How Do You Make Love In a Split King Bed? Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Experience

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on September 27, 2022

A Split King-sized bed can offer countless benefits.  

But such beds aren’t perfect. They are meant to be used not only for sleep, which is when most issues with the Split King size occur.

Today’s guide will share some ideas on how to combat those issues and make love in a Split king bed. Hopefully, readers will find the right solution to enjoy the time with their partners.

Key Takeaways:

  • The main concern of a split king-sized bed is the gap in the middle, which can widen when there’s movement on top and cause couples to fall in.
  • While getting a king-sized mattress topper to cover the gap is one solution, our best solution is an adjustable bed frame with a latex mattress. This allows couples to fine-tune the angle of the mattress and use the responsiveness inherent in latex. Our recommendations are the TEMPUR Power Base and Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress due to TEMPUR’s auto-adjust features, leaving sleepers more free to focus on a good night’s sleep. And Saatva offers some of the most durable and luxury latex mattresses on the market.

Benefits of Split King Beds for Couples

Before answering the question “How do you make love in a Split Kind bed?”, readers might want to consider whether it’s worth investing in one. 

So, here are the benefits sleepers may enjoy if they decide to get a Split King bed:

  • Reduced motion transfer. A Split King includes two individual mattresses (hence, the name “Split”). And since each sleeper uses their own mattress, they can move around freely without disturbing each other. The shock from motion simply won’t be able to travel to the other side of a Split King bed. This size can be a perfect solution for active partners and light sleepers. 
  • Individual comfort levels. Some mattress manufacturers allow shoppers to buy Split King models with different comfort levels on two sides. For instance, one half of a Split King can be firm, and the other can be soft, whatever the sleepers prefer. Naturally, this can help couples enjoy better sleep without the need to look for a compromise.
  • Independent adjustments. Sleeping on two separate mattresses allows couples to also change the comfort settings on each side when using an adjustable bed. Each partner can change the position of their back or legs without disturbing the other sleeper. This may also come in handy for snorers. They can sleep elevated to reduce snoring, while their partner can choose any other comfort setting (or remain horizontal). Readers can find a selection of great Split King adjustable beds here. It’s worth mentioning that they are rather quiet, allowing for disturbance-free nighttime adjustments.

Main Concerns When Making Love In a Split King Bed

While Split King mattresses can give couples a chance to enjoy the best sleep quality (especially when paired with one of the best adjustable beds in Canada), some drawbacks may occur.

One of the main issues when making love in a Split King bed is the gap between the two mattresses. It’s not that obvious when each sleeper remains on their side of the bed, but it can become a big annoyance when having sex and moving around.

Another problem couples may face is mattresses separating. Since the Split King size combines two smaller mattresses, they can shift independently when there’s movement on top. Naturally, the previously mentioned gap can become bigger because of that.

How to Fix the Main Issues and Make Love In a Split King Bed Comfortably?

So, how do you make love in a Split King bed? How do you fight the drawbacks of this bed size?

Well, there are a few ways to approach the issue. They include:

  • getting a regular King mattress topper to cover the gap between the Split King mattresses. However, this option will work only with a regular bed frame, not an adjustable one;
  • using anti-slip straps or pads to prevent the mattresses from shifting on the bed during sex;
  • adding a headboard and a footboard to create a barrier for the mattresses and prevent them from shifting. This trick may also work for an adjustable bed, as some of them can be used with standard standalone bed frames compatible with headboards and footboards;
  • using a gap filler that can create an even surface without affecting the comfort on each side. Luckily, there are options that work with adjustable beds, too. So, readers can get any of the awesome mattresses for adjustable beds, add a gap filler, and enjoy both restful sleep and intimate moments with each other;
  • encasing the two mattresses using a standard King fitted sheet if the bed is not adjustable. This will reduce the chances of mattresses separating during sex. Readers can also use sheet straps to achieve a tighter fit;
  • tying the mattresses together in the middle (which can work for Split adjustable beds too). Again, this will keep the mattresses together during sex without affecting their feel. Sleepers can also add a mattress protector or a topper to cover the straps and not feel them when lying down. 


Can you cuddle on a Split King?

Yes, it is possible to cuddle on a Split King mattress. For improved comfort, sleepers can add a King-sized mattress topper to cover the gap between the smaller mattresses. Alternatively, they can fill the gap between the mattresses using a piece of foam or a special Split King gap filler.


There isn’t a more comfortable solution for partnered sleepers than the Split King size. But it does come with a price – a gap between the two mattresses that can ruin one’s intimate moments. However, there are multiple tricks that may help couples fix this issue. They just need to experiment with a few of them and find what works the best.

What issues do you typically face when making love in a Split King bed? And how do you handle them? Share your experience in the comments!


  1. We put pool noodles in the gap (got them at Dollar Tree) and covered it with an “Insieme Bed Bridge 12″ Wide with Soft Fabric Top” over the noodles.

    I searched everywhere to find a solution and came up empty. It hit me when my niece brought a pool noodle over to swim.

    All of it is very flexible and it fits perfectly in the gap. We are very happy with the results!

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