Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $500

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 16 minLast updated on July 11, 2022

A sectional sofa that can be used for occasional or even regular sleeping and doesn’t cost all the money in the world sounds like a miracle, right?


I’ve found the best cheap sectional sofas under $500 to prove to you that affordable and comfortable furniture does exist.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall

Lilola Home
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Best for Minimal Design

Emily by DHP
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Best Leather Option

Best Choice Products
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Our List of 5 Best Cheap Sectional Sofas

Best Overall — Lilola Home


  • reversible chaise longue section;
  • spacious storage under the chaise section;
  • the strong wooden frame can withstand years of active use.

I’d like to start my list of the best sectional sofas under $500 with a model by Lilola Home. Aside from having a cool and modern design, this sectional will save you a lot of space and create a comfy sleeping spot for you and your guests.

The sofa has a corner design and allows you to place a chaise section to the right or left, depending on your room configuration. The Lilola Home can accommodate 3-4 adults for sitting, which makes it a perfect choice for friend gatherings.

The chaise section also packs spacious storage that you can use for bedding, bulky clothes, or just put in there whatever you want to. So, if you live in a small studio and want to have more room to breathe, this sectional will help you deal with clutter.

When you pull out the bed, you’ll get a 71” x 42” sleeping area, which offers enough space for an average adult, a small couple, or a heavy single sleeper. Note that if you’re taller than 5’6”, your feet may hang off the sofa. Also, the foam padding may feel a bit stiff at first but will soften over time.

I really loved sleeping on the Lilola Home sofa and recommend it to anyone who has limited space. It seems pretty durable and is comfortable for both sleeping and leisure activities.

Best for Minimal Design - Emily by DHP


  • converts into a bed almost equal to Queen;
  • sleek design without bulky armrests or heavy bottom section;
  • long-lasting and waterproof faux leather upholstery.

Moving to the next option in my list of the best cheap sectionals under $500 — the Emily sofa by DHP. To be honest, it doesn’t look like a budget model at all. Incredible design, cozy gray linen upholstery, and a lounger section that converts into a sleeper altogether make it a great option for minimalist interiors.

Now, the Emily doesn’t feature a pull-out section that can turn it into a bed. Instead, all of its sections — the lounger and the two-seater—  can fully recline into a flat position, thus giving you a sleeping area of 71 x 73 inches, which is 10 inches wider and 7 inches shorter than a Queen mattress. You can host two adults or even a heavy couple on it with ease.

The sofa is upholstered in a breathable linen fabric available in different colors. The Emily comes disassembled but is incredibly easy to put together. All you need to do is to screw the parts together, and you’re all set. It took me about 10 minutes to do it.

Finally, the padding of the sofa is a bit rigid, which is normal because it’s meant for active use. However, it feels pretty comfy when you sleep on it, even though the cushions have a textured design. Plus, thanks to its affordability, you will be able to buy a topper to make it more comfortable if necessary.

I can easily recommend the Emily to all the fans of minimalist interiors. It looks unobtrusive and can be easily used for both sitting and sleeping.

Best Leather Option - Best Choice Products


  • modular design, can be adapted to any room layout;
  • waterproof faux leather upholstery in the neutral color;
  • almost equal to a Queen mattress in size when converted into a sleeper.

I decided to put the Best Choice Products sofa on my list because it’s made of long-lasting materials and has water-resistant upholstery that looks no worse than natural leather. So if you’re looking for a durable sectional that is made without animal suffering, you can choose this model.

The Best Choice Products comes with a freestanding ottoman bench that can be placed anywhere you like to create a separate sitting space. A perfect fit for large gatherings! Or, you can push the ottoman against the sofa and turn it into a lounger that is almost equal to a Queen bed (56” x 85.2”).

The faux leather upholstery seems really durable and repels water and other liquids easily. And the deep brown color looks really expensive, so no one will ever suspect your sofa is low-cost unless you tell them that.

Now, the Best Choice Products is incredibly comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. The foam padding contours your body just right and can serve you as a sleeping spot whenever you need it.

