Plank Mattress Review: Does It Live Up to Expectations?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 22 minLast updated on March 17, 2023

Plank Mattress Review

While some people want their bed to feel like a cloud, some of us appreciate sturdier support and a much firmer feel.

However, not all mattresses that are claimed to be “Firm” meet the expectations.

That’s why in todays’ Plank mattress review, we are going to see whether this model is truly firm or not. Let’s find out what the Plank has to offer and how it actually feels. It’s a flippable mattress that has 2 firmness options: firm and extra firm. 

We are also going to look at the materials used in this model and their peculiarities to try and predict how the Plank mattress may work for different types of sleepers.

8.5Edge support
9Motion Transfer
8.94Overall Score

Read more about how we rate and test here.

weightWeight (Queen Size)

75 lbs


11.75" - 13.25”

Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box


3-7 business days


Memory Foam





Trial Period

120 Nights

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year


I’d like to start my review of the Plank mattress with the cover. 

I was testing the Plank mattress with their optional cooling panel, in which the cover is quilted with a phase-change material for a cooling effect. As for the outer shell, it uses a soft cotton + polyester blend. The mattress encasement feels very smooth to the touch, which should be good news even if you have sensitive skin. The cover is non-removable, so in case you spill something on your mattress, you will have to spot-clean it. However, you can also use a mattress protector to keep it fresh and spotless.

Since this is a flippable mattress, the cover of the Plank has different patterns on two sides. This can help users distinguish between the two comfort levels easier.

As I mentioned before, there’s also an optional cooling panel available, which is going to be placed on both sides of the mattress if you choose to add it. It uses quality phase-change mOlecule (PCM) fabric to prevent heat retention during the night.

Plank Mattress On Bed Frame


The next aspect we are going to look at in this Plank mattress review is the way this model is built. Construction plays a major role in the overall feel of the mattress, and since this is a flippable model, it has a rather smart design. There are 4 layers of the Plank mattress:  

  • 0.75-inch quilted top layer offers a tiny bit of cushioning but still delivers extra-firm support. Because this layer is quite thin, it creates a much stiffer feel for this side of the Plank, making it one of the best extra-firm mattresses for the money;
  • 7-inch base layer uses high-density foam to deliver reliable support and this is the main and the thickest layer of the mattress;
  • 2-inch TitanFlex comfort foam works as the transition layer for the Firm side. This layer is quite dense and doesn’t offer that much cradling or conforming. However, it does add a bit of softness to the Firm side; 
  • 1.5-inch quilted bottom layer uses dense polyfoam and gives the Firm side a bit of softness while still keeping it stiff and supportive. Because this layer is thicker than on the Extra Firm side, it can provide slightly more conforming.
plank mattress layers
Plank mattress layers


Next, we have off-gassing, which often makes users worry. I mean, if you unbox your new mattress and your nostrils feel attacked with that harsh chemical smell, you can’t help but wonder: what did they put in this mattress?

To my surprise, the Plank didn’t have any odor upon arrival. I didn’t even need to leave it to air out. So, if you are sensitive to odors, the Plank could be a good (and safe) solution in this case.

I noticed the ‘new mattress’ smell was nonexistent upon the mattress’s arrival, so I rated it 10.


Moving on to the aspect that determines how this mattress feels. Let’s review both firm and extra firm sides of the Plank mattress. 

Now, I would rate the Firm side of the Plank as 8-8.5 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the stiffest. It does offer some contouring to a certain extent but feels more responsive than traditional memory foam. Even though this side has thicker comfort layers, it does not allow for that much sinkage.  Plank-Mattress-Edge Support-P1099599

Moving on to the Extra Firm side of the Plank mattress. It’s safe to say that it makes a truly firm mattress, which I would rate as 9-9.5 on the firmness scale. This side is even more resilient and delivers extra-sturdy support with pretty much zero sinkage and very moderate bounce.  

I also want to stress that if you need a responsive mattress with a good bounce, the Plank is unlikely to be the one you are looking for (perhaps you should search among the best hybrid mattresses instead). The Plank mattress would be ideal for someone who wants very little bounce and prefers sleeping on stiffer surfaces.

From my tests, I found the Firm side was an 8, and the Extra Firm side was a 9 on the Firmness scale, which doesn’t leave much room for cushioning, so I rated them combined as 9.

Edge Support

Plank Edge Support.

This part of my Plank mattress review might be important for those sleepers who tend to move closer to the edge of the bed during the night. 

Given the fact that the Plank is an all-foam mattress, one might assume that it offers moderate edge support like it tipically occurs with foam mattresses.

However, the Plank is bound to pleasantly surprise you. Both Firm and Extra Firm sides have sturdy edges (courtesy of the overall firm feel of this mattress). However, keep in mind that the Extra Firm side feels slightly slippery, so it’s better to use sheets or a mattress protector to prevent rolling off the edge. 

