Robin Mattress from Nest Bedding Review (formerly – FLIP)

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 18 minLast updated on March 18, 2022

Robin Mattress Review (formerly FLIP)


70 - 120 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box


8-10  business days


Flippable hybrid





Trial Period

365 Days

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


Lifetime Warranty

Flippable mattresses become more and more popular these days. No wonder, as we all want more comfort options and appreciate versatility, even when it comes to bedroom accessories. But flippable firmness can often be deceiving. What if none of the sides works for you? Or you end up with a mattress that simply does not last long, no matter how often you flip it? That’s simply disappointing. So, let’s take a closer look at the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress by Nest Bedding, see how both sides perform and what it has to offer. Plus, in this review of the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress, we will learn how this model works for different types of sleepers and whether it would be suitable for you.

What You Get

Aside from the mattress, you will also receive clear opening instructions, a handy bedtime tracker, and a plastic opener. The latter is meant to help you unpack your new mattress without much effort. FLIP opening instructions


Let’s start our review of the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress with its cover. This aspect matters for a number of reasons, including your skin comfort, temperature regulation, and even durability. FLIP mattress cover The Robin uses a polyester + spandex blend for the cover. Plus, it’s quilted with foam to mimic the pillow-top design and to add more cushioning for increased comfort. Now, the fabric itself is quite stretchy (courtesy of the spandex component). It springs back to its normal shape after the pressure is applied, so there will be no dents in the cover after you get up. The fabric feels sturdy and seems durable. However, polyester isn’t that breathable, which might be an issue for some users (especially hot sleepers). You may want to pair this mattress up with natural, breathable bed sheets for improved air circulation. Another aspect you should know is that the cover is non-removable. Therefore, to maintain a fresh sleeping environment, you can only spot-clean the cover of the Robin. This shouldn’t be a big problem if you don’t have breakfasts in bed or don’t allow pets on your mattress.  Here’s the kicker: the cover fabric has a different texture on two sides. Therefore, it will be super easy for you to distinguish between the Medium and Firm sides.


FLIP mattress

As the Robin is a hybrid mattress, it combines different materials and uses multiple layers to deliver a balanced feel. Overall, the construction consists of a quilted cover and 3 layers:

  • Cover. As I have mentioned before, the manufacturer added a thin layer of foam and blended it with the cover to provide some extra cushioning.
  • Gel-infused memory foam comfort layer. This one is used for the Medium side. It is meant to deliver gentle pressure relief without making users sleep hot (thanks to the gel component). This layer is only 1-inch thick, so it won’t envelop that much around your body. This means you won’t feel stuck in the foam when sleeping on this mattress.
  • Coil support system. Measuring 6 inches in height, this layer serves as the core of the mattress. The coils are quite thick and sturdy, which promises durability in use. They deliver uniform support all across the mattress surface and offer a bouncy response to pressure.
  • High-density support foam layer. This layer also serves as the comfort layer for the Firm side. This one isn’t thick either (¾-inch - three quarters of an inch) and feels quite resilient (as it is “backed up” by the coils). The Firm side comfort layer is not infused with gel, but it shouldn’t sleep hot nonetheless. First of all, it isn’t thick and won’t cradle the sleeper that much. Plus, there’s a breathable coil system underneath.

Now, once you flip your mattress from the Medium side to the Firm, the order of the layers will be the exact opposite. The high-density support foam will serve as the comfort layer for the Firm side, adding a little bit of padding on top of that sturdy coil core.


Another important aspect of my review of the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress is the firmness levels it offers. 

Now, you already know that this model has a Medium and a Firm side. 

The Medium side has a slightly thicker comfort layer and offers a bit more of a hug. It responds slowly to applied pressure but doesn’t feel restricting thanks to the (каунтерактин)тbouncy coils underneath. Overall, this side feels quite resilient with a moderate amount of cradling. If I had to rate the Medium side, I would give it a 5 (as an average 190-pound sleeper) on the firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. As for my wife (who is a petite 110-pound sleeper), she rated the Medium side 5.5.

As for the Firm side, it is noticeably bouncier. The comfort layer is thinner here, so there isn’t much of a hug offered. Both my wife and I would say that this side falls somewhere around 8 on the firmness scale.

Edge Support

You’re probably wondering if this mattress has a good edge support.

Here’s the good news right away:

The Robin’s edge support game is quite strong. This mattress offers reliable, uniform support all across the surface and around the perimeter thanks to the coil core system. You don’t have to worry about rolling off if you decide to sleep near the edge. And even if you and your partner get a standard Queen mattress, you will still have some extra legroom thanks to the sturdy edges.

FLIP mattress edge support

Such a construction might also come in handy if you have slight mobility issues. With the Robin, you can press your hands into the mattress to help yourself get up, and the edges will deliver enough support to help you do that.

Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with a significant other, this part of my review of the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress might interest you.

Let me warn you right away: the two sides of the Robin perform differently in terms of motion isolation. If you and your partner sleep on the Firm side, you are not likely to notice any movement coming from your significant other. I guess because this side of the mattress is quite stiff, it doesn’t really move much under your body. Which means it won’t transfer motion either.

As for the Medium side of the Robin, it is quite bouncy (courtesy of the coil support system), so it does not absorb shock from motion that well. Yes, the foam comfort layers might isolate some of the movements, but their thickness is not enough to noticeably absorb the shock. 


Overall, the Robin hybrid mattress feels rather sturdy and reliable. It uses thick coils for the support core, which promises extended durability.

I would also like to mention the cover. The fabric feels thick and sturdy, while the stitches look super neat. The cover shouldn’t develop premature wear and tear unless we’re talking about physical damage.


As far as the off-gassing goes, you don’t have to worry much with the Robin mattress. Yes, you might notice some slight “new mattress” smell, but only if you really try hard (I mean if you press your nose against the mattress). However, it is very likely to dissipate fully in less than 24 hours.

It won’t hurt to leave your new Robin in a well-ventilated room (just open a window and you’ll be good). Chances You will be able to sleep on it the same day it arrives, especially if you receive it in the morning. 


Here’s the good news for all the love birds who want to buy the Robin hybrid mattress by Nest Bedding: this model is quite resilient and offers a supportive, reliable surface that is well-suited for sexual activities. Because the mattress is quite bouncy, it can kind of amplify the movements and help you and your partner find a good rhythm. Additionally, the edges are sturdy, which means more space and positions for you and your significant other. Finally, thanks to the breathable coil system, the Robin isn’t likely to make you and your partner overheat.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Now, I was testing the Robin hybrid mattress with my wife. I am an average side and back sleeper (190 pounds), and my wife is a petite stomach sleeper (110 pounds). Here’s how the Robin felt for us when we were testing it:

  • Side sleepers. FLIP mattress side sleepingBoth me and my wife found the Medium side quite comfortable for side sleeping. It offered just the right amount of cradling without feeling too hugging. At the same time, we did not develop any painful pressure points, which means the Medium side uses thick enough comfort layers for this sleeping position. 
  • Back sleepers. When lying on my back on the Firm side, the Robin felt like one of the most comfortable mattresses FLIP mattress back sleepingI’ve ever used. It offered just a little bit of sinkage for my hips and buttocks while delivering resilient support for the back. The Medium side felt slightly less comfortable but not that critically. As for my wife, she gave her preference to the Firm side too. She appreciated the sturdy support and the fact that her hips did not sink in that much.
  • Stomach sleepers. Since stomach sleepers typically require sturdy support and often choose extra-firm mattresses, I slept on the Firm side of the Robin. It did not allow my back to curve, so I woke up pain-free after a good night of sleep. My petite wife also enjoyed the Firm side and mentioned that it helped her spine remain aligned all through the night. As for the Medium side, it worked fine for her in this sleeping position as she did not experience any uncomfortable sinkage that could cause her spine to curve.

Other Important Information

Now, let’s move to the other aspects that play a huge role as well.

The company offers free shipping that usually takes up to 10 business days. Keep in mind that you need to wait for your mattress to be built after you place your order (which may take a few weeks). If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, the company might add a shipping fee, unfortunately, as their free delivery service applies only to the continental United States.

The Robin hybrid mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and a 365-night trial. The latter includes a mandatory 30-day break-in period, as shoppers typically need some time to get used to their new mattresses. Once that period is over and you are still not satisfied with the Robin, the company will offer either an alternative model or a refund.

Next, let’s talk about the price. While the Robin is quite affordable (especially compared to many popular hybrid mattresses), Nest Bedding offers financing to their customers. You can pay for your new mattress over time with no hidden fees or interest. 

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Robin mattresses are built by hand in Arizona.


All things considered, the Robin double-sided hybrid mattress is an interesting find. Let’s take a look at its strengths and weaknesses side by side to sum everything up:

The Robin by Nest Bedding is a great solution for those shoppers who want to try different options. It is nicely made, reasonably priced, and offers versatility in use, which is a winning combo. Its construction and dual-sided design can satisfy a wide range of users and would be suited for different sleeping positions. All you have to do is flip the mattress and test what works for you the best. Additionally, this model offers uniform support all across the surface, which makes the Robin an excellent option for partnered sleep and those couples who want a bit more legroom.

Overall, the Robin offers great value for money (given its smart construction, quality build, and attractive pricing). It’s a sturdy mattress that delivers reliable, bouncy support and can work for different types of sleepers.

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