Puffy Mattress Topper Review (Firm Option)

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 13 minLast updated on January 24, 2023

Puffy Mattress Topper Review

Sleep products by Puffy are pretty popular, including this mattress topper.

But is it famous thanks to its comfort, or does Puffy achieve popularity through effective marketing?

In today’s Puffy mattress topper review, I want to see what makes it so special and whether it’s worth investing in or not. So, let’s see what it has to offer!

Construction and Design

Let’s start our Puffy mattress topper review with this model’s construction. The topper’s design can affect multiple factors, from comfort to ease of use. That’s why I want to pay more attention to this aspect.

Now, the Puffy mattress topper is a memory foam one. It’s 2.5 inches thick and can work with pretty much any mattress type or height.

The topper comes with a removable, washable cover that works like a fitted sheet. The cover fabric uses a combination of polyester and bamboo for increased durability and easier maintenance. It has a very smooth finish and feels incredibly soft against the skin.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Puffy topper is super easy to put on. The topper is lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky, which makes the whole set-up process smooth and fast (it takes around 1 to 2 minutes). 

I also appreciate that the Puffy topper does not slide off the mattress. The bottom section of the topper has small anti-slip details that ensure a secure fit no matter how much sleepers may move on top. 

The stretch pockets of the Puffy deserve special attention. They feel very sturdy but are deep and adaptive enough to work with taller mattresses (even hybrid models). The pocket elastics have a pretty good grip and stay in place throughout the night, which is excellent news for active sleepers like me (those who often toss and turn in bed).

I’d also like to add that the Puffy’s washable cover makes maintenance much easier. It may come in especially handy for allergy-prone sleepers. That being said, the cover might be too large for most washing machines, so you might have to clean it by hand

Overall, the Puffy has a pretty sturdy construction and a robust feel, allowing us to assume that it can guarantee a long-lasting performance.

Puffy Mattress Topper - Cover-min
Puffy Mattress Topper

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of Puffy Mattress Topper

The next thing I want to mention in this Puffy mattress topper review is off-gassing. It is pretty common for memory foam products and might be an issue for people who are sensitive to certain smells.

Now, the Puffy does have some off-gassing upon unpacking, but it’s minimal and not that harsh. Additionally, the smell will dissipate as the topper expands. 

My Puffy topper took around 12 hours to expand fully. That being said, it was already thick enough to be used after just 2-3 hours. So, theoretically, you might be able to use the Puffy sooner, but it’s still better to wait until it expands fully. 

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Puffy Mattress Topper Thickness


Another important aspect I want to include in this Puffy mattress topper firmnessis its firmness level and overall feel. 

After testing the Firm option of the Puffy mattress topper for a while, I can say that this model feels slightly stiffer than an average medium-firm topper. I would rate it as 7 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the stiffest.

Puffy Mattress Topper firmness
Puffy Mattress Topper firmness

However, keep in mind that your mattress’s firmness may affect the feel of this topper. Thus, it won’t be as stiff if you use it on a soft mattress. And just like that, the Puffy may seem even firmer if paired up with a firm mattress. 

Now, because this is a firm topper, the Puffy doesn’t have a lot of give. Despite that, memory foam follows the shape of the body (to a certain extent), delivering sturdy, pinpoint support. This makes the Puffy an excellent option for people with lower back pain or hip pain. I woke up tension-free every morning when testing this topper, which proves that this model excels at pressure relief


The Puffy topper has a slight cooling effect, which I measured and could enjoy at a temperature of around 84.5 degrees Fahrenheit (without the topper, my mattress was 85.6 degrees.) So, Puffy will work as a topper if you’re not prone to night sweats or already sleep hot. Ghostbed does perform a bit better than Puffy in this regard, keeping the mattress cool at around 80.6 degrees (when without the topper, the mattress was about 84.5 degrees, meaning the topper brought the heat down by 4 degrees.)

I use specific topper tests to measure how well a topper will be able to conform, support, and keep you cool at night, which helps me choose which toppers are best to recommend for your home.


The Puffy offers excellent adaptable compressions when lying down. I measured its compressions at 2.02 inches (just the mattress is 2.18 inches of compressions.) So, if you’re looking to firm up your mattress a bit, while still getting all the comfort of body-hugging memory foam, Puffy would be a great option. It’s a bit firmer than the Ghostbed topper, which I measured at 2.05 inches for compression (when the mattress underneath had compression of around 2.07 inches.) Ghostbed made a difference in the feel by about 0.02 inches, while Puffy made a bigger difference of about 0.16 inches.


