Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mattress Sales and Deals In 2023

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 9 minLast updated on January 2, 2023

We all know the anticipation and the rush of holiday sales.

Some people enjoy the competitive aspect of them, others dread the long lines and overly excited shoppers.

Yes, sometimes it can get a little crazy, but it’s worth it. You can get a top-notch bed thanks to Black Friday mattress sales. Plus, a little adrenaline rush won’t hurt, right? And if you prefer shopping in your pajamas with a cup of tea in one hand, you will certainly benefit from Cyber Monday mattress sales.

Whatever your preference is, it’s always better to prepare beforehand. As you probably know, an informed shopper is more likely to get the best products for the best price.

So, check out this guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress shopping and find the perfect bed for yourself without hurting your budget.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mattress Deals: a 30-Second Summary

Puffy (Up to $755 Off Mattress and Accessories)

The famous Puffy mattress is a rare combination of excellent value, quality, and comfort. Effectively adapting to the sleeper’s body, the Puffy delivers targeted support and unparalleled pressure alleviation. Get $300 off the mattress and a selection of free accessories (up to $455 worth). The complementary accessories include 2 cooling pillows, a cooling mattress protector, and a set of luxuriously soft sheets.

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Saatva (Up to 15$ Off)

Offering 3 comfort variations, the Saatva mattress would work for almost any sleeper out there. This model also effectively combines cradling and support. Needless to say, the Saatva has an impressively balanced feel. Shoppers can enjoy a 10% discount on all items across the website, plus 15% off purchases over $2,750.

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GhostBed (Up to 40% Off and Free Accessories)

Mattresses by GhostBed come in a variety of types and comfort levels, so there’s certainly a suitable model for every sleeper. Plus, GhostBed can boast of extended warranty coverage and top-notch materials, meaning each mattress was built to last. The company offers 30% off mattresses, 2 free GhostBed pillows, and 40% off adjustable bed bundles with a free weighted blanket ($289 value).

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mattress Deals


$300 off mattresses and free accessories
There’s a lot to love about the Amerisleep mattresses, including premium materials, reliable support, and unparalleled comfort. Get 30% off any Amerisleep mattress, gifts (comforters, sheets, and pillows), and 30% off adjustable bed bundles.
End date: November 28
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Brooklyn Bedding
Brooklyn Bedding

25% off sitewide
Brooklyn Bedding offers an impressive variety of mattresses suited for every sleeping style and body type. Get 25% off sitewide and enjoy unparalleled value for money.
End date: November 28
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$300 off all mattresses + free accessories (up to $399 value)
Luxurious mattresses don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and the WinkBed is the best proof of that. Enjoy top-notch comfort with $300 off any WinkBed mattress, plus luxurious accessories as a gift (2 adjustable pillows, a cotton sheet set, and a mattress protector).Check Deals

$1,250 off mattresses and free bedding (up to $549 value)
Plushbeds offers an impressive selection of luxurious mattresses, including organic, natural latex, memory foam, and hybrid models. Shop with $1,250 off mattresses and get free bedding, too (sheets, a mattress protector, and eco-friendly pillows). Also, enjoy 25% off toppers, bedding, and pillows.Check Deals
Nest Bedding

Up to $850 off select mattresses and accessories
Looking for a safe, quality mattress that can offer heavenly comfort for years to come? Shop Nest Bedding and enjoy 20% off Sparrow, Owl, and Finch models, plus the company’s famous organic mattresses. Get 10% off other mattresses (including Puffin, Quail, Lart, and more).
End date: December 13
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US Mattress

Up to 60% off select models, plus an additional 10% off coupon
US Mattress is an ultimate one-stop destination for mattress shopping, as the company offers an impressive selection of models suited for any sleeper. Get your new mattress with up to a 60% Black Friday discount.
End date: November 28
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Natural Form
Natural Form

30% off all mattresses + free sheets and a seat cushion
Mattresses by Natural Form have a unique construction that allows sleepers to adjust the firmness and the comfort level of their bed. Plus, guys at Natural Form use only 100% safe materials, making these mattresses a perfect pick for eco-conscious shoppers. Enjoy a 30% discount on all models and additional gifts (sheets and seat cushions).Check Deals

Up to 30% off mattresses and up to 50% off everything else
Casper mattresses offer a perfect combination of support, cradling, and cooling, making them an excellent choice for almost any sleeping style. Get yours with a 30% discount and enjoy restful slumber every night. Plus, don’t forget about the accessories (pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, and more).
End date: November 30
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$100 off mattresses and complementary accessories (up to $399 value)
Memory foam mattresses by Nectar can boast of quality construction, effective pressure relief, lifetime warranty, and an extra-long sleep trial. Enjoy $100 off mattresses and get the best sleep of your life. Plus, Nectar offers free cooling pillows, sheets, and even a mattress protector with each mattress.
End date: November 27
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How to Shop for a Mattress on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Like a Pro

We all know that Black Friday mattress sales and Cyber Mondays can be overwhelming. Countless discounts and loud marketing slogans can confuse some shoppers, detract them, or even trick them into buying something they don’t need (or won’t enjoy using).

