Nectar vs Nectar Premier Comparison

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 8 minLast updated on October 22, 2022

Not a lot can beat the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. But with the addition of Nectar’s Premier Memory Foam Mattress, it can be hard to tell which of these soft, pressure-relieving beds are suited to you. That’s why we’ve broken down the similarities and differences between these two luxury mattresses, and see which one works best. 

This article will break down the feel, firmness, and price, among other features of these two mattresses in a back-to-back comparison that will ensure sleepers have in-depth knowledge and will know which one is best for them.

Let’s take a look.

Quick Overview

The Nectar Memory Foam MattressThe Nectar Memory Foam MattressCheck Current Price
Nectar Premier Memory Foam MattressNectar Premier Memory Foam MattressCheck Current Price

Nectar vs Nectar Premier Comparison

Top Similarities and Differences

The top similarities of Nectar and Nectar Premier are their 5 foam layers of cushioning design, 365-night mattress trials, and Forever warranties.

Both boast five plush layers of comfort, starting from the quilted cooling cover, all the way down to the firm base foam for enhanced stability. Each has gel memory foam and a dynamic foam layer for extra responsiveness and stability. Likewise, I think sleepers can really take advantage of their shared 365-night sleep trials and Forever Warranties as it lets sleepers try out the product without worry.

The top differences between Nectar and Nectar Premier are their price, as Nectar prices at $799 while Premier prices at $1199. Another key difference is Premier’s ActiveCoolHD cooling feature, and Premier’s extra cushioning factor with its layers of responsive gel memory foam.

The flagship Nectar mattress is about $400 cheaper than Nectar Premier, which is great for those on a budget. However, Premier goes above and beyond for sleepers. Premier offers an ActiveCoolHD layer above its gel memory foam layer with extra cooling power. I think sleepers will enjoy the benefit of ActiveCoolHD’s phase change material the most; it’s designed to respond to a sleeper’s heat level as it changes throughout the night. On top of this, sleepers also enjoy extra layers of cushioning foam for a more restful, pillow-soft sleep, which I think is perfect for sleepers who want to tackle restlessness or sore muscles.

Nectar vs Nectar Premier: A Comparison

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

Construction5 layers of foam5 layers of foam with Active CoolHD
FirmnessMedium firmMedium firm
Edge supportNoNo
Motion Transfer6/107/10
Overall feelConforming supportExtra Hugging
Warranty and TrialForever Warranty and 365-night trialForever Warranty and 365-night trial
WebsiteRead more about Nectar MattressRead more about Nectar Premier
Price (Queen)$799$1,199

Construction & Design Between Nectar and Nectar Premier

The construction and design between Nectar and Nectar Premier are incredibly similar, both with five layers, and with the key difference being Premier’s ActiveCoolHD.

Each starts with a quilted cooling cover for conforming, cooling comfort. Then, both have a layer of gel memory foam, Nectar’s layer being two inches, while Nectar Premier’s layer is three inches with additional ActiveCoolHD material over top. ActiveCool HD is phase-changing for enhanced cooling.

Then, both have a dynamic response layer of memory foam for bounce, cushioning, and responsiveness. Nectar has four inches of this dynamic foam, giving it more bounce than Premier, which only has three inches. Under that is a base of sturdy foam for enhanced longevity of the mattress. Nectar has six inches of this foam, while Nectar Premier has seven inches of this durable foam, likely making the Premier last longer than its counterpart.

Overall, Premier is an inch higher than Nectar at a total of 13 inches, while Nectar sits at 12 inches. I think this is a key difference as it shows Premier is more packed with luxury softness. Sleepers can take home what is offered in high-end hotels, and enjoy that night after night.

Nectar and Nectar Premier Firmness Levels

Nectar and Nectar Premier have similar firmness levels, however, Premier is more body-hugging with extra, oh-so-comforting sinkage with its extra inch of slow-adapting gel memory foam.

I feel Nectar’s firmness levels make it a better fit for those who want more spinal alignment, while Premier is better for sleepers who need overall encompassing pressure relief. If you need more options in firmness, or to get a better idea of which firmness is better for you, we have compared more great mattresses between Nectar, Purple, and Casper

Motion Transfer: The Difference Between Nectar and Nectar Premier

The difference between Nectar and Nectar Premier’s motion transfer is due to Premier’s softer density and extra cushioning material. Premier isolates motion more than Nectar, which I think makes it great for couples or sleepers who get disturbed by movement easily.

The Feel of Nectar vs Nectar Premier

The feel of Nectar is conforming with a bit more support, ideal for those who want extra spinal alignment, support, or need to tackle back pain. 

The feel of Premier is extra cushioning with more of a sinking feeling, which is great for overall pressure relief and body-hugging sleep.

I think both feels of Nectar and Nectar Premier are worth it, but sleepers who need more firmness should look at Nectar, while those who need more sinkage should look at Premier. To see how Nectar’s softness holds up against Puffy, and which one is right for you, read our Nectar vs. Puffy comparison here.

What’s the Material Difference Between Nectar vs Nectar Premier 

The main material difference between both mattresses is Premier’s ActiveCoolHD, which is phase-changing material that adapts to a sleeper’s body temperature. It dynamically cools by changing states, giving the material a higher ability to absorb more heat, and giving the sleepers a cooler rest.

However, that doesn’t mean Nectar doesn’t have its own temperature cooling properties. Its gel memory foam and cooling cover are this mattress’ saving grace, keeping sleepers' temperature neutral. The mattress doesn’t dynamically take away heat like the Premier, but it also doesn’t add unnecessary heat by trapping body heat against the sleeper during the night.

Which Mattress is More Cooling, Nectar or Nectar Premier?

Premier is more cooling out of the two mattresses with its ActiveCoolHD layer, however, both have gel memory foam that’s also known for absorbing unwanted heat.

On top of this, both mattresses have a split layer of foam that’s cut to enhance breathability, ensuring that there’s continual airflow through the night that helps enhance both mattresses cooling qualities.

What’s the Price Difference Between Nectar Premier versus Nectar

There is a $400 price difference between Nectar and Nectar Premier due to Premier’s extra cushioning, slow-adapting material that makes it a bit taller, along with Premier’s ActiveCoolHD technology that gives sleepers a cooler night’s rest. Nectar Premier is currently on the market for $1199, while Nectar is priced at $799.

Nectar Premier versus Nectar: Sleeping Positions

Both Nectar and Nectar Premier may work for back and side sleepers. However, the Premier’s extra cushioning might make it a better choice for side sleepers and couples. Its enhanced motion isolation in its gel memory foam layers and reduced dynamic layers also double its comfort level. Additionally, I think Nectar may work for back and stomach sleepers as it is a bit more firm than Premier.

Wrapping Up

Both mattresses are great for a variety of sleepers, each with its own features that people can take advantage of.

Nectar Premier works best for hot sleepers who want to use its ActiveCoolHD feature for superior, cooling sleep. It also works great for couples who want motion isolation, or sleepers who want a softer, more sink-in-the-bed feel. Additionally, Nectar Premier provides a more durable mattress with its extra inch of core support foam, meaning it will likely last longer than Nectar.

Nectar’s flagship mattress works best for those who want a little more firmness and less sinkage, while still enjoying slow-adapting, conforming memory foam. Nectar is also great for those who want a more affordable mattress that still feels luxurious.

Which mattress is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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