Puffy Mattress Topper response
Puffy Mattress Topper response 

Puffy has a good balance between being slow-adapting and responsive. I measured its response time with a basic compression and saw a partial recovery after 0.45 seconds, and 0.85 seconds for a full recovery. This means you’ll feel cushioned, but have freedom of movement with Puffy’s moderate bounce. Puffy was 0.02 seconds faster than the Ghostbed for a partial recovery, and 0.04 seconds faster for a full recovery, meaning their performances are similar in this regard.

Edge Support

Puffy Mattress Topper edge support
Puffy Mattress Topper edge support

I was impressed while testing the Puffy topper’s edge support. Not only does this topper firm up a mattress from the center, but it also firms up the edges. I measured a compression while sitting at around 5.05 inches (just the mattress was 5.4 inches). That’s a whole 0.35 inches difference, making Puffy a good option if you want to firm up the edge of your mattress. Puffy performs better in this regard as opposed to the Ghostbed topper. When measuring the Ghostbed, it only made a difference of about 0.15 inches. 

Motion Transfer

Let’s move on to motion transfer – the aspect that’s often crucial for partnered sleepers. When the topper does not absorb shock from motion well, it allows for nighttime disturbances (especially if there’s a significant weight difference between the sleepers).

Here’s the good news right away: the Puffy does a great job reducing motion transfer. This is one of those mattress topper types that respond to applied pressure slowly and don’t bounce back. As a result, when there’s movement on one side of the bed, it doesn’t travel to the other side.

How Puffy Mattress Topper Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Because comfort is subjective, I also want to discuss how this mattress topper feels for different types of sleepers. The thing is, every sleeping style has special requirements, and the Puffy topper might not meet all of them.

Now, here’s what this mattress topper has to offer to different types of sleepers:

  • Side sleepers. A good mattress topper for side sleepers  has to be Puffy Mattress Topper - Side-min gentle on the shoulders and hips. I’d say that the Puffy can handle this. When sleeping on one side, I didn’t experience any tension build-up, even though it’s a firm model. Additionally, the Puffy is thick enough to cradle the protruding body parts. 
  • Back sleepers. Again, the Puffy handles this sleeping style well.  It’s firm enough to keep the spine supported but offers plenty of cradling for the hips. It’s also worth mentioning that this mattress topper is suited for back sleepers of pretty much any weight category.  Puffy Mattress Topper -Back-minIt’s not too firm to cause pressure accumulation in petite individuals. At the same time, the Puffy topper isn’t that soft either, so it can provide decent support for heavier back sleepers too.
  • Stomach sleepers. Overall, the Puffy is comfortable enough for average and lightweight stomach sleepers. I didn’t have any complaints after sleeping on my stomach with this topper on my bed. As for heavier individuals, the Puffy topper should be pretty comfortable too. -Puffy Mattress Topper -Stomach-min Not ideal (as it’s not that firm), but better than many competitors I’ve tested before (like the GhostBed foam topper).

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping Position

Side SleepersPuffy made me feel well-cradled while on my side, and it doesn’t get in the way of relieving pressure build-up in the shoulders and hips. This may suit lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds and average and heavier sleepers over 230 pounds.
Back SleepersI felt well-balanced while on my back as an average-weight sleeper. My lumbar was cradled, and there was enough sinkage in the thighs for better spinal alignment. Lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds will find they sink into the foam enough for effective cradling, while heavier sleepers over 230 pounds will find Puffy may be firm enough to support them.
Stomach SleepersI felt supported enough while lying on my stomach, making this topper a good option for lightweight and average-weight sleepers under 230 pounds. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds, however, may find that they sink into the foam too much to get the proper support that stomach sleepers need.

Other Important Information

Now, let’s review some additional information. The Puffy comes with a lifetime warranty and a 101-night sleep trial, which is pretty rare on the topper market. Just to compare, the popular GhostBed cooling topper comes with a 5-year warranty and no sleep trial. Therefore, shopping with Puffy can guarantee a less stressful experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that this mattress topper has a slight cooling effect. It’s not that drastic, especially when compared to some similar models like the GhostBed. That being said, the Puffy’s cooling effect should be enough for those sleepers who aren’t extremely prone to overheating.

Additionally, the Puffy mattress topper is less expensive than a lot of memory foam competitors. For instance, the popular mattress topper by Saatva costs $295 for a Queen, and the GhostBed is sold for $322. The Puffy, however, currently costs only $195 for a Queen. Plus, this model is very well-made and, thus, offers excellent value for money.


Puffy Mattress Topper Unboxing

The Puffy is reasonably priced and comes with many perks, so it makes a good choice for value seekers. It might work for heavier stomach sleepers, but this solution isn’t ideal. The Puffy topper isn’t perfect for people who tend to overheat a lot during the night either. Still, this model can deliver pressure relief, comfort, and durability, making it worth trying out.


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