The Best Mattresses Made in the USA

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 33 minLast updated on March 7, 2023

If you are frustrated with repeatedly buying poor-quality mattresses that last less than five years, you are not the only one. I want to show you that mattresses made in the USA are legislatively required to meet certain standards and are, thus, less likely to be that bad.

I also want to run through the 7 best locally-made mattresses and show you how to pick some good ones.

A Quick Preview

Amerisleep AS3 12
Editor's Choice - Best Overall

Amerisleep AS3 12" Memory Foam Mattress
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Cocoon Chill Hybrid
Runner Up

Cocoon Chill Hybrid
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WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers

WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress
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Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
Best for Restless Sleeperss

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
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Zoma Sports Mattress
Best for Athletes

Zoma Sports Mattress
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Saatva Organic Bedding Sheet
Best for Luxury

Puffy Mattress
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Saatva Organic Bedding Sheet
Best for side sleepers

Nolah Original 10" Mattress
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Our Reviews of the Best Mattresses Made in the USA: Top 7 Picks

Editor's Choice - Best for 93% of Sleepers — Amerisleep AS3 12" Memory Foam Mattress

Amerisleep AS3


  • It has a removable cover that’s easy to take off and throw in the wash for laundering.
  • Bio-Pur foam is cradling and thick, providing excellent pressure relief to help release tension.
  • Low motion transfer for couples who sleep together.

Since studies show that only seven percent of people sleep on their stomachs,(1) the medium firmness of this mattress makes it ideal for the remaining 93 percent of sleepers who sleep on their sides and backs.

Even better, since a large 2015 study that compared different mattress constructions found that medium firm mattresses were the best at promoting sleep comfort and spinal alignment, this mattress is right on target.(2)

With the company headquartered in Arizona and shipping from California, this all-foam mattress provides extra support below heavy body parts like your waist, and the foam prevents your partner's movements from rippling across the mattress to your side.

From my tests, I found the AS3 had the perfect mix of support and cushioning, with compressions measured at 2.18 inches. This is enough to properly cradle the body without sacrificing spinal alignment, and I felt tension-free while lying down.

Read our full Amerisleep AS3 mattress review for more information.

Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133774

Runner Up – Cocoon Chill Hybrid

Cocoon Chill Hybrid


  • Has enough pressure relief with contouring characteristics for side and light sleepers
  • Cover made of phase change material for body heat dissipation 
  • The memory foam comfort layers isolate movement and reduce noise, which is great for partners

Why this Cocoon Chill comes second in the list of the best mattresses made in the USA isn't just because it's actually made there. Those who are used to made-in-USA sleep products know how expensive they can be. But that's not with the Cocoon Chill by Sealy. This mattress is between 40% to 100% cheaper than Purple, Casper, and a few other competitor mattresses. Cocoon is priced $300 cheaper than Purple, and $396 cheaper than Casper, but it still offers all the cushioning pressure relief a basic luxury mattress should have. From the cover, to the foam layers and the core elements, it comes with luxury materials for a sleep experience that's as comfortable as is supportive to the user. 

I think back sleepers especially will enjoy the springy comfort Cocoon can offer between its thick memory foam layers and coils. You won’t feel stuck while trying to shift positions in this mattress, plus there’s a high level of bounce to help with fast movements and getting out of bed easier. The coils are also individually encased, meaning they respond to weight and movement individually. So you should feel less movement from a partner, while also getting more support in heavier areas of your body for adequate pressure relief. 

The comfort layer made of memory foam helps reduce motion transfer, provides a peaceful sleeping experience, and minimizes disruption for partners sleeping together.

The mattress also has a cover made of premium quality phase change materials which I think is great for hot sleepers who need a mattress with temperature regulating materials.

Cocoon can be counted on for quality cooling, as I’ve tested the PCM cover to maintain a max temperature of about 79 degrees Fahrenheit while lying down. That’s enough to feel reasonably cool in bed, and avoid overheating.

Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers — WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress



  • Tencel fabric cover is naturally derived, helping promote cooler sleep.
  • Reinforced coils enhance the edge support, ensuring you’re supported while sitting or lying near the edge.
  • Euro pillow top is infused with gel memory foam, effectively cradling pressure points.

The WinkBed is my best mattress made in the USA for back and stomach sleepers due to its cradling pillow top, responsive coils, and cooling Tencel cover. I tested the Luxury Firm model, and found its 2 inches of plush comfort layers did great at cushioning my lumbar, spine, and thighs, while still keeping my spine straight. It also felt comfortable on my stomach; however, the firmness may not suit lighter sleepers, as it can feel quite firm.

The extra firm (or plus) version is what distinguishes it from other mattresses and is especially designed for plus-size and stomach sleepers who need a lot of support under their wastes, stomachs, and heavy upper bodies. The pillow on top is made of latex, which a recent study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine recommends to distribute and reduce pressure between your body and the mattress.(5)

I also think you’ll like the Tencel cover that comes with the WinkBeds. Being naturally derived from Eycaylus, it helps keep the mattress cool, at a surface temperature I recorded at about 90.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

With 5 inches of comfort layers, and a sinkage tested at around 2.36 inches, I found WinkBeds to be suitable for support, adequately contoured around my lumbar with enough sinkage for my thighs. I only noticed that sleepers over 230 pounds might find they sink into the layers a bit too much.

Read our full Winkbed mattress review for more information.

Winkbed Mattress On a Bed Frame

Best for Restless Sleepers — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid


  • Springy feel for easy movement.
  • Sleeps relatively cool.
  • TitanFlex foam is an effective latex alternative, cradling the body while also absorbing some motion.

If you are a restless sleeper who often changes positions during the night, this mattress' bouncy feel, as verified by Amazon buyers, will facilitate easy movement.(7) This is provided by its inner springs and by the TitanFlex foam in its foam layer that is much springier than memory foam. 

Like the Saatva Classic, it sleeps cooler than memory foam mattresses because of the airy inner springs, but its foam layer is also made of TitanFlex foam that is less dense than memory foam and, thus, not so hot. To top it off, its cover is made mostly of cotton, which research shows feels the coolest of all materials against our skins.(8)

Because this Phoenix, Arizona-based company gives you a choice of three firmness levels, and because these mattresses are relatively affordable at well below $1,000 even for the queen-size version, you can equip your whole family and have all your boxed mattresses delivered for free.

I found the Signature’s slow responsive time, taking a full 0.88 seconds to gain full recovery from my compression test. This plays a significant role in this mattress’ ability to cushion motion. Although it has a solid coil base, I found the Signature could still muffle motion to a reasonable degree. This is similar to the AS3, which has a full recovery time of about 0.9 seconds, despite being all-foam.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Side Sleeping
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Best for Athletes — Zoma Sports Mattress

Zoma Mattress


  • Lower density foam for even pressure distribution.
  • Extra lower back support.
  • Good value for money.

While latex and water mattresses have a reputation for distributing your body weight evenly and thereby preventing pressure points on your shoulders and hips, a recent study in the Journal of Wound Care shows that low-density foam, like that used in this mattress, is just as good at it as water is.(9) You can feel the softness by just touching the mattress. Consequently, you won't wake up in pain and have your training program disrupted.

There is denser foam in the middle third of the mattress that supports the heavier weight of your abdomen and hips. This provides extra support so your lower back doesn't sink into the mattress and pulls your spine out of alignment.

The queen-size option is already below $1,000, but there are lots of further coupons and special deals if you buy directly from this Arizona-based company.

I measured Zoma’s compressions to be around 2.07 inches, which is a good mix of support and cradling comfort. Of course, a key indicator of if a mattress is suitable for pressure relief is how comfortable one feels sleeping on their side, and I felt my pressure evenly re-distributed under my shoulders and hips for tension-free sleep. This contrasts with the Plank, which has an Extra Firm side that does not feel as comfortable.

Read our full Zoma mattress review for more information.

