Most Expensive Mattresses In The World

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 31 minLast updated on November 17, 2022

Have you ever imagined having unlimited amounts of money with which you could shower all aspects of your life in luxury? In this article, I will give you another thing to dream about: the most expensive mattresses that money can buy and what they would look like in your dream house.

A Quick Preview

Ghost SmartBed - 3D Matrix
Most Expensive Mattress in the USA

Ghost SmartBed - 3D Matrix
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Eight Sleep Pod 3
Second Most Expensive Mattress in the USA

Eight Sleep Pod 3
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Hästens Grand Vividus

Hästens Grand Vividus
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Hästens Vividus

Hästens Vividus
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Savoir No 1 bed The One

Savoir No 1 bed The One
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Vispring Diamond Majesty

Vispring Diamond Majesty
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Hästens Marwari

Hästens Marwari
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Vispring Masterpiece Superb

Vispring Masterpiece Superb
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Kluft Palais Royale

Kluft Palais Royale
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Savoir No 2 The Icon

Savoir No 2 The Icon
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Hypnos Royal Comfort Eminence

Hypnos Royal Comfort Eminence
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Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed
$1.6 Million

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed
Read more about this mattress

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Most Expensive Mattresses in the World

Most Expensive Mattress in the USA — Ghost SmartBed - 3D Matrix


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  • adjustable firmness to achieve the perfect comfort levels for any sleeping style;
  • prevents heat build-up thanks to the proprietary cooling components;
  • adaptive feel to effectively relieve pressure and reduce pain.

Being the most expensive mattress on the mass market, the Ghost SmartBed is packed with cool features. First of all, it has built-in sensors that cue the mattress to adjust the support levels when the sleeper changes positions. As a combination sleeper, I appreciate this feature a lot. It made me feel 100% comfortable regardless of the position, making the Ghost SmartBed a universally-fitting model.

Another reason why the 3D Matrix is worth the money is its cooling abilities. This mattress combines gel-infused foam with the company’s proprietary polymer layer. Both work to draw the excess heat away from the sleeper. I could really feel the effect when testing the Ghost SmartBed with a heater on in the room (for the purpose of the test). Surprisingly, this mattress didn’t make me overheat, even when I was actively tossing and turning.

It’s also worth noting that the 3D Matrix is very well-made. This mattress feels extremely sturdy to the touch, proving that it’s worth the money.

Second Most Expensive Mattress in the USA - Eight Sleep Pod 3 

Eight Sleep Pod 3

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  • Designed with AI that automatically adjusts your bed temperature to adapt to your body heat changes as you sleep.
  • It offers a medium firmness option that cradles the body joints and relieves tension and aches.
  • Seamless connection to your smart mobile devices or smart home connection.

Our second most expensive mattress in the USA is the Eight Pod 3, a tech-powered hydro-cooling mattress. This luxury mattress uses high-end sleep technology, which features a network of water ducts sheathed beneath the mattress cover for a regulated cooling effect. Other notable features of this big-boy bed include WiFi control, synchronization with other smart home gadgets, customizable mattress feel, and programmed sleep settings, all of which deliver the luxurious sleep experience of an expensive bedroom.

The Pod 3 from Eight Sleep is a luxurious mattress that would give you a different cooling experience from merely modified foam mattresses. Although the Pod 3 mattress also uses a memory foam layer for pressure point cradling, it offers more aid for hot sleepers with its hydro mesh system that helps dissipate accumulated body heat. I also like the addition of a springy inner to this mattress, as it would make you feel less trapped in bed and more bouncy and responsive.


  • Dark materials to facilitate good sleep.
  • 600 hours of hand crafting for a unique mattress.
  • Horse hair, wool, and cotton to avoid chemicals.

This Swedish company believes that darkness and silence facilitate good sleep, because light suppresses your body's release of the sleep hormone melatonin(1), and because noise wakes you up. Accordingly, their beds are available in black, dark blue, dark grey, and OK, off-white for those who don't care about good sleep formulas.

Each frame and mattress are uniquely handcrafted for 600 hours, meaning that only 12 can be made per year. As such, nothing beats it for uniqueness.

