Semi-Truck Mattresses (42 x 80): What They Are, Where to Buy, and How to Pick the Right One (Plus the Best Options)

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 17 minLast updated on July 23, 2021

Sleeping well while being on the road often seems like an impossible concept.

Luckily, some manufacturers want to prove it’s possible by making top-quality, comfortable semi-truck mattresses.

Today’s review will help readers make their shopping journey easier. It will cover types of truck mattresses, where to find them, tips on how to pick the right one, and a few cool recommendations.

A Quick Preview

Brooklyn Signature by Brooklyn Bedding
Best Overall – Editor’s Choice

Brooklyn Signature by Brooklyn Bedding
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Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding
Best for Comfort Variety

Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding
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Brooklyn Wanderlust by Brooklyn Bedding
Best Budget Pick

Brooklyn Wanderlust by Brooklyn Bedding
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Luxury Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider
Best Semi-Truck Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider
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Natural Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider
Best for Eco-Conscious Shoppers

Natural Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider
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What Is a Semi-Truck Mattress?

Semi-truck mattresses are sized specifically to be used in the truck cabin. They can make every driver’s life easier, as getting quality sleep on the road can often be challenging when there’s no comfy spot to rest one’s head on.

Semi-truck mattress sizes can vary depending on the truck model and the size of the cab. However, the most popular option is 42 x 80 mattresses. This semi-truck mattress size is just enough to offer plenty of sleeping space without overcrowding the cabin. 

Other popular truck mattress sizes include:

  • 32 x 79 inches;
  • 35 by 79 inches;
  • 36 by 76 inches;
  • 38 by 80 inches.

How Much Would a Semi-Truck Mattress Cost?

Semi-truck mattress prices typically fall under $1,000. It’s also worth mentioning that anything closer to the $1,000 mark (and beyond) belongs to a more high-end category. 

The reason why semi-truck mattress prices aren’t that overwhelming is quite simple: there’s not that much of the material needed for a 42 x 80 mattress. It’s possible to find budget-friendly truck mattresses that cost $200-300. Therefore, this investment shouldn’t put too much strain on one’s budget.

Where to Buy a Good Semi-Truck Mattress?

This mattress size is often considered custom, so not all manufacturers work with it.

The most popular (and reliable) retailers that cover a wide range of truck mattress sizes (along with standard sizes) are:

  • Brooklyn Bedding –
  • Mattress Insider –

What to Look for In a Good Semi-Truck Mattress?

A good semi-truck mattress is defined by many factors, but the most crucial one is compatibility with the sleeper.

And to figure out what would be ideal for them, shoppers need to consider the following factors:

  • Firmness level. The firmness level of the mattress can affect one’s comfort and back health. So, the rule here is simple: the firmness should correspond with the user’s favorite sleeping position. Thus, stomach sleepers should choose firmer models, back sleepers – medium (or medium-firm), and side sleepers – mattresses that have a soft feel. This rule is quite universal, but for lightweight users who are less than 130 pounds, it might be a good idea to go one step softer for each sleeping style to avoid painful pressure points. And for larger sleepers (over 250 pounds), it would be better to get a firmer mattress for each position to receive adequate support.
  • Thickness. Thicker mattresses often can deliver sturdier support (due to a taller base layer). In many cases, they can also offer more of a hug (thanks to the thicker comfort layers). Therefore, thicker mattresses are more likely to feel more comfortable. However, it’s worth noting that not all thick mattresses can comfortably fit into a truck cabin. 
  • Quality materials. When it comes to quality, it’s better to choose high-density foam over low-density types, thicker coils with a lower gauge, or latex (which is one of the most durable mattress materials). 
  • Thermoregulation. No one wants to sweat all through the night in their truck cab, so choosing a mattress that uses cooling components seems like a wise decision (if we are talking about summer trips). For instance, innerspring and latex models aren’t likely to sleep hot. As for foam mattresses, they aren’t ideal for hot sleepers. The only exceptions are models that use gel beads for cooling or have a breathable open-cell structure.
  • Type. Naturally, each mattress type has a peculiar feel and unique characteristics. Doing their research beforehand and learning more about different mattress types can help users understand what they need better.
  • Warranty. An extended warranty is a huge plus when it comes to semi-truck mattresses. After all, they often go through more wear and tear. So, a good warranty can be an indication of the quality and thus, increased durability.
  • Cover. Again, semi-truck mattresses may go through more challenges. Therefore, a removable cover would come in handy. Users can take it off and wash it regularly to maintain a clean sleeping surface. Additionally, it’s crucial to pay attention to the cover material. Natural fabrics are a good choice for those who want improved breathability and better thermoregulation. And synthetic covers would work for users who need something easy to care for.
  • Sleep trial. A sleep trial would allow users to sleep on their mattress for a few nights and return it if it doesn’t work for them. Most companies offer at least 100 nights. However, it’s important to account for the break-in period. Some mattresses may feel uncomfortable for the first couple of nights (sometimes weeks). The thing is, the mattress material has to adapt to the sleeper’s body. That’s why many mattress companies include a mandatory 30-day break-in period in their sleep trial.

