Thuma bed alternatives

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 19 minLast updated on December 22, 2022

Every quality mattress needs a quality bed frame, and the Thuma bed frame is among the best quality options available.

Luckily, there are other top-quality bed frame options for people looking for more options. This article will review five of the best Thuma bed alternatives. These bed frames offer durability and comfort that can match the Thuma bed. So, buyers won’t be losing out on too much. Continue reading to learn about the best five Thuma bed frame alternatives.

A Quick Preview

Puffy bed frame
Overall Best

Puffy Bed Frame
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Nectar Bed Frame
Best Classic Bed Frame

Nectar Bed Frame
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saatva Amalfi frame
Best Modern Bed

Saatva Amalfi
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winkbed frame
Best Platform Foundation

Winkbeds Foundation

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plushbeds frame
Best Budget Option

Plushbeds Quiet Balanced Bed Frame
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 5 Thuma bed alternatives

Puffy Bed Frame - Overall - Best Thuma Bed Alternative 

Puffy bed frame

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  • Soft fabric headboard for extra comfortable support when sitting or relaxing on the bed;
  • A high-quality frame provides a solid base for stable sleep on the mattress;
  • Easy to clean soft cloth fabric for easier maintenance.

The Puffy Frame is the best overall Thuma bed alternative out there. This bed frame includes features that would please any user looking for a comfortable and sturdy sleeping experience.

The 51-inch headboard is the first notable feature. This headboard is wide enough to accommodate two or even three people. In addition, the headboard is padded with soft fabric, which makes reading or watching TV a more comfortable experience. The top-quality headboard supports the back and neck while the user sits upright.

The Puffy bed frame includes sturdy wooden headboards, sideboards, and footboards. This means a steady night’s sleep with no creaking noises is guaranteed. On top of that, the premium stitched fabric is easy to clean. So, customers can enjoy a durable sleeping platform that can be cleaned to ensure it looks clean and vibrant for years. Lastly, the puffy bed frame is available in different size options that will fit any room.

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Assembled Puffy Bed frame
Puffy Bed frame

Nectar Bed Frame – Best Classic Bed Frame 

Nectar Bed Frame

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  • Classic button-tufted and upholstered headboard for an elegant and comfortable relaxing experience;
  • 8-inch wooden leg bed frame offering ample under-bed storage; 
  • Quick and easy set up with all required parts, tools, and instructions included in the box.

The Nectar bed frame offers a solid base for any mattress. This bed frame features a durable solid wood slat foundation and a central beam for adequate support when sleeping.

The Nectar bed frame is designed with 8-inch wooden legs for a classic look that offers sufficient under-bed storage for those shoe boxes and pieces of luggage. Furthermore, the button-tufted and upholstered headboard adds to this frame’s elegance while providing comfortable support when sitting on the bed.

The Nectar bed frame can also be easily assembled in a few minutes. All necessary parts, tools, and installation instructions are included in the package. Just open the box, read the instructions, and set up the Nectar bed frame for a pleasing sleeping experience only Nectar can provide.

Saatva Amalfi – Best Modern Thuma Bed Alternative 

saatva Amalfi frame

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  • Massive hand-tufted headboard and side frame for more comfort; 
  • Constructed with kiln-dried hardwood that never twists or warps;
  • Available in three sizes: Queen size, King size, and Cal king size.

At first glance, the Saatva Amalfi looks like a bed frame fit for royals. The large hand-tufted headboard and clean side rails add to the appeal. The fully upholstered back allows the option for a freestanding bed, and the fortified bolts and brackets ensure the bed feels sturdy and well-built.

The frame of the Saatva Amalfi is made from kiln-dried hardwood that never warps or twists. The Saatva Amalfi will last buyers a long time. The premium plywood slats, vertical center support, and multiple support feet give this bed frame more stability. This makes the Amalfi bed frame one of the recommended bed frames for sex.

This modern-looking bed frame is suitable for most mattresses. It is also compatible with an adjustable base and a foundation or box spring. The fabric used on the Saatva Amalfi bed frame is plush and made from a high-quality poly-cotton blend that is easy to clean and durable. Lastly, the Amalfi bed frame is available in three sizes: Queen, King, and Cal king. So, buyers have enough size options to pick from.

Winkbeds Foundation – Best Platform Foundation 

winkbed frame

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  • Compatible with all mattresses;
  • Classic no-headboard design which adds to the minimalist design and affordable price point;
  • Made of high-quality birchwood for a study and durable frame.

The Winkbeds foundation bed frame is the only reviewed bed frame with no headboard. This product is aimed at people who prefer an affordable, minimalist bed frame. The Winksbed can easily fit into any space without filling up the room.

This bed frame is made up of easy screw-in hardwood legs and birchwood decking slats, which offer a stable platform that any mattress can rest on. The upholstered premium fabric cover is made of a high-quality polyester and polypropylene blend that feels soft and snug.

The Winkbeds foundation is divided by a central support beam made of premium grade hardwood, reinforced with steel brackets. The center support beam adds even more support to the already stable platform. This bed frame is also connected at the corners by four top-quality molded plastic interlocking connectors. Overall, the Winkbeds foundation offers an affordable, durable, and floating bed frame that will entice many buyers.

Plushbeds Quiet Balanced Bed Frame – Best Budget Thuma bed alternative 

plushbeds frame

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  • Heavy-duty 100% recycled steel frame for added stability and durability;
  • Built with non-toxic, advanced polymer resin, which absorbs creaking sounds for a fully peaceful sleep;
  • Quick setup with no tools required.

Plushbed’s quiet balanced bed frame is an excellent option for buyers looking for a budget bed frame. This bed frame is cheaper than all four reviewed bed frames. In short, Plushbed’s bed frame is a bargain for anyone looking to buy a bed frame.

