Everything to Know About Split King Mattresses: Best Options, Where to Buy, and How to Pick the Right One

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 23 minLast updated on January 26, 2023

A Split King mattress can offer a ton of benefits for couples.  

This mattress size can become a perfect middle ground between comfort, sound rest, and partnered sleep.  

But to get the most out of their Split King, shoppers need to know how to pick a suitable model. This Split King mattress review will cover the main shopping basics to help with that. It will share tips and product recommendations to make sure users choose the right mattress and enjoy restful partnered sleep.

A Quick Preview

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Best Overall – Editor’s Choice

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
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TEMPUR-Cloud mattress
Runner Up

TEMPUR-Cloud mattress
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Nolah Evolution 15 mattress
Best Cooling Split King Mattress

Nolah Evolution 15 mattress
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The Natural Bliss by Plushbeds
Best for Eco-Conscious Users

The Natural Bliss by Plushbeds
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The Plank Mattress
Best for Heavier Sleepers

The Plank Mattress
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Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Split-King Mattresses

The best split-king mattresses emphasize conforming layers while supporting the shoulders and hips, ensuring you’re getting a lot of body cushioning and healthy spinal alignment.

When I reviewed mattresses, I started by tearing back the cover and exposing the mattress’ layers, examining each for feel, compression, and durability. I then laid on the bed with all the layers together, seeing if it re-distributed weight while on my back, stomach, and side. I also tested for motion isolation by using a glass of water and vigorous compression tests, as well as gauged conformity by measuring how deeply the mattresses compressed under my upper and lower body parts. My hands-on experience and years of experience in the field help me choose great split king mattresses, and I will share more of my methodology tips at the end of the article so you can have the know-how to choose the right mattress for your home.

What Is a Split King Mattress Size?

A Split King belongs to the standard mattress sizes, even though it’s not as popular as, let’s say, Queen. Split King measures exactly the same as the King size – 76 by 80 inches. However, as the name suggests, Split King models are divided into two smaller mattresses for increased convenience.

A Split King mattress on a bed frame
A Split King mattress on a bed frame

In other words, a Split King mattress would offer two separate Twin XL mattresses for each sleeper.

How Much Do Split King Mattresses Cost?

In most cases, Split King mattresses cost the same as standard King models. Prices vary depending on the mattress type and the brand, but in most scenarios, they fall somewhere between $1,200 and 1,800

How Much Do Split King Mattresses Cost

Where to Buy a Good Split King Mattress?

This Split King mattress review will share the most trustworthy mattress retailers that carry the Split King size:

And if you are still a bit hesitant and don’t know which mattress size you need exactly, check out the selection of the best King size mattresses here.

Is the Split King Mattress Size Better than Standard King?

The short answer is yes, particularly for partners who can be easily disturbed during sleep.

The thing is, with a regular King mattress, each sleeper is very likely to feel the movement of their partner (especially if it’s a bouncier mattress type). This often makes couples sleep in separate rooms.

But here’s the deal:

Sleeping together is actually more beneficial for one’s health. Research suggests that bed-sharing is often associated with improved REM sleep (1), which usually means quality rest and makes users feel much better in the mornings.

Therefore, a Split King mattress size could be an excellent compromise in this scenario. It would allow couples to sleep together (and enjoy the benefits of bed-sharing) without disturbing each other during the night.

Side view of the Split King mattress
Side view of the Split King mattress

A Split King mattress would also come in handy for partners who have different comfort preferences. Many manufacturers allow shoppers to choose various firmness levels for the two sides of a Split King. Therefore, each sleeper can choose something that works for them perfectly. 

There are also California King mattresses available, which would be ideal for taller sleepers who find Split King models a bit limiting in terms of legroom. Read more about the top-rated California King-size mattresses here.

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What Is the Best Type of Split King Mattresses?

Choosing a great mattress has a lot to do with its type. The thing is, each of them has a unique feel and a particular set of characteristics, some of which simply might not be suitable for certain sleepers.