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What Are the Best Types of Semi-Truck Mattresses?

Understanding the main differences between common truck mattress types can make the shopping process much easier.


Well, knowing the unique features of each type can help shoppers decide what would work for them and what characteristics may actually ruin their restful sleep.


Spring mattresses are a popular choice among shoppers looking for something affordable. Additionally, innerspring models are great for those who like bouncy support. Since this type does not use that much padding, it works the best for back and stomach sleepers. 

Spring mattresses are favored for their breathability. It makes them suited for chronic hot sleepers.

Another cool thing about innerspring models is the impressive edge support they can offer. This creates a larger sleeping space.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that spring mattresses don’t last that long (1). Yes, they are also cheaper because of their limited durability. But it also means that in this case, users might have to get new semi-truck mattresses more often than with other types.


Foam is extremely popular these days, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, foam mattresses excel at pressure alleviation. They are adaptive and support different body parts according to the applied pressure, which results in proper weight distribution and tension release.

Foam mattresses are also rather durable. They do tend to develop sags, but only after years of regular use. 

Foam mattresses usually have weaker edges, which means users get less sleeping space. In this case, perhaps a truck mattress might not be enough, and some users would like to opt for a larger Queen model if their trucks allow for it (you can read more about top Queen mattresses here).

Additionally, foam is often blamed for sleeping hot. This can be an issue for heavier folks (who sink in deeper) and hot sleepers. However, there’s a solution – open-cell foam or gel infusion.




Hybrid mattresses are becoming more and more popular these days due to their balanced feel. They typically combine independent (wrapped) coils with either foam or latex (or maybe even both, depending on the manufacturer).

The coils act as the supportive core, and the foam and latex serve to ensure proper tension alleviation. That’s why hybrid mattresses are a good option for shoppers who want “something in the middle”.

However, users need to remember that most hybrid mattresses are quite tall, so not all of them may fit into a truck cabin. Additionally, this type can be quite pricey.


It is possible to find latex mattresses in semi-truck size, but the number of choices will be somewhat limited in this size category.

Latex is extremely durable, which is why it also costs more. This material does a great job of reducing tension while keeping sleepers on top of the bed rather than in it (unlike foam).

Latex is also favored for its natural composition. Such mattresses are most resistant to dust mites and bacteria growth, which makes them an excellent option for allergy sufferers

Air Mattresses

There are also air mattresses that can be used in a truck cabin. However, it’s worth mentioning that this mattress type is not ideal for healthy sleep. Air mattresses simply cannot deliver the needed combination of support and pressure reduction due to their basic construction. 

So, it’s better to use an air mattress as a temporary measure only. For regular use, it might be a good idea to invest in a proper mattress that could keep one’s back healthy. Plus, air mattresses aren’t that comfortable anyway.

Our Reviews of the 5 Best Semi-Truck Mattresses (and Where to Buy Them)

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Brooklyn Signature by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Signature by Brooklyn Bedding


  • three firmness options to accommodate more types of users and sleeping styles;
  • extra-sturdy perimeter coils to ensure reliable edge support;
  • proprietary foams to achieve instant pressure relief without making sleepers feel stuck.

The Brooklyn Signature can be considered one of the best truck mattresses for one simple reason: this model can cover most of your needs and doesn’t even cost that much. First of all, the Brooklyn Signature comes in three firmness variations. For semi-truck mattresses, this is quite rare (and Brooklyn Bedding is one of those few companies that allow users to choose the firmness of their mattresses). Next, the Signature hybrid has a very sturdy construction. Upon arrival, it surprised me with its solid feel, so I think this mattress would serve you for years without losing its properties.

You can buy the Signature hybrid on the company’s official website.

