plus, a zipper makes the maintenance of the pillow-top a lot easier, as you can clean it and re-fluff as often as you need to maintain the needed levels of comfort.

“Fibers in the pillow-top create an airy layer around your body and help you adjust to the temperature changes throughout the year, so you’ll always sleep comfortably.”

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The manufacturer states that the Heavenly mattress has a medium-firm feel. Having tested it myself, I can agree with that statement. If we refer to the mattress firmness scale, then the Westin mattress will have 6.5-7 points out of 10, where 10 stands for the firmest surface you can sleep on.

“Note that some brands use a reversed firmness scale, where 10 points are for the softest mattress, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a bed relying on this factor.”

Medium-firm mattresses are suitable for most users: they offer sufficient sinkage and don’t limit your ability to move.

Also, medium and medium-firm beds have shown to improve sleep quality in people with lower back pain, so if this is your concern, then the Heavenly bed might be a good choice for you.

Edge Support

Edge Support

Now, let’s take a look at more specific characteristics of the Westin Heavenly bed. 

I will begin with edge support.

So, given the fact that this is a hybrid bed with a sturdy coil layer, I expected it to have good edge support and anti-sagging design.

But what I’ve found appeared to be a bit different.

Yes, the Heavenly bed can offer you a uniform sleeping surface, which is definitely great. But if you tend to sleep closer to the edge, you might feel a bit of sagging and lack of support.

I felt it, and I’m an average-weight guy. For a heavier user, the sagging might be even more pronounced and lead to unnatural spine curves and back pain.

There’s good news, though:

You can pair the mattress with a metal bed frame to reinforce the edges and get your space, which is especially crucial if you share a bed with someone.

Motion Transfer

The next thing I want to cover in my Westin Heavenly mattress review is motion transfer. This is an important factor for couples, those who co-sleep with their pets, and very active sleepers who might wake themselves with their frantic movements.

So, how does the Heavenly mattress perform here?

Short answer: surprisingly good for a hybrid bed.

Even though the coil system is bouncy, the upper foam layer and the pillow-top provide a thick cushion that makes the bounce less pronounced. We did a test with a glass full of water, and it didn’t wobble as I slapped the mattress right next to it.

However, the mattress doesn’t feel like quicksand or interfere with your motions, which makes it a good purchase for people who have limited mobility due to chronic pain or other conditions.

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How It Feels for Different Type of Sleepers

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Every product is made with a certain audience in mind, and the Westin Heavenly bed is no exception here. Let’s see who will benefit the most from purchasing it:

  • Side sleepers. The Heavenly mattress has a pretty thick cushion thanks to the memory foam layer and pillow-top. This cushion cradles your hips and shoulders as you sleep on your side so that you don’t feel the coils poking your body. But if you’re a petite user, you may feel pressure forming in your pressure points. Lightweight people are recommended to choose a softer mattress.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Having tested this mattress myself — and I’m a mixed side and back sleeper — I can say that it works incredibly well for the supine position. The medium-firm feel supports your natural spine alignment and doesn’t create awkward curves. Speaking of stomach sleepers — I refer to the experience of my wife here — they might need something firmer. Or, you can place a very thin pillow under your pelvis to remove the strain from the lower back area.
  • Heavy sleepers. The Heavenly mattress may work for heavy sleepers as well. Its hybrid construction can support larger weight and promote proper spine alignment. However, if you have too much excess weight, you might need a firmer mattress that won’t give in under your weight.
  • Cooling sleep lovers. The Heavenly mattress can easily prevent you from overheating. The hybrid construction allows for good airflow between the layers and the breathable pillow-top adjusts to your body temperature changes throughout the night. So, if you struggle with hot sleeping, this mattress can work for you.
  • Upper and lower back pain sufferers. I found that the Heavenly mattress excels at relaxing your muscles in the shoulders and the lumbar region and removes pressure from your pressure points, so it may suit back pain sufferers.

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Other Important Information

Aside from manufacturing mattresses, Westin creates bedding items that can help you upgrade the whole bed to luxurious hotel quality. The company makes mattress pads, pillows, and bedding sheets made of high-quality materials.

Also, the company has a CertiPUR-US certification, meaning that there are no harmful chemicals and additives that can affect your health. So, if you’re prone to hypersensitivities or allergies, consider buying from this brand.

“Westin notes that you should rotate the mattress regularly to prevent premature sagging. I also recommend to re-fluff the pillow-top when cleaning it, to maintain the needed level of comfort.”

Wrapping Up

So, having slept on the Westin Heavenly bed I found it to be a great option that can satisfy a large number of users. Even though the mattress is on the more expensive side, which can be a limitation for some, it’s worth every cent spent. The Heavenly bed is durable, can offer you sufficient support in almost every sleeping position, and has a luxurious look.

And now, let’s quickly outline who will benefit the most from purchasing the Heavenly mattress:

  • Back sleepers. The mattress is literally made for the supine position. It properly supports the spine and relaxes deep muscles around the spine, so you will feel relieved after a rough day.
  • Restless sleepers and their partners. The Heavenly mattress has pretty good motion absorption and may work well for those who share a bed with active sleepers and want their sleep to be calm and uninterrupted.
  • Those who sleep hot. The hybrid design of the Heavenly mattress combined with breathable materials makes it a perfect bed for anyone who suffers from chronic hot sleeping or lives in hot climates.

What do you think about the Westin Heavenly bed? Can it make a purchase worthy of your bedroom? Share your thoughts below!

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