Shopping for the Best Round Mattress: What It Is, Buyer’s Guide, and Top Recommendations

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 18 minLast updated on September 13, 2022

A round mattress can be very appealing because of its stylish looks. 

But looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to mattresses.

Today’s guide will teach readers how to choose a comfortable and well-made round mattress to enjoy the best sleep quality. Plus, users will find product recommendations so that they won’t have to keep looking for the best round mattress any longer.

A Quick Preview

Cool-Max Gel Foam Round Mattress by Mattress Insider
Best Overall

Cool-Max Gel Foam Round Mattress by Mattress Insider
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Round Memory Foam King-Size Mattress by Sofacraft
Second Best Choice

Round Memory Foam King-Size Mattress by Sofacraft
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What Is a Circle Mattress?

A round mattress is a model that doesn’t have any corners. Such mattresses are often used to create a statement piece in the bedroom, as this type doesn’t require any throw pillows or blankets to spruce up the room. A circle mattress would be bold enough on its own to make a room stand out.

Round mattresses are also quite popular among parents who let their kids play in the bedroom. No corners on the bed mean children have fewer chances of injuring themselves when playing and running around.

In many cases, people buy round beds not only for the aesthetics but also to work better with the space that they have. A circle bed can be placed in the center of the room to create an accent without even adding a headboard or any accessories. And if the space is somewhat limited, users can move the bed to one side, and it would still look rather harmonious thanks to its soft round shape.

How to Choose the Round Mattress Size

Planning to buy a round bed means that users will have to deal with a bit of untraditional mattress sizing

Now, circle mattresses are measured in diameter. Here are the most common sizes on the modern market:

  • Twin – 76 inches;
  • Full – 80 inches;
  • Queen – 84 inches;
  • King – 87 inches;
  • California King – 96 inches.

Clearly, round mattresses are a bit larger than standard sizes. For example, while a Full-size mattress measures 75 inches in length, a round Full is 80 inches in diameter (which means it’s 80 inches long and wide).

Or, a standard California King-size mattress is 84 inches long, while a round Cal King is 96 inches in diameter. This means circle mattresses can offer more sleeping space even though they lose a little because of their non-existent corners.

A quick note: for anyone looking for other non-standard mattress sizes, there are plenty of great Alaskan King beds that are becoming more and more popular these days.

How Much Do Round Mattresses Cost?

Most shoppers believe that they will have to spend a fortune to buy a round bed. However, that’s not the case.

Most circle mattresses cost as much as regular-sized quality models (or slightly more expensive). The prices vary depending on the type and the size, but they usually stay below the $2,000 point ($1,200-$1,500 is the most common price tag for round mattresses).

That being said, it’s also possible to find a cheap round bed. However, in this case, the number of options would be very limited. Additionally, when opting for a cheap round bed, shoppers have to stick to smaller sizes in many cases.

Where Can I Buy a Round Bed?

When asking “Where can I buy a round bed?”, many shoppers are faced with a disappointing fact: circle mattresses aren’t extremely popular these days, so the number of stores is limited.

However, it’s not all lost. Here are the top retailers that sell quality round mattresses online:

What Are the Best Materials for a Circle Mattress?

The material hiding underneath the mattress cover can affect many aspects of one’s sleep. That’s why shopping for a good round mattress often involves a lot of thinking concerning the best materials for one’s specific needs. 

Now, with round mattresses, the most common options include:

  • Memory foam. Users often pick memory foam because this material is adaptive and cradling. It can hug one’s body and redistribute the weight evenly, which usually leads to effective tension alleviation. This is also a slow-moving material that works great for couples who don’t want to disturb each other during sleep. At the same time, because memory foam is so hugging, it can restrict movement. Such mattresses also tend to sleep hot unless they use gel-infused or open-cell memory foam.
  • Latex. Latex round mattresses are more expensive, as this material is very long-lasting. Additionally, latex works great when it comes to pressure relief. It is adaptive like memory foam but more resilient, so latex mattresses don’t usually feel restricting. Additionally, latex is naturally more resistant to bacteria growth (and less likely to attract dust mites).
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses integrate different materials. Most commonly, there’s a support layer that uses wrapped coils. For comfort layers, manufacturers typically use memory foam or latex (sometimes even both). Hybrids are favored for their balanced, “right in the middle” feel. They usually combine responsive support with enough cradling to ensure both proper weight distribution and pressure alleviation. Moreover, these mattresses have strong edges and offer more space for sleepers. Hybrid mattresses also don’t usually sleep hot thanks to their breathable coils. That being said, this mattress type can be pretty expensive. Plus, they are often heavy and difficult to transport.