That’s why this Split King mattress review is going to cover the most popular mattress types and their peculiarities. Hopefully, this could help shoppers make the right choice.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are popular among those sleepers who enjoy a deep hug. This mattress type is also famous for its adaptive properties. It does an excellent job of redistributing the tension evenly and thus, aiding fast relaxation.

Memory foam is also popular among partnered sleepers. This material moves slowly and does not allow the shock from motion to move across the surface of the mattress.

At the same time, cradling memory foam often sleeps hot (unless infused with gel or has an open-cell structure). It may also seem restricting to some users, especially combination sleepers.


Similar to memory foam, polyurethane foam is also cradling and pressure-relieving. That being said, this material is slightly more resilient than memory foam. Therefore, it doesn’t usually feel that restricting.

Polyfoam is also cheaper and makes a good solution for budget shoppers. At the same time, this foam type is a bit less durable than memory foam.


Spring mattresses are responsive and bouncy. They can deliver resilient support and work great for active or combination sleepers. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses often lack in terms of pressure alleviation. They simply don’t use that much padding to cradle the pressure points.

This mattress type is great for shoppers on a budget. Spring models can also guarantee proper airflow during the night, which makes them an excellent choice for chronic hot sleepers. And since innerspring mattresses have sturdy edges, they offer extra sleeping space for couples.


As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses use combined materials to achieve a balanced feel

For the core, hybrids typically use independent coils. They offer reliable, responsive support. For the comfort layers, these mattresses usually combine multiple foam or latex layers (sometimes both). As a result, most hybrid mattresses deliver just the right amount of responsive support and gentle cradling for the pressure points.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that this mattress type tends to be bulky and tall. Hybrids can also be quite pricey, and considering that the Split King is a large size, this could mean a bit of a strain on some users’ budgets.


Latex mattresses are among the most durable ones. Additionally, they aren’t likely to retain heat and are more resistant to bacteria growth and dust mites. Needless to say, this mattress type is especially popular among eco-conscious shoppers who prefer natural materials.

Latex mattresses have a peculiar feel. Frankly, it doesn’t work for everyone, but this mattress type can still feel extremely comfortable. Latex is adaptive and can deliver targeted support for different body parts. This, in its turn, helps with effective pressure alleviation. At the same time, latex is quite resilient and takes its normal shape fast after the pressure is applied. Therefore, it feels responsive and does not restrict movement.

On the downside, latex mattresses tend to be quite pricey. They can also allow for motion transfer. However, this shouldn’t be an issue with the Split King size.

Things to Know Before Shopping for a Split King Mattress

Things to Know Before Shopping for a Split King Mattress

When shopping for a good Split King mattress, the research doesn’t end with the mattress type. There are extra factors users may want to consider before investing in a new mattress. Each of them can affect one’s experience, so they shouldn’t be disregarded. They include:

  • Sleeping style. Each sleep position calls for a certain firmness level. This has to do with proper spinal alignment and support. An unsuitable comfort level can cause unhealthy back curvatures and consequently, pain. Now, the most common sleeping style is on one’s side. This position requires generous cushioning for the protruding body parts, so side sleepers are usually advised to pick softer mattresses. Back sleepers need something in the middle (medium to medium-firm). In this case, they will receive adequate support for the spine and a moderate amount of sinkage for the hips and buttocks. As for stomach sleepers, this sleeping style calls for a firm mattress. A stiffer sleeping surface will ensure proper support for the spine by eliminating sinkage in the hip or stomach area.
  • Weight. The sleeper’s weight can affect the supportive properties of their mattress. For instance, lightweight individuals (less than 130 pounds) often experience pressure accumulation, as their body weight isn’t always enough to compress the comfort layers. That’s why petite sleepers are advised to go one step softer for each sleeping style. As for heavier folks (those who weigh more than 230 pounds), they are recommended to choose firmer mattresses. This way, heavier sleepers will be more likely to receive adequate support needed for proper spinal alignment. 
  • Thermoregulation. Sleeping hot is a common issue for many users. It can ruin one’s experience even if their mattress corresponds perfectly with their sleeping style and other needs. To avoid that, shoppers need to know which mattresses are less likely to retain heat. They include innerspring, hybrid, and latex models. As for foam mattresses, some of them use gel infusion to eliminate night sweats. Some models also have an open-cell structure. It makes them more breathable and thus, less likely to sleep hot. 
  • Warranty. Most users know that a longer warranty often means better quality. However, it’s also crucial to read what exactly that warranty covers. In many cases, mattress warranties don’t protect against normal wear and tear or sagging, which may disappoint some shoppers.
  • Compatibility with adjustable bed frames. The beauty of the Split King size is that it allows for independent comfort adjustments for partners. In this case, using an adjustable bed frame could enhance the experience. Now, most foam and latex models work great with adjustable beds. As for hybrids, they may also do the trick, but only models that aren’t overly thick and use independent coils for the support core. The same rule applies to innerspring models.

