How Much Does A Mattress Weigh?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 14 minLast updated on March 1, 2023

Mattresses have different sizes. It is only expected they have different weights. It is not that simple, though, because other factors influence the weight of your bed apart from the size. Bedroom designs, especially the choice of mattress foundations, can become tricky if mattress weight is not considered. Hence the need to know “how much does a mattress weigh?”.

In this article, factors that affect mattress weight will be discussed to have insight into their mattress weight and, in extension, bedroom designs. However, contrary to popular belief, weight is not the only determinant in knowing quality mattresses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Airbeds and Twin-size mattresses tend to be the lightest in weight, while latex and California King mattresses tend to be heaviest.
  • Mattress weight affects the foundation and ease of cleaning the most, as some foundations can handle more weight than others, and lighter mattresses are easier to move than heavier ones.

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Mattress Weight By Type

Different types of mattresses command different weights. The material with which they were made and the constituents of the mattress influence mattress weights. For instance, what an innerspring queen size mattress weighs will be different from what a latex queen size mattress weighs provided they have the same age.

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Mattress Weight By Type

The mattress type we have are:

Mattress TypeApproximate Weight (Twin)Approximate Weight (Queen)Approximate Weight (King)Approximate Weight (California King)
Airbed9 pounds14 pounds18 pounds20 pounds
Innerspring40 pounds80 pounds100 pounds130 pounds
Hybrid60 pounds75 pounds90 pounds120 pounds
Memory Foam50 pounds90 pounds130 pounds150 pounds
Latex85 pounds100 pounds150 pounds185 pounds

Innerspring Mattress

  • This mattress contains steel coils that act as support for the two surfaces of the bed.
  • The surface is covered with at least 2 inches of foam or fiber.
  • Mattress weight depends on the thickness of the coil
  • Innerspring mattress weighs between 40 pounds and 130 pounds (18kg to 59kg). Heavy than typical foam mattress but a bit lighter than memory foam mattress and a lot lighter than latex mattress.

Airbed Mattress

  • It depends on air for support and comfort
  • Easy to move
  • Airbed mattresses weigh between 8.5 pounds and 20 pounds (4kg to 9kg).
  • Lightest mattress type because of the constituent (air). 
  • Recommended for temporary use

Latex Mattress

  • It conforms to pressure, just like a memory foam mattress.
  • Suitable for individuals that prefer a cooler mattress surface
  • Density is the primary determinant in its quality
  • Density determines the weight, i.e., the higher the density, the higher the weight.
  •  Latex mattress weighs between 85 pounds and 185 pounds (38kg to 84kg). The heaviest mattress type there is and most likely to last longest.

Memory Foam Mattress

  • Made of Dense materials that help in its conforming characteristics
  • It contains different density foam layers
  • The low-density foam layer and high-density foam base
  • Weight is controlled by the density of the foam in it.
  • A memory foam mattress weighs between 50 pounds and 150 pounds (22kg to 68kg). The memory foam mattress weight puts it ahead of the innerspring mattress but behind the latex mattress in heaviness. 

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Hybrid Mattresses

  • It’s a combination of innerspring and memory foam or fiber.
  • One of the heaviest mattress type which is as a result of the different constituents
  • Hybrid mattresses weigh between 60 pounds and 120 pounds (27kg to 54kg). Weight depends on the thickness of the coil and the thickness of the memory foam or fiber. 
  • Hybrid mattresses are recommended for side sleepers who still want a springy surface.
Hybrid mattress layers
Hybrid mattress layers

High Profile Mattress

  • These mattress types have different constituents and layers.
  • It can be as thick as fourteen inches.
  • The thicker the mattress, the heavier the bed is.

How Much Does a Mattress Weigh After 10 Years?

A mattress can gain some weight over 10 years, affected by several factors such as an accumulation of body fluids, fungi, dead skin cells, dust mites, and compressed foam. However, all of these factors contribute minorly to your mattress weight and will only affect it by a few pounds.

Old mattresses tend to be heavier because of the accumulation of debris like dead skin cells, skin oils, dirt, and whatnot in the foam(1). Also, after a long time, foams begin to lose their structures. As a result, the foams get compressed permanently, adding weight to the mattress.

Factors such as dust mites can add to an accumulation of weight, as a 2-year pillow can contain as much as 10% extra weight simply due to dust mites and their life cycle (2). A great way to reduce this type of weight gain is by flipping, rotating, and vacuuming down your mattress (3).

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Mattress Weight By Size

mattress weight by size

Mattress sizes also influence the weight of the mattress. Large mattresses are heavier than small-sized ones because they need more layers of content in their make-up. The different mattress sizes by weight from the smallest to the largest are:

Twin Size Mattress Weight

  • The dimensions are 38 inches by75 inches
  • Will suitably fit a single adult or two children
  • Lightest of the bed sizes and very easy to move
  • It normally weighs between 40 pounds to 45 pounds (18kg to 20kg). Making it quite easy to clean.

