Best Mattresses with Free Trials (365 and 100 days)

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 30 minLast updated on March 7, 2023

Free trials are some of the best ways to try mattresses purchased online risk-free. However, it can be hard to tell which free trials are better than others, and which mattress is the best in terms of comfort and quality. After all, it’s better to be in a position where you choose the right mattress and don’t need to return it, instead of choosing the wrong one and having to act on that free trial.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of my top five best mattresses with free trials and some helpful tips and tricks on choosing the right mattress with a free trial for your home.

Let’s take a look.


Puffy mattress
Editor’s Choice

Puffy Mattress
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Amerisleep AS3
Best for Partnered Sleep

Amerisleep AS3
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Saatva Classic Mattress
Best Luxury

Saatva Classic Mattress
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Plank Firm Mattress
Best Extra-Firm Option

Plank Firm Mattress
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Winkbed Mattress
Best Hybrid Mattress

Winkbed Mattress
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Our Review of the 5 Best Mattresses with Free Trials

Best Overall  — Puffy Mattress (101-Night Sleep Trial)

Puffy Mattress

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  • Cooling Cloud foam layer’s gel infusion helps minimize heat, keeping you cooler.
  • Thick comfort layers ensure your shoulders and hips have enough sinkage for pressure alleviation.
  • Slow-adapting memory foam isolates motion, helping you sleep undisturbed.

The Puffy is my best overall mattress with a free trial (101 nights) due to its ability to regulate temperature, high sinkage, and motion-isolating properties. I tested Puffy for temperature regulation and was pleasantly surprised. The mattress was recorded at 74.9 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to keep you from feeling like you may overheat during the night. Compared to the Plank with cooling panel, Puffy is 20% more cooling. Puffy also has a high amount of sinkage, which I measured at about 2.5 inches (2 inches being the absolute minimum I like to see). This helped to re-distribute my weight and relieve tension. Puffy is also on my list for mattresses with a 100-day trial as its trial period is one day over the 100-day mark.

Another feature I measured regarding Puffy is its ability to isolate motion. From my compression tests, Puffy isolated most motion so a partner wouldn’t be disturbed by small or moderate movements. This can be helpful if you’re a light sleeper and get woken up easily at night.

What I Don't Like About This Mattress

One factor I don’t like about Puffy is that it may feel a bit too slow, and make moving in bed freely a little challenging.

Read our full Puffy mattress review for more information.

puffy mattress firmness
Puffy Mattress On Bed Frame

Best for Partnered Sleep — Amerisleep AS3 (100-Night Sleep Trial)

Amerisleep AS3

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  • Dense Bio-Pur® foam is slow to adapt to the body’s curves, helping to isolate motion from a partner.
  • HIVE® technology gives adaptive pressure relief, ensuring you’re cradled and supported.
  • The removable cover can be washed, ensuring your bed is always fresh and clean.

The Amerisleep AS3 is my best mattress with a free trial (100 nights) for partnered sleep as it is excellent at isolating motion. Based on our tests, the Amerisleep AS3 recovered from compressions after 0.9 seconds, which is quicker than the Puffy by 0.8 seconds; however, the AS3 is still slow enough to isolate most motion, helping you stay asleep when a partner tosses and turns beside you. Motion isolation is one of the best ways partnered sleep can be improved so both of you stay less disturbed, leading to fewer wake-ups at night. In addition, the AS3 uses a unique HIVE® technology that counters the slow-adaptive top layer, which helps cushion and support, so you don’t feel stuck in the layers, enhancing the ease of movement.

Another feature I think you’ll like about the AS3 is its removable cover, where the top can be unzipped and thrown in the wash within 10 seconds. This allows you to easily keep your bed stain, dust, and allergen-free for a cleaner sleeping space.

What I Don’t Like About This Mattress

One feature I don’t like about the Amerisleep AS3 is that, due to the unique and breathable cover, it feels a bit slippery and does not feel as stable while sitting on the edges.

Read our full Amerisleep AS3 mattress review for more information.

Side Sleeping on the Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep AS3 on a bed frame

Best Luxury — Saatva Classic Mattress (365-Night Sleep Trial)

Saatva Classic Mattress

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  • Tufted euro-pillow top and detailed trim on this mattress elevate the look of your bedroom.
  • Lumbar Zone® features help keep your spine straight and supported.
  • Memory foam top layers ensure maximum comfort with adequate sinkage.

