Floating Bed Frames: What It Is, Buyer’s Guide, and Best Options on the Market

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 17 minLast updated on July 15, 2022

A floating bed frame can be an amazing addition to almost any bedroom, as this foundation type can create a modern and simultaneously elegant vibe in the room. 

But looks aren’t everything, and choosing a good floating bed requires more considerations.

That’s what today’s review is going to share. Readers will find out what makes a good floating bed frame, how to choose the best one, and what models are the best on the market these days.

A Quick Preview

Zoma Foundation
Best Overall – Editor’s Choice

Zoma Foundation
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Maven Upholstered Bed by DHP
Best Budget Pick

Maven Upholstered Bed by DHP
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Nordik Platform Bed by Nexera
Best Low-Profile Floating Bed Frame

Nordik Platform Bed by Nexera
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What Are Floating Bed Frames Exactly?

A floating bed frame is initially a mattress foundation (either solid or slatted) that uses hidden legs or a smaller foundation underneath and thus, looks like it’s floating above the ground. The legs are positioned closer to the center of the frame, as since users can’t see them, the whole bed frame seems to be floating in the air. Hence, the name.

Floating bed frames look very stylish and minimalistic. They usually work great for those shoppers who want a sleek, clean look in their bedroom, without any unnecessary details. Additionally, most floating bed frames are low to the ground, which only contributes to their minimalist looks.

This bed frame type does not require a box spring. Floating bed frames usually have a slatted design for uniform support. There are also models that work like a solid foundation for the mattress and can deliver firmer support.

How Much Do Floating Bed Frames Cost?

Generally, floating bed frames fall between $300 and $1,000. However, the final price will depend on many factors, including the brand, the material of the frame, size, and additional details (for example, a headboard, under-bed LED lighting, or storage compartments).

Where to Buy a Good Floating Bed Frame

Here’s the great news:

There are plenty of manufacturers that make floating bed frames. However, it might take shoppers quite some time to sift through all the options and find reliable, quality options.

Here are a few suggestions where users may buy great floating foundations:

What Is the Best Material Type for Floating Bed Frames?

On the modern market, the two most popular bed frame materials are wood and metal.

Wood is durable and more pliable. It is more common to be used for floating bed frames, partially because of its looks. Natural wood has unique patterns and often comes in lighter shades, which allows manufacturers to achieve a more minimalistic look.

Wood is also often used for slats. As this material is pliable, it typically results in slightly bouncier support for the mattress. 

Wood is pretty easy to spruce up (by painting or staining it), which gives users more chances to increase the lifespan of their floating bed frame by tailoring its color to their new interiors. At the same time, wooden frames can start making creaking noises with time, especially when bearing a lot of weight regularly.

Now, as for metal bed frames, they are typically cheaper. Many of them are upholstered to create a warmer, cozier look (as metal beds often have that industrial vibe to them). 

Metal is quite durable but may start squeaking with time. This can be postponed if users dedicate some time to greasing the connectors occasionally. 

If the slats are metal as well, they can deliver sturdier, firmer support with no bounce. In most cases, metal slats work the best for bouncier mattresses (latex and hybrid), while wooden slats are often a good choice for slow-moving foam models (as the slats can make the mattress feel less restricting).

Things to Be Aware of Before Buying a Floating Bed Frame

When looking for a floating bed frame, users need to consider all the peculiarities of this foundation type. After all, floating beds have their pros and cons. And maybe some of those aspects can be defining for certain shoppers.

Now, one of the biggest advantages of owning a floating bed frame is the looks, of course. This minimalistic furniture type can make any room seem more spacious and airy. Floating bed frames never go out of style and can seamlessly blend with pretty much any modern interior.

Another cool thing about this mattress foundation type is that it can help shoppers save some money. The thing is, floating frames don’t require a box spring. And this means fewer expenses.

Floating bed frames are also super easy to clean under. They may also offer additional under-bed storage (if the bed is tall enough to hide boxes and other stuff). However, in this case, users might want to be careful. Any boxes or, let’s say, baskets peeking from under the bed may ruin the floating look.

That being said, floating bed frames aren’t perfect, of course. Such mattress foundations are typically quite low to the ground. And while this creates a stylish minimalist look, lower bed frames are also harder to get out of. This might be a problem for users with back pain or slight mobility issues.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all floating bed frames can support heavier users (especially cheaper models). Because the legs are often placed closer to the center of the bed, they may not deliver the needed support for heavier individuals who require a uniform, edge-to-edge boost for both them and the mattress.

Many floating beds can support no more than 500 pounds (including the mattress). Therefore, this bed frame style might not work for overweight couples or owners of extra-heavy mattresses (like latex or hybrid, for example).

Another aspect to be aware of is sizing. With floating bed frames, the sizing options can be limited. It’s also more challenging to find manufacturers that offer custom sizes for floating frames (while customization is not such a big issue when it comes to traditional bed frames).

