Pros and Cons of Split King Beds: To Buy or Not To Buy?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on February 20, 2023

Split King beds are growing in popularity, and there are multiple reasons for that.

Nonetheless, it’s natural for shoppers to doubt whether they should invest in this bed size.

Today’s guide will look at the pros and cons of Split King beds side by side to make the shopping process easier. Hopefully, it will help you make the right choice.

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What Is a Split King Bed (And How Does It Compare to Other Bed Sizes)?

Before comparing the pros and cons of Split King beds, you might want to learn more about what makes this size so special.

Now, the Split King size is the same as the regular King – 76 by 80 inches. However, Split mattresses are divided into two smaller mattresses. This size combines two Twin XL mattresses, each measuring 38 by 80 inches and giving each sleeper their individual space.

Shoppers can also come across Cal King mattresses and beds. They measure 72 by 84 inches and give sleepers more legroom. This mattress size is ideal for taller individuals or people who share the bed with their pets. You can find more information on California King mattresses in this article.

Other non-so-standard bed sizes include Split California King mattresses that measure the same as regular Cal King models. Again, the Split California King size allows sleepers to use independent smaller mattresses and enjoy better sleep.

Advantages of Split King Beds

When choosing a bed size, shoppers need to know how it can improve their lives. After all, what’s the point of getting a new bed when it can’t help shoppers feel more comfortable?

So, here are the main advantages of Split King beds:

  • Reduced motion transfer. Even the top-rated King-size mattress can allow some shock from motion to travel across the bed, especially if the sleeper is extra-active (or when there’s a significant weight difference between the sleepers). In this case, a Split King model can help couples enjoy undisturbed slumber. Because the Split size combines two smaller mattresses, the shock from motion cannot travel from one surface to the other. Thus, each sleeper can move as much as they want without disturbing their partner.
  • More comfort options. Using a Split King bed allows for individual comfort levels on each side, making this size perfect for couples with different preferences. First of all, many mattress manufacturers allow shoppers to choose the firmness of each side. Additionally, sleeping on two individual mattresses allows users to add their personal toppers. Thus, each sleeper can adjust the comfort level of their side as much as they want. Finally, combining a Split King mattress with an adjustable bed would allow for independent comfort settings on each side. Sleepers can try various positions or even massage without disturbing each other. You can learn more about Split King adjustable beds here.
  • Improved portability. Two smaller mattresses are easier to transport than one large King. Therefore, a Split model can be an excellent solution for people planning to move.

Disadvantages of Split King Beds 

Despite the countless comfort improvements Split beds can offer, they aren’t perfect.

And considering the disadvantages of Split King beds can help shoppers make the most informed decision.

So, here are the potential drawbacks they may have to face:

  • The gap in the middle. Even the best Split King mattress can feel uncomfortable when cuddling in the middle due to that gap between the two smaller mattresses. The gap may also cause discomfort during sex. However, there are ways to make one’s Split King mattress feel more even. Sleepers can use a King topper or add a special gap filler designed for Split mattresses.
  • Extra space requirements. Split King beds (just like regular King models) are large and need more space in the room. Therefore, this size might not work for smaller apartments.
  • Extra expenses. Using a Split King mattress means that sleepers will have to buy Twin XL sheets and maybe even more bedding for improved comfort (like individual blankets, for example). Therefore, getting a Split King bed could mean more expenses in the future.
  • Potentially complicated assembly. Shoppers may face assembly challenges if they decide to get a Split King adjustable bed frame. Since there are more parts and a more complex construction, such beds often require extra effort. That being said, some companies offer assembly services with their beds to make things easier for shoppers.


Is Split King bigger than King?

No, Split King measures the same as regular King. The only difference is that the Split version combines two smaller mattresses to create one large King.

Are Split King mattresses more expensive than regular King beds?

Yes, Split King models are typically pricier, but the difference isn’t that drastic in most cases.

Wrapping Up

Split King beds are very versatile and can offer both impressive benefits and potential challenges. Shoppers just need to weigh both and decide whether a Split King bed would make their lives easier or more complicated.

What made you look into Split King beds? Is there anything specific you want to achieve when using such a bed? Let us know in the comments!


  1. The last mattress we got was a hybrid cooling mattress in cal king and it was so extremely difficult to change the sheets because it was so heavy.

    Is a split king easier to change the sheets? It seems like the center corners would be difficult to deal with?

    Thanks, Patricia

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Apologies for the delayed response, and I’m sorry to hear about your challenge with the cal king. Split king is moderately easy, it’s like changing sheets on two Twin size mattresses, simply slipping the sheets under all four corners of each.

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