Olympic Queen Mattress: Best Options, What It Is, and Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 26 minLast updated on March 22, 2023

 Sometimes a Queen mattress might be almost perfect.

And that “almost” can often be eliminated by adding a bit more sleeping space.  

That’s when Olympic Queen mattresses come into play. 

They can offer plenty of benefits, but only if chosen wisely. And that’s what today’s review will try to solve: how to help shoppers pick the best Olympic Queen, where to buy it, and what it is exactly (including the benefits).

A Quick Preview

Plank Mattress
Best Overall – Editor's Choice

Plank Mattress
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Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding
Runner Up

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding
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Key Decision Factors for Choosing an Olympic Queen Mattress

The key decision factors for choosing the right Olympic Queen mattress include its edge support, pressure relief, and cooling qualities.

Edge support is essential as it allows you to fully utilize the extra inches you get along the width of an Olympic Queen mattress instead of the standard Queen mattress.

Pressure relief is an essential key factor for any mattress, including Olympic Queens, as this will determine your comfort levels while sleeping at night.

Cooling qualities play a role in enhancing your overall comfort by keeping your temperature neutral while sleeping and preventing overheating.

Key FactorHow We Measure
Edge SupportMattresses tested with edge support between 3-4 inches typically are strong enough for you to lie on the edge without the risk of rolling off.
Pressure ReliefMattresses with sinkages of at least 1-2 inches can usually provide enough weight redistribution for pressure relief.
Cooling QualitiesThe use of breathable materials and cooling technology, as well as temperatures between 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, are enough to keep most sleepers cool.

Olympic Queen Mattresses - Our Tests

When testing our mattresses for edge support, I sat at the edge and measured compressions. I also laid at the edge and gauged my comfort and stability. 

Pressure relief was tested by measuring sinkage. While lying on the mattress, I measured sinkage on different body parts. We also used a weighted object to measure sinkage. 

Cooling qualities were tested by measuring the mattress temperature after lying in it for a few minutes. I also looked at the technology of the mattress to see if they used anything like Phase Change Material.

Our tests include other factors when we review mattresses.

Our Reviews of the 2 Best Olympic Queen Mattresses

Best Overall – Editor's Choice — Plank Mattress


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  • dual firmness to satisfy more sleepers;
  • optional cooling panel to combat overheating at night;
  • high-density support core for long-lasting performance and to deliver reliable support.

While compiling our list of the top Olympic queen mattresses, the Olympic queen mattress by Plank stood out the most. This mattress could be a real treasure for heavier individuals who want sturdier support. The Plank comes with two firmness options, and both of them can accommodate larger sleepers comfortably while maintaining adequate spinal alignment. I even did a little experiment to test that. I laid down on the Plank with the heaviest dumbbells and weight plates from my home gym on top of me. Naturally, the Plank didn’t budge. It kept my spine straight, not allowing any curvatures that might be causing too much pressure in certain spots. And yes, you can flip the Plank to test two different comfort levels – Firm and Extra Firm. This gives sleepers more chances of finding the perfect setup that works for them.

Key Decision Factors

Edge Support: The Plank has adequate edge support, measured at 4.3 inches on its Extra Firm side, and 4.1 inches on its Firm side. That means I can lie or sit on the edge, feel slight compressions, but still feel stable enough that I won’t fall off.

Testing the edge support
Testing the edge support

Pressure Relief: Regarding pressure relief, the Plank uses minimum sinkage, focusing more on support while providing a slight amount of comfort. As a result, I felt most comfortable on my back and stomach, as I could enjoy the Plank’s support more.

Cooling Qualities: The Plank has an optional cooling cover and minimal sinkage, so there's less contact with heat-retaining memory foam. I recorded a temperature of 89.7 degrees Fahrenheit on the Plank’s surface, and I never felt hot during my tests.

Showing the cooling cover
Showing the cooling cover

Design and Construction

The Plank’s design has firmness at the forefront, with a 0.75-inch quilted top on its Extra Firm side and its 6-inch foam core right underneath. I felt zero loft and my spine was expanded and tension-free while lying on this side.

Below the foam core are 2 inches of TitanFlex foam and 0.75 inches of a quilted bottom, which provides a softer side to sleep on. I noticed the TitanFlex foam feels similar to latex, making it a responsive alternative.

Based on Our Tests

Based on our first-hand experience, the Plank’s supportive qualities do an excellent job of keeping my spine aligned and tension-free. I could also lie on the edge of the mattress while feeling well-supported.

Plank Mattress On Bed Frame

Read our full Plank mattress review for more information.

Runner Up — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

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  • three firmness options to accommodate more types of sleepers;
  • enhanced perimeter coils for sturdy edge support and to offer more sleeping space;
  • encased coils for targeted, adaptive support.

