Best Thin Mattresses on the Market

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 19 minLast updated January 19, 2021

Are you dreaming of a thick luxurious mattress, but your budget and room conditions can only allow for a low-profile bed?

Don’t worry!

Today’s mattress market is very diverse, and thinner beds perform no worse than thick luxurious mattresses from well-known brands in terms of support and durability.

So, check my reviews of the best thin mattresses that I have found and simply choose the model that fits your needs the most!

A Quick Preview

Modway Aveline
Best Overall

Modway Aveline
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Best Price Mattress
Best Affordable Pick

Best Price Mattress
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Signature Sleep Memoir
Best for Back Pain Relief

Signature Sleep Memoir
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Best for Heavier Users

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Cool Gel Mattress by Classic Brands
Best for Cooler Sleep

Cool Gel Mattress by Classic Brands
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Our Reviews of 5 Top Low-Profile Mattresses on the Market

Best Overall - Modway Aveline

Modway Aveline

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  • works for any type of sleeper;
  • sleeps neutral;
  • offers a balance between responsiveness and hugging.

So, let me start my review of the best thin mattresses with a model by Modway that literally has it all. Despite a low-profile construction, this mattress can gently hug your body and support natural spine alignment without making you sleep hot.

The Aveline uses open-cell foams, so you can expect a quick response and better breathability than the traditional foam offers. The mattress won’t limit your mobility when you shift positions at night. However, it will still absorb motion so you and your partner can sleep without being bothered by each other’s movements.

The mattress cover is knitted with a diamond pattern and feels cool and soft to the touch. It wicks moisture pretty well, which is a plus for those who sleep hot.

Overall, I really loved sleeping on the Aveline mattress. It perfectly worked for my sleeping style — I’m a mixed sleeper — and felt supportive enough despite being thin.

Best Affordable Pick - Best Price Mattress

Best Price Thin Mattress

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  • great value for money;
  • completely odorless;
  • offers a decent hug.

Another highly rated low-profile mattress on my list is designed by Best Price Mattress. As the brand’s name implies, the mattress combines all the great features of high-end beds under an appealing price tag. So, I’ve tested it for three consecutive nights and here are my outtakes.

First, even though a mattress has a basic three-layer construction, it still conforms to your body pretty closely. I’d describe the firmness as medium, but it does have generous sinkage, which can be a plus for combo back and side sleepers of average weight.

Second, the middle comfort layer is made of ventilated memory foam, which allows better air circulation between mattress layers and can help you stay cool, thereby promoting deeper sleep.

Finally, the mattress base is made of dense foam with great motion isolation. So, the Best Price Mattress can suit restless sleepers and their partners and guarantee sound sleep for both.

If you’re looking for a really affordable low-profile bed of decent quality, then the Best Price Mattress can be a good pick.

Best for Back Pain Relief - Signature Sleep Memoir

Signature Sleep Memoir

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  • great at relieving pain;
  • breathable and hypoallergenic cover;
  • good edge support.

The reason I included the Signature Sleep in my review of the best thin mattresses is simple: I was testing it with a stiff lower back, and all the pain was gone after the first couple of nights. Seems like a pretty legit argument for me.

So, the mattress packs two foam layers under a jacquard cover and flame retardant barrier. When combined, these layers result in a medium feel with a significant hug around your body. I believe that solid back and side sleepers, as well as those who switch between these positions, will appreciate the comfort the most.

Another great feature of the Signature Sleep is its surprisingly good edge support. The base layer is made of high-density foam with high rebound, so it can ensure safety for those who tend to roll over to the edges in their sleep.

To wrap up everything, I can say that the Memoir is a really good mattress for those who need a low-profile mattress for back pain. It will hold you like a baby in a cradle and easily adjust to any sleeping position you adopt during sleep.

Best for Heavier Users - LinenspaLinenspa

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  • sturdy edges;
  • temperature-neutral construction;
  • suits heavy sleepers.

When preparing this review of the best low-profile mattresses, I thought that I needed to include an innerspring. So, meet this model by Linenspa — a perfect pick for all the fans of traditional innerspring feel and heavy sleepers.

So, the supportive core of this bed is made of a solid spring unit, which means that you can expect great edge support and sturdy construction overall. Solid coils can hold weight without sagging and offer great spine support for large sleepers.

