Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress: Everything You Need to Know [2023 Update]

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on February 21, 2023

Squishy, hugging foam mattresses are famous for many things.

And among them, there’s a theory that you can’t have great sex on a memory foam mattress.

Today, we are going to find out whether that’s true or not. Let’s see what makes foam mattresses suitable (or unsuitable?) for sex and what to do if your bed is not ideal for intimate moments.

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Pros of Having Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s the deal:

Good foam mattresses are great for sleep. However, the best memory foam mattresses are great for both sleep and sex (despite some stereotypes). Here are the main factors that make foam beds suitable for intimacy:

  • Discretion. Memory foam mattresses are silent. Such beds don’t really move and produce zero noise during sex. This makes memory foam ideal for shared spaces or parents who want their intimate moments to remain a secret (1). No need to worry about the squeaky coils that would give away your every move.
  • Comfort. Due to foam’s superb pressure-relieving properties, it allows users to try various positions without experiencing discomfort or pain in their joints or pressure points. And since memory foam effectively adapts to the contours of one’s body, it can offer support in virtually any position.
  • Stability. Memory foam has a good grip on one’s body. This means you and your partner won’t be likely to slide over the mattress surface even when being extra active.
  • Pliability. If having sex on a spring bed makes you feel like you’re bouncing on a trampoline (and you don’t really like it), memory foam could change that for the better. As foam has a slow response to pressure, it doesn’t provide any bounce when there’s movement on top, which some users appreciate.

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Cons of Having Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress

Sex-related issues are among the top aspects that may harm the relationship with your partner. Things That Have a Negative Impact on Relatioships


As if your mattress does not contribute to your sex life (let alone, ruins it), things can take an unpleasant turn. That’s why it’s important to learn about all the potential drawbacks you may face when having sex on a memory foam mattress:

  • Sinkage. Because memory foam is so cradling, the protruding body parts (such as knees and elbows) can sink in way too deep, leaving you almost immobile (2). If your mattress is firm enough, simply adjusting your position might work. But if your memory foam bed is soft and allows for a generous hug, you may feel like having sex on quicksand. That means much more effort and potentially much less pleasure.
  • Weak edges. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for their mediocre edge support. This can become a big issue during sex. Firstly, you may not be able to use the entire surface of the mattress, which can limit you and your partner. Secondly, some positions simply will not be available with such weak bed edges. And having sex close to the edges can make you experience that close-to-roll-off feeling, which can be very distracting.
  • Getting hot. And not in a good way. Memory foam tends to trap heat emitted by your body and can make you feel uncomfortably hot and sweat excessively even when there’s no physical activity. Add sex to the equation, and you may end up “swimming” in your own sweat.
  • No bounce. Which often means too much work. When there’s a good bounce coming from your mattress during sex, your movements are complimented and can even be amplified. Plus, it’s often easier to keep a good rhythm going when there’s a decent bounce from the mattress. However, with memory foam, you will have to rely merely on the force of your muscles, as such mattresses provide zero bounce.

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How to Have Better Sex on a Memory Foam Mattress

How Often Should You Be Having Sex


Statistic shows that married couples have sex almost 100 times per year on average. And some of those couples use memory foam mattresses, as this bed type is among the most popular ones these days (thanks to the comfort levels it can provide during sleep).

Still, the question remains: can you have great sex on a memory foam mattress

Yes! As long as you try to implement some little tricks, including:

  • Use pillows. To combat the excessive sinkage, you can place the pillows strategically in the zones where you experience too much mattress compression. This can help you even out the usable surface and fill in the dips in the mattress. Plus, pillows can help enhance the experience in certain positions, which is always a nice bonus.
  • Move around. Another way to fight the hugging feel is to avoid staying in one place for too long. Changing positions or moving from one spot to another can help you combat that quicksand sensation. Additionally, this can be a good opportunity to try some new positions and spice up your sex life a bit.
  • Invest in a cooling topper. If your memory foam mattress layers aren’t infused with gel (or don’t have an open-cell structure), getting a cooling topper could turn down the sweating. You may try a gel-infused polyfoam topper, which would also offer more resilience than traditional memory foam. A latex topper is another option you can try. Latex is naturally temperature-neutral, plus it’s quite springy. So, such a topper can do 2 things: help you stay cool and provide you with some extra bounce needed for sex.
  • Pick a firmer mattress (or add a firm topper). Sometimes, the suitable firmness level can make a huge difference. When a memory foam mattress is too soft, it can envelop your body and restrict your movements during sex, especially if you and your partner remain in the same spot for a long time. Therefore, investing in a firmer bed (or getting a firm topper for your old mattress) can improve the situation.

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It’s clear that memory foam mattresses are perfect for sleep and not-so-ideal for sex.

However, if you have a foam bed, don’t think that your relationship is doomed.

You can still have great sex on a memory foam mattress, but you might have to make a few adjustments. To make your bed work with you (and not fight against you), try to move around, use pillows for extra support, and consider getting a cooling topper for improved comfort during intimacy.

Chances are, you will forget about your mattress entirely and will fully focus on your partner.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that it’s possible to have good sex on a memory foam mattress? Let us know in the comments!


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