Olee Sleep Mattress: A Comprehensive Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 22 minLast updated on October 8, 2022

Surfing the saturated mattress market in order to find something reasonably priced and with decent quality can be quite a daunting task.

Luckily, there’s a hidden gem I know, and today I’m going to introduce it to you too. 

So, meet Olee Sleep!

This company is focused on delivering budget-friendly beds that will satisfy all the needs of an average sleeper. Below, I have reviewed 5 best Olee Sleep mattresses, so take a thorough look at them and just choose the one that seems the most suitable for you. 

A Quick Preview

Best Olee Sleep Gel Mattress

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Best Hybrid Olee Sleep Mattress

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Best Memory Foam Olee Sleep Mattress

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Best Low-Profile Olee Sleep Mattress

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Best Olee Sleep Mattress for a Cool Sleep

Milky Way
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Olee Sleep Mattresses on the Market

Best Olee Sleep Gel Mattress - Aquarius


  • excellent cooling effects;
  • decent cradling and pressure relief;
  • good motion control.

And the first model to appear in my review of the best Olee Sleep mattresses is the Aquarius. This memory foam mattress has the construction that aims to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

The cover is made of breathable polyester fabric and feels soft and comfortable. Right under it, the layer of gel-infused memory foam withdraws excess heat and maintains your body temperature at an optimal level for sound sleep.

The base foam layer is made of convoluted memory foam. It enhances the airflow between layers and improves the cooling properties of the mattress even further. Besides, being very sturdy, it makes sure you get uniform support during your sleep.

As a wrap-up, I can say that the Aquarius mattress is really great — it’s the brand’s bestseller, actually. And it does the job even better than advertised.

Best Hybrid Olee Sleep Mattress - Galaxy


  • decent edge support and uniformity;
  • breathable construction;
  • suits heavier users.

Another top-rated Olee Sleep mattress is the Galaxy. This bed features hybrid construction and will make a great purchase for those who want more bounce and sturdier edges.

The Galaxy has a five-layer design and measures 13 inches thick. I would describe the overall feel as medium-firm, meaning this bed should be able to work for both average and heavy sleepers without any problems.

I also enjoyed the level of edge support that this mattress offers. As I’m sharing the bed with my wife, I love utilizing the whole mattress area, and the Galaxy totally allows me to do that. 

Along with that, the top layer of the Galaxy mattress is made of gel memory foam. This allows you to sleep cool even if you have a hot sleeper beside you. And the coil system underneath it enhances the cooling effect even further.

Overall, the Galaxy is a decent pick. It can become your perfect bed even if you have never slept on a hybrid mattress before.

Best Memory Foam Olee Sleep Mattress - Eos


  • great contouring in any sleeping position;
  • sturdy edges;
  • doesn’t make you hot.

Here comes another model in my review of the best Olee Sleep mattresses — the Eos. Named after the Greek goddess of the dawn, this simple memory foam bed is designed to make your mornings perfect.

The mattress is 10 inches high and has a medium feel. The upper layer right under the cover is made of gel-infused memory foam, ensuring that you will stay cool during the night. The egg-crate foam base layer enhances breathability between the layers, preventing moisture buildup.

I want to separately mention surprisingly good edge support of this bed. Thanks to durable and dense foams, you can sleep right on the edges of this mattress without feeling like you’re slipping off.

And if you allow the Eos to aerate properly and let it sit around 24 hours before sleeping on it, you’ll get an excellent mattress with a perfect balance between sinkage and support for your spine.

Best Low-Profile Olee Sleep Mattress - Saturn


  • decent motion absorption;
  • temperature-neutral design;
  • durable and moisture-wicking cover.

Another contestant to be called the best Olee Sleep mattress is the Saturn. It’s the thinnest model in the Olee Sleep’s line, as it measures only 6 inches thick. Although most people prefer thicker options, this one will be great for those who have a high bed frame, as it won’t make your bed too difficult to get into and out of.