The next Olympic Queen mattress I would like to introduce is the hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding. With this model, guys at Brooklyn Bedding are trying to make as many sleepers happy as possible. The Signature Hybrid comes in three firmness options. Therefore, it should work for all sleeping styles and different body types. And whatever firmness you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy balanced support. I was testing the Medium option, which felt especially comfortable when I was sleeping on my back and side. My wife also liked the Medium Signature Hybrid, but she’s a petite stomach sleeper.

Key Decision Factors

Edge Support: The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid has excellent support due to its reinforced coils. I measured a sinkage at the edge of only 2.73 inches, which provides a stable surface. As a result, I could use the entire bed width and not have any trouble getting in and out of bed.

Pressure Relief: The springiness of the coils, mixed with responsive TitanFlex foam and a soft pillow top, give the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid an excellent feel for pressure relief. The mattress  cradled me with just the right amount of cushioning while on my side, and I didn’t experience any tension build-up.

Testing the pressure relief
Testing the pressure relief

Cooling Qualities: The Signature’s breathable coils and cover help to draw away heat. I never felt exceptionally hot during my tests, and I recorded a temperature of 90.9 degrees Fahrenheit while using the mattress. This is a bit outside the parameter of the test but still works for keeping your temperature neutral.

Showing the breathable cover
Showing the breathable cover

Design and Construction

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid uses a cotton polyester blend as its cover, which keeps it breathable and stretchy. I also noticed it was soft to the touch, with clean stitching. Its first comfort layer consists of 1.5 inches of TitanFlex foam, which is more responsive than traditional foam regarding consistency and bounce.

The layer below is a 1-inch VariFlex layer, which transitions into 8 inches of coils. I like how the coils offset the softness of the pillow top and give the mattress an overall springy feel.

Based on Our Tests

After putting it to the test, I found the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid responsive, supportive, and cushioning with a slight ‘in’ the bed feel. The coils helped me feel comfortable at the edges, and I had the freedom to change sleeping positions easily.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Side Sleeping
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

What Is an Olympic Queen Exactly?

Olympic Queen measures 66 by 80 inches. This mattress size is 6 inches wider than the standard Queen. Other than that, there are no differences between these two sizes.

What Is an Olympic Queen Exactly

However, even though the Olympic Queen mattress size is not standard, it’s not that hard to come by either. Many manufacturers that sell standard Queen mattresses also make Olympic Queen models.

Some of them might be making Olympic Queen mattresses only as custom orders, so it never hurts to ask.

Which Size Is Better: Regular or Olympic Queen?

Olympic Queen is 6 inches wider than regular Queen. This is why the former is more suited for those couples who require more space

And for over 132 million couples in the U.S. alone, an Olympic queen could mean the difference between sleeping cramped, or sleeping blissfully (1). However, choices are slim when shopping online, as Amazon has (as of 2023) only 35 results for ‘Olympic Queen Mattress’ (2). This is in direct contrast to ‘Queen Mattress,’ which has over 600 results.

This would also come in handy for chronic hot sleepers. Lying close to each other can cause more heat retention. However, when there’s enough space between the sleepers, it’s easier for them to remain cooler during the night.

An Olympic Queen mattress could also be a great solution for those couples who sleep with their pets or practice co-sleeping with their child from time to time. Because the Olympic Queen size is a bit wider than the standard Queen, it might also be an excellent solution for active partnered sleepers. When lying further from each other on an Olympic Queen bed, they will be less likely to disturb one another when tossing and turning in their sleep. After all, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night after being kicked (accidentally, hopefully) by their partner?

What Is the Price of an Olympic Queen Mattress?

Olympic Queen mattress prices vary depending on many factors (including the mattress type, quality of the materials, brand’s reputation, etc.). However, on average, mattresses of this size are priced from around $800 to $3,000. It’s also worth mentioning that there are fewer high-end options in the Olympic Queen size.

Types of Olympic Queen Mattresses

The reason why it can be so hard to find the best Olympic Queen mattress sometimes is that some users don’t know what they need exactly. 

And that’s totally fine, given the overwhelming abundance of options the modern market has to offer.

But learning more about the main types can help users understand what would work for them better and thus, make a better choice picking an Olympic Queen mattress.