The mattress is made of fully natural horsehair, wool, and cotton, with gold embroidery and Hästens' horse insignia on the cotton cover. Inside are a huge number of springs to facilitate the sensation of floating, and the frame is made of cowhide leather and gold brass. So, no worries about chemical foam odors.

The mattress is made to last for 50 years, and since the frame and mattress together weigh approximately 1 ton, the company offers 25 years of free moving and flipping.

You can view it in their Chicago, Dallas, or Naples showrooms.

$150,000-$175,000 — Hästens Vividus

Hästens Vividus


  • Made by the Swedish Royal Court bed supplier for bragging rights
  • All-natural padding for cool sleeping and moisture-wicking
  • Elevated legs for blood circulation.

The company calls this its "second most exclusive bed", and since only four craftsmen have been certified to make it, it takes 10 weeks of handcrafting to build. The company was named as the Swedish Royal Court's Official Bedding Supplier decades ago, so you get a regal feel along with the exclusivity. 

The frame is made of scarce, slow-growing Swedish pine wood, the box spring of springs and flax for soundproofing and antibacterial effects(2), the mattress of springs and layers of horse hair, wool, and cotton, and the topper of more layers of these three natural materials. The company claims the natural materials make it sleep cooler, and since horse hairs are hollow and research agrees on the cooling effects of cotton, it is probably true.(3)

Because your legs are slightly elevated while lying on it, you are likely to have better blood flow to, and better drainage of excess fluids from, your legs and feet.(4)

$110,000-$120,000 — Savoir No 1 bed The One

Savoir No 1 bed The One


  • Horse hair, cotton, wool, and cashmere for plushness.
  • Thick coils at different tensions for variable body support.
  • Handcrafted for uniqueness.

It starts with a box spring made of beech wood, springs, and horse tail hair. In the middle you'll find a mattress made of springs that are set at different tension levels to provide the differing levels of support that your heavier and lighter body parts need, topped with horse tail hair that provide both firmness and cushioning. To top it all off, there is a plush mattress topper made of horse tail, wool, and cashmere with a cotton cover for breathability and coolness. 

It does not get more unique than this, with cashmere hand-combed from Mongolian yaks that roam the Khangai mountains, and a willingness to make the bed according to your own specifications. 

The company also made the Savoy limited edition Royal Bed for $175,000 to commemorate the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth's reign, but since only 60 were made, they are all probably already sitting in some royal family's or wealthy celebrity's homes and the company does not even mention it on their website.(5) Along with this one, you can even have your family's name stitched on the mattress, work that will be performed by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court, the makers of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

$80,000-$90,000 — Vispring Diamond Majesty

Vispring Diamond Majesty


  • 7,476 springs for support and durability.
  • Various firmness versions for the whole family.
  • Contains the rarest, most expensive fabric on earth.

First made by a British engineer for his sickly wife in the 1890s, then prominent on luxury ocean liners like the Titanic and Olympic, this bed has 7,476 thick springs in the frame and mattress of the king size, which probably means it can hold an elephant and can last for many decades with no sag. 

It comes in firmness levels of soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm to provide different comfort levels for people of all weights and everyone from side, back, and stomach sleepers. 

Together with natural textiles like wool, horse tail hair, silk, bamboo, and cashmere, this one's inclusion of vicuna makes it extra posh. Vicuna is the incredibly rare, softer-than-cashmere fleece of the vicuna, the smaller Peruvian cousin of the llama that can be sheared only every two years.(6)

$67,000 — Hästens Marwari

Hästens Marwari


  • Leather look and feel for fashionability.
  • Triple spring system for support.
  • 31 layers of natural materials for plushness.

Since Hästens started off as master saddle makers, they celebrated their origins by inventing a special weaving technique that makes the mattress feel like saddle cinches or girths. It's brown color also resembles leather. 

Like with their more expensive models, they prefer that you use their own base. Between the base, the mattress, and the mattress topper, you can expect several spring layers for strong support, including reinforcements on the sides and corners. These are surrounded by layers of flax to keep them quiet. The mattress alone has seven inches of springs, which suggests strong support and durability.

31 layers of horse tail hair, cotton, and wool make up the padding in the mattress and topper. As already mentioned, research backs cotton's effectiveness as a cool fabric, and scientists have also found wool to have a beneficial effect on sleep onset and efficiency at ambient temperatures below 71 °F.(7)


  • 7,476 springs for support and durability.
  • Various firmness levels for the whole household.
  • 30-year warranty.