So, the Saturn is an all-foam bed comprised of four layers that result in a medium to medium-firm feel. Like all Olee Sleep memory foam mattresses, this model has the base made of convoluted memory foam, which aids in keeping the whole construction cool. 

The Saturn has excellent motion-absorbing properties, which is great for kids, who are initially active sleepers, or for adults who share the bed with a restless sleeper. 

The Medium-firm feel is the most optimal pick for an average-weight sleeper, regardless of their sleep position. I don’t recommend this mattress for larger sleepers — due to its thickness (or, thinness, to be exact), they might feel the slats of the bed frame as they will sink into the mattress more deeply. This will certainly make their shut-eye less comfortable.

Overall, I’d recommend this mattress as a good option for a guest room or kid’s bedroom. It’s very budget-friendly yet supportive and durable.

Best Olee Sleep Mattress for a Cool Sleep - Milky Way


  • soft breathable cover;
  • anti-sagging properties;
  • balanced feel.

And to end my list of top-rated Olee Sleep mattresses, here’s this hybrid beauty named the Milky Way. This is a 10-inch thick mattress with three layers packed under a nice, soft-to-the-touch cover. 

I would describe the overall feel as medium-firm to firm, which means that the Milky Way will work best for heavier sleepers and those who love to snooze on their stomach.

The pocketed spring system ensures low motion transfer and sturdy edge support. Both factors are essential if you share a bed with a partner.

The soft polyester cover feels really nice and does a pretty good job at absorbing the body moisture. It makes a really good addition to the breathability of the mattress, making it suitable for hot sleepers.

Overall, I can describe the Milky Way mattress as comfortable and supportive. I loved how it aligns the spine and relieves pain.

So, What Do We Know About Olee Sleep?

Olee Sleep is a part of Grantec International, a company that has been a big player in the mattress industry for more than 30 years. Grantec also owns another mattress manufacturer you probably know about — Zinus.

Olee Sleep claims that its mission is to provide every sleeper with an affordable and thoughtfully composed mattress that will suit their needs.

Even though the production facility is located in China, the company uses US manufacturing standards during the manufacturing process.

Besides, you can expect CertiPur-US certification, high-quality materials, and reasonable pricing for each model of the line.

What Is There in the Olee Sleep Model Lineup?

Currently, there are 10 models — hybrid and foam ones — available in the Olee Sleep lineup.

Foam Mattresses

6 out of 10 Olee Sleep models are all-foam. These are Aquarius, Eos, Luna, Noblesse, Saturn, and Solar. Below, I will briefly explain their main features:

  • The base layer is made of polyfoam with high ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) measurements. This means that the foam has good rebound and shock-absorbing properties, which adds to its overall durability.
  • Comfort layers utilize soft and medium memory foam infused with gel particles or polyfoam of different firmness levels to offer you a decent hug without making you stuck in your mattress.
  • The cover is made of polyester jacquard and offers a cooling touch, which enhances the general temperature-neutral design.

The great thing is, all the foam mattresses of this brand don’t make you sleep as hot as many other foam models on the market, even if you’re a heavy person or side sleeper.

Hybrid Mattresses

Now, the brand has four hybrid models in the lineup: Galaxy, Milky Way, Omega, and Pegasus. Just like foam ones, they all share a pretty similar construction:

  • The foundation layer is made of a pocketed coil block with a high coil count for more precise contouring.
  • Comfort layers utilize memory foams, gel-infused foam, or high-density polyfoam for better cradling.
  • All mattresses feature a breathable polyester cover quilted with either soft foam or fiberfill.

Buying an Olee Sleep hybrid mattress, you can expect strong edges, close contouring, and compatibility with most sleep positions.


As the manufacturer states, all the mattresses are designed to have a medium-firm feel. 

But in reality, things are a bit different. Hybrid models have a medium-firm to firm feel. This makes them a good pick for back sleepers, people who have back issues, or those who want more freedom while shifting positions.