The edges might compress a little if you sit there. However, if you sleep near one, you won’t be likely to roll off during the night. The edges of the Plank can support the sleeper well enough to distribute their body weight properly and prevent that “about to rolloff” feeling.

I noted the edge support to be pleasantly supportive, and measured a compression at 4.1 inches while sitting on the edge of the Firm side, and 4.3 inches while sitting on the Extra Firm side.

The Extra Firm side had an edge support measured around 4.1 inches from my tests, and the Firm side had 4.3 inches, which is fair, so I rated it 8.5.

Motion Transfer

Another aspect I would like to cover in my review of the Plank mattress is motion isolation. If you share your bed with a partner, you probably don’t want to disturb them during the night when moving or feel their every movement. That’s why foam mattresses are typically most suited for partnered sleep, as they absorb shock from motion quite well. 

Even though the Plank mattress is more resilient than traditional memory foam and its firm feel makes its surface feel tighter, it performs well in terms of motion isolation nonetheless. You might notice slight movement transfer only on the Firm side and only  if you and your partner have a significant difference in weight.

I recorded motion with a glass of water at around 5 inches on the Extra Firm side, and 8 inches on the Firm side, which isolates some motion but not larger disturbances, so I rated it 9.

plank mattress firm motion transfer
Plank mattress firm motion transfer
plank mattress extra firm motion-transfer
Plank mattress extra firm motion transfer


The Plank lives up to its name; I recorded a sinkage of about 1 inch on its Extra Firm side and 2 inches on its Firm side. Both sides feel firm. However, I noticed a moderate amount of cushioning and body contouring on the Firm side, just not as much as Puffy’s sinkage of 2.5 inches.

The Plank has some of the smallest sinkages I’ve recorded, with only 1-inch compressions on its Extra Firm side, and 2-inch compressions on its Firm side, earning it a rating of 10.



Foam mattresses tend to sleep on the hotter side, and the Plank is no exception. I recorded a temperature of about 89.7 degrees Fahrenheit after lying down on the extra firm side, and 91 degrees on the firm side, which is significantly higher than Puffy, which I recorded at 74.9 degrees. However, Plank’s cooling cover, plus its lack of excessive contouring, helps keep you on top of the bed and away from contact with heat-retaining foam, so I found I never slept overly hot.

The Plank doesn’t sleep exceptionally cool, as I recorded it with a temperature of 89.7 degrees Fahrenheit, earning it a rating of 8.


The response time of the Plank was exceptionally fast, with the Extra Firm side showing a partial recovery from compression after 0.15 seconds, and a full recovery after 0.8 seconds. The Firm side had a partial recovery of 0.6 seconds and a 1.4-second full recovery. I noticed I never felt stuck when changing positions on this mattress.

The Plank’s response time is moderately slow, which I recorded at 0.8 seconds on its Extra Firm side, and 1.4 seconds on its Firm side, so I rated it at a total score of 9.


I recorded a total bounce of the Plank on its Extra Firm side at about 7.9 inches, with my testing object reaching its lowest compression at 3.28 inches, and its highest bounce at 4.62 inches. This is a bit low, and I found the mattress was a bit less responsive for fast movements. The Firm side performed a bit better, with a max height of 4.18 inches, and a max compression of 3.82 inches, making a total of 8 inches for the bounce.

I rated the Plank’s bounce levels at 8.5 as the firmness of the all-foam core does provide moderate responsiveness, measuring the Extra Firm’s bounce at 7.9 inches, and the Firm at 8 inches.


Now, a good mattress shouldn’t just be supportive and comfortable. It should also offer a bit extra, like being suitable for sexual activities. And when looking at the Plank, one might think that this model may not be ideal, as this mattress uses foam for both comfort and support.

Here’s the kicker, though:

The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is firm (as you already know). It has very little give, provides minimal sinkage, and offers a rather sturdy, supportive surface. As a result, it doesn’t restrict movement and allows users to change positions easily, which makes the Plank a great foam mattress for sex.

However, keep in mind that this model isn’t bouncy (again, courtesy of the foam in its construction). Therefore, your movements won’t get that responsive “recoil” like with hybrid or innerspring mattresses. So, if you prefer mattresses that can complement your motions, the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding might not be a perfectly suitable option.

To know if a mattress will work for couples, I combined the Plank’s edge support of 4.1 inches (Fim) and 4.3 inches (Extra Firm), and bounce of 8 inches (Firm) and 7.9 inches (Extra Firm.) With decent support and bounce, along with firm surfaces on both sides, the Plank is suitable for couples, but may not provide enough bounce, as per personal preference.

Combining Bounce and Edge support, I think the Plank would be a suitable option for sex as both categories score well, earning it an 8.5.


The next characteristic I want to factor in is this mattress’s durability. A new mattress is a serious investment, so, naturally, you don’t want your money to go to waste. And if you decide to buy a new bed, you would probably expect it to serve you for a long time.

Here’s the good news:

With the Plank mattress, durability should not be an issue. This model has an impressively sturdy feel. It can boast of a quality build and top-notch materials. Because the Plank uses firmer (and hence, denser) foams, it isn’t likely to develop premature sags or body impressions.