Having spent three consecutive nights on this sofa, I felt no stiffness or aching, which says for itself. The Best Choice Products can make a good fit into any modern design and provide you with a spacious surface to lounge or sleep.

Main Types of Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are great for their versatility. You can find literally any shape that will fit into your room’s layout.

The most common configurations of sectionals on the market include L-shaped, U-shaped, and curved. There are some other options, of course, but they are less popular.

So, let’s take a brief look at each shape and its distinctive features.


Also known as corner sofas, these are the most popular sectionals you can find.

In fact, when someone says “sectional sofa”, you’ll most likely picture this one in your mind.

So, a typical L-shaped sofa consists of two sections:

  • a seater section, which is made as a loveseat and can fit two adults;
  • and a lounger section, which is the third section with an elongated seat.

Modern L-shaped sofas extend in their shape to the left (this is called left-arm-facing, or LAF) or to the right (right-arm-facing, or RAF) and their sections have 2 to 5 seats combined

The reason behind the high popularity of L-shaped sofas is that they offer enough space for both sitting and sleeping while remaining pretty compact and leaving enough room space for other activities. Besides, a lounger section in some models may feature a spacious drawer where you can store your things, which is great for smaller rooms.


These are also pretty easy to imagine. Typically, one side of the U is made as a corner sofa, whereas the other comes in the form of a chaise lounger. As with an L-shaped sectional, you can arrange its parts as you need or even split the sofa into several freestanding pieces.

U-shaped sofas are great for larger rooms and big gatherings. If you plan to put your new sofa into a tiny studio, I recommend you check L-shaped models because U-shaped ones are usually pretty bulky and may not even fit into your doorway when disassembled.


Curved sectional sofas are the largest, so they definitely won’t make a great fit for a studio apartment or a small living room. However, some of them can fit up to 10 people, which makes them great for large parties.

Curved sofas also seem pretty futuristic thanks to the angle-free design, so if you’re into it — and aren’t limited by space and budget — you can give them a shot.

How to Choose a Good Sectional Sofa Under $500?

Now that you’ve decided on the configuration of your sectional, let’s see what else you may have to consider when choosing a quality cheap sectional under $500 for sleeping.

Have the Room’s Layout with You

There are dozens of ways to style your room with a sectional sofa, depending on its type and the number of sections.

To make the planning easier, it’s a good idea to have a scaled room layout with all the measurements in front of you  (1). This way you will literally see where you can place your sofa and how much space it will take.

Don’t forget to mark all the doorways, windows, and other furniture pieces you plan to install in your room. Also, measure the width of the doorway so that the sofa section would actually fit in.

Think About Upholstery Materials

The upholstery material is as essential for overall durability as the sofa’s frame. For example, leather-like upholstery is more resistant to liquids and is generally easier to clean and maintain. 

Fabrics with a finish similar to suede will resist pet claws better, in case your beloved cat will decide to sharpen their claws on the armrests.

Polyester and linen-like fabrics are durable and breathable, meaning you won’t sit or sleep hot when using your sofa.

Quick tip:

Avoid fluffy or fuzzy fabrics if you’re an allergy sufferer and/or have a pet (2). They collect dust, pet hair, and other tiny debris thus turning your sofa into an allergy bomb.

Take all these things into consideration before choosing the upholstery, and don’t forget to choose the right color that will match your interior.


How much should a sectional couch cost?

Depending on the number of sections and the type of upholstery, sectional sofas may cost up to $2,000. However, there are some decent options even under $500.


A sectional sofa can extend the functionality of your space and serve as a sitting, sleeping, and even storage space. Thanks to a variety of sectional styles available on the market today, finding the right fit for your home shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, having reviewed many models, the sectional I would recommend to anyone is the Lilola Home. I loved everything about it: the compact design, easy assembly, durable yet pleasant to the touch upholstery fabric, and the comfortable cushions that help you — or your guests — relax and sleep soundly.

What factors are essential for you when choosing a sectional? Does any model reviewed here fit your image of an ideal sectional sofa? Please share in the comments below!


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