5 Best Minimalist Bed Frames

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 19 minLast updated June 8, 2020

I love that minimalist and conscious living is a trend today.

However, when you start looking for a bed frame that will fit your light and airy bedroom, you may find out that the whole market is invaded by those Victorian and vintage designs with a lot of details.

Don’t worry, though!

I totally support you on your way to creating a simplistic interior! That’s why I’ve found and reviewed five best minimalist bed frames. So, check them out and feel free to choose the one that will appeal to you the most.

A Quick Preview

Zinus Suzanne
Editor's choice

Zinus Suzanne
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Best Minimalist Queen Bed Frame

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Best Wooden Minimalist Bed Frame

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Zinus Arnav
Best Noise-Free Minimalist Bed Frame

Zinus Arnav
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KD Frames Fold Platform Bed
Best Foldable Option

KD Frames Fold Platform Bed
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Minimalist Bed Frames

Editor's choice - Zinus Suzanne

Zinus Suzanne

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  • reinforces the edge support of your mattress;
  • easy assembly;
  • prevents your mattress from sliding off.

I decided to begin my review of the best minimalist bed frames with the Zinus model. This bed frame has a headboard, so it resembles a regular bed, which might be a defining factor for some.

The Suzanne combines a sturdy steel perimeter and wooden slats that have a moderate bounce. Construction like this can make a good pick for owners of memory foam mattresses with subpar edge support.

Now, the bed frame comes with a non-slip tape that you can stick around the perimeter. The tape will hold your mattress in place, which is beneficial if you or your partner are active sleepers or if your mattress has a slippery cover.

Despite many parts, the Suzanne can be assembled without much effort even for me, and I hate assembling things, to be honest. There are no missing hardware or damaged parts, so the whole process will take you about 20-30 minutes.

I can easily recommend this minimalist bed frame with a headboard for older mattresses which might have lost their bounce and uniformity. The Suzanne can compensate for these flaws and aid in better sleep.

Best Minimalist Queen Bed Frame - Mellow


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  • heavy-duty construction;
  • rounded corners for safety;
  • easy assembly.

Here comes another option on my list of bed frames with a minimalistic design. The Mellow features basic construction yet has some distinctive features that can make you want to get it. Let me tell you more.

First, the bed frame is made of high-quality steel from top to bottom, so you can expect great durability and incredible support for your mattress. The Mellow works with any type of mattress, but I recommend it to owners of heavy and bulky beds, such as hybrid or latex ones.

Second, the frame I tested is only 9 inches high (although you can purchase the 12-inch option). So, if you have a high-profile mattress, pairing it with the Mellow can make an organic combo.

Finally, the manufacturer has designed this frame with rounded corners, so you won’t accidentally injure yourself if you bump on the corner.

Overall, I can say that this top-rated minimalist Queen bed frame is a decent pick for those who need something long-lasting, nice-looking, and simple.

Best Wooden Minimalist Bed Frame - eLuxurySupply


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  • weight capacity up to 900 lbs;
  • well-made joints don’t squeak;
  • comes in four colors.

Another candidate in my review of the best minimalist bed frames is the eLuxurySupply model. Just look at this wooden beauty with a simple yet sturdy design! It comes in four different finishes, so it will make a good fit for any modern interior.

The first thing about this bed frame that caught my eye was its weight capacity. The eLuxurySupply can hold up to 900 lbs of weight, so it may suit heavy sleepers or couples, as well as owners of latex mattresses (as these tend to be the heaviest).

The slats are spaced 6 inches apart, but they are wide enough to create a uniform surface even for a memory foam bed without causing sagging.

Also, the frame doesn’t require much time for assembly, and if you’ve done it right, the eLuxurySupply frame will stay completely noiseless and won’t bother your shut-eye with annoying sounds.

To sum up, I will say that this wooden minimalist bed frame is a good choice for almost everyone. If you aren’t too tight on a budget, I’d definitely recommend you go for it.

Best Noise-Free Minimalist Bed Frame - Zinus ArnavZinus Arnav

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  • silent design;
  • prevents premature sagging of your mattress;
  • has protection caps on the legs.

The next item in my review of the best minimalist bed frames is the Arnav by Zinus. This frame features a metal perimeter and wooden slats and is completely noise-free. My wife tested it with me and had no complaints, and she’s quite a sensitive sleeper. But it’s not the only feature I want to highlight.

So, along with the foam padding that contributes to quiet construction, the Arnav comes with a non-slip tape that will hold your mattress in place. Restless sleepers and their partners, you may want to pay attention to that.

The frame has ten 3-inch wide wooden slats that are spaced nearly 4-4.5” apart. This is enough to create a uniform surface for any mattress, including soft foam models. Also, the wider spaces will allow better air circulation under the mattress, which is great for mold prevention.

So, if you’re sensitive to noise and want a bed frame that is built to last, the Arnav by Zinus will make a great choice for you.

Best Foldable Option - KD Frames Fold Platform BedKD Frames Fold Platform Bed

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  • tulip poplar wood;
  • round edges;
  • quick folding design;
  • 4 sizes available.