The comfort layer above the coils is made of soft foam, which results in a medium-firm feel. I think that aside from being perfect for heavier individuals, it can also work for average-weight back and stomach sleepers or lightweight side sleepers.

Finally, the innerspring construction of the Linenspa allows for proper air circulation and can make you sleep cooler on hot nights.

The Linenspa is a good mattress for fans of the innerspring feel. It can offer comfort to most types of sleepers as long as they don’t mind the bounce.

Best for Cooler Sleep - Cool Gel Mattress by Classic Brands

Cool Gel Mattress by Classic Brands

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  • gel-infused memory foam comfort layer for cool pressure relief;
  • high-density base foam for reliable support;
  • medium-firm feel to accommodate a wide range of sleepers.

Another model that deserves to be among the best thin mattresses is the Cool Gel memory foam mattress by Classic Brands. It’s a great option for those who want instant relaxation and pressure relief without feeling swallowed by the hot foam. The top layer is infused with gel, so you will sleep cool on this mattress.

Additionally, the foam used in this mattress has an open-cell design, which is supposed to aid proper air circulation. Chances are, it will help you wake up fresh every morning and forget about night sweats for good.

Another cool thing about this mattress is the fact that it uses hypoallergenic components. This makes the Cool Gel suitable even for sensitive sleepers.

Overall, this is a great find (especially considering its affordability). The Cool Gel is one of those thin mattresses that use their materials smartly to deliver the best results without making the mattress look too bulky.

Things to Consider to Choose a Suitable Low-Profile Mattress

There are different mattresses on the market (1), and finding the right one can easily turn into a headache. I’ve prepared a quick cheat sheet that you can use when choosing a thin foam mattress so you won’t end up disappointed.

Keep in Mind Your Lifestyle

Where will you install your mattress — in your master bedroom or in the guest room? Or, are you looking for a mattress compatible with your RV A thin mattress can make a perfect purchase for each of these occasions. But if you’re only planning to sleep on your mattress occasionally, you may not need extra durable and innovative materials, so a bed with basic construction will do fine for you. In fact, you may want to focus mainly on affordability and small weight.

Most low-profile beds come compressed in a box, which makes delivering them up the narrow staircase in your home or through the passages in your RV much easier.

Thin mattresses also make a safer option for bunk beds in your kids’ room, as they don’t create a dangerously high bed and reduce the risk of serious injuries in case your child accidentally falls down from the upper level. Note that if it’s your child who is going to use the mattress, be sure to consider their firmness preferences as well. Also, make sure you pick the proper size to prevent the mattress from sliding off (2).

Calculate the Height of Your Bed

When you’re shopping for a thin mattress, it is important that you understand how high your bed will eventually be. The comfortable height for an average person is believed to be around 25 inches (3). That includes the bed frame, the box spring if you use any, and the mattress. 

With that said, if you want a thinner mattress but don’t want your bed to be low-profile, you should pair the mattress with a higher frame and box spring to compensate for its thinness. 

Think About Your Spine Health

Your health should be a priority when choosing a mattress, and if you have some back problems, you need to find yourself a bed that won’t make them worse. Surprisingly, many of the thinner mattresses have great pressure and pain-relieving properties You may choose a softer bed that will conform closely to your body and relax your sore muscles. Or, if your back problems are caused by poor posture, you may want a firmer mattress that will help your spine stretch and align properly. Luckily, both of these options are available among thinner mattresses. 

Note that thinner beds typically tend to have medium-firm and firm feel, especially models with coils. This makes them a good purchase for heavy sleepers, as well as for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Define Your Budget

If you have a limited budget, a thin mattress can be your go-to option while offering nearly the same amount of comfort. Since thin beds require fewer resources to be made, it’s no wonder they are cheaper than thicker mattresses. The average price of a regular budget-friendly mattress varies between $200 and 700 for a Queen, depending on its type. But mattresses with just 2-3 layers are on the lower end of the range, and you can easily get a good option for as low as $200

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Finding a suitable thin mattress can be a bit hard due to a limited choice. However, it’s not completely impossible. In this review, I’ve included versatile models that can suit most sleepers and have good value for money. I hope it will be easy for you to find your best one among them. As for me, I’d pick the Modway Aveline mattress. It’s comfortable in any sleep position, regardless of your body weight. Plus, it doesn’t make you sleep hot and seems well-made and durable. And what about you? Have you made your choice yet? What are you looking for in a thin mattress? Share your thoughts below!


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