Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal: Which is Better?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 8 minLast updated on October 19, 2022

When picturing comfort and class, Puffy is one of the first mattresses that comes to mind. Puffy Lux used to be their leading mattress in comfort, but with the addition of Puffy Royal, it can be hard to tell which of the two is better, and what exactly makes them different.
That’s why we’ve broken down both the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal in a side-by-side comparison, looking at their similarities and differences, and which mattress works for which type of sleeper.
Let’s get into it.

Quick Overview

Puffy LuxPuffy LuxCheck Current Price
Puffy RoyalPuffy RoyalCheck Current Price

Top Similarities and Top Differences of Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The top similarities of Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are their Lifetime Warranties and 101-night trials, and similar all-foam comfort and base layers.

Puffy offers the same Lifetime Warranty and sleep trial for both the Lux and Royal, meaning sleepers get the advantage of not having to choose between warranties or reading too much fine print before choosing a bed.

The top differences between Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are their price, with about a $700 price difference between the two. Royal is also taller than Lux by about two inches and has better cooling features than Lux, plus Royal is the only mattress out of the two with Zoned Support.

Lux is priced at around $2149, with Royal being about $700 more expensive at $2849. However, Royal has a better ability to cool down sleepers, which I think even the hottest sleeper can take advantage of, based on our tests. On top of that, we’ve reviewed Royal’s Zoned Support for precise target support that was found to help ease joints and aches. I think sensitive sleepers will particularly like this cushioning feature for better sleep.

If you’re looking for more variety, we have also compared Puffy Lux and Nectar in an in-depth study.

Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal: A Comparison

Puffy Lux

Puffy Royal

Construction & Design6 layers of foam7 layers of foam with the
addition of a Cooling Gel layer
Edge SupportAverageAverage
Motion TransferGoodGreat
FeelSoft yet supportiveSuper soft
MaterialGel memory foam
and memory foam
Gel memory foam
and memory foam
Warranty and TrialLifetime warranty and
101-night sleep trial
Lifetime warranty and
101-night sleep trial
Price (Queen)$2149$2849

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Construction & Design Between Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The construction and design between Puffy Lux and Royal are broken down below:

  • Cloud Cover - Each mattress comes with a stain-resistant cover that’s soft to the touch and hypoallergenic.
  • Infused Cooling Gel - Unique to Royal, this layer of super cool gel foam helps keep sleepers ice-cool at night with heat-dispersing technology.
  • Cooling Cloud™ Foam - Each mattress comes with gel-infused breathable foam for extra cooling power.
  • Reflexive Memory Foam - Unique to Royal, this layer of comforting foam helps create the ‘pillow-top’ feeling that sleepers can sink into.
  • Dual Cloud Foam - Unique to Lux, this is a comfortable foam layer that helps with pressure relief and conforming feel.
  • Climate Comfort™ Foam - Each mattress comes with a special type of foam layer that cools itself when it's hot and warms itself when it's cold, enhancing Puffy’s ability to adapt to the ambient temperature and body temperature.
  • Zoned Support - Unique to Royal, this mattress has targeted zoned sections for better support, giving relief to the shoulder while supporting the hips.
  • Grip Base Cover - Both mattresses come with a base cover that helps keep the mattress from slipping wherever it’s placed.

Out of all these layers, I think sleepers will enjoy Royals’ Zoned Support feature the most for easy pressure relief, and the Dual Cloud Foam from Lux helps to cushion and soothe the body.

The Firmness Between Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The firmness between Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal is similar, with Lux being a bit firmer at a medium-firm. The Puffy Royal, with its additional comfort layers, is less firm and more giving, at around a medium. Based on our previous tests, sleepers looking for support will prefer the Lux, while others who want that pillow-sinking feeling will like the Royal.

Edge Support Between Puffy Royal versus Puffy Lux

The edge support between Puffy Royal and Puffy Lux is similar. Due to both of these beds being soft and conforming, there is some sinkage when sitting or lying on the edge, but I think couples will still feel supported if they’re lying on edge. Royal is softer, so Lux has a bit better edge support.

Motion Transfer Comparison of Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The motion transfer between Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are both great — both have minimal motion due to their thick memory foam layers. However, Royal is softer in this regard, and our reviews have found it has better motion isolation than Lux, which couples or easily disturbed sleepers will find useful.

The Feel Difference Between Puffy Royal versus Puffy Lux

The feel difference between Puffy Royal and Puffy Lux is that Lux feels slightly firm yet airy, and has a cloud-comfort feel. At the same time, Royal is ultra-plush, ‘deep in the bed’ with a slow-adapting feel. From previous testing, we have found sleepers who want the 5-star hotel experience can sink into the Royal more comfortably than the Lux.

Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal: Material 

The critical differences in the material choices between the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are Lux’s Dual Cloud foam, and Royal’s Cooling Gel and Zoned Support.

The Dual Cloud foam is designed to be more conforming for pressure relief. Royal, on the other hand, has Infused Cooling Gel for more relaxed sleep, and Zoned Support for targeted, ergonomic pressure relief, which our previous review suggests is most helpful for hot sleepers or those who get sore in bed.

Price Between Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The price between Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal is that Lux is about $700 cheaper than Royal at $2149, while Royal is $2849. I think sleepers on a budget while still looking for a luxury mattress will enjoy the Puffy Lux.

Sleeping positions Between Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal

The sleeping positions between Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are similar and versatile for various sleepers.

Puffy Lux may work better for petite and average weight combination sleepers, with an emphasis on those who want a little more spinal support. From our tests, however, we have found that heavy back and stomach sleepers may find they fall out of alignment. This is due to their hips sinking too far into the foam layers.

Puffy Royal may be better suited for side sleepers, based on our tests, due to its super plush, conforming layers. Heavy sleepers, though, may face a similar issue as the Lux, as our review found that there is too much sinking into the layers.

If you need more information, we have done a full review of the Puffy Mattress on our site.


The Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal mattresses are some of the softest, most luxurious beds on the market.
Although both have their similarities and differences, I think sleepers who need more back support or spinal alignment will like Lux best for its slightly extra firmness and support.  Other sleepers who get hot in the night easily or prefer being positioned just right will enjoy Royal for its super cooling technology, and its Zoned Support for better comfort.
Do you have a preference out of these two luxury mattresses? Let us know in the comments below!

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