Texas King Mattress: What Is It, Buyer’s Guide, and Mattress Recommendations

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Because oversized mattresses aren’t that widely available, finding a good one sometimes may seem like a challenging endeavor. But this doesn’t mean that sleepers have to give up extra legroom and comfort and settle for standard mattresses. Today’s review will help readers figure out what steps it takes to find the best Texas King mattress, plus a couple of tips and recommendations.

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  • Best overallTexas King Mattress by Mattress Insider
  • Another place to buy a Texas King – Natural Form

What Is a Texas King?

Texas King is the mattress size that belongs to the oversized category. Texas King measures 80 by 98 inches.

Using a Texas King mattress gives sleepers all the extra space that they need. For instance, for taller users, the 98-inch length should be enough to prevent their feet from hanging over the edge. 

And for those who require more space width-wise, they can rotate the mattress and make it 98 inches wide and 80 inches long. This would be ideal for co-sleeping or those partners who require a larger sleeping surface.

What Is a Texas King?


How Much Do Texas King Mattresses Cost?

The price of Texas King mattresses usually falls somewhere between $2,000 and $7,000. Of course, the higher the price, the more high-end the mattress will be. But even among simpler models, users won’t be likely to find anything cheaper than $2,000.

However, it’s important to remember that Texas King mattress prices can be determined by many factors. They may involve warranty coverage, included shipping services, added cooling components, possible firmness adjustments, and more.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Texas King Mattress?

Texas King mattress size can offer a lot of perks. But to enjoy all of the benefits, users need to make sure they get a model that could meet their needs

And while it’s impossible to predict whether the mattress would satisfy a shopper or not, considering certain factors can help sleepers make a good choice (and increase their chances of being happy with their Texas King mattress).

These factors include: 

  • Firmness. The firmness level of the mattress will determine how well- or poorly-supported the sleeper is going to be during the night. Picking the appropriate firmness shouldn’t be too hard, though. It has to correspond with the user’s sleeping style. For instance, strict stomach sleepers are usually advised to buy firmer mattresses. A firm mattress can prevent the hips and the stomach from sinking in, thus keeping the spine fairly neutral when lying on one’s stomach. Back sleepers are recommended to choose medium or medium-firm mattress models. This firmness level will allow for moderate cradling (for the buttocks and the hips) while keeping the spine supported properly. And side sleepers typically feel the most comfortable on softer mattresses. A soft mattress cradles the protruding body parts instead of crushing against them. This can help users avoid painful pressure points when sleeping on one side.
  • Bed frame. Texas King bed frames aren’t that widely available (when compared with models suited for standard mattress sizes). That’s why it’s always better to take care of the mattress foundation first. For a Texas King, extra support beams and additional legs would always come in handy.
  • Room requirements. Texas King mattresses work the best in larger bedrooms. After all, users need enough space to move comfortably around the bed. The recommended minimal room size for a Texas King is 12 by 14 feet.
  • Doorway size. Obviously, Texas King mattress size is pretty big. Naturally, some of the doorways won’t be able to accommodate such a mattress. So, before finalizing their purchase, shoppers need to measure the doorways in their homes. If the doorways aren’t wide enough, shoppers might opt for a smaller King mattress (there are plenty of great options here). Or, as an alternative, one might settle for a good California King mattress, which is narrower (but longer) than the King size.
  • Cooling. Even when there’s plenty of space between the partners, one of them might still sleep hot. In this case, a cooling mattress may help create a sweat-free sleeping environment. For chronic hot sleepers, innerspring and latex models usually work the best. For those who are considering a foam or a hybrid mattress, it’s better to pick models that use cooling gel in the comfort layers. The open-cell foam may also sleep neutral, at least when there’s not too much sinkage.
  • Delivery. Since Texas King mattresses are large and heavy, shoppers need to think about the setup beforehand. Those who aren’t ready to carry their mattress themselves (well, with at least a couple of friends) should pick mattress companies that offer an optional White Glove delivery. This service usually includes delivery to the door, carrying the mattress into the bedroom, and setting it up. Sometimes, the delivery crew also disposes of the packaging right away.

What Are the Types of Texas King Mattresses?

Some users may believe that because Texas King is not a standard mattress size, there aren’t many options to pick from.