The cover fabric feels quite sturdy as well. I also like the neat stitching in this mattress. Yes, the cover is not removable, so you won’t be able to wash it. But if you add a mattress protector (even a cheap one), I’m sure it will preserve its look and texture for a long time.

Pressure Relief

With only 0.75 inches of comfort material on the Extra Firm side, the Plank does not provide much pressure relief on this side. The Firm side does much better, with 2 inches of comfort foam to allow for more contouring and relief of pressure.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers 

Another aspect I would like to add to my review is how the Plank feels side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers. This mattress is an extra firm one, so it should be an ideal option for stomach and back sleepers. Let’s find out whether it’s true or not. 

I was testing this mattress with my wife. We have different comfort preferences (her being a stomach sleeper and me – a combination back and side sleeper) and belong to different weight categories (she weighs 110 pounds, while I’m a 190-pound sleeper). Here are the conclusions we’ve made after sleeping on both sides of the Plank mattress:

  • Side sleepers. The Plank mattress Plank Mattress Types of Sleepers might not be a good option for petite side sleepers. The Firm side was kind of okay for me, but for my petite wife, both sides of the Plank seemed too firm. The thing is, this mattress doesn’t offer that much cushioning for the protruding body parts when lying on one side. As a result, this may cause tender pressure points in some sleepers.
  • Back sleepers. For back sleepers, a Plank Back good mattress has to maintain a fairly even surface and prevent sagging of the heavier body parts. Luckily, the Plank can deliver that. I felt comfortable on both the Firm and the Extra Firm sides. My wife enjoyed the Firm side more as it felt a bit more cradling and moderately hugged her hips, helping her maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep.
  • Stomach sleepers. Again, because the Plank-Mattress-Types-of-Sleepers-P1099489 Plank offers sturdy support and does not allow for much sinkage, it would work great for stomach sleepers of all weight categories.

My wife and I felt comfortable sleeping on both sides of the Plank. However, as a lightweight sleeper, my wife enjoyed using the Firm side more. The Extra Firm side might be more comfortable for heavier sleepers due to the additional support it can offer.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping Position

Side SleepersDue to the lack of contouring, especially on the Extra Firm side, light-weight side sleepers may feel pressure build up under their shoulders and hips. I personally felt moderate contouring as an average-weight sleeper; however, heavier sleepers may find they sink deep enough into the layers for effective contouring.
Back SleepersI found the perfect amount of spinal alignment on both sides of the Plank, but found the Firm side may feel better for lighter sleepers. Heavier sleepers should have no issues sleeping comfortably on either side.
Stomach SleepersDue to a lack of sinkage, both sides work great for heavy, average, and light-weight side sleepers, as I personally received adequate support for my hips as an average-weight sleeper. Heavier sleepers may find more support on the Extra Firm side.

Other Important Information

Finally, let’s review some additional information that might be helpful to know about Plank mattress.

The first one being the fact that Brooklyn Bedding makes their mattresses in America. And as you probably know, safety standards are quite high here, which means you can be sure your new Plank mattress won’t contain any potentially harmful components or dangerous chemicals.

Another cool thing about the Plank is that it comes in different size variations. Aside from the most popular Queen size, you can get a Short Queen, an Olympic Queen, a Short Full, a Split Cal King, a Short King, and even a few RV King options. It’s great news for those sleepers who appreciate an extra variety of options when shopping.

On top of that, the Plank mattress can support up to 950 pounds. Therefore, if you belong to a heavier category, you can be sure that this model would be able to distribute your body weight evenly, contributing to the proper spinal alignment and your overall comfort.

Just like most other mattress companies, Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night sleep trial, during which you are free to return the mattress for a full refund. Keep in mind that the in-home trial includes a mandatory 30-day break-in period. It’s meant to give the mattress some time to adjust to your body. Just like that, most users require some time getting used to their new bed.

The Plank is covered by a 10-year warranty, which is standard for memory foam mattresses. However, this model feels extra sturdy, so chances are it might serve you even longer.

Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping and returns, except for Hawaii and Alaska. The mattress is delivered vacuum-sealed and compressed in a box, so it’s quite easy to carry to the bedroom. Just make sure you get some help, as the Plank is pretty heavy.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the best thing about the Plank mattress? In my opinion, it’s the manufacturer being true to their word – this mattress is really firm. Plus, its flippable design and size variations allow users to consider more comfort options, which is a great bonus (especially given this model’s reasonable pricing).

Now, because of the Plank’s “impressive” firmness levels, it would be the most suited for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers might not receive the needed hug when lying on this mattress, which can lead to discomfort or even pain, in some cases.

Last but not least, the Plank mattress stands out from the crowd thanks to its sturdy edges. That’s an unusual characteristic for foam mattresses, so the Plank shines bright in this case. It can deliver uniform support all across the surface and offers extra sleeping space.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out


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