Sweetnight Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 13 minLast updated June 19, 2020

Sweetnight Mattress Review

Looking for a quality mattress that won’t make you feel like an 85-year old in the morning?

I’ve already done the dirty job for you and found an option you may like — the Sweetnight.

This mattress literally stands for its name. It‘s pretty cushioning, uses high-quality materials, and doesn’t make you sleep hot.

If you want to learn more, check out this Sweetnight mattress review right below!


60 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

2-8 business days


Memory Foam





Trial Period

30 Night

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year



In the first part of this Sweetnight mattress review, we will have a look at what this mattress is made of and how it may perform for your needs based on that.

So, the Sweetnight includes four layers:

  • 2” gel-infused memory foam. This upper comfort layer has a plush feel, so you can expect a great hug and decent pressure relief. Also, gel particles adapt to the changes in your body heat and help prevent hot sleeping even during summer months.
  • 1” ventilated foam. As the name implies, the foam is designed for enhancing air circulation and preventing heat retention inside the mattress. Along with that, it serves as a support layer and helps distribute your body weight around the surface.
  • 4” zoned open-cell foam. The zoned foam layer ensures more precise spinal support and adjustability to different sleep positions. Also, it features an open-cell structure which results in a springy feel, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a swamp when moving around the mattress or switching positions.
  • 3” high-density foam. The base layer made of sturdy foam contributes to motion isolation and stability of the construction. 

As a little wrap-up here, I must say that the Sweetnight has quite an advanced construction for a relatively cheap mattress. It wisely combines different types of foam and is totally able to give you a peaceful shut-eye.

Oh, and one more thing:

The manufacturer has designed the Sweetnight to be flippable. If you install the mattress with its base layer facing downward, you’ll get a soft bed. However, those who are on the heavier side or feel like they could use less sinkage can just flip the mattress so that its base is facing upward — this will result in a medium-firm feel.

Isn’t that great?


The cover of the mattress is worth a separate mention. It’s made of cotton rayon and feels cool and velvety to the touch. I really appreciate the material choice here because cotton rayon has several great features:

  • It’s breathable. The cover won’t lock the heat inside the layers and will allow the air to circulate freely.
  • It’s durable. Cotton fibers are pretty strong themselves, and the addition of some synthetic materials makes them even more long-lasting and suitable for active use.
  • It’s hypoallergenic. Cotton is a natural material, and the fabric itself doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, so it won’t provoke rashes. Also, the cotton rayon is pretty immune to dust mites and mold, so your mattress will stay fresh for a longer time.

Also, the cover has a zipper on the firm side. This will not only help you distinguish the sides but will also allow you to remove the cover for easier washing. And a nice bi-color design with the perimeter being darker than both surfaces makes the Sweetnight pretty luxurious. I need to mention, though, that the mattress cover isn’t water-resistant. I always encourage using a waterproof mattress protector, and that’s what you’re recommended to do here as well. This will prevent accidents that may void your warranty and won’t allow the moisture from your body to build up in the layers.

“A protecting mattress encasement is a good idea for those who live in apartments, where bed bugs are common. Some models have a tight fabric weave and a hidden zipper, which will help prevent the bed bugs from settling in your mattress.”

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The next part of this review will be dedicated to firmness.

Despite the fact that its perception is highly subjective, firmness is one of the essential parameters that one needs to know in order to choose the right mattress.

The tricky thing is:

Most users don’t understand the difference between firmness levels, so they don’t know what to expect from a soft or firm mattress.

If you’re one of them, no worries. I’ve armed myself with a mattress firmness scale and will briefly describe to you how the Sweetnight mattress feels right below.

Let’s begin with the upper side.

The manufacturer states that the Sweetnight has a soft feel here. The mattress offers pretty noticeable sinkage and conforms to your body shape closely. 

“The manufacturer also points out that the upper layer might feel firmer in a cooler environment because of the gel particles. Once you lie on it for a while, the foam will adjust to your body temperature and you’ll get that plush hugging feel.”

Now, let’s flip the bed.

The other side is about 6-6.5 points out of 10. It feels pretty bouncy, unlike the soft side, because of the polyfoam base. But overall, it has little give. The foam conforms to your curves but is likely to feel too stiff in certain sleep positions.

Bottom line?

The Sweetnight mattress was designed to cover the needs of most sleeper types

Now, let’s see how it keeps up with this purpose.

Edge Support

Edge Support

Edge support is crucial for couples or those who tend to roll off to the edge of the bed during sleep. So, that’s what I will cover in this part of review of the Sweetnight mattress.

Without further ado, I must say that the edge support of the Sweetnight varies a bit depending on the side you choose.

The soft side has a bit weaker edges, and if you’re a large user, you might feel like your pelvis is collapsing, which doesn’t help get good sleep. The good thing is, you can enhance the edge support of the Sweetnight’s upper side by pairing it with a good metal base. This may also prolong the overall lifespan of the bed.