The Saatva is my best luxury mattress with a free trial (365 nights) due to its luxury design, conforming memory foam, and lumbar technology. Saatva looks as good as it feels, with a tufted euro pillow top that makes your bedroom look like a 5-star hotel. The memory foam within the pillow top is also highly conforming, able to provide pressure relief and ease in reducing muscle tension. This, I think, is a wide difference compared to the Plank, which is much firmer. Saatva is also on my list of top mattresses with a 365-day trial, as its trial period is three times longer than the most common 100-day trial period on the market.

The Lumbar Zone® Technology Saatva uses is also a feature I think is worth mentioning. There is a thin layer of foam in the center third of the mattress, along with coils right below it that work together to keep the hips and spine lifted and in a neutral line. 

What I Don't Like About This Mattress

One feature I don’t like about the Saatva is, due to its bouncy coils, it doesn’t have as good of motion isolation as say, Puffy, so you may feel larger movements from a partner more easily.

Read our full Saatva mattress review for more information.

Best Extra-Firm Option — Plank Firm Mattress (120-Night Sleep Trial)

Plank Firm Mattress

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  • Extra Firm side has only 0.75 inches of cushioning, keeping your spine straighter.
  • Optional GlacioTex cover can be added for an extra cooling effect to regulate temperature.
  • Strong foam core increases the durability of your mattress, helping your mattress last longer.

The Plank is my best extra-firm mattress with a free trial due to its Extra Firm side, durable foam core, and GlacioTex cover. I tested Plank and can confirm its Extra Firm side is quite good if you need reliable back support. It had a sinkage of about 1 inch, which is good for enhancing a neutral, tension-free spine. This contrasts with the Winkbed, where the Plank was 2.4 times more firming than the Winkbed. On top of this, the Plank’s high-density foam core can handle the extra weight, is highly durable, and can last longer due to the stronger materials used. The Plank also has a standard trial period, making it a good mattress with a 100-day trial, however, both Saatva and Nectar offer 3 times longer trials. 

Another point on the Plank that I was able to test was its optional GlacioTex cover. It’s made of Phase Change Material (PCM), which is more cooling than Saatva’s standard cotton cover. That means the Plank will feel cool to the touch every time you flip to a new area of the mattress.

What I Don't Like About This Mattress

One thing I dislike about the Plank is that it isn’t ideal for side sleepers. Side sleepers need cushioning for their shoulders and hips to feel comfortable; however, the Extra Firm side may be too firm to allow for enough give.

Read our full Plank mattress review for more information.

Plank Mattress Types of Sleepers
Plank Mattress On Bed Frame

Best Hybrid Mattress — Winkbeds Mattress (120-Night Sleep Trial)

Winkbed Mattress

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  • Three-fold cooling system helps keep you at a neutral temperature throughout the night.
  • Euro pillow top is cradling, easily managing pressure points, so you stay tension-free better.
  • Coil system is responsive, helping keep the spine in better alignment.

The Winkbed is my best hybrid mattress due to its responsive coil system, euro pillow top, and three-fold cooling system. I tested the Winkbed Luxury Firm, and found it had a very good bounce level of 9.89 inches. I look for at least 8 inches when measuring bounce, as this is the minimum bounce that a high-quality mattress should have, based on my experience testing mattresses. This means the Winkbed is suitable for good back support, as well as ensuring you don’t feel stuck in the layers of the mattress. Winkbed was 20% more responsive than the Plank, however, the Plank’s lack of bounce is moderately standard for all-foam mattresses. As a hybrid, Winkbed is able to balance its excellent responsiveness with a 3-inch cradling euro pillow top. I felt comfortable on my side and back especially, which was more than enough foam to sink into.

On top of this, Winkbed has a few tricks for keeping you cool. I tested its Tencel cover, and noted its cool-to-the-touch feel. Coupled with a gel memory foam top layer and breathable coils, heat is encouraged to be drawn away from the body and dispersed through the mattress. I never felt hot while using my Winkbed, making this a suitable option if you’re looking for a free trial mattress that can regulate heat.

What I Don't Like About This Mattress

One feature I don’t like about this mattress is that its responsive coils don’t absorb as much motion as I would like, making this not the best option if you get disturbed from a pattern’s movements easily.