Twin XL Mattress Weight

  • A bit longer type of bed for taller people
  • The dimensions are 38 inches by 80 inches
  • It can comfortably fit one person or two kids
  • It generally weighs between 43 pounds to 48 pounds (19kg to 21kg). This mattress is also very easy to move and clean when it’s necessary

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Full-Size Mattress Weight

The Best Full-size mattresses can be used by individuals or couples who don’t mind the space. Each couple gets 23 inches of sleeping space which is not a lot but is very manageable. So, how much does a full-size mattress weigh?

  • The dimensions are 56 inches by 75 inches.
  • It can comfortably fit one adult or two children.
  • Generally weighs between 50 and 60 pounds (22kg to 27kg). The lightest mattress size that can fit two people. Moderately easy to move.

Queen Size Mattress Weight

The queen-size mattress is the most common mattress type. It can comfortably fit two people or a single person-if you love space. Click here for the best queen-size mattresses. So, how much does a queen-size mattress weigh

  • It mostly weighs between 120 pounds and 160 pounds (54kg to 72kg). Although the queen size mattress is just some inches larger than the full size mattress, it's a lot weightier than it. You may need an extra hand to move it.
  • The dimensions are 60 inches by 80 inches.

From my experience, queen-size mattresses can be some of the more challenging mattresses to move by yourself, due to both their size and weight. However, once it's set up, the extra weight translates to more surface space to spread out on, and thick comfort layers to sink into.

Queen-size mattress on a bed frame
Queen-size mattress on a bed frame

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King Size Mattress Weight

King size mattresses are the most prominent types of mattresses. They are perfect for couples and couples with a kid or pet. Click here for the best king-size mattresses. This mattress is recommended for people with large room spaces because of its size. But, how much does a king-size mattress weigh?

  • King size mattress weighs between 130 pounds and 180 pounds (59kg to 81kg). The heaviest mattress size. Moving it can be a lot of work but it makes for the heaviness in sleeping bed space.
  • The dimensions are 76 inches by 80 inches.

California King Mattress Weight

California King size mattresses are for people who like more legroom on their bed. It is a bit narrower than the standard king mattress but makes for it in added length. Read about the best Cal King mattresses here.

  • The California King mattress weighs the same as the traditional king.
  • The dimensions are 72 inches by 84 inches.

Alaskan King mattress is the heaviest on the market because it's the biggest one.

Why You Should Consider Mattress Weights

There are some reasons why you should know how much your full size mattress weighs.

Apart from the ease at which you can move a light mattress, other reasons you should be aware of what your mattress weigh are:

  • The mattress foundation;
  • Cleaning and design of the mattress;
  • Setting up a mattress.

The Mattress Foundation

In a situation where you want to replace your king-size mattress, or any other size, how much a king-size bed weighs and what type of king-size mattress you are getting should be foremost on your mind because of the mattress foundation.

Apart from saving you extra expenses on a new foundation, it saves you the stress of sleeping on an unbalanced bed.

Mattress Cleaning and Design

Now and then, we want to change the look, design and even clean our bedrooms and mattresses. It’s no news that lighter mattresses will save you time and energy. Even if your bed is heavy and you know what your mattress weighs, you can prepare for times like this and even get extra hands if necessary.

Setting up a Mattress

Setting up a mattress can be affected by the weight of the mattress in several ways, as a lighter mattress is easier to move than a heavier mattress. If you’re planning on moving, or have issues moving mattresses, consider a lighter mattress to make setting up more accessible. Moving a heavier mattress is possible, but moving it from one place to another may require more assistance.

Setting up a mattress
Setting up a mattress

My Experience With Mattress Weights

In my experience, I have always found weight plays a role, as smaller and lighter mattresses are much easier to move by myself than heavier and larger mattresses. This happens quite frequently when I review mattresses, and I always notice the weight of the mattress changes how the set-up process goes, as well as how supportive and durable the mattress feels overall.

How Does a Mattress's Weight Affect a Mattress?

A mattress's weight can affect the mattress in several ways, such as:

  • Its support;
  • Its durability.

The Mattress Support

A mattress affects its support (such as a bed frame or foundation) in its weight, as heavier mattresses may cause too much strain on the support system. This can lead to a damaged frame, a sagging mattress, or uneven support over time. 

The Mattress Durability

A mattress affects its overall durability as heavier mattresses that lack the internal support to hold heavier materials may lead to damaged integrities and cores over a shorter time.


What is the heaviest mattress size?

The heaviest mattress size is the king-sized mattress based on the surface area alone. However, this is not the only determining factor of a mattress weight.

Does a dense mattress mean better quality?

The answer is no. Weight is a byproduct of a good mattress, but the denseness does not indicate better quality. Other variables that affect a mattress's weight, like the materials it's made of, must be considered to determine the mattress's quality.

How do you calculate the weight of a mattress?

The easiest way to calculate the weight of a mattress is to approximate it using the mattress dimensions and material. To calculate, measure and multiply the length, width, and height of the mattress. Then, take that number and divide it by 1728 (the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot.) Find the weight per cubic foot for the material of your particular mattress. Then, multiply the total volume of the mattress by the weight per cubic foot of the material. This will give you the approximate weight of the mattress.


While some factors determine mattress weight, the mattress weight in itself doesn't resolve the quality of the bed. And, in extension, the quality of sleep. 

How do you like your mattress? Have you had any experience with different mattress weights? Please feel free to share in the comment section.


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