Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses in 2021

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 38 minLast updated April 1, 2021

The definition of the most suitable mattress varies from person to person. That’s why shopping for a new bed can be quite overwhelming.

But let me first suggest you take a look at my reviews of the top 10 most comfortable mattresses.

I’ve thoroughly tested industry bestsellers and summed up my experience. Hopefully, this will help you find the model that appeals to you.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

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Second Best Choice

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Best for Cool Contouring

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The Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds
Best Eco-Friendly Pick

The Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds
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Best Value for Money

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Best for Hesitant Shoppers

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Nolah 10 Limited Edition
Best Cooling Foam Option

Nolah Original 10
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Best Budget Pick

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Best for Motion Absorption

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Layla Hybrid
Best for Flippable Firmness

Layla Hybrid
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Our Reviews of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses

Best Overall – Editor’s ChoiceSaatva


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  • three firmness options to satisfy different types of sleepers;
  • edge reinforcement to offer extra sleeping space;
  • pocketed comfort coils for targeted support.

The first item that deserves to be among the most comfortable mattresses is the Saatva, a hybrid innerspring mattress that combines comfort with reliability. Using a coil-on-coil system, this model delivers pinpoint support needed for a proper spinal alignment. For added comfort, there’s a thick pillow-top layer. It adds some extra cushioning and makes the Saatva feel luxuriously comfy. And since there are 3 firmness options available, chances are this model would work for pretty much any sleeper type.

All things considered, the Saatva is certainly worth your attention. It’s a sturdy mattress that does not sacrifice comfort for its reliable construction.

Second Best Choice — Winkbed


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  • Four firmness options, suitable for all body types and sleeping positions;
  • zoned coil support system for targeted back support and even pressure distribution;
  • Euro-top design with quilted gel memory foam for extra cushion and cooling.

The Winkbed has claimed its place in my review of the top 10 most comfortable mattresses for a few reasons. First and foremost, it offers a balanced feel and promotes even weight distribution. What’s more, it comes in four firmness options, with one of them being designed specifically for heavy users. This means the WinkBed can accommodate pretty much any sleeping position or body type, delivering both proper support and high comfort levels.

Depending on the model you choose, you can count on a zoned layer of springs or latex for more targeted support, or a sewn-in lumbar pad for better pressure relief in your lower back area. 

Along with that, each Winkbed mattress has a plush pillow-top padded with foam and infused with cooling gel, so you can expect both a reasonable amount of sinkage and cooler sleep.

Speaking of the basic features, the Winkbed has pretty sturdy edges, so you can be sure that the whole mattress area will be in use. However, models with a coil-on-coil design tend to be a bit too bouncy, which might be a turn-off for sensitive sleepers.

The Winkbed is very supportive and closely conforms to your spine. And the fact that the company caters to heavier users is just one of the many reasons why this mattress has made it onto this list.

Best for Cool Contouring — GhostBed

GhostBed Luxe

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  • open-cell latex comfort layer to maintain a cool sleeping environment;
  • extended warranty for your peace of mind;
  • gel-infused memory foam layer for sweat-free contouring.

The third best choice among the most comfortable mattresses is the GhostBed. It would be a perfect pick for those sleepers who appreciate close conforming and effective pressure relief but don’t want to deal with night sweats. You see, the GhostBed uses aerated latex that is naturally temperature-neutral. Plus, while offering effective contouring, latex isn’t very hugging, which means you won’t feel stuck (and therefore, won’t have to deal with trapped body heat). Plus, the second layer (foam) is infused with gel for extra cooling.

Overall, the GhostBed mattress has a smart construction that is meant to help almost any user remain comfortably cool during the night.

Best Eco-Friendly Pick – The Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds

Botanical Bliss

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  • organic latex construction, ideal for eco-conscious users;
  • two firmness options to accommodate different body types;
  • organic wool top for extra comfort and temperature regulation.

Another bed I simply must mention in my review of the most comfortable mattresses is the Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds. If you appreciate eco-friendly materials, then this bed would be the pick for you.

With its organic Dunlop latex, the Botanical Bliss combines both comfort and safety. There’s an extra comfort layer of organic New Zealand wool, which helps with thermoregulation. The cover is 100% cotton. It’s pleasant to touch, breathable, and most importantly hypoallergenic.

What wins me over the most is the number of options the Botanical Bliss has to offer. The mattress comes in two firmness levels — Medium, and Medium-Firm. Plus, there are three thickness levels to choose from. This means there’s a suitable mattress firmness for almost any user, and as long as you enjoy the bouncy feel of latex, you’ll be able to pick a perfect option for yourself.