Like with the Vispring Diamond Majesty, Vispring wants you to use its own frame, and the two together have great support and durability with their 7,476 springs. 

It also comes infirmness options of soft, medium, firm, and extra-firm to furnish your whole house, if you can afford it.

The materials in this mattress are the same as those in the Vispring Diamond Majesty, except that it contains more silk in place of the vicuña. 

The cost savings can be seen elsewhere as well, with a timber frame instead of the more expensive beach wood frame in the Diamond Majesty, and five instead of six rows of hand side-stitching on the borders. It is also 12.2 inches thick compared with the 13.4 inches of the Diamond Majesty. 

Vispring made other $20,000+ models as well from the same materials, like the Signatory Superb and the Sublime Superb, that incorporate cost savings somewhere.

$32,700.00-$44,000 — Kluft Palais Royale

Kluft Palais Royale


  • Natural materials for allergy sufferers.
  • A spring, wool, and foam support system.
  • Sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s for grandiosity.

Like the other mattresses on this list, the upholstery is made of natural materials with a special emphasis on creating hypoallergenic materials. The horse tail hair and wool are processed by hand and washed in hot water without chemicals, the fully natural talalay latex is washed to remove potential irritants, and the cotton is strictly organic. 

The mattress alone has more than 2,000 springs, with the borders supported by extra foam and wool. 

Unlike the other luxury mattress companies on this list that are stationed in Europe, E.S. Kluft & Co is located in California, the mattresses are made in California and Pennsylvania, and they are sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s to make you feel extra grand

$15,000-$30,000 — Savoir No 2 The Icon

Savoir No 2 The Icon


  • The original formula for heritage value.
  • Can be customized.
  • Delivered with lots of extras.

Originally commissioned by London's Luxurious, opulent Savoy hotel in 1905, this mattress exists until today, following exactly the same formula and using exactly he same materials. The company claims that it was slept on by people like Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, a fact that gives it enormous historical value and prestige.

Like the more expensive Savoir, this one is made of springs for support and natural materials like wool, horse tail hair, and cotton for cushioning. The lucky few who have slept on it describe it as medium-soft or soft, ideal for side sleepers. If this does not suit you, unsurprisingly, the company is willing and able to customize it for you. It comes with a comfort guarantee, after all.

It is delivered with luxury extras like champagne, sateen bedding, a pure silk comforter, and specialist back sleeper pillows.

$8,000-$15,000 — Hypnos Royal Comfort Eminence

Hypnos Royal Comfort Eminence


  • A royal warrant to supply the British royal family.
  • Pocket springs for strong support.
  • Latex and wool for pressure relief.

Hypnos was first given a royal warrant in the category 'bedding and upholstery manufacturing by King George V in 1929 and holds it up to today. It signifies that they can supply products to the royal houses and palaces. It is a mark of the greatest in British design and manufacturing. 

It starts with a solid timber frame with springs and horsehair and wool padding. Then there's the mattress, a pocket spring system wrapped in wool for silent sleep. The topper consists of latex and wool.

It comes in firmness options from soft to extra-firm to accommodate all types of sleepers.

Studies have already found latex to be great at relieving contact pressure between a body and a mattress,(8) and wool is definitely soft enough to allow the shoulders and hips of side sleepers to  sink into the mattress.

$1.6 Million — Honorary Mention: Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed

The Dutch designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars designed a bed about which we actually know very little, other than the most salient fact that it floats in the air. He noticed that gravity was the one thing that determined all human architectural and design decisions. Accordingly, he wondered whether an object could be created where a different power ran the show.

The bed literally levitates through the push-and-pull power of opposing magnets. Magnets beneath the floor repel magnets inside the bed, and this causes it to float in the air.

Because this is more of a gimmick than a serious product, we know nothing about its mattress, its materials, or its construction.

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Why Do the Most Expensive Mattresses Cost So Much?

If you look at the reviews above, you will see that many different factors feed into these exorbitant prices.

