How to make a memory foam mattress cooler?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 9 minLast updated on June 1, 2021

Sleep is the most crucial thing for many people as it is fuel for a person’s body.  A good night’s sleep is the key to feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Multiple factors affect a person’s sleep, but the most crucial things are the mattress. How many times do you feel like your mattress became too hot to sleep? Memory foam is the best mattress type available in the market, but you can deal with the heat issue. How to make a memory foam mattress cooler? If you are a memory mattress user, you may want to solve this mystery. 

A memory mattress is relatively dense, and it can mold according to your body. The intense accumulation of heat in the memory foam is why few people think it is uncomfortably hot. Each mattress fiber is densely packed together, which constricts the movement of air. The mattress retains heat due to conforming properties. It applies pressure to the correct body areas, which are exceptional; however, the pressure can create friction, which produces heat. Hence, it is essential to use the right tactics to cool down a memory foam mattress. This article will share a few reasons why foam gets hotter and cool it down efficiently.

Memory foam mattress too hot? Let’s see why! 

Memory foams are a tremendous pain-relieving source for people who are suffering from body pain. It is specially designed to relieve intense body cramps and back pains. The foam is dense, and it folds to fit your body perfectly. It is the best foam for pressure points; its material is soft and feels comfortable against the skin. However, it can retain a lot of heat and make a person feel uncomfortable and super-hot. So, do memory foams really worth the hype and what are the best ones on the market? Check out here. Let's see why and how these memory foams make you feel hot! 

1. Lack of airflow 

If we look at the regular foam, it is made using polyurethane variation. They can let more and more air pass through it. However, memory foam is dense and is meant to provide adequate pressure. It restricts the airflow, which can make the heat retain in certain areas. The mattress does not absorb moisture, and it compresses under the weight. The compression makes the air hotter; hence, you feel intense heat when sleeping. It can feel too uncomfortable for some people due to sweat and overheat. 

2. Trapped heat 

Memory foams are a blessing for people who live in a hot climate as they can trap heat. It is not made with well-ventilated material; hence, it is challenging to wick away the heat. The constant heat accumulation can make a person wake up in a sweat. It is challenging for a person in hot weather to sleep on memory foam with air conditioning. The foam is densely packed with fiber and foam; air gets trapped within the foam, creating tight air bubbles. When a person lays on, its compression makes the air heat up. When there is no release, it makes a person sweat and feel hot. 

Some ways to keep cool on a memory foam mattress 

If you have already invested in a memory foam mattress, then you will feel so mad at its overheating property. However, it is not easy to get rid of the mattress as you spend a fortune to buy it. No one wants to give away a mattress that they thought would last them more than a decade. Hence, it is natural to look for remedies to keep cool on a memory foam mattress. Are you looking to cool down memory mattresses too hot? Here are some: 

  1. Change your bed platform. Well, who would have thought changing your bed platform will resolve the hot mattress issues? The mattress solid platform can constrict the airflow significantly. People blame their mattresses for constricted airflow, but the platform can be easily blamed in a real bed. The first step you must take before you blame your mattress for overheating is to check the kind of bed platform you have. You can switch to a slatted base as it helps in better airflow. It helps in removing warmth and moisture from your mattress. 

  2. Manage your room’s temperature. If you live in a hot climate, even the best cooling mattress cannot help you. The real culprit is the weather, and you must do something to control your room’s temperature. An air conditioner is the best thing available in the market. If you can, you must save up the money to invest in an air conditioner. If you have a thermostat, adjust its setting to cool. If you do not have even one of the facilities available, try to open your fan and windows. Let the air flow freely into the room and do things to enhance ventilation. The consistent flow of air helps to cool down a memory foam mattress.

  3. Choose breathable sheets. Sheets make a world of difference in making your bed cool or hot. If you use a polyester bed sheet, it is likely to make you feel hot as it traps more heat. A breathable bed sheet is soft, and it feels cold against the skin. A linen sheet feels like heaven in summer, primarily if you use light colors. Lighter color adds freshness to your room and makes everything more vibrant. A sheet with appropriate thread counts to promote airflow is probably a better option to keep your mattress from absorbing heat. Such sheets help in wicking away moisture and sweat. 