To sum up, the Botanical Bliss is a great find, especially for those who want safe and natural materials. This organic mattress works for different types of sleepers and offers great value for money.

Best Value for Money – Puffy

puffy mattress

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  • gel-infused top layer for a cooling effect;
  • proprietary Firm Core support foam for even weight distribution and spinal alignment;
  • removable, machine-washable, stain-resistant cover for fuss-free maintenance.

If you are looking for good value, let me introduce you to the Puffy. This mattress might not come with all the bells and whistles, but it has smart construction and offers quite a few perks for a reasonable price. 

The Puffy includes three foam layers. The bottom layer is made of polyfoam, which is sturdy and serves as a supportive base. Then you’ve got the transition layer for a more balanced feel, and finally, the gel-infused comfort layer which combines cradling and cooling effects.

The Puffy has a medium feel. This allows for a generous amount of sinkage and great pressure relieving properties. Combined with the dense support layer, the Puffy helps your spine remain in a neutral position while eliminating pressure points.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much from this mattress, but it managed to impress me. For such a reasonable price, the Puffy has quite a lot to boast about. 

puffy mattress cover review

Best for Hesitant Shoppers – Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud Mattress

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  • breathable construction helps create a temperature-neutral sleeping environment;
  • individually wrapped coils for targeted and consistent support across the entire mattress surface;
  • Stay-Put technology for superb motion isolation, ideal for couples, and restless sleepers.

Let’s start this list of most comfortable mattresses with the Dreamcloud. This mattress literally has everything most people look for in a great bed. It’s made of luxurious materials, offers great support for your spine, and gently hugs your body in any sleeping position.

Thanks to the combination of individually wrapped coils, soft foam layers, and a quilted plush cover, the Dreamcloud has a medium to medium-firm feel. This makes it a great pick for side and back sleepers.

The coils contribute to proper edge support and ensure the whole mattress is at your service. So, if you share a bed with someone who likes to stretch, the Dreamcloud will help you get the space you need to sleep comfortably.

I really loved sleeping on the Dreamcloud and recommend it to all my friends. The manufacturer did a great job creating a mattress that brings you the most peaceful sleep.

There are many things to love the Dreamcloud for, including its sturdy construction and a smart combination of layers. However, what makes it stand out from most competitors is an extended sleep trial. So, if you are not sure about what mattress you need or what would make you feel the most comfortable, you can test the Dreamcloud mattress for a whole year to figure out how well it suits your requirements.

Best Cooling Foam Option – Nolah Original 10

nolah mattress

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  • proprietary open-cell foam for excellent pressure relief without overheating;
  • high-resilience transition layer to minimize the quicksand feeling;
  • universal medium feel, suitable for multiple sleeping positions and body types.

If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress that offers a good hug without leaving you sleeping hot, then the Nolah Original 10 is ideal for you.

Because this is an all-foam mattress, it gives great results when it comes to pressure relief. However, the Nolah won’t make you feel stuck in your bed thanks to its bouncy transition layer. Nolah’s top comfort layer uses a special AirFoam which doesn’t contain temperature-sensitive chemicals and hence, helps you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

As for the cover, Nolah currently gives its customers two options: viscose and Tencel. The dual-colored viscose cover is thin and breathable, which ensures proper air circulation during the night. As for the Tencel option (which is a limited edition), it also does a great job of keeping a neutral temperature. What’s more, It’s all white and takes fewer resources to make, which means a lower mattress price.

To sum up, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of foam mattresses without risking a hot sleep, opt for the Nolah Original. It offers high comfort levels and remains temperature-neutral which means you can rest easy all night long.

nolah mattress cover
nolah mattress construction

Best Budget Pick – Nectar


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  • removable cover for easy cleaning;
  • gel memory foam comfort layer for pleasant pressure relief without sacrificing thermoregulation;
  • balanced medium-firm feel that provides decent support without making you feel stuck.

The selection of highly-rated mattresses continues with the mattress model by Nectar. I placed it here because it has everything a reliable mattress has, yet its price won’t make you faint at the store. 

The Nectar consists of five foam layers wrapped in a Tencel cover. Thanks to its use of foam, it features incredibly low motion transfer, so you won’t feel your restless bedmate’s movements while they’re trying to get comfy on their side of the bed.

Also, the Nectar uses plant-based foam with an open-cell structure, so you won’t be drowning in sweat during the night. And the breathable Tencel cover has great moisture-wicking properties that enhance the cooling effect.

Finally, the Nectar has a medium-firm feel, which is best for average-weight side and back sleepers and also suitable for heavier users. It offers you a good hug without the quicksand feel, so you can easily shift positions during the night.

