Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review: Is It Right for You?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 13 minLast updated on May 17, 2021

Brooklyn Bedding

This mattress is quite famous on the market, and there are many reasons for this.

However, while many people are happy with their Brooklyn Bedding hybrid, it might not work for everyone. And that’s why we are going to take a closer look at this model today.

In this review of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress, we’ll answer one important question: will this mattress work for your needs? We will take a closer look at its construction, design, edge support, motion isolation, and how it feels for different types of sleepers. And of course, we’ll cover customer protection, which includes the warranty and sleep trial.


Now, let’s start this review of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress with its cover. This model uses a cotton + polyester blend with a little bit of foam quilted into it. Overall, the cover fabric feels super soft and smooth to the touch. Thanks to that, you can even sleep on the mattress without the sheets (which isn’t really recommended, but you know, there are different situations in life). 

We also appreciate the stitching around the edges of this mattress. With its silver-like threading, the edging is quite neat. It gives the Signature Hybrid a rather luxurious look, which proves attention to detail.

The foam quilted into the fabric gives the cover a soft feel which can promote fast relaxation. Keep in mind that the cover is not removable in this mattress. Therefore, it is suitable for spot-cleaning only.

You might also appreciate that this model comes with sewn-in handles on both sides. Thanks to these handles, moving and transporting the mattress is much easier.

Brooklyn Bedding Cover1
Brooklyn Bedding Cover2


Moving on to the more important aspect: what this mattress is built of. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress has a similar approach to most of the top hybrid mattresses. It uses the combination of pocket coils and memory foam to achieve a perfectly balanced feel:

  • 1-inch quilted cover, which we have already discussed;
  • 1.5-inch TitanFlex comfort layer, which uses elastic foam (Brooklyn Bedding’s patented material) that works to deliver effective contouring. However, this foam is not that restricting (unlike traditional memory foam) and feels more responsive — kind of like latex. Additionally, it doesn’t sleep hot, which is always a nice bonus. The “secret” is, the company uses their proprietary Titanium Gel that works to draw the excess heat away from the sleeper’s body.
  • 1-inch VariFlex transition layer, which is slightly firmer than the top layer and is meant to offer extra compression support while making the transition to the coil base smoother. 
  • 8-inch Ascension coil core, which includes up to 960 individually wrapped coils. They offer excellent breathability and add a great deal of bounce to the whole construction. There are also extra-sturdy coils around the edges to deliver additional support.
  • 0.25-inch Flex base layer, which uses high-density foam and provides reinforcement for the coils. This layer of sturdy foam can play a major role when it comes to motion isolation.

Brooklyn Bedding Construction


Next, let’s review the firmness of the mattress, which determines how it’s going to feel. For this review of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress, we decided to test the Medium option (there are also Soft and Firm options available).

Now, I think it’s safe to say, the medium firmness level is quite prevalent among the most comfortable mattresses. It’s also the most popular choice among numerous users. In fact, research suggests that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress is typically associated with increased comfort, sleep quality, and proper spinal alignment (1). That’s why some might think that the Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid might be universally comfortable. However, firmness is subjective, so let’s take a closer look at this aspect.

As an average individual (190 pounds), I would rate this mattress 6.5 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the stiffest). My wife (a petite 110-pound sleeper) agrees with me on this and gives this model 6.5 as well. The Signature Hybrid has a bouncy feel and seems quite responsive. The top layers do neutralize some of that bounciness, providing a pillow-top like sensation. Overall, this model still has a rather springy feel.

Edge Support

Brooklyn Bedding Edge Support Side sleepers

Now, let’s inspect the edge support of the Signature Hybrid mattress. What happens when a mattress has strong edges? Well, for one, you get more sleeping space. You can buy a Queen mattress that offers good edge support and enjoy extra legroom without the need to invest in a more expensive King.

And that’s pretty much the case with the Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding. Because this model uses an edge-to-edge coil system, it can deliver uniform support across the entire perimeter. Yes, the edges may compress a little when you sit on your mattress. However, if you sleep near the edge, you will feel supported enough and won’t have to worry about rolling off during the night.

Motion Transfer

Another crucial thing to cover in this review of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress is motion isolation. This aspect can be especially important for partnered sleepers.

It’s important to note, I tested this mattress with my wife. We weigh 190 and 110 pounds respectively, and because the difference is rather noticeable, my wife often experiences nighttime disturbances when I move in bed. 

With the Signature Hybrid, the results were satisfactory when it came to motion transfer. Because this mattress has a rather bouncy core, it may allow shock from motion to travel to the other side of the bed, but only to a certain extent. Let’s not forget about the conforming comfort layers that play a key role in balancing out the springiness of this bed. Therefore, the Signature Hybrid should not allow for noticeable motion transfer and can be a great option for sleepers with partners.


