Split California King Mattresses: What It Is, Buyer’s Guide, and Best Options

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on February 14, 2023

Split California King mattresses aren’t the most popular choice among shoppers.

Nonetheless, this mattress size can offer a lot of benefits. It may even become a real salvation for some couples, especially if one of them is a light sleeper.

Now, even though this size isn’t very common on the market, this Split California King mattress review is going to share the best options available. Plus, it will teach readers how to pick the right one – a mattress that could meet all of their (and their partner’s) needs.

A Quick Preview

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding
Best Overall - Editor’s Pick

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding
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Plank Mattress
Best for Heavier Sleepers

Plank Mattress
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Split California King Mattress Size Explained

Split California King is not the most popular mattress size, which is why many shoppers confuse it with other similar options

However, to understand what a Split Cal King is, shoppers simply need to remember that it measures the same as a regular California King – 72 by 84 inches. The only difference is that the split version features two separate mattresses that make one California King.

It’s also worth mentioning that California King is narrower but longer than regular King. That’s why Split California King mattresses work great for taller couples.

You can read more about the best California King-size mattresses here to understand the peculiarities of this size.

California King Mattress Size


Is Split California King Mattress Size Better Than Traditional Cal King?

When browsing through Split California King mattress reviews, some shoppers don’t understand what makes this size so great. And that’s understandable, as there isn’t much of a difference between Split Cal King and regular California King.

Here’s the deal, though:

Split California King mattress size can be a much better solution than a traditional Cal King bed for a specific group of sleepers. They are:

  • couples that include a restless and a light sleeper. Because Split California King size is divided into two smaller mattresses, shock from motion won’t travel from one side to the other. This can be a real gift for light sleepers who share their bed with restless partners. A Split Cal King would allow them to remain undisturbed no matter how much movement there’s on the other side of the bed.
  • partnered sleepers who have different comfort preferences. Using a Split Cal King allows sleepers to add mattress toppers to their side of the bed and thus, adjust its feel without having to compromise with their partner. Additionally, many mattress companies offer split models with different comfort levels on the two sides. This way, each sleeper can pick something that works for them.
  • partners who want to use an adjustable bed frame without disturbing each other. Using a split adjustable base offers multiple benefits, especially for couples who have different preferences. Paired with a Split California King mattress, it would help partnered sleepers remain 100% comfortable while allowing for independent comfort adjustments. 

A quick note: readers should remember that all Split Cal King mattresses have a gap in the middle. That’s the price for independent sleeping surfaces, but the gap may cause discomfort when cuddling or having sex. There are special gap fillers for split mattresses, but getting one would mean extra expenses.

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How Much Do Split California King Mattresses Cost?

In most cases, Split California King mattresses cost the same as (or slightly more than) standard Cal King models. For a quality mattress, users typically have to pay around $600-$1,500.

Anything pricier than that would probably come with extra features. They may include adjustable firmness, advanced cooling components, organic materials, etc.

Important Aspects californiaImportant Aspects to Consider When Looking for the Best Split California King Mattress

Taking Split California King mattress reviews into consideration is a wise choice. However, aside from following recommendations, shoppers also need to figure out how to choose a good mattress based on their needs. 

So, here are the most important factors users may want to consider when shopping:

Mattress Type

The most popular mattress material is undoubtedly memory foam. Such mattresses are favored for their tension-relieving properties. The thing is, foam responds to applied pressure and body heat, which allows it to adjust to the sleeper’s body. Therefore, it can hug the protruding parts while supporting the rest of the body. This helps with tension redistribution and enhanced comfort.

However, memory foam is not perfect. This material is known for trapping heat, which often causes users to sleep hot. The best solution, in this scenario, would be opting for gel-infused or open-cell foam.

It’s also worth mentioning that foam mattresses usually have weak edges. And poor edge support means less sleeping space, especially for those users who enjoy lying close to the edge of the bed.

Hybrid mattresses are also becoming quite popular these days. They combine coils with memory foam (sometimes latex) and typically have a very balanced feel. The coils deliver resilient support, and the comfort layers offer the needed cradling for effective pressure alleviation.