Final Considerations When Shopping for a Floating Bed Frame

Furniture shopping can seem like a complicated task. However, it may become easier if shoppers focus only on the things that matter. So, here are a few extra examples of the aspects that can affect one’s experience with their new floating bed frame:

  • Warranty. As most shoppers know, furniture warranties can often be a sign of quality. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to choose a floating bed frame with an extended warranty. Sturdier foundations often have warranties that last for 5 years, which makes them a great option for heavier sleepers (just like the bed frames here, for example).
  • Slat spacing. The distance between the slats can affect the support. Plus, different mattress types have different requirements. Therefore, shoppers might want to read their mattress warranty conditions and check the recommended slat spacing. For example, when looking for a good bed frame for a memory foam mattress (like these), shoppers need to be sure that the slats in their floating foundation are placed no more than 3 inches apart. 
  • Height. The height of the floating bed frame can determine the amount of under-bed storage. Additionally, lower beds can be more difficult to get out of. Therefore, for those shoppers who have mobility issues, it might be a good idea to double-check the height of the bed before finalizing the purchase. 
  • Storage. Here’s the good news for all owners of smaller bedrooms: some floating bed frames come with integrated storage drawers. Of course, this handy feature would cost more. That being said, storage drawers can save a small bedroom from clutter and extra pieces of bulky furniture.
  • Assembly. Because floating bed frames have a slightly more unusual construction, they can be finicky to put together. Therefore, shoppers who hate assembling furniture might want to check other users’ reviews. This would help them learn more about the set-up process of the floating frame they are considering. If it’s too challenging, other users would definitely mention that in their comments.
  • Weight limit. This one is pretty simple: a higher weight limit usually means a sturdier construction. So, an impressive weight limit of a floating bed frame could mean improved support for heavier sleepers, extended lifespan, and increased reliability for sexually active couples (like these bed frames). 

Our Reviews of the 3 Best Floating Bed Frames

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Zoma Foundation

Zoma Foundation


  • wooden slats to offer sturdy support and improved airflow during the night;
  • smart corner clips for fast no-tool assembly;
  • fabric upholstery to create a softer, more welcoming look.

When I first unpacked this floating bed frame by Zoma, I was impressed with the quality of the parts. This is a wooden foundation that feels sturdy and thus, can guarantee long-lasting performance. I also like the fact that you can remove the legs and turn it into a minimalistic foundation. I tried that too and I have to say: the Zoma looks great as both a floating frame and a foundation. But what I like the most about this model is its soft fabric upholstery. For floating bed frames, this is quite rare, as most of them use wood without any upholstery to achieve a modern (often even futuristic) look. However, adding the fabric upholstery to the Zoma made this bed frame look more welcoming and extra-cozy. Plus, the fabric felt very pleasant to the skin when I was getting in and out of bed.

Best Budget Pick — Maven Upholstered Bed by DHP

Maven Upholstered Bed by DHP


  • sprung slats to offer responsive support;
  • extra legs in the middle to ensure reliable performance;
  • three upholstery options to seamlessly blend with different interiors.

Looking for the best floating bed frame but don’t wish to spend a fortune on it? Then the Maven by DHP might be your perfect match. This beautiful bed frame comes with a pretty attractive price tag, making it suited for budget shoppers who don’t want to compromise between price and quality. I also like that the Maven uses a system of sprung slats for support. They are resilient and made my all-foam mattress feel less restricting (an excellent solution for combination sleepers).

Best Low-Profile Floating Bed Frame — Nordik Platform Bed by Nexera

Nordik Platform Bed by Nexera


  • hidden center base to enhance the floating effect;
  • natural wood finish for a sleek minimalist look;
  • 500-pound capacity to accommodate larger sleepers.

Last but not least, allow me to share the bed frame that impressed me with its looks the second I assembled it. The Nordik platform by Nexera really seems like it’s floating above the ground, which gives it a futuristic vibe. The thing is, the base of the bed is hidden right there in the center. Additionally, this is a rather low-profile model, so even if you wanted to see the base, you would probably have to kneel down. As a result, the Nordic bed frame seems the most realistic in terms of floating among the models on this list.


Do you need a box spring for a floating bed frame?

No, floating bed frames do not require box springs.

Are floating bed frames sturdy?

Yes, a floating bed frame can be very sturdy if it’s quality-made. Many of them can support more than 500 pounds of weight.

Are floating beds safe?

Yes, floating bed frames are very safe. Even though it doesn’t show, they receive reliable support from the legs or the smaller foundation underneath.

Wrapping Up

Floating bed frames can be a lot of fun. However, it doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice functionality for cool looks. And to find the most functional one, shoppers need to pay attention to the materials used for both the frame and the slats. Additionally, they shouldn’t forget about sturdiness (and choose models with longer warranties and higher weight capacity).

And if you are still feeling a bit lost, allow me to share a floating bed frame that managed to win my heart after the first night – the Zoma Foundation. This is a minimalist piece of furniture that has a very warm feel to it at the same time (courtesy of that soft upholstery). It’s also super easy to put together. But what I appreciate the most (and I’m sure you will too) is the quality construction of this bed frame. It will be very likely to serve you for years to come, making sure both you and your mattress receive the needed support.

Do you agree this might be the bed frame you are looking for? And have you owned a floating bed frame before? Let us know in the comments!



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