Top 10 Best Sleep Gadgets: Technology Guarding Your Restful Slumber

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 12 minLast updated on June 16, 2022

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand that could help me sleep with just one little swing.

While it’s just a fantasy, there is real magic in this world we can use instead: technology.

There are tons of cool gadgets and smart devices that can significantly improve our lives and, of course, help us sleep much better. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 “magical” helpers that may change your sleep for the better.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora

If you are a snorer, this smart device can be a good gift for your partner.

The Smart Nora includes a pillow insert, a noise detector, and a portable case. The way it works is quite simple (yet, brilliant). The pebble detects when you start snoring and activates the pillow insert, which enables a gentle motion to interrupt snoring and to help you get back to normal breathing.  No uncomfortable mouth guards or irritating nose strips. Just a gentle movement that won’t even wake you up. 

The best part is: the Smart Nora works for any sleeping position and with any pillow. You don’t have to invest in anything else or ditch your favorite bedding accessories. Just place the insert under your pillow, attach the pebble, and you’re good to go. And don’t worry, the insert is super gentle and won’t really disturb you or your partner during the night.



Looking to improve your sleep quality and to learn more about your sleep habits? Then the Biostrap band might come in handy. All you have to do is wear it on your wrist, and this little guy will do the rest. Combined with an app, it monitors biometrics, your sleep stages, duration, awakenings, and more. With the help of the Biostrap, you can get a comprehensive picture of your sleep quality. 

And don’t worry if you don’t know what to do with the data you get. The Biostrap will share helpful insights based on its algorithms and the info it receives when monitoring your sleep. It’s a great solution for those users who want to introduce some healthy changes into their lives. The Biostrap can show your personal patterns and may help you understand what you need to change to start sleeping better.



This device is probably better than simply adjusting your thermostat settings. Why? Because the ChiliPAD can create an optimal sleeping temperature right under your blanket without the need to constantly tinker with the settings (unlike your thermostat). Plus, it’s a great way to save on electricity. 

The ChiliPAD works to manage the sleeper’s temperature and maintains a personalized sleep climate all through the night. It’s a simple mattress pad that comes in all sizes and works even with adjustable beds. You can easily control your ChiliPAD using the remote. And the best part is, this device will change the temperature automatically to help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. It feels colder when you need to fall asleep (which is an optimal solution) and warmer when it’s time to wake up (as if you were awoken by the rising sun).



What can be better than flipping your pillow in the middle of the night and falling back asleep on its cold side?

Well, only when your pillow can remain cold and does not require flipping.

And that’s how the Moona works. It’s a smart cooling pad for your pillow that will maintain a set temperature all through the night for your enhanced comfort. Forget about flipping. Just add the insert to your pillow, set the needed temperature, and sleep like a baby.

Here’s the kicker:

The Moona is a learning machine that will determine your optimal temperature profile to help you sleep even better.

Embr Wave Bracelet

Embr Wave Bracelet

Another cool gadget that can help you control your body temperature is the Embr. However, this little device can keep you comfy anywhere. Plus, it can also help you fall asleep easier by regulating your body temperature.

The science behind the Embr is not that complicated. Because the device is placed on one’s wrist, it can alter the body temperature by affecting the sensitive nerve endings in the skin and send signals to the brain (which, in its turn, balances out the body temperature according to your Embr setting). As a result, you can easily cool down (or feel warmer) whenever you need to.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy System by Sound Oasis

Tinnitus Sound Therapy System by Sound Oasis

One of the best ways to fall asleep is by listening to some calming sounds. They can block the external distractions (or your racing thoughts) and help you relax faster in order to drift off. That’s what the Tinnitus sound therapy system is meant for.

This compact, portable device will create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with just a touch of a button. You can choose among more than 20 original sleep sounds or even request a personal customized mix. The Tinnitus is powered by batteries or a USB adapter, so you can use it pretty much anywhere. And the best part is: this device is very reasonably priced. You don’t have to strain your budget to enjoy restful sleep.

Sound + Sleep


Another gadget that can create an optimal sleeping environment in your bedroom is the Sound + Sleep machine. It offers a variety of realistic, relaxing sounds that are meant to help you wind down, fall asleep faster, and sleep better. This little guy packs a 3” speaker for a rich sound but also works with headphones if you require a bit of privacy.

Want to know the best part?

The Sound + Sleep uses adaptive technology to monitor the sound environment in your room and to adjust the volume based on the external noise. Therefore, this little machine can block all the outside disturbances automatically and create an optimal sound environment for your healthy sleep.

Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow

Snoring shouldn’t be a problem in the modern world. Especially when you use a smart pillow like this one. The Motion Pillow detects snoring and uses the small airbags inside to adjust the sleeper’s head position to aid unobstructed breathing.

The airbags are small and quiet, so they won’t wake you up when inflating or deflating during the night. They are strategically placed to make the whole surface of the pillow adjustable. That’s what makes the Motion Pillow suited for any sleeping position. 

