Best Waterbed Mattress Pads

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 14 minLast updated on July 8, 2022

Waterbeds are some of the most comfortable mattresses, in my opinion. After all, what could be more cradling and soothing than water? 

However, if you want even more comfort, you can easily get it by adding a mattress pad on top of your bed.

I’ve reviewed 3 best waterbed mattress pads on the market and tested them to see whether they really work. Read on if you want to know what I’ve found.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall

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Best for Hardside Waterbeds

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Best for Softside Waterbeds

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Our Reviews of 3 Best Waterbed Mattress Pads

Best Overall — Editor's Choice - ExceptionalSheets


  • fits mattresses up to 18” high;
  • breathable bamboo rayon and hypoallergenic fibers;
  • noticeable cooling effect.

And the first model that claimed its place in my review of the best waterbed mattress pads is the ExceptionalSheets. This is a fitted mattress pad that is compatible with mattresses up to 18 inches high, so you won’t have a problem with putting it on your waterbed.

The pad is hypoallergenic from top to bottom: the cover is made of soft and breathable bamboo rayon, with the backing being a cotton and polyester blend, which is pretty tenacious and fits snuggly on your mattress. The fill is made of the proprietary Revoloft down alternative, which can cradle your pressure points without creating too much pressure.

The combo of materials results in a great cooling effect. The fibers are breathable and can adapt to changes in your body temperature, while the bamboo cover will withdraw excess moisture without feeling wet.

The topper is washable, although you might need a laundromat or a front-loading washing machine due to its size. And don’t forget to fluff it after drying.

Overall, I really enjoyed sleeping on this mattress pad. It’s cozy, soft, and won’t disturb your sleep with annoying noises or static.

Best for Hardside Waterbeds - INNOMAX


  • has elastic anchor bands on the corners;
  • washing machine-friendly;
  • comfortable feel.

If you have a hardside waterbed, you probably know that anything you put above your vinyl bladder will serve not only for your comfort but also for its protection from your bodily fluids, which can damage the PVC in the long term. That’s why I’ve placed this highly rated waterbed mattress pad by INNOMAX on my list — it’s comfortable and can withstand active use for years.

The INNOMAX’s cover is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which makes it breathable and very durable. The cooling effect is further enhanced by the polyester filling, which conforms closely to your body and adds some comfort regardless of your sleeping style.

The pad has elastic bands on the corners, so you can easily secure it on most waterbeds of standard height. The bands will prevent the topper from moving and sliding off.

The maintenance of the topper is really easy: just throw it into the washing machine — use cold water settings and gentle cycle — and then tumble dry it on the lowest setting. The fabric doesn’t shrink after washing, so the topper will maintain its shape and serve you properly for a long time.

So, I can easily recommend the INNOMAX to all owners of hardside waterbeds. It will create a comfortable layer between you and your bed and enhance the comfort of your sleep.

Best for Softside Waterbeds - HARNY


  • comes overstuffed for a cozier feel;
  • natural cotton cover;
  • fits mattresses up to 21 inches high.

And the last model in my review of the best waterbed mattress pads is the HARNY. It can fit mattresses up to 21 inches high and will make a good purchase for owners of softside waterbeds that tend to be higher than hardside models. But there’s more to this model.

The HARNY has 3D microfiber filling and comes slightly overstuffed, meaning it will turn into a literal soft cloud once inflated. Microfiber filling is breathable and can adapt to your body temperature, so you’ll sleep cool even on hotter nights.

The cover is made of natural pre-shrunk cotton and will boost the cooling effects even further. Aside from that, the cotton is hypoallergenic and won’t provoke rashes or irritations. 

I think this mattress pad will make a great purchase for everyone who seeks good value for money. It’s fluffy, cradling, and won’t make you sleep hot.

How to Choose a Quality Waterbed Mattress Topper?

Even though a waterbed mimics the feel of a regular mattress, it still has its own peculiarities you need to consider when looking for compatible sleep accessories.

So, let me list the key factors for you to keep in mind right below.

Consider Your Waterbed Type

The type of your waterbed will define the required size and thickness of a pad, so you should definitely take this into consideration.

If you own a softside waterbed — which is, basically, a water bladder encased in foam — then you can choose a mattress pad in standard mattress sizes, such as Full or Queen. 

Also, choose the thickness and fluffiness of your pad according to the mattress feel and your overall preferences: fluffier models will add some softness to a firm surface and may promote better pressure relief.

Owners of hardside waterbeds, on the other hand, will need California-size sheets and toppers that can cover both the water bladder and the frame to stay put.

Think About Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping style is another defining factor when it comes to choosing the right waterbed mattress pad. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Back sleeping. Those who sleep on the back will benefit the most from the medium feel and medium thickness. This combo will help distribute the weight around the waterbed and maintain healthy spine curves.
  • Side sleeping. A perfect mattress topper for a side sleeper should be on the softer side and provide sufficient sinkage, so it can relieve pressure in hips and shoulders. Read more about best mattress toppers for side sleepers here
  • Stomach sleeping. Tummy sleepers need a pad that will support their lower abdomen and prevent the lumbar spine from straining. So, avoid softer mattress toppers and try to create a medium-to-firm feel of your bed overall.

Choose Materials Wisely

The choice of materials will impact the cooling properties, overall feel, and durability of your mattress pad. 

You can use both fitted sheet-style pads and regular mattress toppers for your waterbed. For the latter, consider putting the pad under your fitted sheet. Or, check out other ways to prevent a mattress topper from sliding off the bed.

The most common materials used for mattress pads are:

  • Solid foam. This category includes memory foam, polyfoam, and different kinds of infused foams. Being the most durable option among synthetic materials, solid foams give you nice cradling and a sinking feel. However, they might be prone to heat retention and mold development over time.
  • Egg-crate foam. Egg-crate mattress pads have a slight massage effect that helps you relax and relieve pressure. They also promote airflow due to the structure. The only problem with the convoluted foams is their shorter lifespan compared to solid ones.
  • Natural latex. Natural latex is very dense, which means it will maintain its shape for a longer time and serve you better. Also, latex naturally sleeps cool and is immune to mold and dust mites, which makes it a perfect choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Fiberfill. Fibers are a common filling in fitted and quilted mattress pads. Generally, it’s made of down alternatives and is very lightweight and cradling. Also, fibers adapt to changes in body temperature, so you can use them all year round and feel comfortable. 


There are a lot of mattress pads compatible with waterbeds, which turns the search for the right one into a real quest. Luckily, you now know at least three models that can meet the demands of the pickiest sleepers out there.

My most favorite among them is the ExceptionalSheets topper. I enjoyed the incredibly soft feel and cooling effects of this pad. Plus, it can fit most waterbeds, regardless of their type.

What type of waterbed do you have? And which mattress pad seems the most suitable for your needs? I’d appreciate your input in the comments below!

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  2. I have a Great Pyrenees. and a california King hardside….he gets onto my waterbed , I just put a few layers of heavy quilts or blankets on top of the bed, a sheet over his part, and his favorite doggie blanket just for him

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