5 Best Egg-Crate Mattress Toppers for Cool and Therapeutic Sleep

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 27 minLast updated on March 26, 2023

If you sleep on a plush mattress under a cozy blanket and wake up feeling refreshed, you’re one of the lucky ones.

But if your day starts with soreness in your lower back, a headache, and a lousy mood, it’s time to update your bed.

For example, upgrade your bed with an egg-crate mattress topper. This bedding accessory can help improve your sleep.

So, take a look at my reviews of the best egg-crate mattress toppers right below, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

A Quick Preview

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper
Best Overall

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper
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Runner Up

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Best Value for Money

Best Price Mattress
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Best for Cooler Sleep

Sure2Sleep Gel Swirl Topper
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Best for Precise Support

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Best Overall - Editor’s Pick - GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

GhostBed Mattress Topper

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  • medium feel to achieve an optimal balance between support and cradling;
  • gel-infused foam to prevent overheating;
  • multiple support zones for improved adaptability and pressure alleviation.

Being among the best egg-crate mattress toppers, the GhostBed doesn’t have a 100% egg-crate construction. Nonetheless, this model performs as well as any other egg-crate topper (or even better). 

The thing is, the GhostBed is a zoned model that excels at tension alleviation. It delivers precise support and helps the pressure dissipate. I really enjoyed how the GhostBed topper cradled my shoulders while providing sturdy support for the back, allowing me to sleep tension-free.

Another aspect that pleasantly surprised me was the GhostBed’s cooling properties. This model is infused with gel particles that draw the excess heat away. As a side sleeper, I appreciate that the GhostBed remains neutral even when it offers a deeper hug in this position.

Overall, the GhostBed mattress topper is surely worth trying. This zoned model can deliver the same levels of pressure alleviation (or even better) as any egg-crate topper on this list.

The Ghostbed was excellent in my temperature tests, keeping me cool throughout the night. I measured its temperature at 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit (just the mattress was 84.5 degrees). Ghostbed made my mattress cooler three times more than the Puffy topper.

GhostBed Mattress Topper on a Mattress
GhostBed Mattress Topper Layers

Runner Up - Linenspa

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  • sufficient thickness to mask sagging;
  • sleeps cool;
  • made of quality materials.

The Linenspa deserves to be among the best egg-crate mattress toppers because it offers excellent value for money and uses high-quality materials. Needless to say, this topper will likely serve you for years to come, thus extending the mattress’s lifespan too.

Made of gel-infused memory foam, The Linenspa pad adapts to your body temperature during the night. This makes sure you get a cooler, more refreshing sleep. Gel particles make the foam softer and slightly hugging, so it contours to your body shape and can relieve pressure more effectively.

I was testing the 3-inch thick model, and (as a combination side and back sleeper) I felt supported in all sleeping and resting positions. The peaks of this mattress topper adjust to your body weight and evenly distribute your weight around the mattress surface, so your natural spinal curves are maintained throughout the night.

Even though the foam has a soft, plush feel, it’s also dense. So, you can expect this topper to stay durable and supportive for years.

I genuinely think the Linenspa egg-crate pad works well for any type of sleeper. Even if you or your guests are larger-than-average, you can choose the thicker option, and you’ll be all set.

Best Value for Money  - Best Price Mattress

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  • soothing lavender scent;
  • great value for money;
  • certified, durable materials.

Let’s move further through my review of the best egg-crate mattress pads. Here’s the option by Best Price Mattress. It offers a 3-inch thick topper for the same price as thin models from other brands, so for that reason alone, it deserves to be included in my list. 

Now, along with incredible pressure-relieving effects, the topper is infused with lavender extract for soothing properties. So, if you have trouble falling asleep, the Best Price Mattress pad makes it easier to drift off and gives you a more comfortable sleep.

The 3 inches of egg-crate foam is more than enough to hug your pressure points and support the spine. This topper can be great for side sleepers because of its balanced medium feel. What's more, it conforms to your hips and shoulders, giving you the right amount of sinkage. Looking for the best mattress toppers for hip pain? You will find them on this page

The Best Price Mattress pad literally stands up to its name. If you need a cost-effective mattress topper with an egg-crate design and enjoy a soothing lavender scent, you should choose this model.

