TOP 5 Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors for Bedwetting

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 22 minLast updated July 21, 2020

Creating a comfortable place to sleep requires certain investments, and the purchase of a quality mattress is probably the main of them.

But the story does not end there.

In order for your mattress to pay off, it also needs proper care, which can be greatly facilitated by doing just one simple thing.

Yes, I’m talking about buying a mattress protector.

If you go for a waterproof one, it will not only prolong the lifespan of your mattress but also protect it from mold and bacteria, as well as from potential unpleasant odors caused by them.

In this article, I will share my reviews of the 5 best waterproof mattress protectors and try to answer the main questions you may have during the shopping process. Let’s start!


A Quick Preview

Classic Mattress Protector by Plushbeds
Best Overall

Classic Mattress Protector by Plushbeds
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Best Breathable Mattress Protector

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Best Fitted Mattress Protector

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Best Cheap Mattress Protector

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Best Zippered Mattress Protector

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Our Reviews of the Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Best Overall - Classic Mattress Protector by Plushbeds

Classic Mattress Protector by Plushbeds

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  • suited for mattresses that are 6 to 22 inches thick;
  • certified liquid-proof lining;
  • hypoallergenic.

I want to start my review of the best waterproof mattress protectors with the PlushBeds. This model has a lot to offer for a very good price, and that’s what so many users love about it.

Now, this mattress protector uses weaved polyester for the top layer. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch, plus offers a good level of elasticity to adjust to the shape of your mattress. The waterproof lining is laboratory-tested and certified. It’s hypoallergenic and, of course, can effectively protect the mattress from accidental spills and liquids.

Another cool thing about this mattress protector is its special universal-fit design. Featuring an adaptive elastic, it will work with mattresses of different thicknesses, up to 22 inches. This means you won’t have to deal with those annoying folds and wrinkles.

Overall, this model is a good option for those who want great value for money and effective protection for their mattress.

Best Breathable Waterproof Mattress Protector - Bear


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  • can absorb large amounts of liquid;
  • doesn’t make crinkly noises;
  • fits mattresses up to 20 inches high.

The next model on my list of the best waterproof mattress protectors is this model by Bear.

What makes it stand out is the HeiQ Adaptive Fabric it is made of. This fabric is commonly used in thermal underwear and clothing for athletes, which explains its incredible breathable properties. It is also quite soft and pleasant to the touch.

The Bear protector is suitable for mattresses up to 20’’ and comes in six standard sizes from Twin to Cal King, so it’s sure to be suitable for almost any mattress. It fits snugly enough, but note that the hexagonal texture of the surface can be felt through the sheets if they are made of thin materials like bamboo.

The backing layer of this breathable waterproof mattress protector is made of a material that feels like neoprene. It absorbs and holds large volumes of liquid pretty well, not passing them onto the mattress. Plus, unlike many plastic materials, it makes no noise at all.

Overall, this item is a great choice for someone who wants a mattress protector that, in addition to performing its main functions, is also very breathable.

Best Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector - Helix


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  • fits mattresses up to 15” high;
  • doesn’t alter the feel of your mattress;
  • great value for money.

This item has made it to the list of the top-rated waterproof mattress protectors due to a number of reasons. It was designed to be a perfect addition to the Helix mattress, but it will work with any other mattress just fine (unless it’s thicker than 15” or is of a non-standard size).

The waterproof layer is made of polyurethane, and the main layer has a soft and very pleasant polyester material that matches the design of the Helix mattress. It allows the air into your mattress and is thin enough to not interfere with the comfort provided by top layers.

Now, this fitted waterproof mattress protector is very quiet. However, it might make some noise if your mattress is significantly thinner than 15” so that the protector holds a little loose. To avoid that, try tucking the excess fabric under the bed.

Overall, the Helix mattress protector is a great option for owners of the Helix mattress as well as for anyone who wants the best value for money. Its price starts at $75, and you get a durable, waterproof, and easy to clean item for that. To me, that’s a great deal.

Best Cheap Waterproof Mattress Protector - LinenspaLinenspa Mattress Protector

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  • comes in two configurations: top only protection and 5-sided encasement;
  • very pleasant to the touch;
  • fits mattresses up to 18” high.

If you’re tight on budget, shopping for bedding items can become way more difficult. That’s why, after some research, I decided to add this cheap waterproof mattress protector to the list. It combines great versatility, quality materials, and great price.

Let’s take a closer look.

There are two models available. One has a water-repellent layer only at the top, while another offers 5-side protection. Both have a fitted sheet design.

