Puffy Bed Frame Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 13 minLast updated on January 13, 2023

Puffy Bed Frame Review

Purchasing a new bed frame is a big event that can take countless hours of research — even if you’re looking into Puffy, one of the most reliable and well-liked sleeping brands online. In an in-depth, hands-on review, I’ve broken down the Puffy bed frame’s construction, design, and look. In addition, I will share Puffy’s benefits and disadvantages and compare it with other popular frames online to better understand if this is the right frame for you.

Let’s take a look.

Puffy Bed Frame Review: What’s in the Box? 

For my Puffy Bed Frame review, I wanted to share how you can expect the package to be shipped to you. I received the frame in two large boxes. The first thing I noticed was their weight — these were heavy! Weight is a good sign, though, as it means Puffy is using quality, heavy-duty material in their bed frame.

Puffy Bed Frame box

Here’s what’s in the box when you receive your Puffy bed frame.

  • Headboard
  • Footboard
  • Side Rails
  • Feet
  • Center rail
  • Brackets
  • Slats
  • Bolts and screws
  • Instruction

Ease of Assembling the Puffy Bed Frame

The ease of assembly for the Puffy Bed Frame is always a concern of mine, and I wanted to share how easy (or challenging) this frame is to put together. Overall, this frame is relatively straightforward to put together — it took us less than two hours. You will need an electric drill or screwdriver for the brackets. You will also need to use your own tools at home as Puffy’s frame does not come with any tools. Additionally, the headboard has a few extra steps to follow as it comes with extra supporting slats.

Screwdriver for Puffy bed frames
Extra supporting slats Puffy bed frame

Using an electric drill to put this bed together can make your life easier, however, a screwdriver works fine as well as the bed does come with pilot holes.

First, the feet of the bed frame are screwed into the bottom of the footboard. Then the footboard and side rails are attached via brackets, which take three screws on either side to properly affix. The same is done for the headboard, however, there are three additional slats that are screwed into the back, with feet touching the floor. This is to help the headboard have better stability when you’re leaning against the upholstery.

Three screws on Puffy bed frame
Feet of the puffy bed frame

Once the center rail’s legs and ends are screwed in, and it’s in their proper place on the frame, the slats can be rolled out and put in place. Then, the bedframe is ready for a mattress.

I found the Puffy bed frame relatively easy to put together. However, you will need two people to make the process easier and to help pick up and attach the heavier parts of the frame together.

Overall Look and Design of the Puffy Bed Frame

The overall look and design of the Puffy Bed Frame is simple yet elegant. Its straight edges softened by fabric lend this minimalist design to fit into any modern decor-styled room easily. You can add it seamlessly in rooms that are dressed up or down.

The cushioned, upholstered headboard is similar to Saatva Amalfi, but not as tall or plush. If you’re looking for a complimentary piece that won’t be too flashy or luxurious-looking, I think Puffy is your better option.

The Puffy Bed Frame also has a noiseless design that keeps the bed silent if you have to get up at night, which we’ve mentioned in another silent bed frame review for couples. Mattresses coupled with the Puffy Bed Frame do not require a box spring. Box springs are known for wearing out quickly and squeaking. Instead, Puffy uses a simple bracket-locking system with slats, which is more noise-less because fewer individual parts are used.

Additionally, the Puffy Bed Frame comes with 15 inches of storage space under the frame, which is convenient if you need to tuck suitcases or other small items out of sight. The only drawback I see with this is Puffy’s low clearance — the largest space is about two inches between the Puffy and the floor, meaning the storage space can be challenging to reach or clean.

The Puffy Bed Frame’s fabric is also spot-clean only but designed to be easy to take care of. The upholstery is made up of soft cloth with premium stitching so it looks stylish and can handle whatever life throws at you.