Our Reviews of the 5 Best Split King Mattresses

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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  • A thick memory foam layer reduces motion transfer for a more stable and undisturbed sleeping experience, especially for couples.
  • Gel-infused memory foam that relieves pressure from sleepers
  • Breathable cover that ensures adequate airflow for more comfortable sleep.

The Nectar is a great bed-in-a-box mattress with multiple layers of high-quality memory foam. The Cooling Cover on the Nectar mattress is made of polyethylene which keeps the bed cool. 

The 3-inch gel foam layer in the Nectar mattress provides ample support and pressure relief for sleepers.  This bed contours nicely on the body and feels plush and supportive.

However, the Nectar mattress is not firm enough for heavy sleepers, especially stomach sleepers. Although the Nectar contains some cooling components, this mattress isn't perfect for hot sleepers. As a result, hot sleepers may need to add some additional cooling material to the mattress.

Nectar offers some of the best motion isolation, with slow-adaptive responsiveness clocking in at 5.2 seconds for a full recovery from impressions. Its bounce is also moderately low, totaling around 4.80 inches. These numbers mean Nectar is slow and muffling when it comes to partnered sleep, and you won’t feel much tossing and turning from a restless partner. This contrasts with the Plank, clocking in a full recovery at 1.4 seconds.

Runner Up — TEMPUR-Cloud mattress


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  • The Tempur-Cloud mattress features a 360 stretchable cover that is breathable and soft to the touch. 
  • TEMPUR foam material that is soft and responsive and cushions the pressure points in the body. 
  • Memory foam construction reduces motion transfer so sleepers won’t be bothered by their sleep partner's movements.

Tempur-Cloud mattress is another excellent sleeping option for all sleep positions. This mattress feels medium-firm, and the Tempur foam relieves pressure in sensitive areas.

In addition, the Tempur-Cloud comprises several layers of high-density memory foam, which is excellent for pressure relief. However, this high-density foam isn't the best for cooling. Lastly, the Tempur-Cloud mattress is made with high-quality memory foam that ensures the mattress is durable and last users for a long time.  

The TEMPUR-Cloud has some of the best materials for isolating motion, which I think is helpful for partners. The TEMPUR-Cloud’s total bounce is around only 3.41 inches. What’s most curious is its rebound, which couldn’t clear the mattress at -2.45 inches. You may feel a bit of quicksand when moving in this mattress, but you won’t feel the motions from a partner easily.

Best Cooling Mattress - Nolah Evolution 15 mattress

Nolah Evolution

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  • The Nolah Hybrid’s ArcticTex cover is quilted with Eurotop fibers that feel cool to the touch and dissipate heat.
  • A comfort layer infused with graphite for more cooling and pressure relief.
  • The Nolah Evolution has HDMax™ Eco Support Coils and an Edge Support System that provides extra firmness for sleepers.

The Nolah Evolution 15 mattress features advanced cooling technology. As a result, this mattress sleeps cooler than the Tempur-Cloud mattress. The foam layers are made with graphite, which further helps the mattress stay cool.

Apart from the cooling features, the Nolah Evolution provides excellent motion isolation thanks to the top soft foam layer, which absorbs motion impressively.

