Novosbed Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on March 3, 2023


Novosbed Mattress Review

Novosbed is a well-known player in the mattress industry. It started as a single-mattress company but has transformed over years into a diverse collection of sleep products, which are currently sold under the name

The company has gained reliability thanks to good product quality and innovative technologies it uses.

Today I invite you to check out my Novosbed mattress review and take a look at the company’s flagship model in detail.

Read on to learn more about the specs of this mattress and find out if it will make a good purchase for you.

7Edge support
9.5Motion Transfer
7.6Overall Score

Read more about how we rate and test here.


87-95 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

2-8 business days


Memory Foam





Trial Period

120 Night

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


15 Year



The first thing I want to discuss in my Novosbed mattress review is the construction. Because it’s the thing that defines all the rest.

So, the Novosbed is a memory foam mattress that packs three layers — or zones, as the manufacturer calls them:

  • Comfort Zone: 2” of memory foam. The Novosbed features open-cell memory foam that feels cooler than closed-cell first-generation foams and has better contouring properties. It’s also punctured to improve the airflow.
  • Transition Zone: 2” of high-density memory foam. This layer allows for a smoother transition of the weight from the upper layer to the base. High-density memory foam is a great choice in this case because it can provide proper spinal support and pressure relief while hugging your body.
  • Support Zone: 7” of Premium Support Foam. The base layer helps minimize motion transfer and ensures the stability and durability of the mattress construction. 
novosbed mattress layers
Novosbed mattress layers

As you can see, the Novosbed features a pretty basic design. However, the combination of proprietary materials results in a comfortable and sturdy bed that can offer you support for years to come.


Novosbed mattress cover
Novosbed mattress cover  

The next thing I want to talk about in my Novosbed review is the cover. It is made of Tencel fabric — a semi-natural material made of chemically restored cellulose derived from the eucalyptus leaves. Being cool and soft to the touch, Tencel fabric packs several features that can help you sleep better:

  • It promotes airflow. Tencel fabric doesn’t lock the heat inside the mattress and can help you stay cool during sleep.
  • It absorbs moisture. Tencel fibers can absorb moisture without making you feel like you’re sleeping in a bog.
  • It doesn’t make your allergies worse. Tencel is hypoallergenic and smooth, which means it won’t irritate your skin or cause hypersensitivity reactions.

Want to know the best part? The Novosbed cover can be removed for washing: It has a zipper around the perimeter, so you can not only easily maintain the fresh look of the mattress but also protect yourself from dust and debris build-up. Note, though, that the cover isn’t waterproof, so you may want to use a mattress protector to prevent accidents and keep your warranty.

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It took about 1.5 days to off-gas, which isn’t fast, but it also isn’t slow, so I gave the Novosbed a rating of 6.


Firmness is another characteristic I’d like to cover in my review of the Novosbed mattress. It is closely tied to the feeling of comfort and support.  

So, to begin with, the Novosbed is available in three firmness levels: Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm.

novosbed mattress firmness scale
Novosbed mattress firmness scale

I tested the firmest option, which I would rate as 7-7.5 points out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, and found it to be very supportive for the spine. The mattress efficiently relaxed the muscles in my back and allowed me to sleep well through the entire testing period.

Now, if you’re looking for that classic memory foam feel, you won’t be disappointed either. Even the firmest option of the Novosbed offers some sinkage and can support the neutral spine alignment. Still, you can always choose a softer model.

And here’s the kicker:

If the mattress appears to be too soft or too firm for you, you can contact the company and they will send you a Comfort+ kit for free

Basically, it’s a mattress topper that you need to place under the mattress cover. It will help you make your mattress firmer or softer, depending on your preferences.

The Novonsbed earned a rating of 7 for firmness as I felt from my tests it was a solid 7 on the firmness scale, soft enough to cushion while also keeping my spine aligned.

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Edge Support 

novosbed mattress edge support
Novosbed mattress edge support

Now that you know all the specs of the Novosbed mattress, I invite you to take a look at its performance. 

Let’s start with edge support.

Strong edges and a uniform surface are a must for any mattress. These qualities increase the durability of your bed and ensure that you will have enough space if you share a bed with a partner.

Speaking of the Novosbed, I was quite impressed with its edge support. It is better than what most memory foam mattresses offer. What’s even more, some hybrid mattresses of the same price segment can’t offer the same strong edges. 

The Novosbed doesn’t compress too much when you’re sitting or lying closer to the edge. It also offers an even surface if you sleep in the center of the bed, not making you feel as if you’re in a hammock.

So, if you’re looking for a couple-friendly mattress, the firm option of the Novosbed can become your choice.

I measured Novosbed to have a sinkage of about 4.1 inches while seated on the edge. That’s enough support to ensure I don’t roll off while seated or lying near the edge, and still get the proper spinal alignment of I’m on my back and close to the edge.

