Super Single Mattress: Best Options, What is it, Buyer’s Guide

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Written by: Alex Savy
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Mattresses come in different sizes most of which are the standard or traditional sizes. However, you may be surprised to hear that there are non-traditional mattress sizes around, and one of those special mattress sizes is the super single mattress. This mattress is so uncommon that finding the right one may be harder than anticipated.

Not to worry, though; we have compiled a detailed review of the best super single mattresses. In addition, there is a guide to go through when you need to choose one for yourself. Happy reading.

A Quick Preview

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
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Brooklyn Wanderlust
Best for Travel

Brooklyn Wanderlust
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Plushbeds RV Mattress
Best Cooling Option

Plushbeds RV Mattress
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Luxury Gel RV Mattress
Best Adjustable Mattress

Luxury Gel RV Mattress
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Brooklyn Chill
Best Cheap Option

Brooklyn Chill
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What is a Super Single Mattress and its size

A super single mattress is a mattress size with dimensions of 48 inches by 75 inches. It is also known as the ¾ mattress or three-quarters mattress. Sometimes, super single mattresses also go by the name short full, meaning they are just some inches short in both ‘width and length’ of a full-size mattress. 

The different names are probably because this mattress size belonged to antique-sized beds and existed before mattress sizes were unified into generally accepted measures. Although the commonly accepted super single mattress size has a dimension of 48 inches by 75 inches, there are variations in the mattress length or width by 2 to 4 inches. 

Interestingly, super single mattresses are not only associated with antique bed frames but are also widely used in recreational vehicles. Their use in RVs has increased their popularity over the years, although individuals with antique bed frames also need this peculiar bed size. 

The super single mattress is the most popular of all irregularly sized mattresses available on the market. Unlike the more common sizes, super single mattresses come only in three forms. Hybrid, Memory foam and Latex. 

  • Hybrid

A hybrid super single mattress is a combination of either latex or memory foam with pocketed coil springs. The foam serves as the comfort layer while the pocket coils serve as the support system for the mattress. Hybrid mattresses are known for their strong edge support, and hence provide more space for users. In addition, they offer great breathability due to the less compact section of the pocket coils. 

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam super single mattresses are better known for their excellent motion isolation and easy conformity. Super single mattresses made from memory foam contain memory foams of different density to account for the cushion and support. Furthermore, the top layer may contain gel to reduce heat capture at the surface. 

  • Latex

This is another construction material used in making super single mattresses. Natural latex is the best for people with high allergies. Latex also has a lower capacity to retain heat compared to the memory foam. Finally, mattresses made with this construction material tend to have a lengthier lifespan. 

Now that we know how special the super single mattress is, it's time to know the criterias important for choosing the best value super single mattress. 

Our Review of the Best Super Single Mattresses

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

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  • A hybrid mattress that assures support through individually pocketed coils. 
  • Three firmness options to choose from for a more personalized choice. 
  • Produces one of the best motion isolation features in a mattress.

My first pick of the best super single mattresses is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. It is the perfect blend of cushion and support. The build of this mattress is mainly dependent on patented materials which I have to say perform impressively well compared to top mattresses in the industry. 

The different layers in this mattress include a section of individually encased coils known to support the mattress, including the edges. The top section(s) of this mattress comprises foams of different thicknesses, which work together to ensure breathability, an excellent surface, and the right cushion for all sleepers. 

The Brooklyn signature hybrid comes with three firmness options for customers. An excellent way to offer buyers flexibility. It is important to note that the firmness options of this mattress are limited to a side as the flip side has a highly dense foam material that also supports it. 

Brooklyn Bedding Edge Support Side sleepers
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Best for Travel — Brooklyn Wanderlust

Brooklyn Wanderlust

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  • Five thickness options to choose from for an enjoyable sleeping experience. 
  • Available in custom-made sizes for individuals on the move. 
  • Easy breathability with the use of open-air-cell technology.

The Brooklyn Wanderlust is a super single mattress designed to appeal to RV or mobile homeowners, hence why it is the best option for travel. While it has some similar features to the Signature Hybrid, it also differs in its essential features like mattress composition. For example, this mattress does not use coils for support and adopts an open-air-cell technology for breathability. 

In basic construction, this mattress offers the right cushion, support, and bounce to fit most individual needs. However, this mattress is offered in five thickness options, with the most diminutive height being the densest. These options make the Wanderlust mattress's overall support, cushion, and bounce different thicknesses. This ensures a more customized choice for customers on the move.  

While this mattress offers good features, its best value comes from the acquisition cost as it has one of the most competitive Super single mattress prices. Do you enjoy touring? You can access more RV mattresses in our short queen RV mattress review.

Best Cooling Option — Plushbeds RV Mattress

Plushbeds RV Mattress

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  • Thanks to the natural latex build and air cell foam construction, it maintains an ever-cool surface. 
  • Sufficient cushion for aching joints and pressure points. 
  • It boasts easy conformity to pressure for the best motion isolation.

As far as super single mattresses are concerned, none comes close to this mattress in maintaining a cool surface. This mattress being the best cooling option, is primarily due to the natural latex material used alongside an air cell that encourages cool sleeping. While it is the best choice for a cool surface, its features are not limited to a cool surface. 

Like other mattresses on this list, it offers optimal support for spinal alignment while providing a generous cushion for pressure points and aches. This mattress conforms easily to pressure, allowing for zero motion isolation between partners. The ample cushion makes it especially suited to side sleepers, although other kinds can also find the cushion and support acceptable.