Read our full Winkbed mattress review for more information.

Winkbed Mattress On a Bed Frame

Our methodology - Why I Picked These Mattresses

The best mattresses with free trials almost always have longer trial periods between 100-300 days, thick memory foam top layers, and either a sturdy foam core, or a durable coil system. This ensures the mattress can last a long time, and be worth its free trial if you intend to keep the mattress.

When selecting mattresses, I only added the ones to my list that had 5 or more inches of bounce, a trial period of at least 100 days, and temperatures lower than 90 degrees. We also checked for other criteria when reviewing our mattresses, such as how motion isolating the mattress was, how much sinkage it had, and how quickly or slowly it would bounce back from compressions. Below, I’ll share more methodology tips on choosing the right mattress with the best free trial.

How to Choose the Best Mattresses with Free Trials: Factors to Consider

To choose the best mattress with a free trial, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  • The comfort levels.
  • The trial period.
  • The return policy.
  • The warranty.
  • And the overall cost.

Comfort Levels of the Mattress

When it comes to getting a free mattress through a trial period, it’s important to consider the overall comfort of that mattress, as in how thick its comfort layers are, and if it’s made up of memory foam or not. Thick comfort layers of at least three inches provide enough sinkage for your body, even if you sleep on your side. Side sleepers need extra cushioning for their shoulders and hips, and if the memory foam is of high density, two to three inches is more than enough for adequate pressure relief.

The best mattresses with free trials should also be similar to mattresses that don’t sag, with durable cores made up of coils or high-density foam that can take extra weight. The more weight a mattress can handle, the longer the integrity of the mattress will last, which is good if you’re looking for something that’s high-quality. This is key, as a mattress without a supportive core can cause the spine to bed out of alignment. This can pose a risk factor for back pain and a lower quality of restful sleep, which studies have shown there is a defined link between lower back pain and sleep (1).

Trial Period of the Mattress

The trial period of the best mattress with free trials should aim to be anywhere between 100-300 days. The longer the trial period is, the more the mattress company has confidence in its product quality, which means there’s more time for you to try the mattress out. Typically, a trial period between 100-300 days is a good place to start, as this gives you enough time to try the mattress out before deciding if it’s right for you or not.

From this list and the online mattress market, the two longest trial periods would be Nectar and Saatva, as they are both mattresses with 365-day trial periods. 

Return Policy of the Mattress

The return policy of the mattress plays a key role in choosing the best mattress, as mattresses with free returns are some of the best policies available. Puffy, for example, provides a full refund for a successful return. Nectar also offers full refunds for the successful return of a bed. Even Purple doesn’t charge restocking fees for their mattresses.

It’s important to note that not all mattress companies offer mattresses with free returns, as some may charge a restocking fee. For example, Saatva doesn’t have a re-stocking fee, but they do charge a $99 processing fee for picking up your mattress. The Plank also has a re-stocking fee of 15% of the mattress’ price, but as Plank is the most cost-effective mattress on this list, the numbers don’t add up too much.

Most online retailers offer free returns to keep up with the competition and to give their customers peace of mind. 

Warranty of the Mattress

The warranty of the mattress is important to consider, as some of the best mattresses cover defects and have a reasonable length of coverage, are non-prorated and transferable, and use clear guidelines. A good length for a warranty is at least 10 years, the average being 10 to 20 years. Some warranties are for a much shorter period of time (such as 1 to 2 years), while others are lifetime warranties, the longest warranty a mattress can have.

A good warranty typically includes mattresses with lifetime warranties and non-prorated coverage (which means you’re not responsible for paying for any repairs or replacements within the warranty period). A good warranty is also usually transferable if you decide to sell the mattress to another owner, and uses clear guidelines that are easy to understand, so you know what you’re getting into.

On the other hand, a poor warranty may not be clear to read, includes prorated coverage, or may be non-transferable.

Cost of the Mattress

The cost of the mattress is also an important factor to consider when choosing the right mattress with a free trial, as you should know your budget and how much you should spend on a mattress before going ahead with the purchase.

