Do Two Twins Make a King? [2023 Update]

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 6 minLast updated on February 20, 2023

Upsizing your bed may seem like a great idea, especially when you already have a Twin bed.

All you have to do is add another Twin, and you can get a spacious, comfortable mattress.

But can Twin mattresses form a standard King? That’s what we are going to find out today.

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Can Two Twins Make a King: Sizes Explained

I hate to disappoint you, but two Twin mattresses do not make a King.

You see, one standard Twin measures 38 x 75 inches.

A standard King is 76 x 80 inches.

Can Two Twins Make a King: Sizes Explained

If you put two Twin beds together, you will get a 76 x 75-inch mattress, which is 5 inches shorter in length than a standard King.

Of course, you can make two Twin beds work. To achieve that, you first need to pick a suitable mattress, a model that would work for your body type and sleeping position. To help you make the most informed decision, we have selected the best Twin mattresses.

Nest, you will have to compensate for the shorter length. To do that, you can leave a 5-inch wide space between the bed and the wall and use it to make a headboard. You can stuff the area with puffy pillows or even invest in an upholstered headboard (if your budget allows for it).

Now, while two Twin mattresses don’t make a King, Twill XL can be a real game-changer. Measuring 80 inches in length, two Twin XL mattresses can easily form a standard King.

Of course, you can always check the best King mattresses and save yourself some trouble by picking a large, comfortable bed. However, if you already have a Twin XL or don’t mind an easy DIY project, let’s learn how to turn two Twin XL mattresses into a King bed. You can also read a mattress size guide to see if any other mattress dimension works better for you.

How to Easily Convert Two Twin Beds Into a King

How to Easily Convert Two Twin Beds Into a King

So, you’ve decided to turn two Twin XL mattresses into a standard King. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Create a foundation. Ideally, you should use a suitable King-size bed frame. However, you can combine two Twin XL frames as well. But in this case, your new “King” might not feel steady enough, as two separate bed frames may shake and shift when there’s movement on top.
  • Add a pad (optional). Some bed frames are quite slippery and allow mattresses to slide off. Placing a special rubber pad between the frame and the mattress can help you secure your Twin XL mattresses in place.
  • Bridge the gap. To create a uniform sleeping surface, you need to fill the gap between the two Twin mattresses. You can buy a special foam filler, as there’s a wide variety available online.
  • Level the surface. The gap filler may create a small lump in the middle of your King bed. Now, if you share your bed with a partner and don’t usually cuddle in the middle, that lump might not be a problem. Still, it is recommended to add a mattress pad or a topper to level the surface and make it feel smoother.
  • Secure the mattresses. For your peace of mind (and a more stable feel of the bed), you can add a strap around the edges of both Twin mattresses. This way, you will kind of lock them together, keeping the two mattresses in place and preventing them from moving apart.
  • Put the bed sheets on. The final step to make your Twin mattresses look like one bed is to cover them with King-size sheets. Keep in mind that your Twin XL may be thinner than a standard King, so some fitted sheets might not work in this case.

The key to a comfy King bed is using two Twin XL mattresses that have the same thickness. This way, the sleeping surface will be even and, consequently, more comfortable.


Will two Twin mattresses fit a King bed frame?

Yes, but keep in mind that there will be some extra space length-wise (as Twin mattresses are only 75 inches long, while a King frame would be 5 inches longer). You can use that space to add a padded, upholstered headboard or make one by simply putting extra pillows against the wall. Or, to avoid that, you can combine two Twin XLs that are 80 inches long.

Will I have to buy special bedding for my new King bed made of two Twins?

Not necessarily, but you might have to forget about fitted sheets. A standard King fitted sheet will be too long for two Twins, so it might not fit the mattress snuggly enough. With a regular sheet, you can simply tuck the edges under the mattress for a secure fit.

Do I have to buy two Twin XLs to make a King bed?

Yes, if you want to achieve the exact King measurements. However, if you don’t mind your new “King” mattress being 5 inches shorter, you might as well combine two regular Twins.

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