Foam beds, on the other hand, tend to be on the softer side, probably because they use cheaper foams that are initially less resilient. So, if you’re a side sleeper or a fan of that memory foam feel, you’d probably be happy to go with one of the Olee Sleep foam mattresses. If you like extra firm mattresses, check out our top picks here.

Range of Thickness

Now, I was quite impressed with the thickness range that this brand can offer. You can get the 6-inch Saturn or go for the 13-inch-high Galaxy. 

The most common height of the Olee Sleep beds, though, remains in the range of 10-12 inches. This is the optimal height whether you’re a petite, average, or heavier sleeper.

Also, a mattress that is 10-12 inches high is compatible with most bed bases, as it doesn’t make it difficult for you to get in and out of your bed.

Pros and Cons of Olee Sleep Mattresses

Now, there would be no flourishing mattress market today if someone had made a bed that suits everyone’s needs.

Because everyone’s needs are different when it comes to sleep.

So, based on my own experience and experiences of other users I’ve encountered looking through Olee Sleep mattress reviews on the Web, I came up with a list of the main pros and cons of this brand’s beds.

I’ll begin with the good:

  • Excellent value for money. The most expensive mattress of the lineup will cost you around 400 bucks for the King. I mean, when was the last time you’ve seen the King mattress this cheap?
  • Well-made design. I loved how the brand combines affordable materials and makes them into supportive construction, each time.
  • Proper edge support. Although it’s not the strongest point for all foam mattresses of this brand, hybrid models perform well in this regard, which makes them a good choice for couples.
  • Temperature neutrality. A few models from the Olee Sleep product line — such as those without gel-infused or convoluted layers — may sleep hot. Yet, the majority of mattresses succeeds at keeping you at a comfortable temperature through the night.
  • Clear warranty conditions. The brand covers all their mattresses from any manufacturing defects with a 10-year warranty. But note that the conditions may vary depending on where you purchased your mattress.

And a word for drawbacks (because no one is perfect):

  • Lower durability compared to more expensive mattresses. Since the manufacturer uses more affordable materials, the mattress lifespan and its supportive properties could be not as good as those of higher-end models.
  • Potential odor. The unpleasant chemical smell is a common issue with budget mattresses, but it’s still pretty annoying.

Also, the Olee Sleep company can be really hard to reach when you have some questions. I once had to clarify the warranty conditions, and it resulted in the hours of site browsing on my own. So, keep that in mind.

Who Will Benefit from Olee Sleep Mattresses?

Every mattress company manufactures its product with customers in mind. But of course, not each and every customer will love the product. Now, when it comes to Olee Sleep, here’s who will love their mattresses:

  • Couples. While I was browsing Olee Sleep mattress reviews, I noticed that hybrid models are pretty popular among couples. And having tested a few models myself, I now understand why. The perfect amount of bounce and proper edge support allows you to use this mattress for any bedroom activities. 
  • Heavy sleepers. Both foam and hybrid models can perform great in terms of supporting heavy sleepers. Just if you go for the foam one, be sure to choose the firmer feel or provide a mattress with a good and steady foundation.
  • Hot sleepers. Since almost all Olee Sleep mattresses sleep neutral, hot sleepers can cheer up and stop spending all the money in the world for innovative infused foam (which, let’s be honest, aren’t that good).
  • Individuals with back pain. Perfect contouring and ability to cradle your body shape may come in handy if you have any back issues. Olee Sleep mattress can relieve the pressure in the stiff joints and make your sleep relaxed.

“The great price tag also makes Olee Sleep a perfect choice for a temporary bed or a mattress for the guest room if you have one.”

What to Consider When Choosing Your Olee Sleep Mattress?

So, now you know about everything Olee Sleep mattresses can offer.

But there are many factors that will affect whether your sleeping experience will be comfortable on this or that mattress of this brand.