Best Adjustable Mattress Option — Luxury Gel RV Mattress

MattressInsider Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress

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  • A single mattress with two firmness levels to choose from for a better rest. 
  • Sound motion isolation and a perfect bounce for couples.
  • Gel-infused foam for an ever-cool mattress temperature, perfect for all weather.

My fourth pick of the best super single mattresses is the Luxury Gel RV mattress, most notable for the different firmness levels on the two mattress surfaces. You get a medium-firm surface and a medium-soft mattress side. The adjustability of this mattress is perfect for individuals looking to switch firmness levels at any given time, especially during travels.

In addition to the adjustability, the Luxury gel RV mattress boasts every essential feature you can want in a bed. The cushion and support provide sleepers with the much-needed balance for a restful night. While offering notable motion isolation through good contouring properties, the bounce of this mattress is the perfect kind for couples and bedroom activities.

Best Cheap Option — Brooklyn Chill

Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam by Brooklyn Bedding

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  • An easily maintained mattress, perfect for travels.
  • Offers top value for very competitive pricing.
  • Comes in five firmness and height options for a more individualized pick.

Lastly, the best super single mattress is the Brooklyn chill mattress which also has an eye-catching super single mattress price. Like other Brooklyn products mentioned in this list, it offers premium features for its users. One of the outstanding features is the stain-resistant cover which is a handy feature for easy maintenance, especially when you are on the go. 

This mattress is offered in different thickness (height) options, which also influence the density and firmness of the bed. The thickest mattress provides the least firmness. Since the options are more, there is a higher chance of choosing a mattress more suited to you. Other features like conformity, cushion, bounce, and support heavily depend on an individual’s Brooklyn mattress choice. But, even at that, the basics required of a standard mattress are met, including thermoregulation and support for spinal alignment.  

How to Choose a Super Single Mattress

Getting value is very important, especially when it comes to mattresses and comfort where a seemingly underwhelming feature can disrupt the whole dynamic. It is for this reason I have compiled a guide on how to choose the best super single mattress around. Here are some things to look out for in a super single mattress.

  • Customization

Due to the irregularities of super single mattresses, it is essential to know whether the company is willing to adjust the size. Super single mattresses have their designated dimension, which varies by a few inches. So, measuring the platform you want to place it on is vital. Adding an inch to your measurement is recommended to make room for errors.    

There are also occasions of curves or edges for super single mattresses. You must note the product manufacturers of curves when customizing the super single mattress size to your taste.  

  • Thickness

Mattress thickness or height has an essential role to play when choosing a super single mattress. Similar to other mattress sizes like the Alaskan king size, the height of a mattress can determine where the mattress is more likely to fit. For example, super single mattresses with thicknesses greater than ten inches are not recommended for RV use because they will be hard to maneuver to fit in the mobile home. However, it is essential to note that the thickness of a mattress does not influence its durability or firmness.

  • Durability

Everyone wants a mattress that will offer value for a long time, so it is crucial to ensure that any mattress you are interested in will have a good life span (1). Apart from the guarantees mattress producers attach to their products, the consensus is that firmer mattresses tend to last longer as they are more immune to wear from use. 

However, sacrificing comfort for durability is not a step every sleeper can make, especially those that prefer a plushy or semi-firm mattress feel. So, making a compromise is essential; this way, you can ensure that the super single mattress you are interested in has a significant layer of dense foam or sometimes a section of pocketed coils.

  • Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is essential in mattresses, especially for individuals with restless partners. Although some may argue that the super single mattress size is not suitable for multiple occupants, motion isolation is a feature to look out for if you share your bed space.

However, not all super single mattresses exhibit this feature significantly. Plush mattresses offer the most motion isolation, and while this may not be your preferred mattress firmness choice, you should look for firm mattresses with a plush top. This combination will guarantee you some motion isolation features while not missing out on firmness.  

  • Breathability

A mattress' breathability will tell you whether the heat will be trapped on the surface or not. A mattress’ breathability will tell you whether the heat will be trapped on the surface or not. 

Different super single mattresses use different cooling techs to ensure the mattress surface temperature stays regulated at different times of the year. Some can be gel infused, while others use materials that encourage heat dissipation. Make sure to check the method each mattress uses to address sleeping hot. 

  • Price

Last but not least is the price of a super single mattress. The budget plays a crucial role in what we want. Bigger mattresses like the Olympic queen or Texas king tend to be costlier due to their sheer size, and a higher price will fetch you mattresses with better quality and hence, improved comfort and a longer life span. However, this is not true with every highly priced mattress, including super single mattresses or low-priced ones. The critical thing is to look for value, from the cost of a bed to the value it will offer. This way, you can get the right mattress at the right price.  


Is a ¾ mattress the same as a super single mattress?

Yes. Super single mattresses are also sometimes called ¾ mattresses or three-quarter mattresses. In addition, super single mattresses are also referred to as short-full.

Can a super single mattress fit two adults?

Super single mattress can only hold an adult human comfortably.  However, it can fit two adults if they are willing to manage the available bed space.


I hope this review of the best super single mattresses has given you an insight into what to expect from the different mattresses. And, if you are unfamiliar with a super single mattress or want help picking one, you can always go back to our ‘how to’ segment for inspiration.

Choosing one of these mattresses is tricky because of the relative values on offer. However, the Brooklyn Signature hybrid is the best mattress on this list because it offers the best of two mattress types. The Brooklyn signature gives support and comfort that any kind of sleeper will find hard to resist. 

Do you own a super single mattress? What are your thoughts on my best super single mattress list? Kindly share with us in the comments.


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