The Nectar is a great example of what a budget-friendly mattress should be like. It makes you feel comfortable in any sleeping position, doesn’t sleep hot, and is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years.

Best for Motion Absorption – Novosbed

Novosbed Mattress

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  • three firmness options to meet various users’ demands and accommodate different body types;
  • excellent motion absorbing properties to minimize nighttime disturbances;
  • removable, washable cover for easy cleaning.

Good motion absorption is a common feature in many foam mattresses, but sometimes it comes with that quicksand effect, making you feel like you’re trapped in your bed. I recently tested the Novosbed, and I can say with confidence this mattress is an exception. The Novosbed doesn’t restrict your movements and remains very cradling, and that’s why I’ve placed it in my review of the most comfortable mattresses. 

The Novosbed is made of dense foam which helps it maintain its uniform surface. It also has surprisingly good edge support for a memory foam mattress.

The upper layer is made of breathable foam that dissipates your body heat better than the first-generation viscoelastic foam. Combine it with a cooling Tencel cover, and you’ll get both a refreshing sleep and a nice hug. 

The mattress is available in three firmness levels. Each level offers precise contouring and motion absorption, making it easier for you to find your most suitable firmness option.

I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on the Novosbed. It’s a great mattress that can support the natural curve of your spine and offer you uninterrupted sleep.

Best for Flippable Firmness – Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid

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  • two firmness levels in one mattress to accommodate a wide range of sleepers;
  • zoned customized support for proper spinal alignment;
  • zippered cover for easy removal and cleaning.

The next mattress I want to mention in my review is the hybrid by Layla. This is a flippable model, which means you can enjoy two firmness levels in one mattress. It’s a great option for those sleepers who aren’t sure what comfort level they need. There are also integrated handles to help you flip the mattress easier.

The Layla uses individually pocketed coils to deliver sturdy, reliable support. The comfort layers on both sides use copper and gel-infused memory foam. It effectively contours one’s body but doesn’t trap heat thanks to the cooling components in its construction. The transition layers feature a zoned support system to promote optimal weight distribution and spinal alignment.

Another cool thing about the Layla is edge support. Whether you need more sleeping space or rely on the mattress edges to support you when trying to get out of bed, you will not be disappointed.

In short, the hybrid by Layla has a lot to offer and can make many sleepers happy. It’s a rather versatile model that has a balanced feel and a sturdy construction.

What’s the Most Comfortable Mattress Type?

While scrolling through 10 most comfortable mattresses, you may start wondering: which mattress type is the best? After all, the market can boast of a wide variety of quality beds, each of which uses different materials. Here’s the deal: There’s no universally comfortable mattress type. They all have their peculiarities and special characteristics. While one mattress type appeals to certain users, it can also make others feel extremely uncomfortable. So, let’s look at the common bed types and see which one could work for you:

Memory foam

Created by NASA-funded researchers, memory foam was meant to provide enough cushioning for pilots during test flights. These days, the material has a simpler (but still important) role. Memory foam is used in quality mattresses to deliver a combination of superb support and pressure relief The visco-elastic chemicals in memory foam allow it to adapt to one’s body and its curves. This material offers close conforming and has a very slow response. It also absorbs motion quite well, which makes memory foam ideal for couples (especially sensitive sleepers). Due to its generous cushioning, memory foam is a popular option for arthritis and fibromyalgia patients.  However, some memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot. If you are a heavier sleeper, you will sink in deeper, and that could make you overheat during the night. Some manufacturers use open-cell or gel-infused foam in their mattresses to make them more temperature-neutral.


Similar to memory foam, polyfoam is cushioning and supportive at the same time. It has a faster response and won’t make sleepers feel stuck in the bed. Manufacturers often combine different polyfoam densities to achieve a more balanced feel. The high-resiliency polyfoam tends to be of higher quality. It also has a longer lifespan, so you may want to check the foam type when shopping. Keep in mind that high-resiliency polyfoam is more expensive than regular grade material.


Innerspring mattresses use coils (mostly pocketed) for the support base. As for the comfort layer, it may be foam (usually thin) or micro-coils, depending on the model. Spring beds are favored for the stable, consistent support they provide. They usually have strong edges, which is a great option for couples who require more sleeping space. Innerspring mattresses are quite bouncy and allow for effortless moving and shifting. They are easy to get in and out of, which makes spring mattresses suitable for people with slight mobility issues. Additionally, coils are great for air circulation, which means spring beds most likely won’t sleep hot.


Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees. There’s also synthetic latex, which is usually made with a certain type of plastic. Both natural and synthetic latex conform closely to one’s body and offer superb pressure relief. However, latex is quite bouncy and doesn’t allow for too much sinkage. It might make you feel like you’re sleeping “on” your bed rather than “in” it. Another cool thing about latex mattresses is that they don’t trap heat, which makes them ideal for hot sleepers. Plus, latex mattresses are extremely durable.