Best for Cooler Sleep - Sure2Sleep Gel Swirl Topper

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  • Offers sleepers an open-cell design for enhanced breathability
  • 5-Zone targeted points designed to apply the right amount of pressure relief on the body
  • Cool gel swirl memory foam helps sleepers stay cool during the night

The Sure2Sleep Gel Swirl Topper is our best egg crate topper for a cool sleep due to its emphasis on its gel swirl memory foam. This inclusion of gel keeps your topper cool to the touch and comfortable, which I think hot sleepers or those sensitive to temperature changes can take advantage of. Not only is this topper cool to the touch, but its open-cell design adds an extra layer of breathability and coolness, keeping sleepers' temperature neutral and banishing excess heat.

On top of this, I also like how this topper offers sleepers 5-zone comfort, which I think is great for targeted pressure relief based on where the body is on the bed. That means sleepers would feel more support in the hip area and less in the shoulders so that they can sleep more comfortably on their side.

Best for Precise Support - LUCID

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  • 5 zones of support;
  • generous cradling;
  • great for rejuvenating an old mattress.

The LUCID mattress pad takes the meaning of the word "support" to a whole new level. Their mattress pad is divided into 5 textured zones that can precisely adjust to your body shape and might even relieve all the tension in your muscles. That’s why I had to include the LUCID in my review of the best egg-crate mattress toppers.

This pad conforms to your body shape due to its softer feel. So, if you’re prone to back pain, the LUCID will ensure that you’ll relax and get your portion of sound sleep in any position.

Now, the peak-and-valley design promotes the airflow between your body and the topper. And this effect is additionally enhanced by cooling gel. Gel beads adapt to your body temperature and help maintain optimal microclimate in your bed, whether you’re a single sleeper or share a bed with someone.

I can surely recommend the LUCID to everyone. This mattress pad can support any type of sleeper, it won’t make you sleep hot, and it’s designed to last for years.

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Mattress Toppers

These were chosen as the best egg crate mattress toppers for their pressure relief, conforming material, and ability to either firm up or enhance the overall comfort of a mattress. 

When I tested my mattress toppers, I looked for pressure-relieving and responsive properties, testing the topper on my side, back, and stomach, to see how well the topper would conform and support me. I also tested for sinkage, using a measurer to see how much the topper compressed under my body parts. The response was also tested, as it’s a good indicator of how conforming a mattress topper will feel without making you feel stuck in its foam layer. I also checked for temperature control, as this can indicate how well a topper can help keep you cool in comparison to your mattress. After lying on the mattress for five minutes, the temperature was checked with a thermal gun. I shared more ways to choose the right egg crate mattress topper below so you can make an informed decision on the right topper for your home

Egg-Crate Mattress Topper Materials 101

Okay, something important you should be aware of.

The material of a topper defines its performance.

Given that convoluted toppers are less durable than flat models, because of their design, you have to be even more thorough when choosing your next topper will be made of.

So, let’s see what materials are used for making convoluted toppers and outline their pros and cons.

Memory Foam

First-generation viscoelastic foam is the most common material used in the mattress industry. The ability of memory foam to hug your body and relieve tension in your pressure points is outstanding.

So, when buying a memory foam mattress topper, you can expect a good amount of cradling and close conforming to your body curves. A thicker egg-crate topper can even help you rejuvenate the feel of your old bed if there are any saggy spots on it.

On the other hand, the density of memory foam and its closed-cell structure contribute to heat retention. So, if your topper isn’t infused with cooling gel particles, graphite, or copper, you might feel hot and not sleep well on it.

Also read: How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Polyurethane Foam

Another common material used for making mattress pads, polyfoam is cheaper to produce than memory foam, which results in lower prices of the final product. Also, this material has a spongy feel and can spring back to its original shape faster, meaning it is less prone to forming indentations, which is especially important for a convoluted design.

Now, polyfoam has an open-cell structure and hence, is slightly more breathable than viscoelastic foam. However, the same open-cell structure makes it less resilient and durable, which could result in a shorter lifespan.

Infused Foams

Both memory foam and polyfoam can be infused with different particles — particularly cooling gel, copper, graphite, plant oils, etc. The purpose is to cope with the most common issues related to foam toppers:

  • heat retention;
  • strong factory odor;
  • low resistance to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

You shouldn’t expect very potent effects from these infusions, but they do improve the initial properties of foam to some extent.

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What Makes the Best Convoluted Topper?

Now, I may know a lot about mattresses and other sleep products, but here’s the deal:

Only you can tailor your choice to your needs.

Still, I can give you all the information I have to help you make the choice of a quality convoluted pad easier.