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid is an excellent choice for combo sleepers. This mattress should provide adequate support and comfort for back sleepers. The Eurotop comfort layer relieves pressure points in sensitive areas, and the Eco Support coils offer adequate support.

I think Nolah can get the job of keeping you cool at night. It has a surface temperature of 88.4 degrees, which is better than TEMPUR-Cloud’s temperature of 93.1 degrees, keeping you cooler by about a 4.7-degree difference.

Best Split King Mattress for Eco-Conscious Users — The Natural Bliss by Plushbeds

Botanical Bliss

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  • all-latex construction to create a safe sleeping environment;
  • latex layers create enough cushion and pressure relief for side sleepers to feel comfortable;
  • responsive layers ensure you never feel stuck while shifting positions.

I think the next model on our list of the best Split King mattresses would work for anyone who wants to sleep on something natural and 100% safe. The Natural Bliss is an all-latex mattress. Due to its natural composition, it does not contain harmful chemicals. Additionally, latex is more resistant to allergens. I could really see the difference after switching to the Natural Bliss. The thing is, I often suffer from environmental allergies and wake up with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. However, with the Natural Bliss, I did not face such a problem even after prolonged use. 

The Natural Bliss, I think, may better suit couples who want freedom of movement in bed and are not worried about motion isolation. Latex is naturally bouncy and responsive, reacting to body weight similarly to coils. So, although you may be able to enjoy better bounce, it doesn’t do much to isolate motion, which may disturb light sleepers.

The Natural Bliss’s material choice not only makes it suitable for eco-friendly sleepers, but I find it can be pretty breathable. Its surface temperature was around 81.1 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning the latex does a good job drawing heat away from the body. It outperforms the TEMPUR-Cloud by about 12 degrees, which is a significant difference.

Best Split King Mattress for Heavier Sleepers — The Plank Mattress


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  • fast response time from compressions ensures you’re properly supported and never feel stuck in the layers;
  • extra-firm side to deliver truly sturdy support for larger folks;
  • proprietary TitanFlex foam for sweat-free sleep.

If you are a heavier sleeper, you will probably agree with me: sometimes, it’s hard to find a truly firm mattress. And that’s when the Plank can win the race. This is a firm mattress that delivers reliable support on both of its sides (one of them is just firmer than the other). It would come in handy for all the heavier stomach and back sleepers who are tired of sinking through the comfort layers of their supposedly firm mattress and waking up with a sore back. And let me tell you this: the Plank is truly firm. I tested it with my wife lying on top of me for the extra weight, and the mattress did not allow for any unwanted sinkage nonetheless.

Read our full Plank mattress review for more information.

Plank Mattress On Bed Frame


Is Split King bigger than a King?

No, Split King is the same size as standard King – 76 by 80 inches. The only difference is that Split King is comprised of two smaller mattresses that make a standard King size together.

Why are Split King mattresses so expensive?

Split King mattresses are quite large, so manufacturers spend more time and use more materials making them. As a result, the final price for Split King mattresses can be rather high.

What kind of sheets will I need for a Split King mattress?

For a Split King mattress, sleepers can use two Twin XL sheets. Using King sheets is also possible, but since there’s a gap in the middle of a Split King mattress, standard King sheets may not fit (or fit too snuggly around the mattress).

Wrapping Up

Split King mattresses are an excellent sleeping option for couples.  However, with so many options out there, picking the ideal mattress for you and your partner can be tricky. It is critical to select a mattress that suits you and your partner's sleeping positions, comfort preferences, weight, and so on.  

Luckily, we have reviewed the best split king mattress available to help you choose the best mattress for you and your significant other. In my expert opinion, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress provided the most complete sleeping experience.  This mattress is made with high-quality materials. Therefore, it's no surprise that the mattress feels durable. 

Feel free to use the comment section below and tell us the mattress that best meets your needs. We’ll be expecting to hear from you!



  1. Henning Johannes Drews, Sebastian Wallot, Philip Brysch, Hannah Berger-Johannsen, and more (June 25, 2020). Bed-Sharing in Couples Is Associated With Increased and Stabilized REM Sleep and Sleep-Stage Synchronization. Retrieved from

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