Inofia Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 15 minLast updated on October 8, 2022

Hybrids are the most innovative mattress type on today’s market. They’re popular mostly for the balanced feel, breathability, and variety of configurations.

And if you think that purchasing a decent hybrid will make your credit card faint, then I invite you to take a look at the Inofia. This 8-inch mattress will only cost you around $200 for a Queen. But will it offer the same level of comfort and support as more expensive models?

You are about to find it out in my Inofia mattress review below. 

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77 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

2-8 business days


Memory Foam





Trial Period

100 Night

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year


The Inofia is a hybrid mattress, meaning it has coils, foam layers, and some other materials. Let’s break down each layer from top to bottom and see its main features:

  • Comfort-Feel foam. This material has high elasticity, so it won’t hinder your movements during the night. It will nicely hug your body to ensure comfortable sleep.
  • Air Flow Wave foam. It enhances the supportive and cradling properties of the upper layer, so you’ll feel comfy in every position. Also, this foam has an open-cell structure and helps your body heat to dissipate.
  • Dual-Cool non-woven fibers. The main goal of this layer is to improve further breathability of the mattress by adapting to the changes in the surrounding temperature.
  • Individually wrapped coil system. The pocketed coils ensure precise support and lower bounce than a solid block has. They also promote airflow between the layers and contribute to strong edge support.
  • High-density base foam. The base is used to support the coils and all the layers above. Also, the dense foam helps isolate movements more effectively.

All the layers measure 8 inches in total, which puts the Inofia at the borderline between low-profile mattresses and standard-height ones. This means it’s compatible with most bed frames regardless of their height, which could be a big plus for some.


The next part of my review of the Inofia mattress will be dedicated to the cover.

So, the mattress has a knitted cover with a 3D pattern. The manufacturer doesn’t say anything about the materials used, but it feels like polyester jacquard. This material is often used as a cover in budget-friendly mattresses because it’s pretty durable and nice to the touch.

Aside from that, the jacquard fabric is breathable and won’t lock your body heat inside the mattress. It won’t feel wet if you’re prone to sweating during sleep. And the tight weave will ensure that no fibers will stick out over time.

Also, I liked the bicolor design of the cover, as it adds some luxury to the look.

However, since the Inofia’s cover is not removable, I highly advise you to use the mattress with a waterproof mattress protector. Thus, you will maintain a fresh look and won’t void your warranty because of staining.


Now, let’s talk about firmness. 

I know that its perception varies from person to person. But you surely want to have at least a general idea of how this mattress feels, right?

So, according to the manufacturer, the Inofia has a medium-firm feel. And having given this mattress a test, I totally support this statement.

The mattress does offer some give thanks to the softer upper layers but doesn’t make you sink too deep. Also, the Inofia doesn’t create pressure points in your hips, shoulders, or back, helping you maintain natural spine alignment.

Now, the hybrid construction and the foams with quick response also contribute to easier position shifting during the night. The Inofia won’t suck you in like quicksand, which might be helpful for individuals with mobility issues or chronic pain.

To sum it up, the Inofia really impressed me with its balanced feel. The perfect balance between bounce and contouring is a rare thing among low-cost mattresses that don’t use any fancy materials.

Edge Support

The first thing I wanted to check when reviewing the Inofia mattress was edge support. 

As you may know, beds with coils typically come with stronger edges than all-foam mattresses. But I figured that with a cheap hybrid, the reality could be a bit different.

So, having slept on a mattress for several nights, here’s what I’ve found:

The Inofia does have good edge support.

Even though the mattress packs a layer of individually wrapped coils and doesn’t feature a wired perimeter, its edges still feel quite sturdy.

When you’re sitting on the edge of this bed, you don’t feel like you’re sinking in. Sleeping near the edge won’t make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe either. 

So, if you share a bed with someone, the Inofia will ensure that you’ll be able to utilize the whole mattress surface and won’t feel cramped.

“Pairing the Inofia with a sturdy metal base will enhance its supportive properties and prevent premature sagging.”

Motion Transfer

Another important characteristic to check is motion transfer. If you share a bed with someone, the last thing you want is to hear them tossing and turning during the night.

So, you’ll totally want your mattress to have low motion transfer to prevent that.

Can the Inofia offer that?

Well, technically, yes

But there are a couple of nuanced considerations.

Since the Inofia uses a coil system as the supportive core, it is quite bouncy initially, so don’t expect impressive motion isolation. 

Yet, the foam layers above the coils can absorb movements to some extent, so if you aren’t a very sensitive sleeper, you may sleep peacefully even next to an overly active partner.

Now, if you have a shallow and sensitive sleep — and if your partner is a large sleeper — the Inofia might turn out too responsive for you, so you may want to look for other models.

There’s a good thing, though: 

The bounce that comes from the coils is a positive factor for couples with active sex life. So, if you’re looking for a mattress that will be compatible with your nocturnal activities, I suggest you take a look at the Inofia.

“Try adding a soft mattress topper to make the Inofia more cushioning and deal with sharp movements better.”