  • Foam density. Foam density affects how your mattress topper performs in many ways, but it’s mostly tied to its weight, durability, and odor potential (the denser the foam is, the tinier its pores are and the more odor can be locked inside), so it’s one of the first things to consider when choosing an egg-crate topper. Density is measured in pounds per cubic foot, and the good numbers to look for are 4 PCF and higher for memory foam and 1.5 PCF and higher for polyfoam.
  • Size. Typically, most mattress toppers come in standard mattress sizes. However, cheaper models, especially those from China-based manufacturers, might have slight size fluctuations (no more than 1–2 inches). Since this could cause certain difficulties with using the topper, be sure to check the dimensions before purchase.
  • Firmness. Firmness is subjective, right? Well, only partially. In fact, you can measure the firmness of your mattress or mattress topper with the parameter called Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). ILD shows how much weight you need to compress a 4-inch thick sample of foam and is expressed in numerals corresponding to the weight applied. For regular foam with medium firmness, ILD rating that you should look for falls somewhere between 23 and 30, whereas convoluted foam of the same ILD, due to its non-flat surface, may feel softer. Also, note that most egg-crate mattress pads come compressed, which might make them lose some percentage of their initial firmness. But the same prolonged compression may contribute to better resilience and supportive properties than those found in solid mattress pads (1).
  • Thickness. Thicker mattress pads may help you deal with lumps and dips on your mattress surface. The thickness of egg-crate mattress toppers generally varies from 1.5 to 4 inches. The former can be good for petite back or stomach sleepers and those who don’t want to alter the feel of their mattress. The latter can work for heavier sleepers, side sleepers, couples, and those who want more cushioning to make their bed more comfortable. 
  • Maintenance. Cleaning all these dips in a convoluted mattress topper might seem a nightmare. To accelerate this process, choose models that don’t have large spikes and use a vacuum nozzle for hard-to-reach places to collect the dust. Or, you can wash your egg-crate topper in the washing machine, (2) providing the care instructions say it's safe to do so. Note: it’s better to use a laundromat for this.
  • Cooling. While egg-crate mattress toppers can offer increased breathability, some of them may still sleep warm. To avoid that, shoppers might want to stick to gel-infused models. Alternatively, they can go with open-cell foam toppers. It’s also worth mentioning that softer egg-crate mattress toppers are more likely to cause overheating as they have a more hugging feel.

To check all of these parameters, you can either ask the seller’s customer support or read user comments and product reviews on the Web.

A quick note: most egg-crate mattress toppers come without a cover or a fastening system, which can be an issue for combination or restless sleepers. In this case, shoppers can use a fitted sheet to keep the topper in place. However, they need to ensure the sheet’s pockets are deep enough to accommodate both the mattress and the topper.

Contrary to popular belief, foam mattress pads, including the egg-crate ones, can be used with electric or heated blankets (3). Just be sure to check the integrity of the cord coating and watch for signs of wear and tear on the protective layer of your blanket.


Egg-crate mattress topper: which side up?

Place the topper on the bed with a convoluted side facing up. In this case, you’ll be able to enjoy its pressure-relieving properties and cooler sleep.

How to use an egg-crate foam mattress topper? 


You can place a topper under a fitted sheet to secure it on your bed. However, make sure the sheet doesn’t sit too tightly, as this can flatten the spikes, and decrease the therapeutic effects.

Are egg-crate toppers good for your back?

Yes, egg-crate toppers can be an excellent solution for people with back pain. Such toppers are adaptive and, thus, relieve pressure fast and help with pain alleviation.

Where Can I Buy an Egg Crate Foam Mattress Topper?

You can buy an egg crate foam mattress topper either in a big-chain store or a home and furniture store or online. Shopping in person allows you to try the topper before you try it, however, there may not be enough of a selection. Shopping online allows you to choose from a wide variety of toppers, and read reviews from those who’ve already done the market research, and customers who already own one.

Final Word

A convoluted mattress topper can improve your sleep in many ways. Its peak-and-valley design can give you great pressure relief and enhanced air circulation. To get all of the benefits of an egg-crate mattress pad, you just need to choose the right model.

And if I had to choose a mattress topper that I would use daily, I would pick the GhostBed. It has a smart design that results in excellent pressure-alleviating properties (great for both back pain or simply enhanced comfort). The GhostBed also doesn’t sleep hot, comes with a handy fitted cover, and has a 5-year warranty. What else is there to wish for?

What about you? What things do you consider as the most important when choosing an egg-crate topper? Feel free to share your thoughts below. I’d like to get your input!



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