That being said, hybrid mattresses might not be everyone’s cup of tea. First of all, they are often tall and thus, difficult to transport. Additionally, this isn’t the cheapest mattress type on the market.

Now, there are also latex mattresses available in Split California King size. This material could be an excellent choice for someone seeking a safe, natural mattress that sleeps cool and delivers proper tension relief.

At the same time, latex mattresses can be very expensive. Here, however, it’s important to remember that latex belongs to the most durable mattress materials. Therefore, even though it could be a big investment, it’s also going to be a long-lasting one.

Innerspring mattresses are the cheapest ones, but there’s a reason for that. While spring beds can offer responsive support, they aren’t that great in terms of pressure alleviation. Therefore, such mattresses might not work for all shoppers, including side sleepers or individuals with tender joints.

Firmness and Sleeping Style

A comfortable Split Cal King mattress has to work with the user’s sleep position. In this case, the firmness level is the most crucial aspect. Here are the general recommendations:

  • Back sleepers require a combination of sturdy support and moderate cradling for the buttocks and hips. Therefore, they are advised to sleep on medium to medium-firm mattresses;
  • Side sleepers need generous cushioning for the protruding hips and shoulders. That’s why this sleeping style calls for soft mattresses;
  • Stomach sleepers require firm support and no sinkage at all. They usually feel the most comfortable sleeping on firm mattresses;
  • Combo sleepers need something that would allow for unrestricted movement. In this case, medium-firm mattresses perform quite well.

Weight and Firmness

The weight of the sleeper can affect the firmness level of the mattress. For instance, a model rated Medium by the manufacturer can actually feel too firm for a petite user or too soft for a heavier sleeper.

That’s why lightweight individuals (less than 130 pounds) are advised to stick to slightly softer mattresses for all sleeping styles.  This will help prevent sharp pressure points and spinal misalignment.

And heavier users (over 230 pounds) need sturdier support and thus, slightly firmer mattresses for all sleep positions. In this case, they will not sink too deeply, keeping their spine relatively straight and tension-free.

Other Shopping Considerations When Searching for the Best Split California King Mattress

Here are the additional factors to consider that can help users pick a perfect Split Cal King mattress:

  • Cooling. This aspect is a must for chronic hot sleepers, as sleeping hot can ruin even the most comfortable mattress. In most cases, innerspring and latex models perform the best in terms of cooling. Hybrid mattresses may also work for hot sleepers if they don’t use extra-thick and extra-cradling comfort layers. As for memory foam, it doesn’t always sleep hot. Models that employ gel infusion or have an open-cell structure usually have a cooling effect.
  • Edge support. Sturdier edges may come in handy for those users who need more sleeping space. Edge support is also important for sleepers with slight mobility issues. The thing is, it’s much easier to get out of bed when the edges can provide support for the arms. Users can push into the edge and give themselves a boost to get up. Now, spring and hybrid mattresses can usually offer the best edge support.
  • Cover. For allergy-prone sleepers, a removable cover is a must. The thing is, washing the bedding regularly can reduce the number of potential allergens in the room (1). And since mattress covers tend to accumulate a lot of dust, being able to remove and wash the cover can make anti-allergen cleaning even more effective.
  • Sleep trial. Cal King mattresses are expensive, so shoppers might not feel very comfortable committing to one (especially when purchasing online). That’s when an in-home trial can come in handy. A word of warning: a new mattress may require a break-in period, which means it might feel uncomfortable at first. That’s why it’s better to choose a model with an extra-long trial if possible.
  • Compatibility with adjustable frames. Using a Split Cal King mattress is a perfect chance for partners to enjoy individual configurations on their Split adjustable bed frames. But they should remember that not all Split Cal King mattresses work with this type of beds. A suitable model has to bend without damaging the materials inside. Such mattresses include foam, latex, and some models that use individually wrapped coils. With the latter, readers need to be careful. It’s always better to contact the manufacturer to ensure the mattress can be used safely on an adjustable bed frame.