How Firm (or Soft) Should a Round Mattress Be?

A round mattress creates a sense of luxurious comfort and coziness. But to enjoy that to the fullest, shoppers need to make sure they pick the proper firmness level. 

After all, this aspect can play a huge role in one’s comfort. For instance, an overly firm mattress can cause painful pressure points. Or, sleeping on an overly plush bed can lead to spinal misalignment and back pain.

Now, to choose the right firmness level, shoppers need to account for their favorite sleep position and weight. Here are the recommendations concerning the former:

  • Side sleepers need to take care of their protruding shoulders and hips to avoid sharp pressure points. That’s why this sleeping style usually calls for softer mattresses. However, the mattress has to have a supportive core in order to aid proper spinal alignment. So, a combination of a reliable base layer and soft cradling comfort layers usually works great for side sleepers; 
  • Back sleepers need proper support to make sure their spine remains aligned and thus, tension-free. However, support doesn’t mean a brick-firm round mattress. The thing is, back sleepers also need a little bit of cradling for their hips. That’s why medium to medium-firm mattresses usually work the best for this sleeping style.
  • Stomach sleepers can put a lot of strain on their spine, especially if their mattress allows for sinkage in the belly or hip area. To avoid that, users who sleep on their stomach are advised to stick to firm mattresses. After all, this sleeping style does not call for cradling or cushioning. The most important aspect for stomach sleepers is remaining in a relatively straight line when lying down.

Now, these recommendations may change slightly depending on the sleeper’s weight. For instance, heavier users (over 230-250 pounds) need more support as their body applies more pressure to the mattress. That’s why they should go a bit firmer for each sleeping style (1).

As for petite individuals (less than 150 pounds), they are very likely to experience sharp pressure points since their weight might not be enough to compress the top comfort layers. That’s why lightweight sleepers usually feel better when using softer mattresses for each sleeping style.

Other Considerations When Shopping for a Circle Mattress

After deciding on the material type and the needed firmness, shoppers may want to take a look at smaller (but no less important) details:

  • Bed frame. Because circle mattresses are larger than standard models, they are often heavier too. That’s why they require sturdier support. So, shoppers who want to buy a cheap round bed frame should probably think twice. It’s better to invest in a high-quality foundation that would deliver better support and thus, would extend the lifespan of the round mattress.
  • Sheets. It is possible to find customized sheets for a round mattress, but the number of retailers would be somewhat limited in this case. Nonetheless, shoppers need to pay attention to the fabric. Natural sheets are more breathable and sleep cooler. Plus, they are often gentler on the skin. They include cotton, bamboo, Tencel, viscose, and wool. At the same time, synthetic sheets are usually cheaper and easier to care for. 
  • Size. When it comes to round mattresses, shoppers need to remember that this type requires a bit more space than standard beds. That’s why circle mattresses often work better in spacious master bedrooms. The smallest available round mattress size is Twin, which measures 76 inches in diameter. The largest one is Cal King (96 inches). And for all the shoppers who realize their bedroom can’t accommodate a round mattress, there’s no need to despair. There are many best-rated King-size mattresses and best-rated Queen-size mattresses on the market that don’t take that much space (compared to round models) but can still offer luxurious comfort.
  • Warranty. Warranty coverage can be a pretty good indication of the mattress’s quality. A longer warranty often means better materials and thus, increased lifespan of the round mattress. However, it’s also crucial to read the fine print and find out what exactly the warranty covers. Since most round mattresses are custom made, they can come with rather limited warranties. So, it never hurts to double-check this aspect. 
  • Partnered sleep. Sleeping with a partner on a round bed calls for extra considerations. First of all, sleepers might want to think about motion isolation, especially if one of them tends to be restless during the night. In this case, a foam mattress could be the best solution. Edge support is another aspect that could be important for couples. After all, strong edges mean extra sleeping space. Now, hybrid mattresses usually perform the best in this case. And yes, a hybrid round mattress can also be motion-isolating if it uses independent (pocketed) coils and has thick, cradling foam comfort layers. Now, many circle mattresses also come in a split version. It could work perfectly for partnered sleepers who have different comfort preferences. In this case, they can simply order two halves of a round mattress that have a different feel.
  • Cooling. Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep like overheating. This issue is especially common for side sleepers and heavier users. Both experience a deeper hug, which often leads to heat retention and night sweats. To avoid that, it’s better to choose round mattresses that use cooling components. For instance, latex sleeps neutral naturally. Open-cell and gel-infused foams are less likely to trap heat. And hybrid mattresses can also help with thermoregulation thanks to their breathable core construction.