This also factors into choosing the right mattress for a guest room, or best mattress for an Airbnb vacation rental, as the cost for additional beds or a business space should be heavily considered before committing to anything. Some companies, like Saatva, may offer a free trial, but have a more expensive price point of the mattress to compensate. Other mattress companies, like Cocoon by Sealy, may offer no-frills luxury mattresses, while others go the full nine miles to deliver a luxury experience to their mattresses. Knowing which is better suited to your budget is essential before going ahead with any one mattress, as you’ll be able to make a better decision on if you want a mattress that’s designed for luxury, or a mattress that’s designed to offer the essentials without the bells and whistles.

Things to Avoid When Choosing Mattresses with Free Trials

things to avoid when choosing mattresses with free trials

The top things to avoid when choosing mattresses with free trials include:

  • Choosing a too-short trial period.
  • Not understanding the break-in policy.
  • Not understanding the return policy.

A too-short trial period (anything less than 100 days) may impact your ability to thoroughly test the mattress, decide if it's right for you, and if you want to keep it. Always lean towards longer trial periods, so you have enough time to decide if you like a mattress and want to keep it. The good news is that mattress returns are on the low end, accounting for only 7% of purchases, so the chances that you’ll like and keep what you choose are quite high (3).

Some mattress companies have break-in periods where they expect you to sleep on the mattress for a certain number of nights before you are eligible to return it. A 30-days break-in period is the most common on the market. It’s always good to review the free trial policy before committing so you know if the company uses a break-in policy, or how long its policy is for.

Some companies may also have convoluted return policies, such as charging for shipping, or requiring the mattress to be in ‘new’ condition. It’s always good to understand the return policy of your preferred company before going ahead with a purchase.

Places to Find High-Quality Mattresses with Free Trials

Places to Find High-Quality Mattresses with Free Trials

Some places to find mattresses with free trials include local mattress stores, online retailers, and comparison sites.

Many mattress stores will let you try the mattress in-person to get a better feel for how the mattress feels according to your preferences. Store attendants can also guide you on finding the best mattresses with edge support, or mattresses without fiberglass, which also includes a free trial. However, one disadvantage of shopping in person is that it requires your physical presence, which may not be possible if you have limited mobility or don’t have the time to compare mattresses in-store.

Online mattress retailers are a good option if you need a mattress quickly and don’t mind reading reviews to understand which mattress with free trials suits you best. Typically, shopping online also gives you access to more options, such as latex-free mattresses with a free trial period. Research has shown a growing interest in shopping online, with younger consumers between the ages of 18 and 35 jumping from buying online 47% of the time in 2020, to 71% in 2022 (2).

Another good place to find mattresses online would be comparison sites like SleepingOcean, where we’ve already done the research and can deliver unique insights on which mattresses work best for your individual needs.

However, it’s important to note that some free trials differ from others, and may apply different restrictions, such as a mandatory break-in period, or return fees. Typically, break-in periods range between 14 days (like with Puffy) and 30 days (like with WinkBed). Return fees aren’t terribly common with online retailers, with only Saatva and Plank having a processing fee of $99 and a re-stocking fee of 15%, respectively. Always read the return and trial period policy thoroughly before making a decision.


Are free trials for mattresses worth it?

Yes, free trials for mattresses are worth it as they allow you the opportunity to try the mattress out before committing, and most free trials offer risk-free returns, giving you peace of mind when you make your purchase.

Which mattress has a 365-day trial?

Nectar and Saatva have a 365-day trial, allowing you to try the mattress for an entire year before deciding whether to keep it or return it.

Which mattress has the longest trial?

Both Nectar and Saatva have the longest trial period of 365 days; however, a long trial isn’t the only factor you should consider when choosing a mattress. Other factors, such as the mattress’ comfort, durability, and internal support should also factor into which mattress suits you best.


When it comes to choosing the right mattress with free returns, or a suitable free trial, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Simply knowing what the right level of comfort materials are for you, and the fine print of the trial period and return policy can help you go a long way in choosing a mattress that will be comfortable and restorative night after night.

In my opinion, the best mattress with a free trial would be the Puffy. It has a good length for its free trial (101 nights), is able to disperse heat moderately well, has a high amount of buttery sinkage, and is able to isolate motion well. Puffy is a good option if you’re sensitive to heat, prefer lots of deep-penetrating cushioning, or sleep with an active partner or pet.

What are your experiences with free trials? Let us know in the comments below!


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