Zoma Mattress On a Bed Frame

Best for Luxury — Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress


  • Soft enough for body cradling and side sleepers.
  • Washable cover for cleanliness.
  • Good for couples.

It is rated medium on the firmness scale, which makes it, not only luxuriously soft, but also perfect for side sleepers, as it allows their shoulders to sink into the mattress to prevent pressure pain. Researchers that 67 percent of side sleepers complain of shoulder pain in the shoulder on which they sleep.(12)

If you enjoy eating in bed, or if you are allergic to dust mites and dust mite feces, this mattress has a removable cover that you can wash in hot water every two weeks or so.

Because of its all-foam construction, your sleeping partner's restlessness will not be transmitted to your side of the bed, and there are no springs to respond noisily to movement.

Puffy has excellent cradling layers, which I’ve measured a sinkage of about 2.5 inches while lying down during my tests. This contrasts Zoma, which only has compressions of about 2.07 inches. Despite the high level of cradling I experienced with Puffy, it still does the job right for pressure relief, making me feel like I was lying on a luxury hotel mattress.

Read our full Puffy mattress review for more information.

puffy mattress cover review
Puffy Mattress On Bed Frame

Best for side sleepers — Nolah Original 10" Mattress 

Nolah Mattress


  • Memory foam for painless side sleeping.
  • Firm enough for back sleepers who way below 220 pounds.
  • Great for animal lovers.

Because of its all-foam construction, with dense foam as supporting layer and memory foam on top, it is a great mattress for side sleepers for the same reason as the Puffy Mattress is. Your shoulders can sink into the mattress which prevents shoulder aches. moreover, a 2011 study found that memory foam mattresses were better than spring and hard foam mattresses at facilitating quick sleep onset and better sleep quality.(13)

Because it is a bit firmer than the Puffy Mattress is, it is also suitable for back sleepers who way less than 220 pounds. As such, it is good for couples with different sleep preferences.

Because the company adopts an animal for every mattress you buy and donates to wildlife preservation organizations, animal lovers may want to consider it.

Nolah has excellent compression values, which I tested with compression measuring. Nolah’s compressions measured out to be 1.95 inches, which is a little less than the Puffy. But, for savings of about $405 between Puffy and Nolah, Nolah is a cost-effective option that I found to be adequate in contouring and pressure relieving while on my side.

Read our full Nolah mattress review for more information.


Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Mattresses

I always look for mattresses that proudly state they’re 100% made in the USA and compare prices and features to find the best make of local mattresses.

In my review methodology, I test the mattress for its conformity and comfort by examining its layers individually, and seeing how it feels as a whole while lying on my back, side and stomach. I also check the material’s quality, stitching, and whether it has any off gassing issues. A mix of hands-on experience and knowledge surrounding mattresses helps me choose the best mattresses made in the USA, and at the end of the article I’ll share some more methodology tips on how you can choose the right mattress for your home.

Why Buy Mattresses Made in the USA?

  • Faster shipping for impatient consumers who are excited about their new mattresses.
  • Mattresses made in the USA are packed and shipped when they are ordered, which means that they spend less time folded and compressed in a box, waiting to be ordered. This means less potential damage, especially to foam mattresses.
  • The "Made in the USA" label signifies that a mattress contains all, or almost all, American raw materials.(14) This reduces the risk of poorly made or contaminated materials from countries with lower safety standards.
  • Making products in, and sourcing materials from, the USA create and keep jobs in the country. This means a lower trade deficit, higher economic growth, and more taxpayers to sustain a healthy welfare program.
  • If you buy a USA-made mattress, you are probably not supporting child labor, sweatshops, or forced or compulsory labor, as state and federal laws prohibit these and make them punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.(15) American laws even ensure a minimum wage.
  • Companies and factories that operate in the USA are forced to be more environmentally-friendly than those in many other countries by laws administered by the Environmental Protection Agency. These include the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and numerous other laws that regulate the proper management of hazardous materials, permitted emissions of air pollutants, discharges of pollutants into the water, and so forth.(16)
  • US mattress manufacturers are environment-friendly in other ways too. Your mattress does not have to be shipped from a foreign country, which reduces transport -related carbon fuel emissions. Moreover, US electricity is becoming increasingly clean, with a University of California, Berkeley report showing that, if existing policies continue, 55 percent of the electricity will be supplied by renewable sources by 2035,(17) and this excludes nuclear, which is also clean and currently stands at 20 percent.(18)
  • Mattresses sold in the USA must comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) quality control and manufacturing regulations. These are so high that most cost-cutting manufacturers from other countries cannot satisfy them. They may not be flammable or contain harmful flame retardants, they may not contain certain types of phthalates, they must be free of lead, they must be tested in a third-party laboratory accredited by the CPSC, and so forth. Manufacturers must be able to provide a General Conformity Certificate.(19) Accordingly, you can see how many hoops the manufacturers of the above mattresses had to jump through to produce their quality products.