But here’s the deal:

Manufacturers offer different types of Texas King mattresses, so shoppers are free to choose any material that would work for them the best:

  • Innerspring. The main hallmark of spring mattresses is their responsiveness. They do not restrict movement and make a great solution for combination sleepers. However, with responsiveness comes motion transfer. This might be an issue for light sleepers who share their bed with a significant other. On the bright side, innerspring mattresses are super breathable and don’t sleep hot. They also have sturdy edges and thus, can offer more sleeping space. Spring models aren’t ideal for side sleepers though, as they don’t offer that much contouring.
  • Hybrid. As the name implies, hybrid mattresses use combined materials. Usually, those include independent coils (for support) and foam or latex (for comfort). Hybrid mattresses are famous for their balanced feel. Many users call them “the golden middle”, as hybrids can often achieve just the right combination of support and cushioning. However, shoppers need to be aware of the fact that hybrid mattresses are usually quite tall and heavy. Therefore, they may be harder to move and transport.
  • Foam. Most shoppers are familiar with foam mattresses. They are famous for their adaptive nature and the generous hug they can offer. That’s why foam mattresses are often preferred by back pain sufferers. By adjusting to the shape of the sleeper’s body, this mattress material can redistribute the weight and thus, reduce pressure. However, it’s worth mentioning that foam is notorious for retaining heat. This could be a serious issue for chronic hot sleepers (unless they pick a model that has an open-cell design or uses gel for cooling).
  • Latex. Latex Texas King mattresses are a bit rare but still possible to find (mostly in a combination with memory foam). Latex is a resilient material that easily adjusts to the shape of one’s body. It also does a great job of distributing the body weight evenly. That’s why latex mattresses are great for tension alleviation. Additionally, they can create a neutral sleeping environment, which would come in handy for those who often suffer from night sweats. Latex mattresses are also favored for their impressive durability (1). At the same time, users need to consider the fact that this type tends to be very pricey.

Our Reviews of the Best Texas King Mattresses (+ Where to Buy One)

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Texas King Mattress by Mattress Insider



  • cooling gel foam and natural Talalay latex to prevent overheating at night;
  • adjustable firmness to accommodate more types of sleepers;
  • sturdy zippers to prevent the mattress layers from shifting.

Would you believe me if I told you there was the best Texas King mattress that you can tailor to your preferences? By simply flipping the support layers (on both sides) and the top comfort layer, you can adjust the feel of this mattress by Mattress Insider. Making it softer or firmer means there are more possible configurations for your (and your partner’s) comfortable sleep. For instance, I flipped my side of the bed to firm, and my wife kept hers soft. We also decided to sleep on the latex comfort layer to enjoy targeted pressure relief without being too cradled. As a result, our Texas King mattress felt well-balanced. And both my wife and I enjoyed a restful sleep.

Where Else to Buy a Texas King Mattress — Natural Form

While the list of all possible sizes on product pages doesn’t always include Texas King and other oversized models, Natural Form does make larger mattresses. Shoppers need to contact the company to arrange for a custom order. Then, the Texas King mattress will be made to order and in the desired model users choose.


How big is a Texas King bed?

The Texas King size measures 80 by 98 inches.

How much does a Texas King bed cost?

Texas King mattresses are usually priced between $2,000 and $7,000.

Will a Texas King be okay for a 6-foot tall person?

Yes, a Texas King mattress can comfortably accommodate a sleeper who is 6 feet tall.


A Texas King mattress is a serious investment, and for some shoppers, committing to something like that can be stressful. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do prior research and figure out what they might need exactly.

The firmness level of the mattress and the materials used are two of the main components that may determine sleepers’ comfort. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to check the shipping conditions. After all, Texas King isn’t that easy to install.

And if you don’t mind a gentle nudge, I would love to share my favorite model – the Texas King mattress by Mattress Insider. This bed has everything you might wish for. It is quality made and sturdy. It’s also easy to set up with all those handy zippers. Plus, it allows for firmness adjustments. Therefore, the Mattress Insider’s Texas King is very likely to satisfy a wide variety of sleepers.

Now, what made you search for a Texas King mattress? And what size did you sleep on before? Let us know in the comments!


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