Best for Comfort Variety — Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Aurora


  • proprietary TitanCool technology to prevent night sweats;
  • luxurious Euro-top-like design for enhanced comfort;
  • three firmness options to make sure more sleeper types could use this mattress.

This is a more high-end semi-truck mattress that would be ideal for those who don’t want to give up luxurious comfort even when being on the road (and that’s totally understandable). The Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid model. It combines thick comfort layers into a Euro-top-like design and feels incredibly comfy. I mean, even though it’s a truck mattress, it made me feel like I was sleeping at a fancy hotel. And the best part is – there’s a chance the Aurora can make almost anyone happy. How? Well, this model comes in Soft, Medium, and Firm, so different users can choose a specific firmness level to meet their needs and to correspond with their sleeping style.

The easiest way to get the Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding is through the company’s website.


  • 5 thickness (and comfort) variations to make sure there’s a perfect option for every sleeper;
  • stain-resistant cover to help users maintain a clean, fresh sleeping environment on the road;
  • open-cell foam to combat heat retention.

Another model by Brooklyn Bedding (what can I do, the company does make great mattresses) I would love to introduce in the Wanderlust. The Wanderlust comes with a very attractive price tag. So, it is ideal for shoppers on a budget. But there’s more: this mattress’s design is well-thought-out, which makes it very comfortable. To tell the truth, I did not expect to sleep so well on a mattress that costs less than $350. The Wanderlust is cradling and conforming, which allowed me to feel tension-free during sleep. I was also surprised by its rigid feel. For such an affordable price, the Wanderlust by Brooklyn Bedding can boast of impressively sturdy construction.

You can purchase the Wanderlust directly from the manufacturer via their official website.

Best Semi-Truck Foam Mattress — Luxury Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider

MattressInsider Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress


  • organic cotton cover for unparalleled breathability;
  • flippable design to offer more comfort variations;
  • gel-infused memory foam for cooler sleep without sacrificing effective tension alleviation.

Are you a fan of cradling memory foam? Me too! And I have a feeling you are going to love our next competitor for the right to be among the best truck mattresses. The Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider offers a great compromise between pressure alleviation and cool sleep. This model is cradling and offers a gentle hug (which my sore back really appreciated after only one night). At the same time, this mattress does not trap that much heat (unlike many popular foam models). The thing is, it is infused with cooling gel. Gel particles draw the heat away and lock it inside, so users can enjoy a temperature-neutral sleeping environment. I tested the mattress with my windows shut and didn’t sleep hot whatsoever.

You can get this mattress on the Mattress Insider’s website.

Best for Eco-Conscious Shoppers — Natural Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider

Natural Latex Mattress by Mattress Insider


  • natural latex layers, more resistant to bacteria growth and dust mites, great for sensitive users;
  • natural cotton cover for improved air circulation and thermoregulation during sleep;
  • extra-long warranty to ensure prolonged customer protection.

Great news for those shoppers who appreciate natural and safe materials: you can sleep on an eco-friendly mattress even when being on the road! This model by Mattress Insider uses natural latex, which is one of the safest options on today’s market. It is more resistant to dust mites and bacteria, which would come in handy in a truck that you can’t clean as well as your bedroom. Take it from me, someone who starts sneezing when there’s even a bit of dust in the air. With the Mattress Insider’s latex model, I slept allergy-free every single night.

To purchase this mattress, go to the Mattress Insider’s official website.


How much do truck mattresses cost?

Most semi-truck mattresses range from $100 to $1,000. The latter belongs to the luxurious category.

What size is a semi-truck mattress?

The most common semi-truck mattress size is 42 by 80 inches.

Should I use a mattress protector with my semi-truck mattress?

Ideally, yes. Using a protector may help extend the lifespan of your semi-truck mattress.


The world of semi-truck mattresses does hide many gems. And to find one, shoppers need to be attentive to certain details.

The importance of the firmness level and mattress materials shouldn’t be underestimated. Additionally, shoppers might want to pay attention to the thickness, as it may affect the comfort as well. And of course, it’s always a good idea to read the warranty conditions carefully. They are a crucial part of one’s protection as a customer. 

As for me, I already know which mattress I would choose to use at all times – the Brooklyn Signature hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding. There’s a lot to love about this mattress, but I especially appreciate the variety of comfort options that it offers. Plus, the Brooklyn Signature has a very balanced feel. It offers resilient support with just the right amount of a hug. Needless to say, this mattress made me very happy, and I’m sure it can do the same for you.

What is the semi-truck mattress type are you considering? And have you picked your favorite model? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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