The medium-firm side, on the other hand, can offer you pretty strong edges. The dense base layer is uniform and doesn’t sag under your weight if you decide to read a book or watch TV closer to the edge. It can also withstand larger loads, which is great for heavier users.

Motion Transfer

Motion absorption is one of the main things that can ensure a sound and uninterrupted sleep for both partners if you share a bed with someone. Feeling your loved one’s movements can be really annoying, and a good mattress should be able to muffle them efficiently. Let’s see if the Sweetnight can do that. The soft side offers a pronounced sinkage, and hence, can isolate your movements pretty well. My wife is a sensitive sleeper and I tend to toss and turn a lot. And while we were testing the soft side, she didn’t have any complaints. “Deep sinkage might be an issue for those who have joint pain or other health conditions that limit their mobility. If this is your case, you can flip the mattress and use the firmer side.” As for the other side of the mattress, it might be more responsive, but motion transfer isn’t too high either. To sum up, the Sweetnight absorbs motion effectively — just like most all-foam beds. Both sides can ensure that you’ll sleep well even with an active sleeper by your side.

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How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Now, here comes the main part of this review of the Sweetnight mattress. I’ve analyzed user reviews to help you learn about how the mattress will perform in different scenarios. These are the most common ones, but I tried to make them as comprehensive as possible.

So, let’s take a look:

  • Side sleepers. Both soft and medium-firm sides can offer great support for side sleepers, but there are some limitations. The soft side comfortably hugs your body and prevents pressure points if you’re an average or lightweight side sleeper. But if you’re a heavier individual, you will sink too deep and your spine is likely to go out of alignment. The medium-firm side, on the other hand, will work perfectly in this case. It will give in just enough to hug your hips and shoulders without causing misalignment. If you are a side sleeper with shoulder pain, check out our top 5 mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. The soft side is definitely not the best choice for stomach sleepers because it can make your lower back curve too much. As for back sleepers, you can try both sides. 
  • Heavy sleepers. The Sweetnight can easily hold 300 lbs and more, which works perfectly for single heavy sleepers and possibly couples. Also, the medium-firm side of the mattress can give a good hug for hips and shoulders if you’re sleeping on your side. But if you sleep on your back or stomach, you may need an even firmer surface, which this mattress cannot offer. 
  • Cooling sleep lovers. Overall, the Sweetnight has a temperature-neutral design. However, as the soft side makes you sink quite deeply, it also increases the area of contact between your body and the mattress. If you’re prone to sleeping hot, don’t expect a pronounced cooling effect from this mattress. But if you don’t have issues with hot sleeping, the mattress won’t make you overheat either.
  • Upper and lower back pain sufferers. Different kinds of pain require different firmness levels to get relief. The Sweetnight can cover all of the common demands: the zoned foam layer contributes to more precise contouring and pain relief in any position. And the soft foam on the upper side adapts to your body curves and ensures proper spine alignment.

Also read: Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

As you can see, the Sweetnight performed well enough in almost all situations. If any of them applies to you, feel free to choose this mattress: it won’t disappoint you.

Other Important Information

This review of the Sweetnight mattress wouldn’t be complete without some final touches. In this part, I will cover some important questions that will help you make the final decision.


If the thought about dragging a bulky mattress through a narrow staircase freaks you out, stop right there.

The Sweetnight is a bed in a box, meaning it comes compressed and is pretty easy to move around.

Just bring it into your bedroom, install it with the desired side up and remove the vacuum package.

The company states that the mattress may take up to 72 hours to expand completely, but in my case, the Sweetnight was ready to sleep on the same day we bought it. You should check it and decide by yourself whether it’s ready or not.


Sleeping on a mattress of dubious quality can be dangerous not only for your sleep quality but for your overall health too.

Thankfully, the Sweetnight mattress has the CertiPur-US certification, which means that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic. So, sensitive sleepers and people with hypersensitivities can breathe easily.

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The Sweetnight mattress has great value for money and looks durable.

Now, since every mattress is made with a particular customer in mind, here are my takeaways as to who will benefit from purchasing the Sweetnight the most:

  • Those who haven’t decided what firmness they need. The Sweetnight combines two firmness levels in one model, so you can test the two most common ones and choose which one feels right for you.
  • Couples. The Sweetnight combines low motion transfer and decent edge support. Both of these qualities are crucial for those who share a bed with someone.
  • Back pain sufferers. The three-zone support layer can cradle you and distribute the weight around the mattress surface evenly, thereby alleviating the gravity impact on your lower back area. Upper back pain sufferers will also feel comfortable thanks to a good hug and pressure relief the Sweetnight provides.

So, do you think that the Sweetnight mattress can make a good purchase for you? Share your feedback below, I’d love to read it!

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