  • Finite substance value. Construction materials like springs and foam that are made in factories can be produced in large quantities, while there are limits on the supply of natural products like wool, cashmere, horse hair, and especially vicuna. There will always be a limited amount of room to keep animals and a limited amount of shearing that can be done, which means that the prices must rise to lock the overwhelming majority of people out of that market.
  • Durability value. We have all bought cheap mattresses that lasted only three to five years before they started to sag and lump. But if a manufacturer can show that the mattresses that were used 100 years ago in the Savoy Hotel, for example, are today still usable, people are willing to pay a high price for the privilege, not only of owning something that will last, but also of owning an antique that they can pass onto future generations.
  • Labor and manufacturing costs. As you can see from the most expensive mattresses above, some of them take multiple supremely well-qualified people weeks to make by hand. This high production cost of paying several skilled people a full-time salary for all this time contributes to the cost of the product.
  • Custom-made value. Anything that is custom-made is more expensive than something you buy off the rack because mass production and mass sales drive down the price. All of these expensive mattresses can be custom-made.
  • Rarity value. The most expensive mattresses on this list are extremely rare, with so few of them being produced that wealthy folk are willing to pay for the privilege of being among the only people in the world who can claim to have one.
  • Historic value. As you can see from the reviews, some people rate a product more highly because, for example, Winston Churchill once slept in an identical one. 
  • Prestige value. If a company makes beds or mattresses for the British or Swedish Royal family, people form the belief that those mattresses are great and worth their price because of the prestige of the people who sleep on them.
  • Exclusive selling value. Most of these mattresses are not for sale online or at common department stores. The fact that they are for sale only at Bloomington's or from a manufacturer in Britain or Sweden make them look so exclusive that wealthy people believe it lifts them out of the ordinary. This drives up the price.
  • The price contagion effect. People tend to think that something is great just because it is expensive. For example, when California researchers gave their study participants various wines to drink, people rated the wines more highly when they thought they were expensive. More interestingly even, when the researchers performed MRI scans of their brains, they found that people enjoyed the wines more when they thought they were expensive.(9) this overvaluing of something because of its high price can easily lead people to pay exorbitant prices for mattresses that objectively are not worth the price.
  • Brand value. Now that you have seen high-value brand names like Hästens and Vispring, you might be tempted to buy their cheaper models because you think the brands are great, again, just because they make very expensive products. Another contribution of brand names is in the construction material of these mattresses. For example, Moosburger horse tail, which you can find in most of these mattresses, has a brand reputation that plain old brandless horse tail does not have.
  • Ego and social comparison value. Some people spend large amounts to indicate to themselves and to others that they are successful, especially if they were raised in modest homes. Producers of expensive products often target them directly with pretty great products that are nevertheless objectively speaking not worth their asking price.

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Why are Some of the Prices So Imprecise?

Manufacturers of pricy products are often vague about their prices, firstly, because they don't sell online and, secondly, because the product is custom-built to each order.

When it comes to extremely expensive products that are not for sale online, the manufacturers or retailers prefer that potential clients contact them directly to build a personal relationship with them and to modify the product to their liking. After all, if you can afford to spend $150,000 on a mattress, an extra $10,000 or $20,000 for modifications and adjustments likely won't bother you.

Do I Need the Most Expensive Mattress for a Good Night's Sleep?

You certainly do not need to pay the prices of the mattresses on this list, because there is a price point beyond which you pay for exclusivity, history, fashion, unnecessarily pricey materials, and so forth. 

But there is a price below which a mattress is just a lump of foam that can provide neither comfort , like these comfortable ones, nor adequate support, let alone durability. They are simply a back or shoulder pain waiting to happen.(10)

To find out what is healthy and comfortable, it is prudent to be guided by reviews from real users and by the available research on construction materials. The best cheap mattresses here might help.

How Well are These Expensive Mattresses Researched?

No one other than the manufacturer really knows this. They probably do a lot of their own proprietary research which is never peer-reviewed or released. As such, we don't really know whether, for example, horse hair is a good cooling material because we never see their research and because other researchers have not studied it.


The most expensive mattresses in the world are certainly extremely pricey and can demonstrate that they have prestige and exclusivity, and that they are rare, durable, made of quality natural materials, and expensive to produce.

If you have ever owned or tested an extremely expensive mattress, please leave a comment and let us know how comfortable it was and whether you think it was worth the price.



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