“Note that the Soft and Medium options might not offer the same level of edge support as the Firm option I have tested does. However, given the quality and density of the foams used, you can surely expect stronger edges than an average memory foam mattress has.”

I gave the Novosbed 7 for edge support as its measured 4.1 inches is just enough to support while sitting and lying on the edge.

Motion Transfer 

The ability of the mattress to mask sharp movements is another essential thing for couples, as well as for individuals who allow their children or pets to co-sleep with them. After all, no one wants to wake up because of endless tossing and turning on the other side of the bed. The Novosbed didn’t surprise me here: All memory foam mattresses tend to have low motion transfer. I was testing the mattress with my wife who is a very sensitive sleeper, and she didn’t have any complaints about my active sleeping style. But it gets even better! The combo of firm memory foam and low-to-moderate motion response make the Novosbed a good mattress for sex. So, if you use your bed not only for sleeping, this mattress can be an option.

I rated the Novosbed for 9.5 in motion transfer as it absorbs motion fast according to our scoring system, leaving minimal motion to disturb a partner.

“Consider pairing your mattress with a sex-friendly bed frame for an even better experience.”
novosbed mattress motion transfer test
Novosbed mattress motion transfer test 
novosbed mattress motion transfer with my partner
Motion transfer test with my partner


Novosbed’s sinkage was moderate, which I measured at 1.92 inches. This is a bit less than Puffy, which I measured at 2.5 inches, meaning that the Novosbed may feel a bit firm if you’re a lighter sleeper.

The Novosbed has moderate sinkage, not as much as some of our other models (like the Puffy), but it’s enough for adequate pressure relief, so I rated it 8.5.

novosbed mattress sinkage
Novosbed mattress sinkage


I measured a surface temperature of about 85.1 degrees Fahrenheit, which is moderately cool, and I never felt hot while sleeping in this bed. This kind of non-overheating temperature is likely due to Novosbed open-cell foam and breathable Tencel cover. 

I go into more detail on how I test mattresses for informative reviews so I know I’m getting the right details on if this mattress is right for you or not.

With only 85.1 degrees Fahrenheit recorded, I felt moderately cool and comfortable while sleeping in the Novosbed, so I rated it 7.5.


Novosbed has a moderately slow response time of about 0.4 seconds for a partial recovery, and 0.9 seconds for a full recovery, which is about the same across the board for memory foam mattresses.  This contrasts the Plank’s Extra Firm response time, which is about 0.15 seconds for a partial recovery. However, the Plank is much firmer without any motion isolation.

7.5 is the rating I give the Novosbed for response time as its full recovery is balanced at 0.9 seconds, enough to cradle but without too much of that traditional memory foam feeling.


I recorded Novosbed total bounce to be around 6.79 inches, with the max height reaching 2.35 inches, and the max compression reaching about 4.4 inches with my testing object. This is moderate bounce, playing a role in Novosbed ability to isolate motion well, and is considered average bounce for memory foam mattresses.

I gave the Novosbed a rating of 8 for bounce, as I felt its bounce of 6.79 inches didn’t do a lot for fast movement.

Sex Test

This test considers both the edge support at 4.1 inches, and the bounce at 6.79 inches. I found teh bounce to be a bit too low, as with most memory foams, making Novosbed not the ideal choice if you prefer a lot of bounce. The edge support is a bit better, and will adequately support you. On top of that, the mattress is noiseless, which helps keep it quiet in the bedroom.

Sex is calculated by combining the Bounce and Edge support categories, and then dividing by 2, giving us a bit of a lower rating of 8 due to the Novosbed’s low Bounce. However, it’s not noisy at all, so I rated it as 8. 

Pressure Relief

Novosbed comes with 4 inches of comfort material, and 7 inches of support material, making it a suitable choice for pressure relief. I felt comfortable on my back and stomach; however, I would have liked a bit more give to cradle pressure points on my side.

How It Feels for Different Type of Sleepers

Here comes the most favorite part of my Novosbed mattress review which sums up my testing experience. But first, a disclaimer: I’m an average-weight combo sleeper (side and back positions) who occasionally gets minor back pain after gym sessions or long driving hours. My wife helped me here, and she’s a petite stomach sleeper. Here are our takeaways for different scenarios:

  • Side sleepers. We were testing the firm option, and I can’t recommend it for side sleeping because it’s obviously too firm, especially for lightweight users. It does offer some sinkage but this isn’t enough to properly hug the hips and shoulders of side sleepers. Here are the mattresses that are the best for side sleepers with shoulder pain.

Alex Savy Sleeping on Novosbed Mattress

  • Back and stomach sleepers. The firm Novosbed may work for back and stomach sleepers. When I switched to back sleeping, I felt supported and relaxed, and my stomach-sleeping wife admitted that this is one of the best mattresses she’s ever slept on.