And the last pick in my selection of highly rated minimalist bed frames is this sleek-looking wooden model by KD Frames. Featuring a minimalistic yet efficient design, this bed frame can be used in pretty much any room and offers great portability.

Now, the first thing that may catch your eye is the looks of this bed. Using smooth unfinished tulip poplar, it can freshen up your room thanks to its lovely light color. The round edges give it a softer look and make this bed frame safer for families with kids or users who can be a bit clumsy sometimes.

This model may also surprise you with its sturdy construction. There are 6 legs and wooden slats, which make this bed frame feel solid and reliable. And the foldable design will come in handy if you’re moving or want to use the frame for occasional guests. Whatever the case is, you’ll be able to fold this frame in seconds and store it compactly.

Overall, this is a great example of a truly minimalistic bed. It looks sleek and offers reliability and versatility in use.

What You Should Know About Minimalist Bed Frames

I often hear that people feel reluctant to purchase bed frames with a basic design and give their preference to traditional bed frame styles (1). The common belief is that they’re less supportive, poorly made, and somewhat boring.

It’s not true, though.

The truth is, minimalist bed frames have several great advantages over classic models:

  • They tend to be on the cheaper side. Minimalist bed frames are simpler in design, meaning they require less time and resources to be made, which reduces their cost. By opting for such a bed frame, you can save some money and invest it in a more comfortable mattress to sleep on.
  • They come in a variety of designs. The term ‘minimalist’ doesn’t stand for ‘generic’ or ‘boring’. Minimalist frames may have a unique vibe thanks to a more diverse color and texture palette.
  • They don’t make small spaces look and feel cramped. A simple design, which also often is low-profile, can make even a heavy hybrid mattress feel less bulky, thus adding some airiness to your bedroom interior, which is great if your bedroom is small.
  • They can be paired with higher mattresses. Since many minimalist bed frames sit low to the ground, they can support thicker mattresses without creating an awkwardly high bed.

A standard bed frame would make your bed around 25 inches tall, which is considered generally comfortable for most people. The ideal height of your bed would allow you to sit on the edge and reach the floor with your feet (2).

Also, you can combine your bed frame with a bunkie board or a thin box spring to create a sturdier and more uniform support surface for your mattress.

A minimalist bed frame made of high-quality steel can easily support up to 1,200 lbs, which makes it a great pick for a large sleeper or even a heavy couple.

How to Choose a Suitable Minimalist Bed Frame for Your Mattress?

Even if you’ve set your mind on buying a basic bed frame, the variety of options is still pretty wide. So, to find the one that will work for you personally, you need to consider a lot of things

I have arranged them into a list so you can easily make your checks:

  • Purpose. How to Choose a Suitable Minimalist Bed Frame for Your MattressAre you planning to sleep on your bed regularly or install it in the guest room?  Or, maybe you’re looking for a sex-friendly bed frame? You should consider how actively you’re going to use your bed before you make a choice. For example, a basic wooden frame could work for occasional shut-eye, while a metal frame would make a better pick for romantic activities due to its noise-free design.
  • Materials. A wooden frame is bouncier but also heavier, especially if it’s made of solid wood. Also, wood is more prone to squeaking. And while you can still easily fix it in most cases (3), this issue may become annoying with time. Steel frames, on the other hand, typically feature hollow construction, so they’re lighter than wood and more durable as well. Models that combine wooden slats and a steel perimeter are usually the best because they offer the best of both worlds.
  • Ease of assembly. Buying a minimalist bed frame, you probably expect the assembly process to fit under the definition of minimalism as well. So, you may want to look for foldable frames or those with a snap-lock assembly. However, a frame that requires you to put some effort into its assembly might appear more durable and sturdier, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting model, don’t freak out when you see lots of bolts and nuts.
  • Extra features. Do you need your frame to have a headboard and footboard? Or, do you want it to come with a non-slip tape to keep your mattress from sliding? If you’re an active sleeper, the latter may be helpful. And the former is a plus for those who want a more traditional look. Keep in mind the image of your perfect bed to understand which extra features are worthy of paying for and which aren’t.
  • Design. Obviously, you need your frame to match the style of your bedroom interior in terms of color and texture. If you can’t find the right fit, you can always go with a classic black color and possibly metal (metal frames tend to have thinner support bars, so if the color or style isn’t the perfect fit, this will be less noticeable). 


Where to buy a minimalist bed frame?

Buying online is more efficient these days since you can get the best price and choose among a wider assortment. You can check Amazon or websites of bed frame manufacturers such as Zinus.com.


The modern market slowly but surely adapts to user needs. Today, finding a decent bed frame with a minimalist design isn’t very difficult. All the models I’ve reviewed here are very durable and work great in terms of support. So, choosing one of them, you won’t be disappointed. As for my favorite, I’d pick the Zinus Suzanne. I love everything about this bed frame: the design, the ease of assembly, and how it enhances the supportive properties of the mattress. I think that it will make a great purchase for anyone. So, why are you considering minimalist bed frames? What key qualities should it have to fit your demands? Share your thoughts below!


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