That’s why I’d like to give you a small cheat sheet of things you need to consider to find the most suitable bed for you.

Mattress Type

Today, Olee Sleep can offer you memory foam, polyfoam, and hybrid beds. All these types suit different needs, but the general recommendations are the following:

  • if you love sinking more deeply into the mattress and aren’t prone to hot sleeping, go for memory foam;
  • if you want a quicker response and lower heat retention, choose polyfoam;
  • if your goal is uniform support and sturdy edges, then consider investing in a hybrid.

Mattress Thickness

The height of the mattress is another factor that determines your comfort. The thickness of Olee Sleep mattresses varies from 6 to 13 inches. Note that thinner mattresses may require a foundation with wider slats or a flat surface so that you won’t feel the slats of your bed base while you sleep.

Thick mattresses are more comfortable and can offer you uniform support, but they are also bulkier and heavier to move around, so keep that in mind too. 

Firmness Level

As I’ve mentioned above, some all-foam models feel softer and have a more ‘hugging’ feel, whereas some hybrids are on the firmer side. 

The main criterion for choosing the firmness level is your personal preference. If you love the feeling of floating atop the mattress, then you should choose a firm bed. For fans of the sinking feel, softer mattresses will work just fine.

Note that all mattresses have a break-in period. During this time, your body is starting to adjust to the new bed, and you may feel that the mattress is firmer or softer than advertised. Usually, it takes a couple of weeks to adjust, and this is why most mattress companies allow you to fill the return claim only once this period has passed.

Sleeper’s Weight and Preferred Sleeping Position

Along with your preference, your weight and your sleeping position also affect the level of firmness you need for a comfortable sleep.

For example, heavy sleepers tend to sink deeper into the mattress layers, and if the bed is too soft, then excessive sinkage may aggravate pressure in their pressure points instead of relieving them. The best choice, in this case, would be a firmer bed, such as one of the Olee Sleep innersprings, which has little give and can help a sleeper maintain proper spine alignment.

The same thing with sinkage applies to side sleepers as well. However, if they don’t have excess weight, they can choose softer beds for better cradling.

Temperature Regulation

Neutral temperature is important for sound sleep. 

And here’s the good news: 

You can regulate the microclimate inside your bed by choosing the right mattress.

With Olee Sleep, proper temperature and breathability are achieved by combining gel-infused and convoluted foams or by using coils, which are initially more breathable than foams. Both these methods can promote air circulation within the mattress layers and help dissipate your body’s heat.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

These two parameters are essential for couples and sensitive sleepers. Edge support allows you to utilize the whole mattress area, so your bed won’t feel crowded when you’re sleeping with a partner. And the motion absorption is essential for preventing you from waking up because of your partner’s movements, or vice versa.

Typically, memory foam beds perform significantly better in terms of shock absorption, but the edge support isn’t their strongest point. 

At the same time, hybrids have studier edges but are more responsive to motion.

Thus, you need to define what’s more important to you and make your choice.

Possible Spine Issues 

Last but not least.

You should consider your health conditions before purchasing any mattress. Spine issues may have various causes, so it’s better to discuss the mattress choice with your healthcare provider. They will give you recommendations about the type and firmness of a mattress for your particular case.


Olee Sleep is a reliable brand with reasonable price tags, and its model lineup is diverse enough to satisfy different types of sleepers. The mattresses I reviewed above are Olee Sleep bestsellers, and I was honestly impressed with the value they offer given their affordability.

As for my personal favorite, I’d probably pick the Milky Way. I loved that this mattress doesn’t sleep hot. Being suitable for heavy sleepers and couples, it can offer good support for your spine night after night. But if you’re a fan of that typical memory foam feel, the Eos is a great option to go with. It’s a well-made bed that suits any sleeping style. I loved its decent hug and great pressure-relieving properties.

So, are you in the market for an affordable mattress? Which of the five models above seems the most appealing to you? Share the thoughts below!

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