  4. Mattress pads. One thing that is a must-have for you if you have a memory foam is a mattress pad. A mattress pad helps to make memory foam mattress cooler. It protects the mattress from staining as well as compressing. We love it is ideal for retaining the mattress’s shape. If you are looking to keep cool in a memory foam mattress, a gel-coated or cotton pad is perfect. They help in wicking moisture and heat from the mattress. The mattress pad does not let the heat go deeper but rather dissipate faster. 

  5. Change your clothes. Sometimes people can feel hot on a mattress without memory foam due to the type of clothes they wear to sleep. If you wear a polyester pajama or jeans set to sleep, you will feel hot. Hence, it is essential to invest in some breathable linen or cotton pajama set. It is necessary to make sure you change in your night suit before going to bed. The memory foam should not always be blamed for leaving you all hot and bothered. Sometimes, it’s the poor choice of a pajama set or rather sleep-wear fabric. Want a mattress without memory foam? Check out here

  6. Change your blanket. Some people cannot sleep without a blanket ever no matter what the season is. It is justified for you to feel hot if you are using a thick blanket to cover yourself. As the weather changes, you need to ensure you change your blanket as well. If it's too hot in your part of the world, use thin linen sheets to cover up. It allows the air to circulate through and keeps you cool regardless of the weather. If you do not own linen sheets, run to the store and buy one.

Additional Tips to keep cool on a memory foam mattress

Is your memory foam mattress too hot? Here are some additional tips to tackle the situation! 

  1. Switch your pillow. We know pillows must be the last thing on your mind when we talk about keeping memory foam mattresses cool. However, a memory foam pillow can also make you feel hotter than usual. It is crucial to ensure that your pillow is either made with shredded memory foam or soft cotton. Trust us; it makes a huge difference.
  2. Switch your bed frame. Some bed frames can be constricting and do not allow the air to flow correctly. If you sleep on the floor or a flatbed platform, it can inhibit the airflow. Hence, if you have the budget or get the chance, switch out your bed frame. 
  3. Take cold shower. If you live in a country with a hot climate, you will feel hot even if you have the most breathable mattress. If you feel hot even after trying every tip, a cold shower can work wonders. Try to shower every night and get rid of gunk and dirt; it helps you sleep like a baby.
  4. Switch off electronics. Your room should be a calming space; hence, you must avoid watching intense shows at night. The light from laptops, TVs, and computers generate heat. Therefore, the temperature of your room can rise significantly. You must turn off all electrical devices at least an hour before going to bed.

Does gel memory foam keep you cool? 

If you are hunting for a good mattress, you may have come across the gel memory foam mattress. Millennials claim gel memory foam mattress to be the best mattress if you want to keep yourself cool all night. However, many people question the authenticity of it and how it helps to keep you cool. Well, there is no doubt that gel foam is better than the memory foam mattress without fiberglass. Gel memory foam has a coating gel infusion coating which helps in retaining heat and breaking it apart. It absorbs the heat and also helps in wicking off sweat. However, there is only a certain extent to which a gel-memory foam can absorb heat. 

The gel memory foam is a collection of small cooling beds within the surface of the mattress. It acts as a great source of pain relief for people suffering from muscle soreness. It takes away the body heat and encloses it between the gel molecules. Are you convinced enough? Buy the memory foam mattress without fiberglass from here! Despite having a few advantages, most people claim that gel memory foam is no different from traditional foam. However, we think that memory foam is genuinely worth giving a shot. You can try the above-mentioned ways to make memory foam mattress cooler and avail its benefits.


How do I stop my memory foam from sweating? 

Memory foam is the most used mattress all across the world due to its impeccable properties. However, many people face the issue of sweating and overheating of the mattress. Before you throw your mattress away, you must try a few remedies to make memory foam mattress cooler. A mattress pad is a quick solution to make the mattress well-ventilated. Use a cotton or wool material mattress pad as it lets the air pass and wick away the sweat that the memory foam cannot do on its own.


Memory foam mattresses are an excellent investment for people who suffer body pain. It provides enough pressure on your body contours to relieve muscle pain. However, it has one drawback, which is that it retains heat, and the memory foam mattress gets too hot! If you live in a hot climate, you will probably run miles away from it. However, there are a few ways to make memory foam mattress cooler. These tips and tricks will save your life if you have invested in a memory foam mattress and thinking about how to bear the heat. We are sure these tips will sort out the issue. Leave a comment if this piece of writing helped you!

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