To avoid all that, it’s better to prepare beforehand. Here are the most important factors you should consider when shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find the best mattress and end up feeling happy about your purchase:

  • Don’t forget about the company’s reputation. The best way to check that factor (if you haven’t heard of the company before) is to read the reviews online. Thankfully, modern-day technologies (the Internet, to be exact) allow us to learn about how reputable a company is based on other users’ experiences with it. If you plan to buy a mattress from a retailer that has lots of negative reviews (or a very limited online presence), perhaps it’s better to give your preferences to someone more trustworthy.
  • Check the return policies and the warranty. The rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress sales can often distract shoppers. In case you end up with a mattress that isn’t meant for you, it’s better to check the return policies before finalizing your purchase. Luckily, most mattress companies offer in-home sleep trials, but some of them may charge you for the return shipping. 
  • Be attentive to details. Cyber Monday and Black Friday mattress deals can look very appealing and promising, but you need to be careful. When shopping, make sure that the sales conditions are clear and specific. It’s better to clarify vague details, extremely attractive promises, or “shady” specifics. Always read the fine print before making a purchase, that’s the main rule here. Also, keep in mind that some retailers create an illusion of a great deal by inflating the original price prior to Black Friday or Cyber Monday events. This is done to make the value appeal more to the customers. So, when you see impressive discounts, try to check the original price of the mattress that dates a few months back (luckily and thanks to the Internet, it’s not that difficult to do).
  • Research in advance and know what you are looking for. This isn’t a necessity, as many mattress companies (their representatives) can provide you with enough information to pick a mattress that would work for you. However, the process becomes much easier when you come prepared. You can research the mattress types and learn which one would work for you (for instance, some people choose memory foam for its deep hug, others prefer bouncy latex or sturdy innerspring mattresses). Also, consider your preferred sleeping position and the mattress firmness you require in order to avoid buying an overly firm (or soft) bed. Generally, side sleepers are recommended to choose soft or medium-soft models. Back sleepers are advised to pick medium or medium-firm mattresses. And stomach sleepers typically feel the most comfortable lying on firm or even extra-firm mattresses.
  • Set your budget. If you are waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to save a buck or two, you probably want to avoid unnecessary, impromptu purchases. That’s why it might be useful to set a specific budget for your new mattress. This way, sales representatives (or your own brain, as this often happens) won’t trick you into overspending, caught up in the excitement of sales.
  • Don’t forget about the bedding and the accessories. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a great chance to buy bed frames, sheets, pillows, and other sleep-related accessories all at once and with an attractive discount. Think about the extras you may need to go with your new mattress and buy them while they are still on sale.

Should You Shop Online or In Stores on Black Friday?

You probably know that Black Friday mattress deals apply to both online and in-store purchases. Therefore, some people start wondering:

Is it better to shop in stores or online?

The thing is, it’s just a matter of preference. Typically, the discount percentages for online and brick-and-mortar stores aren’t that different. So it all comes down to what you personally prefer.

Let me give you an example. Penny needs a new mattress and she doesn’t want to risk it. She wants to go to the store, sit on each model, lay down, and touch the cover fabrics. She isn’t quite sure what she needs exactly, so Penny would also prefer to talk to the in-store professional to get some expert recommendations.

Now, Deja loves shopping wearing her pajamas, at home, with a laptop or a phone, and her favorite TV show running in the background. She compares multiple models simultaneously to find the final contestant and the mattress that packs the most benefits. Deja also likes to read the reviews right away, as this helps her understand how a mattress works for different types of users and may perform in the long run.

As you have probably guessed, if you are more like Penny, then brick-and-mortar shopping would suit you more. And if you find yourself agreeing with Deja, online shopping is your go-to strategy.


Will mattresses be on sale for Black Friday?

Yes, most mattress retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar) offer discounts during the Black Friday period.

Does Cyber Monday have better sales than Black Friday?

Generally, on Cyber Friday, you can find slightly better discounts online. However, the difference isn’t that critical. In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals usually depend on each specific seller. While some prefer to offer larger discounts on Black Friday, others give the best deals on Cyber Monday.

Is Black Friday the best time to buy a mattress?

Not necessarily. While Black Friday is a great time to get the best deals and save a buck or two, you don’t necessarily have to wait for it. Many mattress stores (both online and brick-and-mortar) have regular seasonal sales, holiday discounts, and end-of-the-season sales. So, there are many other times when you can buy a mattress with a good price. 

Do brick-and-mortar mattress stores have Black Friday sales?

Yes, most of them do. They often offer good discounts on bedding and accessories as well.

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The main difference is that Black Friday discounts typically apply to both in-store and online purchases, while Cyber Monday is dedicated to online shopping only.

Is it possible to negotiate the mattress price?

Yes, but this typically applies to brick-and-mortar stores. Negotiating with online mattress companies isn’t likely to work, as those retailers already offer the lowest prices compared to regular brick-and-mortar retailers. However, when you shop in-person, you have a chance to negotiate the price down. Many brick-and-mortar mattress companies are ready to slightly lower their prices to obtain new, loyal, satisfied customers.

What is a good price for a mattress?

Generally, a good-quality mattress would cost around $1,000-1,500 on average. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can get a top-notch mattress for around $700-900. However, you should be careful with offers that seem too good to be true. If a mattress price is way too low, there’s a chance the product has some quality-related issues.

How long does Black Friday last for?

Traditionally, Black Friday lasts for one day, but many companies extend the sales period over the weekend (and sometimes even into the following week). However, the discount percentage may change after the actual Black Friday.


As exciting as it is, shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn’t always breezy.

However, now you know how to deal with it and get exactly what you need.

Just make sure that you prepare beforehand, check the warranties, read the fine print, and stick to your budget. Consider a few mattress models and see which company offers the best deal. And, of course, don’t forget to take your sleeping position and personal preferences into consideration. 

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