How to Fold an Air Mattress?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 6 minLast updated on May 5, 2020

Want to learn how to fold an air mattress?

The process usually includes these steps: deflate it, put it on a flat surface, spread out any wrinkles and ripples, and then just fold it in half and roll.

Seems easy, right?

Well, yes, but there are still some nuances to know, and this is exactly what I’m going to explain to you right below!

#1 The Deflation Process

Before folding your inflatable mattress, you have to deflate it.

That’s a fairly easy step because most of the best air mattresses for long term use have two valves: the larger one for inflation and the smaller one for deflation. So, to deflate an air mattress, you just need to find the valve and open it to let the air out.

And to make the deflation process a bit smoother, do the following:

  • Remove any bedding. The bedding items will create uneven pressure while the mattress is deflating, which can put too much stress on the seams.
  • Place your mattress on a flat surface. A flat surface will ensure there are no things poking through the bottom of your airbed.
  • Take off any jewelry and don’t wear clothes with spikes or appliqué. When deflating an air mattress, at some point you’ll need to press it with your hands or body to get the residual air out. Rings and clothes with sharp and pointy accessories may accidentally damage the material of your airbed.

#2 Lay the Mattress Down and Spread It

Lay the Mattress Down and Spread It

After you have deflated your mattress completely, spread it evenly on the floor. Choose a clean and dry area without any possible sharp objects, crumbs, or debris. If you fold the mattress with these things inside, they can damage or even completely destroy it.

Once your mattress is spread, be sure to smooth all of the ripples and wrinkles on its surface. This prevents overstretching the airbed materials and hence, decreases the chances of damage in the future.

Press and smooth the wrinkles gently — just like you were pressing on your mattress when deflating it. Having straightened out as many wrinkles as possible, proceed to the next step.

#3 Fold Your Air Mattress

The most effective way to fold an air mattress will depend on the size of your mattress and the amount of space you have in storage.

For a Twin-size airbed or a camping inflatable mat, you can fold it in half lengthwise. Just take the mattress by the longer side and put it on the opposite side so that the edges meet each other. Or, you can skip this step and just roll it right away.

Full and Queen air mattresses can be folded in thirds. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take the airbed by the long end and fold about 1/3 of its width to the center.
  • Smooth out the wrinkles on the folded side.
  • Then take the opposite long side and cover the folded part with it.

Press the folded parts together, and you’re all set for the next step.

This folding method results in a more compact roll that will take less space in your storage.

Finally, if you have a King-sized air mattress, you can fold it in half twice. Be sure to even out the surface of the mattress after each folding so that there won’t be too many wrinkles.

“If you have difficulties with folding your mattress and pressing the sides together, maybe there’s some residual air left. In this case, unfold the bed, open the valve and press the air out.”

#4 Roll The Airbed Up

Roll The Airbed Up

Part of the process of learning how to fold an air mattress properly is learning to roll it.

Depending on the capacity of your storage, you may roll the mattress vertically or horizontally, but if you have the original package or carrying bag, then the most efficient way to roll up your airbed is to use that package as a visual guide

So, take your mattress by the edge and start to roll it to the opposite side. Don’t press too hard nor overstretch the materials. Just move at a steady pace.

Once the mattress is rolled up, fix it in this position. You can use the straps that come with your carrying bag, a piece of elastic, or even a shoelace (assuming it’s long enough and doesn’t have pointy edges).

#5 Packing for Storage

Now, let me briefly explain why you need to store your mattress properly after folding it and not just throw it in the storage room.

See, vinyl and PVC may be durable but they may quickly wear out because of temperature and moisture changes. So if you don’t pack your mattress into a container or a carrying bag, you leave it exposed to the external factors and shorten its lifespan. 

Along with that, an uncovered airbed has more chances of getting punctured, which means you’ll have to replace it — because even patching it is just a temporary solution.

So, the best storage options include:

  • original box or carrying bag;
  • airtight container with a lid;
  • any box that is large enough to accommodate an airbed.

Once you’ve packed your air mattress, put it in a dark cool place, and you’re good to go.

Do you think you can easily fold your air mattress now? If you have any questions left, feel free to ask and share your own hacks in the comments!

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