The water-repellent layer itself is made of polyurethane that effectively stops liquids from entering the mattress without retaining their odors. The top knit fabric is very soft to the touch and very closely resembles the usual cotton sheet. It is thinner than most similar models, so it won’t alter the feel of your bed.

Overall, this item is most suitable for someone who’s looking for affordability. Just imagine, you will pay less than $20 for the Linenspa waterproof Queen mattress protector! That’s about two or three times cheaper than you could pay for another brand. In return, you get a decent quality, good waterproof protection, and convenient design that fits almost any mattress.

Best Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector - SafeRestSafeRest

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  • completely encloses your mattress;
  • protects against bed bugs;
  • noiseless and comfortable to sleep on.

I included this item by SafeRest in my list of top waterproof mattress protectors for one outstanding feature it has — certified protection from bed bugs at any stage of their life cycle.

The thing is, this encasement fully encloses your mattress, thus trapping whoever may live inside so that eventually they die. Additional protection is provided by a tight and secure zipper with a velcro flap, which runs along the entire perimeter of the mattress and prevents bed bugs from penetrating.

The main layer is made of cotton terry. This material is pleasant to the touch, breathable, and very absorbent. By itself, it isn’t crinkly, but the protector might make some noise due to friction with your sheets if it happens to be too loose. Still, the sounds will hardly be noticeable enough to disrupt your sleep.

The SafeRest zippered waterproof mattress protector is a good choice for anyone who wants all-side protection for their bed in order to keep it safe from allergens, moisture, dust mites, and bed bugs.

Do You Really Need a Waterproof Mattress Protector?

Yes, you do.

Let me explain why

The first and perhaps the most important is the issues with the warranty. Many manufacturers provide an opportunity to replace or repair their mattress for free if your complaint falls under warranty conditions. But the warranty will be voided if the mattress has spills or stains on its surface.

In this case, the repair might cost you a pretty penny.

Mattress factories have high sanitary standards for their employees. Since many different diseases can be transmitted through bodily fluids, any traces and stains on the mattress make the replacement or repair impossible.

The second thing is that even materials of the highest quality under the influence of external factors eventually become unable to perform their functions perfectly. With mattresses, those external factors accelerating wear and tear are the following:

  • direct sunlight;
  • friction with your body;
  • dead skin cells and other organic material;
  • debris and dust particles.

A mattress protector is an excellent way to minimize the influence of these factors. Many models allow you to keep the proper air circulation inside the mattress, thus reducing the risk of such issues as mildew and mold, as well as the unpleasant smells following them.

And the best part is:

Most toppers can be removed and washed.

It’s much easier and cheaper than calling a specialist who would carry out a deep cleaning of the mattress itself.

Now, a mattress protector can be a worthy purchase if you or your partner have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

Alas, allergens surround us constantly: dust mites, pet dander, our own sweat and other organic particles that promote the growth of different microorganisms inside the mattress can cause asthma-like symptoms, stuffy nose, rashes on the body, or itching (1).

Therefore, to improve the quality of life — and not to wake up with watery eyes and a stuffy nose every morning — a good waterproof mattress protector is a reasonable investment.

Don’t forget to regularly clean it, though.

What Types of Waterproof Mattress Protectors Are There?

In order to choose the best waterproof mattress protector for your bed, you should understand what types there actually are and what advantages each type comes with.

Let’s start.

Style Types

All mattress protectors on the market today can be divided into three general categories:

  • encasements (or zippered) — these protect your mattress entirely (including the top, bottom, and sides) and, as the name implies, they are fastened with a zipper;
  • fitted covers — being the most common option on the market, these look like a sheet with pocketed corners, so you can stretch them over mattresses of various thickness;
  • pads with elastic straps — these usually cover only the top of the mattress, being attached to it with the help of elastic straps at the corners.

The type of mattress protector directly dictates the features of its use.

Thus, protecting encasements are the most versatile. They serve as a shield from allergens and dust, maintain airflow inside the mattress, protect against bed bugs and accidental spills of liquid, and are useful for those who have pets at home.

Fitted protectors are an option if you only need protection against spills and stains and the ability to make your sleep more comfortable, as some models can provide more cushioning or a cooling effect.

Quick note: A fitted design doesn’t cover the bottom part of a mattress, which can promote better air circulation if your bed frame consists of wooden slats.

Strapped protectors are somewhat similar to fitted ones but are a more basic option. Most models of this design are not waterproof and serve only as a shield from debris accumulation and normal wear and tear.

Fabric Types

Let’s talk fabric.

It’s the first thing that affects our visual and kinesthetic impressions from a waterproof mattress protector.

Cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics are an excellent choice for those who need a durable cover for everyday use. They are breathable, very soft to the touch, but hygroscopic, so a stronger waterproof layering is needed for it to effectively save your mattress from spillages.

Polyester is the best option if you are looking for protection from leakage and accidental stains, as it’s less absorbent. Since it is a synthetic fiber, it is very resilient and can effectively protect your mattress from both leaks and the formation of unwanted moisture inside it. But in terms of the feel, it might be as soft as natural fabrics.

Rayon & lyocell fabrics are chemically obtained by treating cellulose made from wood. They are environmentally safe, resistant to active use, and are great for those who are suffering from allergies.

Vinyl Vs Polyurethane Waterproof Protection

According to reviews of waterproof mattress protectors, the most commonly chosen waterproof materials in recent years are polyurethane and vinyl (PVC). Today, though, more and more manufacturers are refusing the latter in favor of the former and other alternatives.


The fact is that polyvinyl chloride can release toxic chemicals into the air (2), including chlorine, phthalates, and bisphenol A. Being exposed to these substances can lead to disorders of the endocrine and reproductive systems, as well as to some oncological diseases.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you choose vinyl-free products.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Waterproof Mattress Topper

Now, before we proceed to waterproof mattress protector reviews, here are a few more things you need to keep in mind.

Temperature control

If you live in a hot or cold climate, you need to pay attention to protectors that have good thermoregulatory properties. These are the ones that keep you from sweating on hot nights and keep you warm on cold nights. Cotton, wool, and other natural materials are a great option for that.


If you suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory, the most suitable choice for you would be a zippered encasement. It completely covers the mattress and, therefore, is the most effective at preventing dust and allergens from accumulating inside the mattress.

Bed bugs

No one likes talking about them.

And, of course, no one wants to find them in their bed.

Usually, bed bugs don’t come from nowhere. They can travel between units in apartment buildings or can be accidentally brought by you from other places (via luggage or used items you purchase) (3). But they won’t linger in your home if there’s no favorable environment for them. And a full encasement is exactly what will help you here, as they create a shield for all 6 sides of your bed.

If you are worried that your mattress topper will alter the feel of your mattress, go for the one made of materials similar to the materials used in a cover of your mattress.

How to Care for Your Mattress Protector?

A good waterproof mattress pad perfectly protects the mattress from most accidents, but it also requires a thorough and regular cleaning. If you follow these tips, the cleaning process will always be fuss-free for you:

  • Refer to the manufacturer’s care guidelines. Normally, there’s a label on a product, indicating the acceptable temperature regimes for washing and drying and the recommended frequency of these procedures. If you do not have access to the manual, a good rule of thumb is to wash your topper every 1.5-2 months regardless of whether you’ve had any spills or not.
  • Use bleach-free laundry detergents. Bleaching agents can damage plastic fibers, which are usually used as a waterproof backing, or ruin the material binding the waterproof and the surface layer.
  • Choose laundry settings wisely. For materials such as cotton or wool, you can use the normal washing cycle, and for polyester or viscose, the delicate washing cycle is required.
  • Don’t tumble dry using high temperatures. That’s because the hot air can damage the fibers, and they will shrink. Also, high temperatures may ruin the waterproof membrane. If you are unable to air dry your topper, you can tumble dry it on low settings along with towels and bedsheets. But ironing is still not recommended.

Some manufacturers recommend that you wash the topper as soon as you get it out of the package. This is said to help you get rid of the factory odor and, in some cases, make the fabric softer. But it’s just a recommendation, so it’s always better to address the customer service and ask them if that’s a good thing to do with their particular product.


Where can I buy a waterproof mattress protector?

Amazon has an impressively wide selection of waterproof mattress protectors. Additionally, you can check manufacturers’ websites directly, especially if you are interested in a specific brand.


Choosing a mattress protector can be a daunting task. But if done right, it can significantly expand the lifespan of your mattress and your overall comfort. I hope that this buyer’s guide will be a good start for you when it comes to choosing your ideal model. To me, all of these five products performed very well. But, as usual, I have a few favorites.

The first one is the Classic Mattress Protector by Plushbeds. It’s really one of the most universal models on the market. It can work with various types of mattresses and does a great job of protecting the bed from fluids. To me, that’s a winning combination.

The second one is the Helix Mattress Protector. Having compared its features with other mattress protectors on the market, I found it to offer the best value for money. It is noiseless, fairly simple to maintain, and durable; plus, it can fit a large number of mattresses.

Have you used a waterproof mattress protector before? Did it provide the expected level of protection? You’re welcome to share your experience in the comments!


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