The all-metal build provides a sturdy sleeping platform, and the novel sound-absorbing construction ensures the frame is noiseless. The non-toxic fiberglass resin ensures the bed frame absorbs sound. Furthermore, the edge-to-edge support ensures this frame can comfortably carry heavy sleepers.  

The Plushbed quiet balanced bed frame is designed for comfort, durability, and affordability. This piece of furniture is available in six sizes. As a result, this frame from Plushbeds gives buyers more options than other competing brands.

How to Choose the Best Thuma Bed Frame Alternatives

Choosing a Thuma bed alternative can be challenging because there are several factors to consider. It is important to consider factors such as the types of bed, mattress size, support base, and material and durability. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best option. 

Type of Bed

The bed type determines the suitable bed frame to purchase. The most common types of beds include hybrid, innerspring, latex and memory foam. Read on to find out how they fit on bed frames.

  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses feel like a cross between memory foam mattresses and spring beds. This bed type typically comes in a two- to three-inch-thick top comfort layer of latex foam. A coil base is present underneath the hybrid mattress, and it supports the mattress, ensuring it stays bouncy and firm. Hybrid beds are great for side sleepers and fit into all bed frames. These bed types particularly fit well on the Puffy bed frame.  
  • Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are a traditional mattress type (1). These mattresses are well-known for their edge support, ensuring sleepers don't roll off the bed. Innerspring mattresses are inexpensive, but they must be paired with a box spring.   Note that coil mattresses are usually noisy. So, it would help to purchase a noiseless mattress like Plushbed's bed frame to help limit any noise. 
  • Latex. Latex mattresses typically come in natural and synthetic forms. These beds provide a stable sleeping experience with less motion transfer. So, they fit well on any bed frame. Latex mattresses have bouncy support and generally don't sink. 
  • Memory Foam. Memory foam mattresses are constructed from multiple dense layers of polyurethane foam. This construction helps light sleepers and people who suffer from joint pain. However, these mattresses retain body heat.
    But not to worry, buying a gel memory mattress will help. Gel mattresses are great for keeping users cool throughout their sleep. Memory foam beds are ideal for side sleepers and combination sleepers. All that's left is fitting them on any bed frame of your choice.

Mattress Size

Mattress size can also determine the best Thuma bed frame alternative to get. The bed frames discussed above come in several size options, with some brands offering more options than others. As a result, users need to ensure the bed frame they select fits their mattress size.

The mattress and bed frame should always be the same size. A queen-size bed frame should accompany a queen-size mattress, and so on. Buying a bigger frame than your bed size is not recommended as it will lead to the mattress sagging at the frame's edges. This would negatively impact every sleeper's comfort. 

Support Base

Mattresses require some sort of support underneath them. Nobody wants their prized mattress sagging or sinking. Simply put, the bed frame's support base determines the mattress's longevity.

The main types of support base include platform beds and box springs. Platform beds typically come with built-in mattress support and don't require using a box spring. However, platform beds are typically lower than traditional bed frames with box springs. So, users that prefer more under-bed clearance should opt for box springs. 

Material and Durability

Bed frames are made from different materials, which impact their durability. The three common bed frame materials are wooden frame, metal frame and upholstered frame. Here’s more on them.

  • Wooden Frame. Wood has been the top choice for bed frames since bed frames became popular. One reason for this is their durability and versatility. Wooden bed frames are a practical option because they require little maintenance and are easy to clean. There are also several wood colors and finishes buyers can pick from. Wooden bed frames exude a classic charm and are perfect for users who love rustic and traditional bedroom decor. 
  • Metal Frame. Metal beds are becoming increasingly popular. For one, their durability is unmatched. These bed frames are less prone to insects, moisture, and fire damage. Aesthetically, metal beds are ideal for minimalist and industrial bedroom interiors. It's not all rosy, though. These beds are typically noisier than other bed frames.
  • Upholstered Frame. Upholstered beds are made of fabrics like leather, velvet, or suede. These bed frames give off a luxurious aesthetic. This makes upholstered beds the best option for homeowners who prefer a more stylish bed frame. The Amalfi bed frame is an excellent example. Upholstered bed frames are usually padded for extra comfort. However, these bed frames require more maintenance than metal and wooden bed frames. 


Are Pallet beds good Thuma bed alternatives?

Pallet beds are a good Thuma bed frame alternative. These beds are especially ideal for DIYers on a tight budget. Pallet beds are very cheap and easy to install. However, some pallets are made from wood that is not suited to bear weight. Therefore, even though pallet beds cost little and are easy to set up, they may not be suited for bearing load.

What are cheaper Thuma bed alternatives?

Cheaper Thuma bed alternatives include Allewie Queen Size Platform Bed Frame and the Amerlife bed frame. The Allewie bed frame costs under $300 and offers a modern-looking bed frame design. This bed frame is upholstered in linen with a button-tufted headboard and has four steel drawers underneath it saving money and space.

The Amerlife also costs under $300 with an upholstered design that will light up any bedroom. This bed frame includes four storage drawers and a velvet headboard for more comfort. These options are durable and reasonably priced.

Wrapping Up

Bed frames are necessary pieces of furniture, and selecting an ideal product can be quite tricky. However, the first guide is the price. Buyers should shortlist products that fit within their budget. 

The next step is ensuring the bed frame fits perfectly with the mattress, and the other factors, such as frame type and design, are all down to the buyer’s taste. The Puffy bed frame ticks many relevant boxes; it’s not overly expensive, the design is modern and stylish, and it comes in different sizes. For this reason, it is the overall best option. 

So, have you enjoyed our review? Tell us which bed frame fits your needs. Feel free to leave any comments below and ask us any more questions. We’ll be quick to answer them!



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