Our Reviews of the 2 Best Round Mattresses

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Cool-Max Gel Foam Round Mattress by Mattress Insider

Cool-Max Gel Foam Round Mattress by Mattress Insider

Click the button below to check current price Check Current Price Read our detailed review


  • gel memory foam comfort layer to eliminate night sweats;
  • extra-long warranty for unparalleled customer protection;
  • open-cell design to contribute to the cooling effect.

The memory foam round mattress by Mattress Insider is here to prove that eye-catching looks can easily be combined with comfort. This is an all-foam model that uses 4 layers to achieve a balanced feel. I especially appreciate the combination of adaptive foam and cooling components. The Cool-Max round mattress was gentle on my protruding shoulder and hip and adjusted to the shape of my body perfectly (which provided just the right levels of support for different body parts). At the same time, the generous hug did not make me feel overly hot. To me, that sounds like a perfect combination of mattress features!

Second Best Choice — Round Memory Foam King-Size Mattress by Sofacraft

Round Memory Foam King-Size Mattress by Sofacraft

Click the button below to check current price Check Current Price Read our detailed review


  • universal medium feel to satisfy a wider range of sleepers;
  • adaptive memory foam to achieve effective tension redistribution;
  • slow-moving and motion-absorbing to help couples enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Another model I would love to share with you is the round memory foam mattress by Sofacraft. This one is also infused with gel to aid thermoregulation but has a slightly more cradling feel. Therefore, the Sofacraft circle mattress would be ideal for anyone who prefers a deep, gentle hug. As a side sleeper, I appreciate such a design a lot. This round mattress made me feel perfectly cradled and thus, protected against painful pressure points. I also love how its slow-moving feel works for partnered sleep. Since my wife is smaller than me and can usually feel when I shift in bed, this feature came in quite handy. Sleeping on the Sofacraft round mattress, I didn’t disturb her even once during the night.


Are round beds comfortable?

A round mattress can be extremely comfortable if users choose the suitable type (material-wise) and firmness level for their specific sleeping style, body type, and feel preferences.

Are round mattresses more expensive?

In many cases, round mattresses can be more expensive than traditional models. However, it is still possible to find a quality round mattress that would cost approximately the same. Users will simply have fewer options in this scenario.

Are round mattresses practical?

Not really. Round mattresses usually require more space than traditional rectangular ones, which means they won’t work for any bedroom. Additionally, circle mattresses call for custom sheets and bedding in general, which means extra expenses and a slightly more limited variety of options.


Even though round mattresses aren’t that common, it’s possible to find a model that could offer both great looks and unparalleled comfort. To achieve the latter, shoppers need to pay close attention to the materials used in a circle mattress. Plus, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate firmness level. And finally, users need to make sure they buy from trustworthy companies. After all, a round mattress can be a rather pricey investment.

I don’t know about you, but I have already decided which round mattress I would love to keep in my bedroom for good – the Cool-Max Gel Foam Round Mattress by Mattress Insider. This model is a real champion among circle mattresses. It is well-made, so you can be sure this investment will not go in vain. Additionally, its quality foams can achieve a balanced combination of support and tension alleviation, which means luxurious comfort every single night.

Have you set your mind on anything? And what appeals to you the most about round mattresses? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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