How to make an air mattress more comfortable

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on August 4, 2022

When moving into a new apartment or having a guest over, an air mattress is a handy solution to get rest. However, sleeping on an air mattress can be uncomfortable owing to the material type and the bed setup. Nevertheless, there are ways to make an air mattress more comfortable.

We'll discuss practical tips for making an air mattress more comfortable in this piece. Read along.

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7 Ways to Make your Air Mattress more comfortable

Air mattresses can be uncomfortable on the first try because of the polyvinyl material from which they are made. However, with the methods here, you can make your air bed feel as comfy as your regular bed. It boils down to the way you set up the bed and the beddings you use alongside.

A couple of things you can do to make your air mattress more comfortable include correctly gauging the air pressure, lifting the mattress off the floor using a bed frame, using a topper and pillow, placing your air bed beside a wall if there’s no headboard, wrapping it with tight sheets, using a bedsheet, and making sure to store it delicately to avoid damage. 

We have narrowed down the top 7 things to do to make an air mattress more comfortable. And here they are:

Fill your air bed with the right amount of air

The air in an air mattress is pivotal to making it most comfortable; it shouldn't be too much or too little; it only needs to reach a certain threshold. A slightly deflated air mattress will feel saggy and can make sleep uncomfortable. And on the flip side, an air bed with too much air becomes too solid, which causes body discomfort (1). In addition, too much air pressure could also damage the air valve or burst the mattress.

The best way to fill an air bed with the right amount of air is to pump the air to the designated pressure, usually specified on the label of each air bed. Then, for individual preferences, the sleeper can lay on the bed, then deflate or inflate the air bed a little more to get to the perfect tension for a comfortable slumber time. 

Place on softer surfaces; not the floor

Placing an air bed directly on a hard surface floor makes them feel more turgid, which can be uncomfortable for sleepers who prefer to sleep in their bed. Cushioning is essential to make an air bed more relaxing and less pressured.

A simple way to make an air mattress more comfortable is to place it on a softer surface. For example, you can set your air bed on a rug, a bed frame, a folded cot, or foam. This allows air to circulate well within the mattress, causing the air pressure to be even, leaving the sleeper relaxed and comfortable through their rest period. Ultimately, putting an air mattress on a bed frame is an excellent way to make it more comfortable.

Use a bed topper and pillow

Ever had to sleep directly on a tightly inflated air mattress without any extra comfort cushion? Not such a great feeling. Using a bed topper and pillow on an air mattress makes the feeling go from rock-solid to plush cozy.

Placing a mattress topper on an air mattress provides an extra layer of cushioning to cover the air mattress' rubbery feel while also cradling the body joints for better relaxation. This works as well for car air mattresses.

Place it beside a wall

It's best to treat your air mattress like your regular bed. That way, you would be willing to put all the needed accessories in place. One of such accessories is a bed frame or headboard. However, in situations where there’s no bed frame or what you have doesn’t have a headboard, an easy trick to give your air bed direction is to place it beside a wall.

Wrap in tight sheets and covers

To get the best out of your air mattress, a pro tip is to wrap it tightly to keep the pressure even through the bed, and the bed feels more even for the sleeper. You can wrap your air bed with a bed sheet, mattress cover, or protector. 

Wrapping your air mattress also acts as a form of protection against punctures and quick deflation and also as insulation against cold. If you’re purchasing an air mattress for everyday use, this is a valuable tip to increase the durability of your air mattress.

“Placing tight sheets and covers on air mattresses can guard them against expected temperature changes and make them more comfortable for use.”

Properly spread your bedsheets

A good bedsheet is vital to make an air mattress more comfortable because it replaces the rubbery feel of an air mattress with the cozy feel of fine cloth material. And it’s noteworthy that covering your air mattress with a bespoke bed sheet made from quality material makes it look more beautiful and reduces the discomfort from uneven air pressure.

Fold and store delicately

While moving it around, your air mattress will get damaged if you don't store it properly. To get the value for your money and protect the quality of your air bed, you should learn how to carefully fold it without spoiling the air valves (4) or mattress surface.

Here’s a trick to appropriately doing this; after opening the air valve, gently push down on the mattress toward the valve area as you need to compress the bed until it's completely flat and free of air.

In case you think air beds are too work, but you need a bed that is as portable and comfy, we’ve put together these air mattress alternatives to help you explore what options you have.


What can make an air mattress uncomfortable?

Uneven air pressure, heat retention, and the absence of a bed topper, pillow, or sheet, can make sleeping on an air mattress uncomfortable. However, with the pro tips shared in this piece, you can make an air mattress more comfortable and get quality sleep.

What can you put on an air mattress to make it more comfortable?

Some of the things you can put on an air mattress to make it more comfortable include bedsheets, mattress cover, mattress topper, a pillow, extra foam, or you can even stack two air mattresses.


If you're still wondering how to make an air mattress more comfortable, you should start by thinking of an air mattress as a standard bed and treating it as one. Air mattresses are great because they can be easily adjusted to suit your comfort preference. And if you implement the seven steps we’ve discussed in this piece, you will feel cozy and comfortable when you sleep on your air bed.

Which of the tips that we’ve discussed are you most excited to try? Drop a comment, and let’s get chatting.


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