Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier Comparison

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 7 minLast updated on October 19, 2022

Soft, luxurious, and better sleep are all traits of the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress, but with the addition of the Dreamcloud Premier, it can be hard to tell which is better to suit a sleeper’s individual needs. Luckily, we’ve collected all the information you need, comparing both mattresses side-by-side in an in-depth analysis to see which mattress is best for what type of sleeper.

Let’s take a look. 

Quick Overview

Dreamcloud Hybrid MattressDreamcloud Hybrid MattressCheck Current Price
Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid MattressDreamcloud Premier Hybrid MattressCheck Current Price

Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier: Top Similarities and Top Differences

The top similarities between Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier are their cooling properties, hybrid coils, quilted top, warranties, and trials.

Both mattresses have cooling properties, such as the breathable cover and the inclusion of gel memory foam. This will help hot sleepers finally have a mattress that doesn’t suffocate them with heat every time they hop into bed.

The hybrid coils help make both mattresses more responsive than all-foam alternatives. Sleepers who want more support and responsiveness will feel the inner springs keeping their spine aligned and supported for a more restful sleep. On top of this, both mattresses also share the same cashmere quilted top to cushion the springs, giving sleepers a conforming, soft feel.

Additionally, sleepers can rest peacefully, knowing they don’t have to choose between warranties. Both Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier share the same Lifetime Warranty and 365-night trial for risk-free sleep.

The top differences between Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier are their comfort levels, and firmness, with Premier being a bit softer and body-hugging than Dreamcloud. The price is also a big difference between the two, as Dreamcloud is $400 cheaper than Dreamcloud Premier.

Dreamcloud Premier has more cushioning, pressure-relieving material than the Dreamcloud, making it more adaptive and body-hugging for that soothing ‘sink-in-the-bed’ feel. Sleepers who want extra pressure relief or a more luxurious 5-star hotel feel will sink into this mattress comfortably.

Dreamcloud is a bit firmer than the Premier, sitting at firm while Premier sits at medium-firm. This makes Dreamcloud a good fit for sleepers who want more spinal alignment, support, and less sinkage.

On top of this, Dreamcloud is also the more affordable mattress out of the two. Budget-conscious sleepers will appreciate the luxurious feel of Dreamcloud while not breaking the bank on a new mattress.

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Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress

Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid Mattress

Construction & Design5 layers of foam with springs
5 layers of foam with springs and extra cushioning memory foam
FirmnessFirmMedium firm
Edge supportYesYes
Motion TransferModerateMore isolating
Overall feelConforming while being supportiveSlow-adapting memory foam allows for extra cushioning and body-hugging sinkage
MaterialFoam and coilsFoam and coils with pressure-relieving memory foam
Warranty and TrialLifetime Warranty and 365-night trialLifetime Warranty and 365-night trial
WebsiteRead more about Dreamcloud MattressRead more about Dreamcloud Premier
Price (Queen)$999$1,399

Construction & Design Between Dreamcloud Premier versus Dreamcloud 

The construction and design of the Dreamcloud and Premier are incredibly similar, with the one major difference being the addition of Premier’s soft pressure-relieving memory foam layer.

Here’s a breakdown of the layers:

  • Cashmere Cover - Both come with a quilted, super-soft cashmere cover that’s breathable and plush, easy to help dispel any extra heat, and making the top soft as butter to fall asleep in.
  • Pressure-relieving Memory Foam - Exclusive to the Premier, there is a one-inch thick layer of slow-adapting memory foam designed to give additional pressure relief to the mattress, making Premier softer than the standard Dreamcloud. Sleepers who want a more body-hugging feel will find that and more with Premier.
  • Contouring Foam - Both mattresses share the same soft contouring memory foam, at an inch and half height for Dreamcloud, and a single inch for Premier.
  • Gel Memory Foam - Unique to Dreamcloud, this mattress has an additional layer of gel memory foam for adaptive, cooling sleep.
  • Transition Layer - A dynamic transition layer adds cushioning support between the sleeper and the coils, at two inches for Dreamcloud, and two and a half inches for Premier.
  • Wrapped Coils - Individually wrapped coils at eight and a half inches are similar between Dreamcloud and Premier, with added edge support for easier getting in and out of bed.
  • Base Foam - One inch of base foam helps support and even out the layers and coils in the mattress, increasing the durability of Dreamcloud and Premier.

The firmness of Dreamcloud Premier and Dreamcloud 

The firmness of Dreamcloud, keeping in mind its layers of contouring memory foam, I would rate as firm, while Premier is closer to medium-firm. Premier’s softer firmness, I believe, is due to Premier’s addition of the cushioning, pressure-relieving memory foam layer in the top of the mattress. 

Edge Support Between Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier

The edge support between Dreamcloud and Premier is similar, as the wrapped coils in each mattress are reinforced for better edge support. Sleepers who experience pain or mobility issues will find this edge support helpful for getting in and out of bed. 

Motion Transfer of Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier

The motion transfer of Dreamcloud is more bouncy and responsive, while the Dreamcloud Premier is more cushioning with a sinking feeling. This improves Premier’s motion isolation, and sleepers who get disturbed more easily at night will appreciate this feature.

What the Feel Difference Between Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier is

The feel difference between Dreamcloud is a supportive yet conforming feel. At the same time, Dreamcloud Premier has more of a body-hugging, sinking feel. I think sleepers who want more all-over pressure relief will enjoy Premier more.

Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier: Material 

The materials between Dreamcloud and Dreamcoud Premier are similar except for Premier’s cushioning memory foam layers. Premier has two layers of foam that make the mattress more conforming and pressure-relieving than Dreamcloud, melting away any sleeper’s aches and pains more quickly.

Price Between Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier

The price difference between Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier is about $400, making Dreamcloud the more affordable of the two mattresses. Sleepers on a budget who still want a luxury mattress can take advantage of this price tag.

Sleeping positions Between Dreamcloud and Dreamcloud Premier

The firmer qualities of Dreamcloud may work for back sleepers or those who want more support. Alternatively, I think the Premier may work for side sleepers, combo sleepers, or those who want more conforming qualities for softer, body-hugging sleep.


Wrapping Up

While both mattresses are great options for sleepers looking for a luxury hotel experience right in their home, they will find Dreamcloud more supportive, firmer, and affordable. Even though it has an affordable price tag, Dreamcloud still offers the luxury experience of quality, conforming sleep that sleepers will enjoy.

 Likewise, Dreamcloud Premier has some of the best motion isolation features, which couples or those who want to tackle back pain or sore muscles can take advantage of.
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