Novosbed Back Sleeping

  • Heavy sleepers. This mattress suits this scenario as well. Firmer foam can support a larger weight without creating too much resistance and provoking pressure points. Also, this firm mattress can support the natural curvature of your spine and remove the impact of excess weight on the lumbar region regardless of what position you prefer.
  • Cooling sleep lovers. The Novosbed combines open-cell foam and a breathable Tencel cover. Altogether, these elements can withdraw some of your body heat and wick away moisture for cooler sleep. As a hot sleeper, my wife approves this bed.
  • Upper and lower back pain sufferers. Although the research about the efficiency of a firm mattress for treating back pain is controversial, I found that the Novosbed can really help you here. The firm surface with a little give can support your upper back and promote correct spine alignment, thus preventing muscle strains.

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As a wrap-up here, I can say that the Novosbed can work for pretty much anyone. If in doubt about the firmness, just choose a softer option. And remember that you can always order the Comfort+ kit to alter the feel.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping Position

Side SleepersI like the extra cushioning that the AS3 delivers, The firm option I tested will feel a bit too firm for side sleepers, as I felt a bit uncomfortable while on my side. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may cause enough bend in the material to be properly cradled, however.
Back SleepersI found I was comfortable on my back, with enough give in the material to let my thighs sink in a bit for better spinal alignment. Sleepers 230 pounds and below should feel comfortable in this position on the Novosbed.
Stomach SleepersLike back sleeping, I was adequately supported on my stomach, with my hips lifted ad spine straight. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds, however, may notice they sink in a bit.

Other Important Information

So far, I’ve shared all my insights about the Novosbed performance, but there still are a few things to cover. 

And this part of my Novosbed mattress review will concentrate on them.


Novosbed is an eco-conscious company that aims to minimize its impact on the environment. It reduces waste by repurposing all the surplus materials into other products wherever it’s possible. 

The Novosbed cover is made of eucalyptus fibers that are considered renewable material. Finally, the company manufactures its products by using a closed-loop process, which helps reduce the carbon footprint.

So, if you’re trying to move towards eco-conscious living, I encourage you to choose the Novosbed for your bedroom. 


Now, let’s talk about the price. 

The Novosbed falls into the medium price segment

The Queen mattress will cost you $1,000, and the King (or Cal King) size will become yours for $1,200.

That might seem a bit expensive for some, but we talk about quality and reliability here, so the price is justified, in my opinion.

Delivery & Shipping

The company has two facilities, in Pennsylvania and Toronto, so if you live in Canada or the continental US, you can expect free shipping with FedEx Ground.

The common timeframe for delivery ranges from 3 business days to a week, depending on your location. You can contact the company via the live chat on the website to find out the estimated delivery time for your location.

The company doesn’t provide installation or mattress disposal services. However, the customer service may help you find a company that offers these services in your area.

Trial & Warranty

Last but not least, Novosbed offers great customer protection.

The company offers a 120-night trial period, so you can thoroughly test the mattress and understand if it is right for you. Within this period, there are a couple of milestones:

  • The first 30 nights are a break-in period. They allow you to adapt to the feel of the new mattress, and the mattress itself can adapt to your body too. Note that you can’t claim a refund during this period.
  • The second 30 nights are the Comfort+ kit break-in period. If after the first 30 nights you realize that you want your mattress a bit softer or firmer, you can contact the support service and ask for a Comfort+ kit. The company will send it to you for free and once you install it, you’ll have another 30 nights to test it.
  • The remaining 60 nights are the timeframe for a return.  If you’re still unhappy with your mattress, you can claim a refund within the remaining 60 days. Just contact the customer service, and the company will take care of your mattress and give you a full refund.

Speaking of the warranty, the conditions are standard. It gives you protection against the craftsmanship defects for 15 years. If within the first 10 years your mattress forms indentations deeper than 1”, you can claim a replacement.

The same conditions apply to the Comfort+ kit.


Novosbed is one of the first brands that started shipping compressed mattresses in a box. Its first model has been on the market for more than 10 years. It’s pretty durable, doesn’t retain heat, and supports proper spine alignment. And the fact that the company tries to make a positive impact on the environment makes me happy too.

However, I understand that one mattress model cannot suit any user equally well. So, based on my tests, here’s who will benefit the most from purchasing the Novosbed:

  • Couples. Strong edges can help you get comfy even if your partner is a devoted fan of sleeping in the starfish position. And a balanced motion response makes the Novosbed suitable for romantic activities as well.
  • Heavy sleepers. The firm option will offer just the right level of sinkage for large sleepers. It won’t create too much resistance in their pressure points and will support the lower back in any position.
  • Allergy sufferers. The mattress features certified and hypoallergenic materials from top to bottom. And the washable cover will protect you from dust particles and other microscopic debris more effectively.
  • Hot sleepers. The combo of the open-cell foam in comfort layers and the breathable Tencel fabric used in the cover results in a good cooling effect. Besides, firmer foams don’t allow you to sink too deeply, thus preventing heat retention.

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