How to Wash, Clean, and Sanitize a TempurPedic Pillow

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 8 minLast updated on October 15, 2022

A TempurPedic pillow gets dirty and needs cleaning like any other pillow. However, washing TempurPedic pillow is a no-no; neither should it be thrown in the dryer. The cool gel material inside the pillowcase is very averse to water and heat. So, what's the best way to clean TempurPedic pillows?  

To clean the TempurPedic pillow material, one can roll up the pillow without its cover or dab it with a paper towel. It's also possible to wash or dry clean the TempurPedic pillow cover. 

In this article, we'll see step-by-step how to clean a TempurPedic pillow and which method to use, whether by hand or machine.

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Step-by-step: How to Wash TempurPedic Pillow


  1. If the TempurPedic pillow has a pillow cover, then that's great. One can start by removing the cover and checking the cleaning instructions on the label sewn into the cover.
  2. If the label on the cover indicates that the cover is washable, one must follow the washing instructions. However, one can generally wash the pillowcase in cold water (1). But no chlorine bleach or harsh stain removers should be used. Air drying the pillowcase is best, but one can also dry on the delicate or gentle setting of a clothes dryer.
  3. Unfortunately, a TempurPedic pillow is not supposed to be washed, dry-cleaned, or sponged. This will damage the internal structure that provides all the cooling comfort and support (2). But if any liquid was spilled on the TempurPedic pillow, it should be removed immediately with a paper towel, or cloth towel pressed firmly on the stain or wet area until no liquid is absorbed.
  4. After removing excess moisture, one must allow the pillow to air-dry completely. The pillow cover or other linen in it should not be worn until the moisture has evaporated. Also, sleeping on a pillow with wet spots is not advisable. The drying process can speed up if a fan is placed near the wet area.
  5. For tummy or combination sleepers using pillows for stomach sleepers or pillows for combination sleepers, gravity is more likely to cause drooling, which will cause the pillow to smell and need sanitizing. One can sanitize the pillow by sprinkling baking soda on the pillows if the pillow smells. This compound can absorb odors and any traces of moisture that may remain in the TempurPedic pillow. The owner can use their hands to spread the baking soda over the entire surface, ensuring it is covered in a thin layer.
  6. The baking soda should be left to sit on the pillow for an hour. This will allow the baking soda to absorb moisture and odors.
  7. After the baking soda is left to sit on the TempurPedic pillow, one can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the TempurPedic pillow surface. Those who do not have this device can use the nozzle of an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
    It should be passed over the entire surface two to three times, ensuring all the baking soda is sucked up.

Tips and warning 

Heat should not be applied to the TempurPedic pillow. TempurPedic pillows are coated with gel on each side (3). The gel helps provide cooling or pressure relief. This is an essential material in pillows for shoulder pain or hot sleepers as it brings about moldability and pressure relief and cools the sleeper.

This material is, however, very sensitive to water and low and high temperatures. If one tries to dry it with heat, this can damage the material. To keep it in top condition, it's better not to expose it to high temperatures for any reason.

Machine Washing vs. Hand Washing

TempurPedic pillows do not belong in the washing machine. Also, in no case should the user wash it in water. It is best to wipe them off with a dry or damp cotton cloth and then let them dry in a not too sunny place. However, one can wash the pillow covers in the machine.

How to Dry a TempurPedic Pillow

Air-drying (not under the sun) is the best way to dry a TempurPedic pillow. Whether the purpose is to air or fluff a TempurPedic pillow, it's better to avoid using the dryer to prevent deforming or damaging the material. 

Putting in the dryer or any hot machine can deform the pillow, reducing its malleability. Chemical cleaning agents should also be avoided as they can be too aggressive


Can you wash a TempurPedic pillow?

TempurPedic pillows should never be washed. It is made of a special cooling gel that should never get wet. So, users must avoid intentionally exposing it to water or washing any parts. Otherwise, they could compromise the integrity of the TempurPedic pillow. 

Instead, the cover can be taken off the TempurPedic pillow and rolled up and down in different directions to give it a fresh new look. Then the zipper should be unzipped at one end of the pillow to allow air to circulate through the pillow.

How do you sanitize a TempurPedic pillow?

Sprinkling the pillow with baking soda can sanitize and remove excess moisture. In addition, this compound can absorb odors and any traces of moisture that may remain in your TempurPedic pillow. There's also the option of sprinkling the pillow with cornstarch instead of baking soda. A mixture of equal parts baking soda and starch would also work.

Wrapping Up

Washing a TempurPedic pillow is not recommended and is a good way to damage the filling content. But it is easy to clean. The method for cleaning TempurPedic pillow is by dabbing it with a paper or cloth towel. 

If liquid gets spilled accidentally, one can absorb it and wait for the surface to dry completely. To freshen up or clean the TempurPedic pillow, one can sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum

Finally, users must never forget to use the pillow cover to protect it from excessive moisture and spills. This way, the pillow cover, which can be washed, guards the inner pillow against dirt. 

Before you go, have you ever washed your Tempur pillow? What happened to it? Tell us in the comment section!


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