Allow me to share the good news right away: the Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid is a worthy investment when it comes to durability (in my humble opinion). You might encounter a few loose stitches, but other than that, this mattress feels very robust and sturdy. The Signature Hybrid uses thick coils and high-density foam, which promise increased lifespan.


Moving on to off-gassing, which can be a serious issue for those users who are sensitive to odors. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid arrived with a noticeable “new mattress” smell, but it disappeared within the first few hours. To be fair, we left the mattress in a well-ventilated room. If it was expanding with windows closed, I think the off-gassing could’ve taken up to 24 hours to dissipate.


Another aspect that might be of interest is how suitable (or unsuitable) this mattress is for sex. Now, because the Signature Hybrid is rather springy, it’s easy to move around and change positions on it. Plus, it’s quite responsive, so if you appreciate a little boost when moving, the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid should work for you.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

You probably know this, but one mattress can’t be perfect for all body types and sleep positions. The same rule applies to the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid (the Medium option). So, let’s review how this mattress feels for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. 

I was testing this hybrid mattress with my wife, who is a petite (110-pound) stomach sleeper. As for me, I prefer to sleep on my side and back (combo sleeper) and weigh 190 pounds. Here’s what we can say about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid:

  • Side sleepers. For both me and my wife, the Signature Hybrid seemed super comfortable when lying on one side. For this sleep position, the mattress can feel moderately firm and supportive, with just the right amount of cushioning. The comfort foam is quite dense but still hugs the protruding body parts and can help with tension relief. Brooklyn Bedding Edge Support
  • Back sleepers. When sleeping on my back, I felt very comfortable. My wife agreed with me on that. It seems like the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid can deliver the perfect balance for back sleepers: just enough cradling for the hips and buttocks while maintaining proper support and distributing the body weight evenly.
  • Stomach sleepers. When lying on my stomach, I started experiencing some slight discomfort in the lower back, as my hips began to sink a bit into the foam. As for my petite wife, she found the Signature Hybrid perfectly suitable for sleeping on her stomach. Therefore, if you are an average-sized stomach sleeper, you might want to opt for something slightly firmer (and if you weigh more than 230 pounds, consider getting an extra-firm mattress to receive proper support when sleeping on your stomach).
  • Combo sleepers. A quick word for those who tend to switch positions during sleep: the Brooklyn Bedding hybrid is rather springy and does not restrict movement. Therefore, it could be a great solution for combination sleepers.Brooklyn Bedding Combo sleepers

Other Important Information

So, let’s move on to some of the more “technical” aspects of buying from Brooklyn Bedding. After all, these aspects might determine how pleasant (or irritating) your experience might be.

Now, one of the coolest things about the Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding is that this mattress is made in America according to all the safety standards. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any potentially dangerous chemicals that your new mattress could contain. 

The company offers a 120-night trial, which allows users to sleep on their new mattress and return it if it doesn’t work for them. The trial includes a mandatory 30-day break-in period. This is a pretty standard condition for many companies, as your body might require some time to adjust to your new mattress. Similarly, the mattress also needs to adapt to your body shape. That’s why your new bed can start feeling more comfortable after a few nights.

The Signature Hybrid is also backed by a solid 10-year warranty. Again, it’s a rather standard warranty period for most mattress companies. However, if you’re looking for something extra, some models come with 25-year or even lifetime warranties.

Another cool feature — Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping and returns (excluding Hawaii + Alaska). The mattress is delivered compressed in a box, so setting it up is relatively easy (even if your bedroom or apartment is upstairs).

And since this model uses individually wrapped coils and foam, the Signature Hybrid is compatible with adjustable beds.

Wrapping Up

In summary, if I had to pick just one good thing about the Signature Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding, I wouldn’t be able to. Simply because this mattress has quite a lot to offer.

I appreciate its responsiveness and the reliable support it delivers. I also like the moderate amount of cushioning it provides, which is ideal for back sleepers and average side sleepers. The Medium option is also firm enough for petite stomach sleepers. 

Brooklyn Bedding Edge Support4

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is a real gem for the money. It’s an affordable mattress that boasts a quality build and proprietary materials (which sleep cool, by the way). So, if you are looking for great value, this mattress might be an optimal solution.

Overall, this mattress offers great value for money. (Similar hybrid models that are quality made and reasonably priced, are usually more expensive.)


  1. Ahmed Radwan, Philip Fess, Darcy James, John Murphy, Joseph Myers, Michelle Rooney, Jason Taylor, and Alissa Torii (October 19, 2015). Effect of different mattress designs on promoting sleep quality, pain reduction, and spinal alignment in adults with or without back pain; systematic review of controlled trials. Retrieved from

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