Because of all these high standards, a recent survey performed by the Reshoring Institute discovered that almost 70 percent of Americans preferred to buy products made in the USA, and that 83 percent were willing to pay up to 20 percent more for locally manufactured products.(20)

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Criteria to Pick the Best Mattress Made in the USA

  • Construction materials. Whether you prefer a latex, water, spring, hybrid, or memory foam mattress is up to you. Foam cradles your body and creates that "sleeping inside a bed" feeling, while spring and latex don't sink as much and result in the "sleeping on top of a bed" feeling. Latex, water, and foam mattresses are both highly rated in the research for preventing pressure pain.(5)(9) Spring and hybrid mattresses with thick coils are likely to last longer without sagging and to be a bit more expensive.
  • Firmness level. Medium and medium soft mattresses are good for light-weight sleepers and side sleepers, while back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and sleepers who weigh above 220 pounds should consider medium firm mattresses. In general, research shows that people experience the best sleep, the best daytime wakefulness, and the least pain on mattresses in the middle of the firmness range compared with those at the extreme ends.(21
  • Special zones. Extra support below our lower backs ensure that our spines are supported and that the heavier weight of our wastes doesn't cause the mattress to sag. 
  • Low motion transfer. For people who sleep very lightly, a memory foam or hybrid mattress is essential that prevents their partners' movements from traveling to the other side of the bed. 
  • Hypoallergenic features. Foam attracts more bacteria and dust mites than latex and spring mattresses do, a disadvantage that can be partly counterbalanced by cotton covers.(6)(22
  • Cool sleeping. If you live in the southern states with their brutally hot summers, you may want to consider a spring or latex mattress to prevent you from overheating while sinking into foam. Heat has an extremely disruptive effect on sleep.(4)
  • Terms of sale. These include a sleep trial that should be at least 100 nights, a warranty period that should be at least ten years and include something a bit more than original damage on delivery, free shipping, free or cheap returns, free setup if the mattress is not in a box, and so on.


Are Mattresses Made in the USA Better Quality?

They probably are, but the important question is not whether they are better quality than those manufactured in other countries or not. The crux of the issue is that, because of all the certifications they require when they are manufactured in the USA, you can feel certain that they are good quality products when they are made here.

Are Locally-Made Mattresses More Expensive?

In most cases, yes, they are. But since they are produced from high-quality raw materials, they are likely to last longer and, thus, need to be replaced less often. This is also why these manufacturers give such long trial and warranty periods on their products. Make use of them, and you will find that the mattresses aren't that expensive after all.

How Do I Know Whether a Mattress is Made in the USA?

The "Made in the USA" or "Made in Arizona (or another state)" are not permitted on products made in other countries or on products made primarily from raw materials sourced from other countries.


There are many quality-related, human rights-related, clean environment-related, and economic reasons to buy mattresses made in the USA. That's why so many of the best rv mattresses, the most comfortable mattresses, the best extra firm mattresses, the best hybrid mattresses, the best mattresses for adjustable beds, and many other bests are made here. And as our favorite, we picked one that is suitable for 93 percent of sleepers and that has great lower back support.

If you bought a locally-made mattress that is great and not on our list, let us know in the comments below.



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