Pros and Cons of a Platform Bed

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 8 minLast updated on January 31, 2023

Over the years, platform beds have evolved to become one of the best beds for most people today. They are simple, modern, stylish but also give the room a spacious look.

Platform beds can save many owners a lot of money by not having to invest in a box spring. One can then use these savings to purchase an even better mattress, for instance.

But these beds also have their disadvantages. In this article, we'll first see what these beds look like and the pros and cons of platform beds.

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What Is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed a simple, low-profile bed frame, usually without a headboard or footboard

Platform beds are a modern look for a contemporary bedroom. They are a good option for a smaller bedroom that can seem cluttered with bulky furniture. They are stylish, low to the floor, and solve many problems in a smaller-sized room. 

This is a bed with narrow slats or a platform. So a box-spring does not need to be used to support the mattress. In addition, you can use them with any mattress, although memory foam is considered the best mattress for platform bed.

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds?

There is a lot to learn about the platform beds. In this section, we will see the pros and cons of platform beds. But, first, we'll see their benefits.

Benefits of platform beds

Some of the benefits of platform beds are that they are inexpensive and are good options for students in college dorms. Their low profile design offers a firm support for the mattress. 

Also, they are simple in design and makes the room spacious. In addition, some have a built-in storage unit and, finally, they don't require a box spring. 

Below are the advantages of platform beds in full. 

  • Inexpensive and good options for students. One of the first benefits of platform beds is that they are popular for college students who live in small spaces. This type of bed, of course, can be raised to have a large space underneath. As a result, it is a popular option among young adults and college students in small residential spaces.
  • Firm support for the mattress. Moreover, as platform beds provide the needed support, purchasing mattresses is not expensive. So, consumers can invest more in high-quality mattresses.
    The sturdy slats that platform beds are based on make the bed more stable. So for heavier people, sleeping on it may be safer and less likely to collapse.
  • Simple in design and makes the room spacious. Another benefit of platform beds is that it is ideal for a very simple bedroom. Many Asian-inspired rooms use low beds as a centerpiece and complement the low furniture. This creates the illusion of a spacious room with higher ceilings.
  • Built-in storage unit possible. One of the main advantages of platform beds is that they can have built-in storage. This can reduce the amount of clutter and furniture in the room.
    The bottom section of a platform bed does not have to accommodate a box spring, leaving the space under the mattress available for drawers. For rooms that don't have large closets available or the floor space for an extra chest of drawers, the built-in storage provides a few extra drawers for the bedroom. For example, one can store blankets and sheets in drawers or clothing out of season.
  • Doesn't require a box spring. All that is required for a platform bed is a mattress. Wooden or metal slats support the mattress instead of a typical box spring. This can reduce the cost of purchasing a bed and mattress set. In addition, the extra money normally spent on a box spring to support the mattress can be used for a high-quality mattress.
    Some users prefer a box spring, and a platform bed can accommodate this preference. This type of bed is versatile enough that you can decide whether to use a box spring or the bed's built-in support slats.

Disadvantages of Platform Beds

Although a platform bed can give a clean, modern look to a bedroom, there are some potential drawbacks to consider before purchasing one.

The main disadvantage of platform beds is that it's often too low to the ground and doesn't meet the minimum standard for the ideal bed height. Also, it’s often too simple and unaesthetic in design. 

  • Height. The first disadvantage of platform beds is that they are too low. Around 25 inches is the ideal bed height. But a platform bed is only around 18 inches high off the ground. Meanwhile, beds too low on the floor are not ideal for seniors or people with disabilities. Elderly or disabled people may have difficulty getting in and out of bed. If we have to make a platform bed vs. box spring comparison, box springs are often higher but can be accommodated in a platform bed.
  • Not aesthetic. Another disadvantage of a platform bed is that it's too simple and may not add to the bedroom's aesthetics. In addition, it's low to the floor, and most have no headboard or footboard. Meanwhile, one can attach a headboard to a platform bed, but that will cost more.

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Are platform beds comfortable?

Getting into and out of a platform bed is quite comfortable because of its low height. Platform beds are recommendable for people with back pain. Also, the absence of headboards and footboards will ensure good airflow and prevent one from feeling hot.

Do platform beds cause back pain?

There is no evidence that platform beds cause back pain. Although it has a low-profile design, a platform bed provides better back support than a bed that uses a traditional box-spring mattress. This is because they are low in height and don't sag in the middle.

Wrapping Up

Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular, and many people love the style they offer. Perfect for those with a limited budget, platform-style beds are affordable and simple in design. In addition, as some come with storage space underneath, their low design is ideal for those who want the room to look spacious with no clutter around the room. But some may not like their low profile and simplistic design.

Now that we've seen the pros and cons of platform beds, we hope you now know what you'll be getting. If you finally get one, let us know what you like and don't like about it.


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