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Let’s move on to the key part of my review of the Inofia mattress

Based on my findings during the testing period, as well as some user reviews, I want to briefly describe how the mattress may feel for different types of sleepers.

Here we go:

  • Side sleepers. Side sleeping is considered the most comfortable sleeping position, but with the Inofia, this may not be true for anyone. The mattress is likely to feel comfortable if you have an average or large weight. Petite sleepers, however, might feel insufficient sinkage and hence, have some pressure accumulated in their hips and shoulders, which can contribute to stiffness and uncomfortable sensations. 
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Those who sleep on their back or front typically need a firmer surface to support their natural spine curves. The medium-firm level, such as the one the Inofia has, is often considered a bare minimum for average-weight and heavy users to feel comfortable. It can offer close conforming to your body curves along with even weight distribution, which will help you get a peaceful shut-eye.
  • Heavy sleepers. Heavy sleepers need a mattress that can distribute their weight without giving in too much. The Inofia works well in this case, as it can offer you the needed level of sinkage without creating pressure points and strains.
  • Cooling sleep lovers. If you’re prone to sleeping hot, the Inofia can be a good pick for you. The coils promote airflow between the layers, and the breathable foam will effectively cool you down even on hot summer nights.
  • Upper and lower back pain sufferers. According to research, medium-firm mattresses are effective for alleviating low-back pain. So, if you experience pain in your lumbar region, you may go for the Inofia. Upper back pain sufferers, on the other hand, might need something softer, especially if they love to sleep on the side. A medium-firm bed like the Inofia can create too much resistance in their shoulder region and result in spine misalignment, which will worsen the pain.

I want to mention that the Inofia can also suit individuals with joint pain, as it won’t interfere with their movements during the night, thus eliminating painful sensations.

Other Important Information

We’ve got to the final block of my review of the Inofia mattress. Here, I have gathered all the important points that didn’t fit into other sections so that you’ll get the whole picture about this model. Installation The Inofia is a mail-order mattress. It comes compressed in a box, so you’ll need to give it time to expand. Quite a time, to be honest. According to my experience, the mattress has gained its full volume in 48 hours. We wanted to start testing it after the first 24 hours, but it hadn’t inflated completely by that time.  So, you should have some patience if you’re purchasing this mattress, and allow it to expand properly. Otherwise, it may not give you the support you need. Certifications Proper certification is a must for any mattress company worth its salt. It shows that a third-party company has checked the products and found them safe for mass use.  The Inofia has a CertiPur-US certification tag, which means that the mattress doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment or your health. Variety of Thickness Options The Inofia comes in 2 thickness options. Aside from the 8-inch option which I reviewed here, you can also buy an 11-inch one. This model is currently available only in Twin and Queen sizes. It has a slightly different construction, with 4 layers under the cover.


As you can see, it is possible to find a good hybrid mattress that won’t burn a hole in your pocket — the Inofia easily proves that.

I enjoyed sleeping on this bed throughout the whole testing period. It might turn out to be less durable than more expensive brands, but it offered me just the right level of contouring and didn’t make me drown in my sweat like some cheaper mattresses tend to.

As a wrap-up, here are the key takeaways as to who will benefit the most from purchasing this mattress:

  • Hot sleepers. The hybrid construction of the Inofia bed allows for the proper air circulation and effectively dissipates your body heat. If you live in hot climates or struggle with hot sleeping, you’ll really appreciate that.
  • Lower back pain sufferers. The combo of the pocketed coils and soft foam layers offers targeted cradling for the lumbar area. This may alleviate pain and relax the deep spine muscles. You can also check out our best mattresses for side sleepers with lower back pain to find more options that may better suit your needs.
  • Individuals with mobility concerns. The Inofia is pretty responsive, so it won’t make getting in or out of the bed difficult while still offering you a good give. 
  • Fans of a firmer feel. If you don’t like drowning into the mattress layers, the Inofia is a good choice. This bed features a sturdy and uniform surface and has more of a classic innerspring feel.

Do you think the Inofia 8-inch mattress can work for you? What are your top priorities when it comes to choosing a low-cost bed? You’re welcome to share in the comments!

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  1. Greate review. Thanks

  2. just ordered a 10″ so we shall see …..

  3. Ordered a 10 inch hybrid Inofia mattress through Amazon. It was supposed to arrive May 14th.
    Amazon reordered a replacement and promised it would get here Sunday, May 23rd and its still NOT HERE.
    Called Amazon was told it would come June 1st !!! Asked to speak to supervisor. Supervisor came on phone, said his name and DROPPED THE CALL.

  4. Lorie, I’m sorry to hear that. I’d suggest you to call Amazon support one more time and tell them the whole story. They should help you. I didn’t have such an experience with Amazon before.

  5. The overall quality of the mattress is very satisfactory. The firmness was unexpected but still pleasant and comfortable enough to rest on. A product worth the purchase.

  6. lovely mattress! Not like other memory form , this,one you dont need wait 24hours to set, and its firm and comfortable.

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