How to Reinforce a Bed Frame

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 8 minLast updated on September 4, 2022

Bed frames are probably among the most frequently used things in any household.

So, it’s only natural for them to start making squeaky noises or become a bit wobbly with time.

Here's the deal, though: these little nuisances don't mean that buying a new bed is necessary. There are many things one can do to reinforce a bed frame and, consequently, save a lot of money.

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The Most Effective Ways to Reinforce a Bed Frame

Some bed frames can be given a new life, and the process isn’t that complicated in most cases. Some methods do require extra tools or parts, but even they shouldn’t be too challenging for most people.

So, here are the things readers can do to reinforce their old bed frames:

  • Tighten the screws. Loose screws can make any bed frame feel wobbly and less supportive. In this case, readers will only need a screwdriver. It’s crucial to check all of the screws, including the legs. They are the most likely to cause the bed frame to wiggle. 
  • Add slats. Some bed frames come without slats (only with a center beam for support). Others use either wooden or metal slats. Whatever the case is, adding more slats can make a bed frame feel more supportive. Readers can purchase slats in a specialized store or, alternatively, make them. What they need to do is buy a wooden board, measure the length of the slats, and cut them using a saw. Readers might also have this done by a professional (which is a safer option). Cutting the board into slats takes more time than simply buying them, but this method also allows users to make as many slats as they need for optimal support.
  • Replace the center beam. Center beams end up bent in many bed frames (whether due to prolonged usage or weight overload). To replace the support beam, readers first need to unscrew it from the frame. Then, they need to measure the center beam and cut the required length and width out of a wooden board. It’s better to pick quality hardwood that can ensure increased durability. Readers might also need to replace the legs that are attached to the old support beam. They can either buy new legs (if they manage to find the needed length) or cut them from the same wooden board. Next, they can use drilling screws to attach the legs to the center beam. They can also drill through the ends of the support beam to attach it to the frame. 
  • Add extra support beams. Who says a bed frame has to have only one support beam? Readers can add one more on each side to reinforce the construction. This trick would especially come in handy for floating bed frames, which typically don’t use bed slats for additional support.
  • Take care of the joints. Bed joints often tend to shift or loosen up due to movement. Readers can move the joints back to their place by gently hammering them. Before hitting the frame with a mallet, it’s better to cover it with a piece of cloth or a towel (to prevent damage).

A quick note: readers can reinforce an adjustable bed frame, too (by tightening the screws, for example). But because this bed type has moving components and a motor, these parts may give up sooner. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent replacement options, like these high-quality Split King adjustable bed frames.

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How to Reinforce a Wooden Bed Frame

Loose joints are the most common issue in wooden frames. Those models that experience more movement (for instance, the ones used by sexually active couples) are especially likely to become wobbly due to loose joints. Naturally, getting the joints back to where they belong is the easiest way to reinforce a wooden bed frame. And if in doubt, couples may want to replace their old bed with one of these extremely sturdy options for sex.

Another way to make a wooden frame feel sturdier is by replacing some parts with thicker lumber. For example, readers can replace the center support beam, the slats, or even the legs to reinforce the construction.

Adding a layer of plywood under the mattress might enforce the support, too. This trick is especially helpful for slatted wooden frames with weak or wobbly slats.

In addition, you can add a few corner braces which is probably the cheapest option. 

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Here is how I did it with my bed frame:

reinforce bed frame with corner brace

How to Reinforce a Metal Bed Frame

Many metal bed frames are designed for overweight people. And since they typically experience a bigger load, they often end up with loose screws. That’s why readers need to regularly tighten the screws if they want to reinforce a metal bed frame (especially the leg ones).

Adding more slats or an extra support beam may also help. Readers can also attach additional legs to the support beam to add reinforcement in the middle. If the bed frame makes squeaky noises, readers might also want to lubricate the connectors. They can buy some paraffin wax at a hardware store to get this done.


How can I make my bed frame stronger?

Some of the most effective ways to make one’s bed frame stronger include adding more slats, replacing the support beam, tightening the screws, and rejoining the joints.


Even an old bed frame can have a new life if it’s taken care of. Sometimes a few adjustments can make the bed feel stronger, such as tightening the screws or adding extra slats. And while these little tricks may require some effort, they can also help users save hundreds of dollars on new bed frames.

How long have you been using your current bed frame? And what methods have you tried to make it sturdier? Let us know in the comments!

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