Mattress Industry Statistics and Trends

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 11 minLast updated on June 22, 2022

Going from simple innerspring mattresses to orthopedic memory foam models and hybrids, the mattress market has been constantly evolving. And so do our shopping habits, especially with the pandemic changing so many aspects of our lives. 

Some say we have more options than we really need these days. Sleepers get to choose among pocketed coils, latex, gel memory foam, graphite-infused foam, zoned mattresses, pillow-top models, and a dozen more options.

But do people actually buy all that stuff? Does demand create supply, or is the mattress market simply overflowing these days?

Today’s report on the mattress industry statistics in the US will help us understand the market trends better.

Our Findings

  • Due to the COVID-19 impact, the mattress manufacturing revenue grew by 8.3% in 2020, as there was a trend of increased consumer spending (1). 
  • By 2025, consumers are predicted to spend 23% more on furniture and bedding compared to sales in 2020 (2).
  • Over the next 5 years, the mattress market is forecast to face increased revenues, reaching $22.8 billion by 2025 in the domestic segment (3).
  • The US is currently the largest market for online mattress sales (4). Based on the recent estimations, there are 175 bed-in-a-box companies that sell mattresses online (5). 
  • Almost 36 million mattresses are sold every year in the United States (6).
  • The innerspring mattress type has been the most popular option with the lowest satisfaction rates in the United States, which predicts the rise in memory foam popularity within the next few years (7). 
  • The memory foam mattress market in the US is predicted to grow by 6.35% by 2026 in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) (8).
  • The mattress topper market is growing exponentially and is forecast to reach $7586.9 million by the end of 2027 (compared to $6121 million in 2020). Memory foam is the most frequently purchased type, comprising 30% of sales (8).

Around 36 Million Mattresses Are Sold In the United States Each Year

Considering that the United States is the biggest online market for mattresses in the world, it’s worth looking at the number of sales per year. After all, the USA sells mattresses both within the country and abroad. And it’s worth figuring out how many of them stay in the country.

Now, recent data shows that 35.9 million mattresses are sold within the US industry each year. With this number in mind, we can estimate that around 690,000 mattresses are sold every week in the United States. 

These numbers again prove the impressive size of the American mattress market. This might also prove that a vast majority of Americans take their sleep and comfort seriously.

People Started Buying More Mattresses During the Pandemic, Resulting in 8.3% Growth of the Market

While the economy was facing serious difficulties when the pandemic hit, it didn’t seem to affect the mattress market.

In fact, the mattress industry statistics indicate that the market has experienced an 8.3% growth in revenue in 2020. 

This can be explained by a couple of factors. The main one is the increased consumer spending during the pandemic. This probably has to do with using shopping as a stress-coping mechanism or working from home and thus, having more free time for online shopping.

Another reason why mattress sales were growing during the pandemic might be linked to remote work. Consumers who spend more time at home may use their bedroom as a home office, sitting in bed with a laptop most of the day. This can cause them to look for a mattress upgrade in order to feel more comfortable not only during sleep but also when working in bed.

Mattress and Bedding Sales Are Estimated to Grow by 23% by the End of 2025

The mattress market seems to be booming in 2022 according to the recent mattress industry statistics, so we decided to check how it has grown exactly. 

Now, 2022 was forecast to be a successful year for mattress companies. The sales are estimated to go up by 5% and will keep growing steadily for at least the next 4 years. The furniture and bedding market in the US is predicted to grow from $17 billion (in consumer spending) to around $21 billion by 2025, which signifies a 23% growth.

This can be explained by many factors, including the growing demand for mattresses and bedding. But one of the most substantial aspects that affect mattress sales is the recovering economy after COVID-19. In fact, research suggests that the United States economy is operating at 92% of the capacity it had in early March 2020 (9). Therefore, the economy is getting back to its normal pre-pandemic state, which also affects the purchasing capability of the citizens.

The Mattress Market Revenues Will Continue to Grow in the Domestic Segment with an Expected CAGR of 6.7%, Which Means People Will Keep Buying More Mattresses

The mattress industry trends indicate that we can expect a steady increase in mattress sales in the next 4 years.

Experts predict that the domestic segment revenues will be likely to reach $22.8 billion by 2025. 

This is conditioned by the increased demand for mattresses and mattress toppers caused by the surge in homeownership and rising disposable income in the US. In other words, people will buy more homes, so the need for mattresses, beds, and bedroom accessories will grow, leading to significantly increased market revenues.