Plus, the device can analyze your sleep and send reports that may potentially help you change your sleep patterns for the better. So it’s really an all-in-one gadget (which, in my opinion, is worth every penny).



The Dodow can be your personal meditation guide (that doesn’t cost much at all, unlike many popular relaxation services these days). This device projects the light onto your ceiling that follows a certain rhythm. You are supposed to inhale and exhale according to that rhythm. Simply put, you breathe along with the light.

The Dodow will help you gradually slow your breathing down and reach an optimal rhythm for sleep. And since you remain concentrated on the light halo projected onto your ceiling, it’s easier to calm down and to get rid of those distracting thoughts. Brain activity reduces too, which means it would be easier for you to fall asleep fast. The Dodow works like guided meditation but does not require much effort or concentration. Just lie down, breathe, and enjoy your restful slumber.

The Barisieur

The Barisieur

Want to wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee? And drink it in bed? Without actually going to the kitchen?

Sounds like a dream to me, but it’s possible with the Barisieur alarm clock. It’s a brewing station that you can keep on your nightstand. The Barisieur will wake you up with that magical smell of coffee, so you can start every day in the right mood. It allows for versatility and can start brewing coffee before the alarm, on the alarm, or even afterward, whichever works for you.

And get this:

The brewer makes surprisingly delicious coffee! This machine is relatively compact and doesn’t have any high-tech bells and whistles, but it can make a great cup of joe. And the best part is, it can be brewed on your command without much effort.

Sleep Dot by Sleepspace

Sleep Dot by Sleepspace

Looking for a compact sleep tracker that you don’t actually have to wear? Then the Sleep Dot might be the most optimal solution. This little device will monitor your sleep, measure the temperature and the humidity in the room, and track your movement while staying out of your way. Simply attach it to the corner of your pillow and enjoy a restful slumber.

The Sleep Dot works with an app to share the data it collects, so all the needed info will always be within your reach. You will also get helpful insights and advice related to your sleep quality and environment. Therefore, the Sleep Dot can be a powerful instrument for those who want to change their sleep for the better (or at least learn more about it).

What Else Does the Market Have to Offer?

The word of sleep gadgets is big and exciting. Seems like there’s a solution for any user. But how do you choose something that would work for you?

Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. Do you wish to control the temperature of your bed? Want to stop snoring? Or simply need to relax before sleep?

There are plenty of options to choose from. And to help you navigate around, let’s divide them into groups:

  • Anti-snoring devices. Snoring is often linked to poor sleep in both the snorers and their partners. To fight nighttime disturbances like that, there are smart pillows that can change the position of one’s head when they detect snoring (via the microphone). You can also come across bands that should be placed around one’s torso and make the sleeper turn when he or she starts snoring. Plus, for people who snore because of the dry air in the room, there are multiple types of humidifiers available. 
  • Smart mattresses. Yes, they exist. Such mattresses usually allow sleepers to adjust the temperature of the sleeping surface (even for both sides, which is ideal for partnered sleep). Some of them also come with a sleep tracking function. It can help you get more data than your smartwatch can offer and, consequently, get a better idea of your sleep quality.  
  • Smart alarms. There are many types of smart alarms, but the biggest two groups are: the ones that monitor your sleep and wake you up during the light stage (for easier awakenings), and the ones that use light to mimic the sun cycles (and to make your brain wake up naturally and easier). Both are suitable for people who want to stay consistent with their sleep schedule and wish to get their internal clock back on track.
  • Temperature regulation. Experts say that the optimal temperature for sleep is somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. To achieve that, you can use a smart mattress pad (that allows for temperature regulation), smart duvets, cooling pads for pillows, and wearable temperature-regulating bracelets. 
  • White noise and sleep sounds. There are multiple options to choose from: a simple app on your phone, a white noise machine, soft sleep masks with integrated headphones, a compact sound machine, etc. These devices work to create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom using sound therapy. They typically offer nature sounds and some instrumental music. However, you can also find devices that include white (pink, brown) noise, guided meditations, ASMR sounds, and more.
  • Sleep trackers. These come in all shapes and sizes: wearables (rings, watches, bands), mattress pads, phone apps, and so on. A good sleep tracker can give you a clearer image of your habits and the overall sleep quality. By monitoring your sleep, you can learn more about your sleep patterns and what affects them. This will allow you to make some changes in your daily life in order to start sleeping better.

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  1. after 12 months the biostrap battery lasts about 7 hours, not capable of recording a full nights sleep even when fully charged at bedtime. The company has known about battery issues and continues to sell it nevertheless. Company does not respond, and their response to the battery issues was ..we would be glad to sell you another one. The capabilities for sleep tracking might be useful if battery lasted, daytime activity tracking is very limited and impossible because of poor battery. Website makes it look very sophisticated but aside from sleep analysis which doesnt work, activity tracking is less informative than a basic heart watch or apple watch. Lots of user comments around the web to help make your decision.

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