Our Reviews of the 2 Best Split California King Mattresses

Best Overall - Editor’s Pick — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding


  • extra-sturdy perimeter coils to guarantee proper edge support and extra sleeping space;
  • patented TitanFlex foam for effective pressure redistribution without limiting movement;
  • unique VariFlex™ foam helps improve comfort while ensuring you don’t get stuck in the layers.

The first model that deserves to be among the best Split California King mattresses is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. This model would be ideal for someone looking for a balanced combination of support and tension relief. The Signature Hybrid uses independent coils that can deliver targeted support for each part of your body. At the same time, the company’s proprietary foams effectively adapt to the shape of the body, aiding proper weight redistribution and thus, pressure alleviation. I was testing this mattress by Brooklyn Bedding after a couple of sleepless nights on another mattress that didn’t make it to this list. Thankfully, the Signature Hybrid helped me relax and fall asleep almost instantly. And owing to its smart construction, I woke up free of tension.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

Brooklyn Bedding Edge Support Side sleepers
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Best for Heavier Sleepers — Plank Mattress

Plank Mattress


  • flippable design to offer improved versatility in use;
  • open-cell foam layers to ensure proper air circulation needed for cooler sleep;
  • high-density core for improved durability and reliable performance.

The Plank mattress is my runner-up for the best split california king mattress due to its extra firm, sturdy support, and ability to keep the spine in healthy alignment. This is a truly firm mattress that won’t allow for any unwanted sinkage or back curvatures. I was testing it with my wife lying on top of me, which made our combined weight around 300 pounds. To my great surprise, the Plank kept my body in a relatively straight line. I didn’t sink in, which means my spine was aligned properly. And here’s the best part: the Plank is a flippable model that combines two comfort options in one. Therefore, you and your partner can switch between sides to find the ideal firmness level.

Read our full Plank mattress review for more information.

Plank-Mattress-Edge Support-P1099599

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Mattresses

The best Split California King mattresses have thick comfort layers and durable cores, either made of memory foam, latex, or coils. This ensures they’re comfortable, and give adequate cradling while still keeping the spine straight.

When I was testing mattresses, I kept these points in mind, first looking at a mattress’s layer make-up and getting a feel of its density and responsiveness. I also considered how thick the comfort layers were in relation to the rest of the mattress, and tried lying on it in different sleeping positions to get a feel for pressure relief. Sinkage was measured using a ruler on various body parts. Motion isolation was checked with a glass of water and various compression tests on the other side, and I watched for how much the water moved. Coolness also plays a role in the overall comfort of a mattress, and I used a temperature gun to measure to what degrees the mattress heated after lying on it for several minutes. Edge support, and how well a mattress can hold up a sleeper were also checked, and I used a ruler to measure compressions while sitting on the edge. More methodology tips will be shared in the article to help you choose which mattress suits you best.


Do two Twin XL mattresses make a Split California King?

No. Two Twin XL mattresses put together make a King that measures 76 by 80 inches. Split California King, however, measures 72 by 84 inches.

What sheets to use with a Split California King mattress?

You can use a flat sheet suited for a regular California King mattress. A fitted sheet may sit too tightly on top of a split mattress. Some companies also offer custom sheets for each individual side of the mattress.

Can I put a Split California King mattress on a Cal King bed frame?

Yes. Split Cal King and regular Cal King are the same size, so your bed frame should work perfectly for a split mattress.

Wrapping Up

Even though the Split Cal King is not the most widely available mattress size on the market, there is still good news.

Shoppers have plenty of cool options to choose from, and it’s not that hard to pick the best one. All they need to do is figure out what they want their mattress to feel like. Plus, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate firmness level (for optimal support) and the needed bells and whistles (for enhanced comfort).

As for me, I already know which mattress I would love to keep using for years to come - the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding. This mattress has everything to achieve unparalleled comfort - reliable support, gentle cradling, and extra sleeping space thanks to its strong edges. I appreciate how balanced it feels, making it ideal for a wide range of sleepers and different sleeping styles. Chances are, the Signature Hybrid will make you just as happy as it made me!

What made you search for a Split California King mattress? And do you already have any models among your top options? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Erin Roberts (March 12, 2014). How To Make Your Bedroom an Allergy-Free Zone. Retrieved from

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