Here are the main options available these days:

  • Memory foam. This is one of the most popular mattress types on today’s market. There are also polyfoam models, which are cheaper but also less durable. Memory foam is an elastic material that adapts to applied pressure and responds to temperature. That’s why foam mattresses usually offer targeted support (as they respond differently to different body parts) and aid pressure alleviation. The main drawback of foam is heat retention. However, this issue can be avoided if users give their preference to models that have a breathable open-cell structure. Gel infusion also helps in this case. Price-wise, there are foam mattresses suited for every budget. However, cheaper models often don’t last that long. Additionally, they aren’t likely to have cooling components in their construction.
  • Latex. Using the rubber tree sap for the layers, latex mattresses are a popular choice among eco-conscious users. Latex is a unique material that has a rather interesting feel. It is resilient and somewhat bouncy, but very adaptive. Latex mattresses are favored for their pressure-alleviating properties. However, unlike memory foam that relieves pressure too, latex does not restrict movement. For budget shoppers, latex mattresses aren’t a perfect option, as they tend to be rather pricey. At the same time, this material is extremely durable and would be ideal for someone looking for long-lasting performance. Latex is also popular among chronic hot sleepers, as this material tends to remain neutral during the night.
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses are kind of like the combination of everything good the mattress market has to offer. They use wrapped coils for sturdy, targeted support. For comfort layers, the most common choice is either foam or latex (occasionally, both). The comfort layers in hybrid models serve to balance out the resilient coils and to provide the needed pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses are often tall and may seem bulky, especially in a wider Olympic Queen size. As for the price, hybrids can be quite expensive. Cheaper models are often thinner and don’t use thick-enough comfort layers.
  • Innerspring. Good news for shoppers on a budget: spring beds are the most affordable among other mattress types. Such mattresses can offer reliable support all across the surface (including the edges). They are also very breathable and don’t usually sleep hot. However, because innerspring models don’t typically use that much padding, they aren’t ideal for side sleepers. After all, a thin layer of wool, cotton, or even foam is not enough to properly cradle the protruding body parts when lying on one side. That is why spring mattresses work better for stomach or back sleepers. It’s also worth noting that these mattresses have a relatively short lifespan (compared to other types).

How to Choose the Best Olympic Queen Mattress: Factors to Consider

Some of the factors can either save or ruin sleepers’ experience with their Olympic Queen mattresses. That’s why these aspects have to be accounted for before the actual purchase.

How to Choose the Best Olympic Queen Mattress

They include:

  • Sleeping style. A good mattress has to correspond with the user’s favorite sleep position to maintain a healthy sleep posture (3). This means just the right combination of support for the spine and cradling for the body curves. Thus, side sleepers usually enjoy softer mattresses more, back sleepers – medium (sometimes medium-firm depending on one’s preferences), and stomach sleepers – firm.
  • Weight. The rule is simple: for lightweight individuals (less than 130 pounds), it’s better to go a bit softer for each sleep position. And for heavier users (more than 230 pounds) – slightly firmer for each sleeping style.
  • Motion transfer. Even if two partners will sleep further from each other on a wider Olympic Queen, they might still experience motion transfer. This may be an issue for light sleepers. In this case, foam models perform the best. Hybrid mattresses that have extra-thick comfort layers might also do the trick.
  • Edge support. Stronger edges can give sleepers even more space, making an Olympic Queen mattress seem bigger. Usually, innerspring and hybrid models can offer the best edge support. 
  • Bed frame. Naturally, the bed frame has to be wide enough to accommodate a wider Olympic Queen. Additionally, if it uses a slatted system, the slats need to be spaced properly to deliver optimal support for the mattress (for example, no more than 3 inches apart for foam mattresses). 
  • Doorways. If it’s not a mattress in a box, users need to account for the size of their doorways. After all, Olympic Queen is quite wide and might not fit through some doors.
  • Height. Ideally, the mattress’s thickness has to pair well with the height of the bed frame. For instance, lower platform beds work better with thicker mattresses. And owners of high-profile bed frames might want to pick slightly thinner mattresses (unless they want to climb into their beds every night). However, it’s worth mentioning that thicker mattresses tend to wear down slower than thin models.

And if your doorways are too narrow, you can check the list of top Queen mattresses here.


What is an Olympic Queen size?

An Olympic Queen measures 66 by 80 inches. It is 6 inches wider than the standard Queen size.

How much does an Olympic Queen mattress cost?

Olympic Queen mattresses usually range between $800 and $3,000 (with the latter being a high-end category).

What size sheets can I use with an Olympic Queen mattress?

It’s better to use Olympic Queen sheets in this case. However, since not all manufacturers make Olympic Queen sheets, you can try the King size bedding. It might be a little loose on the sides, so it’s better to avoid fitted sheets and give your preference to regular ones (so you can tuck the ends under the mattress).

Wrapping Up

Olympic Queen is not such a rare size, so shoppers have plenty of options to choose from (yay!). 

And to make the best choice possible, it’s crucial to pay attention to the mattress type and its firmness level. Both have to correspond with the user’s preferences, and the latter – sleeping style in particular. 

If push comes to shove, I would stick with the Plank Olympic queen mattress. Not only does this mattress bear the body for heavier sleepers, it provides two comfort or firmness levels on either side of the mattress. Most importantly, the mattress core is solid enough that it doesn’t give in to body weight, but rather keeps your spine well aligned for a comfortable sleeping experience.

How about you? Which Olympic Queen mattress managed to catch your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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