The United States Is the Biggest Online Mattress Market in the Global e-Commerce, with the Revenue of $13,751 million (of $78,002 million in the Global Segment) in 2022 

Based on the mattress industry statistics, shoppers in the US don’t mind buying mattresses online. 

And since demand creates supply, America can boast of the largest online mattress market on the global scale. In fact, there are estimated to be 175 online mattress companies in the US. Additionally, most of the global mattress revenue is generated in the US, comprising $13,751 million in 2022 (10).

Most of them ship mattresses in a box. The majority of shoppers find this shipping method to be extremely convenient, which may explain the popularity of these online mattress companies.

Now, most of us would also agree that shopping for a mattress online can be rather risky. After all, we don’t actually know how the mattress feels until it arrives. This brings up the question: how do those 175 companies still exist and thrive on the US market?

The answer is rather simple: most of them offer an in-home sleep trial with their mattresses. These companies allow shoppers to test their mattresses at home and return them if not 100% satisfied. This offers consumers a great deal of protection when purchasing mattresses online, which may explain the growth of bed-in-a-box companies.

Innerspring Mattresses Are the Most Popular Type on the Modern Market, But Users Aren’t Happy With Them

With so many mattress options available these days, it’s hard to believe that all of them are in great demand. However, based on in-store and online mattress sales statistics, it’s easy to distinguish the most frequently bought mattress type.

Now, mattress industry trends show that innerspring models are the most popular among consumers. This might be explained by their affordability and wide availability.

At the same time, spring mattresses have the lowest satisfaction rates among shoppers. The thing is, this mattress type is not that durable, which can be very disappointing, to say the least. 

Additionally, most spring mattresses feature a simple coil support core and a thin layer of padding. Therefore, innerspring models aren’t that good when it comes to pressure relief and may even cause sharp pressure points. Naturally, this is hardly linked to comfort, which may explain the low customer satisfaction rates.

People Will Buy More Memory Foam Mattresses, Making the Foam Mattress Market Revenues Grow by 6.35% by 2026

Based on the recent mattress industry trends, experts predict that the foam mattress market in the US will reach values of more than $17 billion by 2026. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is forecast to grow by 6.35% by the end of 2026.

The comfort issues with innerspring mattresses might be the main decisive factor causing memory foam mattress sales to rise steadily. The thing is, this type is more adaptive and cradling, so memory foam models can offer improved pressure alleviation.

The memory foam market growth can also be explained by the cost-effectiveness of this mattress type. There are memory foam models in all budget categories. Plus, the number of retailers keeps growing as well, which makes this mattress type more accessible.

We can also assume that the demand for memory foam mattresses is growing due to the increase in back pain complaints among the American population.

That being said, latex foam mattress sales are also predicted to increase in the next few years. This can be explained by the growing consciousness of the consumers concerning the potentially harmful components used in memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Statistics Indicate a Rise In Sales from $6 Million in 2020 to Estimated $7,5 Million by 2027, Which Means the Topper Market Is Growing As Well

Memory foam mattress toppers are favored for their hugging properties and ability to change the feel of the mattress. Additionally, this bedroom accessory is relatively affordable and can help consumers save more money. The thing is, many people prefer buying a topper when their mattress doesn’t feel 100% comfortable instead of buying a new mattress. And the memory foam mattress topper statistics prove that.

The mattress topper market is predicted to grow from $6,121 million in 2020 to $7,568 million by the end of 2027. The expected CAGR is 3.1%.

Memory foam mattress toppers take the largest portion of sales. Their share is around 30%, and most of them are purchased for residential use (which holds a 45% share).

Based on these numbers, consumers may expect a surge among mattress topper manufacturers. Users will be likely to have even more options to choose from, more stores to shop at (both physical and online), and more mattress topper variations in the budget-friendly segment (thanks to the manufacturing optimization).


Despite the economic effect of the pandemic, mattress sales have been on the rise and are predicted to keep growing. This can be explained by the surge in homeownership and increased demand. But we can also reach another simple conclusion: mattress and mattress topper sales will continue to grow because consumers value their comfort.

As the sales are going to grow, the number of mattress retailers may increase as well. This may lead to confusion among consumers, so mattress companies will be likely to implement new business models and marketing tools to attract more customers and remain competitive.


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