Hybrid mattresses typically combine an innerspring support core and foam (sometimes latex) comfort layers. Such mattresses have a very balanced feel. They are supportive (even around the edges) and can effectively relieve pressure. Now, hybrid beds are quite expensive. They also tend to be thick and very heavy, which can become an issue if you plan to move. Air mattresses are sometimes used as regular beds, but not all of them offer proper support. To get the most out of your air mattress, you might have to invest in a more expensive model, preferably something with an air chamber system.

Picking a Comfortable Mattress According to Your Sleeping Position

Even the comfiest bed in the world can make you feel terrible when it doesn’t suit your sleeping position.

So, to avoid that, let’s learn how to pick a suitable mattress according to how you typically sleep:

  • On your side. Side sleepers often experience pressure points on their shoulders and hips. Therefore, softer mattresses with enough cradling are recommended for this sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper with shoulder pain, check out our 5 best mattresses for shoulder pain relief.
  • On your back. Back sleepers need proper support and spinal alignment. Additionally, they require a moderate amount of sinkage for the hips and buttocks. Medium firmness should be comfortable enough for this sleeping position. However, if you weigh more than 250 pounds, you should consider a medium-firm bed.
  • On your stomach. For this sleeping position, proper support is a must. Stomach sleepers are recommended to buy medium-firm or firm mattresses to avoid creating unhealthy curves in the spine.

As for combination sleepers, they tend to switch positions during the night. A suitable mattress should be responsive enough to allow for that. Medium firmness is recommended, but if you are heavier than average, you may want to try a medium-firm bed.

So, What Makes a Really Comfortable Mattress?

This question is probably the most important one when it comes to choosing a proper mattress. However, there’s no universal answer to it.

A few parameters that may define whether or not a bed will be comfortable enough for you do exist.

And I’ve listed them below to help you find the perfect mattress:

  • Edge support. A mattress with sturdy edges is less likely to start sagging within the first few years of use. It’s especially crucial if you spend a lot of time sitting on your mattress. Also, when the perimeter is strong, the whole mattress surface is available to you, which is important if you share a bed with someone. Typically, mattresses with coils have better edge support, but you can find a fairly sturdy perimeter in mattresses made of dense foam as well.
  • Motion response. This is a key component of uninterrupted sleep. Some mattresses, especially innerspring and hybrid ones, may be too bouncy and disrupt your shut-eye if your bedmate is an active sleeper (or if you allow your pet to sleep in your bed). Foam mattresses are best in this regard. They absorb the motion you or your partner might make during sleep, thus preventing you both from waking each other.
  • Thermoregulation. Sleeping on hot summer nights can be really uncomfortable. But for some people, any night can be that uncomfortable. If you’re prone to sleeping hot, choose natural and breathable materials such as latex, wool, or cotton. Also, mattresses with coils can promote better airflow. If you’re a fan of memory foam, which is known for trapping heat, look for beds made of foam with an open-cell structure. They will retain much less heat.
  • Firmness. This is a subjective parameter that is tied to your body weight and preferred sleeping position. The best way to find out what firmness level you need is to test a few mattresses at the store. Note that innerspring and hybrid mattresses typically feel a bit firmer than foam or latex mattresses of the same level of firmness. Check out our best medium-firm mattresses here and extra-firm mattresses here.
  • Durability. You probably don’t want to replace your mattress every five years, so checking the durability is important. Read mattress user reviews to fully understand how well the bed performs. Remember that latex is believed to be the most long-lasting mattress material. Hybrid and innerspring models, which have coils inside, tend to be more resistant to sagging, and hence, may also serve you for quite a long time.


Picking a comfortable mattress has never been easier.

After all, we have so many awesome models to choose from.

As for me, I have made up my mind: the Saatva hybrid is my personal favorite. This model combines everything you might want to see in a comfortable mattress: reliable construction, optimal support, comfort, and variability. I’m sure you (just like me) will appreciate the plush pillow-top backed by resilient coils that can keep one’s spine in proper alignment all through the night.

Keep in mind that your new bed has to work for you. Pay attention to the firmness level in order to pick the one best suited for your specific sleeping position. Don’t forget about motion isolation if you share your bed with a significant other. And, of course, remember that all mattress materials have their unique feel: bouncy, responsive, cradling, resilient, and so on. Decide what will work for you and enjoy shopping!

Have you found a new favorite mattress in this selection? Tell me what factors are the most important to you when choosing a new bed? I’d love to know your opinion!


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