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Puffy Bed Frame Review: Materials

puffy mattress cover reviewThe Puffy Bed Frame has a few simple materials: the base is made up of solid wood, and the brackets, side and center rails, and screws are made of metal. The outer sides of the bed frame, including the side rails, footboard, and front of the headboard, are covered in a contemporary, double-stitched fabric that’s easy to spot clean.
What I like most about the frame’s materials is the addition of padding on the front of the headboard, making reclining easy and reading a comfortable activity, which I really like. This is in contrast to, say, the Novogratz Daybed, which has a tall headboard and side rails, but they’re bare metal and not designed to be leaned against directly. These materials make Puffy a great candidate for its mattress counterpart, which I’ve talked about in my
Puffy Mattress review.

The Durability of the Whole Puffy Bed Frame Construction

The durability of the whole Puffy Bed Frame construction is excellent and well-made. The solid wood frame is strong enough not to budge even if you decide to sit directly on the rail. Additionally, the frame is quite heavy, meaning it will be less likely to move during the night. This is helpful for sleepers who toss and turn and active couples, as the bed won’t budge and be less likely to scratch your floor.

The center rail and its slats fit together solidly — no flimsy materials are used. That means you can place your mattress directly on the slats and get a responsive, noise-free, supportive bed with no sag.

The solid metal screws and brackets use a simple slide-into-place design, with fewer individual pieces and less likely to rust. Many individual pieces are more likely to loosen over time, which can cause squeaking. On top of this, smaller pieces can easily rust if there’s moisture in the air. Keeping that in mind, I have found the simple design makes this bed frame a keeper. 

Legs of the Puffy Bed Frame

 Legs of puffy bed frame

The legs of the Puffy Bed Frame are relatively short, with a few inches in clearance between the side rails and the floor. These come in the form of screw-in feet, two for the footboard, two for the headboard, and an additional two for the headboard’s stability. There are also legs for the center rail that are adjustable, ensuring they stay firmly on the floor and increase the stability of the bed.

I like how Puffy thought ahead and gave the headboard extra vertical slats for more stability, which start at the middle of the board and end at the feet. That way the headboard can be bumped and jostled, but still remain firm under the weight.

However, I did notice the leg for the center rail is a bit smaller than the other legs. I don’t think it would affect the durability, but I think if it were the same size as the other legs, the frame would be improved.

Fasteners Used in the Puffy Bed Frame

The fasteners used in the Puffy Bed Frame have a reliable, simple design made up of metal. Screws, pegs, and metal brackets are used in a slide-in-and-lock mechanism for extra stability — the bed frame won’t move or shift after assembly, and I think it won’t need to be adjusted or tightened for a long time.

Puffy Bed Frame: Other Important Information

The Puffy Bed Frame has a few other essential pieces of information that you may find helpful, like its warranty, sizes, price, and features.

Puffy is so confident in its products that they offer you a Lifetime Warranty and 101-night, in contrast to Nectar Bed Frame’s 3-year Warranty and 50-night trial. I am certain that if you want to make a safe purchase, you will enjoy Puffy Bed Frame’s risk-free factor.

Puffy also has a range of sizes available to suit any room or standard mattress size. The Puffy Bed Frame comes in Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

You may also enjoy Puffy’s fair price, sitting at about $500 cheaper than Saatva Amalfi, another similar headboard. The only difference between these two luxury headboards is that Amalfi’s headboard is a bit higher and looks more like a 5-star hotel with diamond-tufted detailing. Moving that aside, I have found Puffy is sure to impress you with its modern look and budget-friendly price.

Puffy Bed Frame Review Summary

To conclude my Puffy Bed Frame review and see if Puffy is worth it, let’s break down the essential pros and cons.

Overall, the Puffy Bed Frame is a beautiful addition to the bedroom, and with its simple, noiseless design, it can serve your household for years to come. However, what I’m sure you will like most about the Puffy bed Frame is its padded headboard, which looks modern and chic, and doubles as a backrest for lounging in bed and watching TV.

What do you like most about the Puffy bed Frame? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I have the modern puffy bed frame and love it. However now that I am alone and getting older I don’t have the arm strength to lift the mattress up from the frame to make the bed by myself.
    Is there any options to raising he platform of this bed so that the mattress sits at the top of the frame making it easier for me to put sheets on ?

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